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Polling Booth in Ghaspani-II Assembly Constituency

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Overcoming more than two decades of political and personal rivalry, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Friday sought votes for Samajwadi Party patron Mulayam Singh Yadav in his turf Mainpuri, Read More…

Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya's Candidature Controversy Rises over Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The BJP on Wednesday named Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, key accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, as its Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal. This is the first instance of Read More…

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Top VIP Contests in Second Phase Top VIP Contests in Second Phase

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Live Updates – Lok Sabha Elections Phase 2 7:59:13 PM Final Update for the Day – Final Voter Turnout State – Wise State Voter Turnout (%) Assam 73.32 Bihar 58.14 Read More…

List of Polling Booth in Ghaspani-II

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ghaspani-II Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1NikhekhuG.P.S. NikhekhuNikhekhuAll Voters
2GhokutoGMS GhokutoGhokutoAll Voters
3NihokhuG.P.S. NihokhuNihokhuAll Voters
4VihokhuG.P.S.VihokhuVihokhuAll Voters
5KhehoiG.P.S. KhehoiKhehoiAll Voters
6KukidolongG.P.S. Kukidolong1. Kukidolong All Voters
7JharnapaniG.P.S.JharnapaniMedziphemaAll Voters
8MedziphemaG.P.S. MedziphemaMedziphemaAll Voters
9ViphomaG.P.S.ViphomaViphomaAll Voters
10TsiepamaG.P.S.TsiepamaTsiepamaAll Voters
111.Pherima 'A' 2.Pherima 'B'M.E. School Pherima1.Pherima'A' 2.Pherima 'B'All Voters
12Meziphema Bl-IWard-I Panchayat Hall Medziphema TownMeziphema Bl-IAll Voters
13Medziphema Bl-IIKuki G.P.S. Medziphema TownMedziphema Bl-IIAll Voters
14Medziphema Bl-IIITown Council OfficeMedziphema Bl-IIIAll Voters
15Medziphema Bl-IVG.H.S.W/W MedziphemaMedziphema Bl-IVAll Voters
16Medziphema Bl-V N/WV.F.A. Training Institute N/WMedziphema Bl-VAll Voters
17Medziphema Bl-V S/WV.F.A.Training Institute S/WMedziphema Bl-VAll Voters
18Piphema Bazar N/WPiphema Community Hall N/WPiphema BazarAll Voters
19Piphema Bazar S/WPiphema Community Hall S/WPiphema BazarAll Voters
201.Piphema Old GPS Piphema1.Piphema Old All Voters
21SocunomaG.P.S. Socunoma1. Socunoma 2.Sirhi AngamiAll Voters
22SirhimaG.P.S. SirhimaSirhimaAll Voters
23MolvomG.P.S. Molvon N/WMolvomAll Voters
24Zuikhu "A"G.P.S.Zuikhu "A"Zuikhu "A"All Voters
25Hekishe VillageG.P.S.Hekishe VillageHekishe VillageAll Voters
26KhaibungG.P.S. KhaibungKhaibungAll Voters
27BungsangG.P.S. BungsangBungsangAll Voters
28RuzaphemaG.M.S. Ruzaphema N/WRuzaphemaAll Voters
29MoavaG.M.S. MoavaMoavaAll Voters
30Showuba N/WG.P.S.Showuba OldShowuba OldAll Voters
30AShowuba N/WG.P.S.Showuba OldShowuba OldAll Voters
31KhelhozheG.P.S. KhelhozheKhelhozheAll Voters
32NihotoG.P.S. NihotoNihotoAll Voters
33PishikhuG.P.S. PishikhuPishikhuAll Voters
34LotoviG.P.S. Lotovi N/W Lotovi All Voters
35HozukheG.P.S. HozukheHozukheAll Voters
36ToshihoG.P.S. ToshihoToshihoAll Voters
37S.HetoiG.P.S.HetoiS.HetoiAll Voters
38Paglapahar (New Chumukedima)G.P.S. Paglapahar (New Chumukedima )Paglapahar ( New Chumukedima)All Voters
39Tsüüma VillageG.P.S. Tsüüma VillgeTsüüma VillageAll Voters
40Showuba NewG.P.S.Showuba NewShowuba NewAll Voters
41MolvomG.P.S. Molvom N/WMolvomAll Voters
42RuzaphemaG.M.S. Ruzaphema S/WRuzaphemaAll Voters
43LuzhetoGPS Luzheto LuzhetoAll Voters
44KuhupeGPS KuhupeKuhupeAll Voters
45Tsiepema Model VillageGPS Tsiepema Model VillageTsiepema Model VillageAll Voters
46Medziphema Block III (II)Indoor StadiumMedziphema Block III (II)All Voters
47Medziphema Block IV(II)GHS (New Building)Medziphema Block IV(II)All Voters
48Piphema NewGPS Piphema NewPiphema NewAll Voters
49Sirhi AngamiGPS Sirhi AngamiSirhi AngamiAll Voters
50KhehokhuGPS KhehokhuKhehokhuAll Voters
51HeniviGPS HeniviHeniviAll Voters
52KhughoviGPS KhughoviKhughoviAll Voters
53HokhezheGPS HokhezheHokhezheAll Voters

Last Updated on : January 25, 2018