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Nagaland Assembly Election 2018 Updates

Nagaland Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Nagaland. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by NPF, INC, NCP and Others.
Nagaland Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Nagaland Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Constituency Wise Results
Dimapur-I H. Tovihoto Ayemi (BJP )WinnerPukhavi Yepthomi (NPF )Runner-up
Dimapur-II Moatoshi Longkumer (NPF )WinnerSupulebten (NDPP )Runner-up
Dimapur-III Azheto Zhimomi (NPF )WinnerTokheho (NDPP )Runner-up
Ghaspani-I N. Jacob Zhimomi (BJP )WinnerZ. Kasheto Yeptho (IND )Runner-up
Ghaspani-II Zhaleo Rio (NDPP )WinnerDr. Kevingulie Khro (NPF )Runner-up
Tenning Namduadi Rangkau Zeliang (NPF )WinnerNamri Nchang (NDPP )Runner-up
Peren Taditui Rangkau Zeliang (NPF )WinnerIherie Ndang (NDPP )Runner-up
Western angami Keneizhakho Nakhro (NPF )WinnerEr.Kevisekho Kruse (NDPP )Runner-up
Kohima town Dr.Neikiesalie Nicky Kire (NDPP )WinnerDr.Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (NPF )Runner-up
Northern angami-IKhriehu Liezietsu (NPF)WinnerDr.Kekhrielhoulie Yhome (NDPP)Runner-up
Northern angami-IINeiphiu Rio (NDPP)WinnerN.A
Tseminyu R. Khing (NDPP )WinnerEr. Levi Rengma (NPP )Runner-up
Pughoboto Y. Vikheho Swu (NPF )WinnerDr. Sukhato A. Sema (BJP )Runner-up
Southern angami-I Vikho-O Yhosh (NDPP )WinnerMedokul Sophie (NPP )Runner-up
Southern angami-II Zale Neikha (NDPP )WinnerEr. Kropol Vitsu (NPF )Runner-up
Pfutsero Neiba Kronu (NDPP )WinnerThenucho (NPF )Runner-up
Chizami Kezhienyi Khalo (NPF )WinnerKevechutso Doulo (BJP )Runner-up
Chozuba Chotisuh Sazo (NPF )WinnerKudecho Khamo (NDPP )Runner-up
Phek Kuzholuzo Nienu (NPF )WinnerKupota Khesoh (NDPP )Runner-up
Meluri Yitachu (NPF )WinnerZ Nyusietho Nyuthe (NDPP )Runner-up
Tuli Amenba Yaden (NPF )WinnerL. Temjen Jamir (JD(U) )Runner-up
Arkakong Shri Imnatiba (NPP )WinnerShri Nuklutoshi (NPF )Runner-up
Impur Dr Imtiwapang Aier (NPF )WinnerT N Mannen (NDPP )Runner-up
Angetyongpang Tongpang Ozukum (IND )WinnerAlemtemshi Jamir (NDPP )Runner-up
Mongoya Ngangshi K Ao (NPF )WinnerAlemtemshi Jamir (NDPP )Runner-up
Aonglenden Imtikumzuk (NDPP )WinnerToshipokba (NPF )Runner-up
Mokokchung town Metsubo Jamir (NDPP )WinnerC. Apok Jamir (NPF )Runner-up
Koridang Imkong L Imchen (NPF )WinnerT Chalukumba Ao (NPP )Runner-up
Jangpetkong Longrineken (BJP )WinnerE.T Sunup (NPF )Runner-up
Alongtaki Temjen Imna Along (BJP )WinnerDr. Benjongliba Aier (NPF )Runner-up
Akuluto Kazheto Kinimi (BJP )WinnerK Khekaho Assumi (NPF )Runner-up
Atoizu Picto (NPF )WinnerK.L.Chishi (BJP )Runner-up
Suruhoto H Khehovi (BJP )WinnerDr. Kaito Jakhalu (NPF )Runner-up
Aghunato Pukhayi (NDPP )WinnerHukiye N Tissica (NPF)Runner-up
Zunheboto K. Tokugha Sukhalu (NDPP )WinnerHukavi Zhimomi (NPF )Runner-up
Satakha G. Kaito Aye (JD(U) )WinnerZheito Chophy (NPF )Runner-up
Tyui Yanthungo Patton (BJP )WinnerYankithung Yanthan (NPF )Runner-up
Wokha Dr. Chumben Murry (NPF )WinnerY. Mhonbemo Humtsoe (JD(U) )Runner-up
Sanis Mhathung Yanthan (NDPP )WinnerRamongo Lotha (JD(U) )Runner-up
Bhandari Mmhonlumo Kikon (BJP )WinnerAchumbemo Kikon (NPF )Runner-up
Tizit P. Paiwang Konyak (BJP )WinnerY. Wangto Konyak (IND )Runner-up
WakchingShri. Y.M.Yollow Konyak (NPF)WinnerShri. M.C.Konyak (NDPP)Runner-up
Tapi Noke (NDPP )WinnerN.Aphoa Konyak (JD(U) )Runner-up
Phomching Pohwang Konyak (NDPP )WinnerK. Konngam Konyak (NPF )Runner-up
Tehok C.L John (NPF )WinnerEr C Kawang Konyak (BJP )Runner-up
Mon townN. Thongwang Konyak (NPF)WinnerY. Mankhao Konyak (NDPP)Runner-up
Aboi Eshak Konyak (NPF )WinnerAwan Konyak (NDPP )Runner-up
Moka E. E. Pangteang (NPF )WinnerK. Kiko Konyak (NDPP )Runner-up
Tamlu B. S. Nganlang Phom (NPF )WinnerB. Phongshak Phom (NDPP )Runner-up
Longleng S Pangnyu Phom (BJP )WinnerY. B Angam Phom (NPP )Runner-up
Noksen C.M. Chang (NDPP )WinnerW.Chingmak Chang (NPF )Runner-up
Longkhim chare Muthingnyuba Sangtam (NPF )WinnerA. Imtilemba Sangtam (BJP )Runner-up
Tuensang sadar-I Toyang Chang (NPF )WinnerT.Mongko Chang (NDPP )Runner-up
Tuensang sadar-IIKejong Chang (NPF)WinnerH Zungkum Chang (NCP)Runner-up
TobuN. Bongkhao Konyak (NDPP)WinnerNaiba Konyak (NPF)Runner-up
Noklak H. Haiying (BJP )WinnerP. Longon (NPF )Runner-up
Thonoknyu L.Khumo Khiamniungan (NPP )WinnerS.Heno Khiamniungan (NPF )Runner-up
Shamator chessore Toshi Wungtung (NDPP)WinnerR. Tohanba (NPF )Runner-up
Seyochung sitimi V. Kashiho Sangtam (BJP )WinnerC Kipili Sangtam (NPF )Runner-up
Pungro kiphire T. Torechu (NPF )WinnerT.Yangseo Sangtam (JD(U) )Runner-up
Important Candidates of Nagaland
Neiphiu Rio (NDPP )Northern angami-II
W. Kholie Kapfo (INC)Dimapur-I --
Moatoshi Longkumer (NPF )Dimapur-II
Dr. S. Amos Lkr (AAP)Dimapur-II --
N. Jacob Zhimomi (BJP )Ghaspani-I
Nagavito Sumi (INC)Ghaspani-I --
Taditui Rangkau Zeliang (NPF )Peren
Iherie Ndang (NDPP )Peren
Dr.Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (NPF )Kohima town
Dr.Neikiesalie Nicky Kire (NDPP )Kohima town
Neiphiu Rio (NDPP )Northern angami-II
Er. Kropol Vitsu (NPF )Southern angami-II
Zale Neikha (NDPP )Southern angami-II
Deo Nukhu (NPP )Chizami --
Yitachu (NPF )Meluri
Z Nyusietho Nyuthe (NDPP )Meluri
K.L.Chishi (BJP )Atoizu
G. Kaito Aye (JD(U) )Satakha
Ramongo Lotha (JD(U) )Sanis
Y. Sulanthung H Lotha (IND)Sanis --
P. Paiwang Konyak (BJP )Tizit
Y. Wangto Konyak (IND )Tizit

