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Meghalaya Lok Sabha (Parliamentary Poll) Election Results 2019 Updates

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - Party Wise Election Results

Name of State/ UTParliamentary ConstituencyCandidatePartyEVM VotesMigrant VotesPostal VotesTotal Votes% of VotesWinnerRunner-Up
MeghalayaShillongVincent H. PalaIndian National Congress419212047741968953.52YesNo
MeghalayaShillongJemino MawthohUnited Democratic Party267080017626725634.08NoYes
MeghalayaShillongSanbor ShullaiBharatiya Janata Party757860897766839.78NoNo
MeghalayaShillongT.H.S. BonneyIndependent656901165800.84NoNo
MeghalayaShillongRomeo Phira RaniIndependent494601549610.63NoNo
MeghalayaShillongSamuel HashahIndependent458201946010.59NoNo
MeghalayaShillongNotaNone Of The Above439802244200.56NoNo
MeghalayaTuraAgatha K. SangmaNational People'S Party304185027030445552.22YesNo
MeghalayaTuraDr. Mukul SangmaIndian National Congress240240018524042541.24NoYes
MeghalayaTuraRikman Garrey MominBharatiya Janata Party313940313317075.44NoNo
MeghalayaTuraNotaNone Of The Above64510364541.11NoNo

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - Constituency Wise Election Results (Winner/Runner Up)

Name of State/ UTParliamentary ConstituencyWinnerPartyTotal Votes% of VotesRunner-UpPartyTotal Votes% of Votes
MeghalayaShillongVincent H. PalaIndian National Congress41968953.52Jemino MawthohUnited Democratic Party26725634.08
MeghalayaTuraAgatha K. SangmaNational People'S Party30445552.22Dr. Mukul SangmaIndian National Congress24042541.24

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Meghalaya Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Meghalaya. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by INC, UDP, HSPDP and Others.
Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 59)
Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Constituency Wise Results
Nartiang Sniawbhalang Dhar (NPP )WinnerJopthiaw