Nagaland Assembly Elections 2018

Nagaland Assembly election was held in on Feb 27, 2018. The tenure for the state's assembly ends in March 2018. The election schedule and dates of Nagaland are yet to be announced by the Election Commission. The northeastern state is under the rule of the Nagaland People's Front since 2014. The current Chief Minister is T. R. Zeliang. The main contenders for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in Nagaland are BJP, INC and the evident Nagaland People's Front. The most dominating party of the country presently, BJP has never formed the government in the state.

BJP's Bid to Penetrate in North-East

Although the saffron party does not have any history in the state, it is definitely gearing up to bring the state under its rule, like most of the states in the country. BJP national president Amit Shah is slated to visit Nagaland along with other poll-bound north-eastern states like Meghalaya and Tripura. The party can be seen to be gaining ground after registering twin win in Gujarat and Himalaya Pradesh elections towards the end of 2017, which also made the party a major political force to reckon with.

Although the party does not enjoy much presence in the state, its growing popularity in the country has been felt in the eastern part too. The state has a strong grip of tribal parties and willingness of such parties to join the saffron party is an evidence that the party is a major contender for the election this time.

Congress is Gaining Ground Too

The Congress always had a strong grip over the north-eastern states, which have also been considered as a traditional bastion for the party. The party even held the state under its rule for 10 years from 1993-2003. Presently, it has been holding public rallies and meetings with its various political leaders. The party leaders have also criticized the current government for the misrule and corruption.

The stakes are high for the Nagaland Legislative assembly polls as both BJP and Congress will try to win the election for prestige issues. And the presently ruling party will try to retain its power.

Last Updated on March 6, 2018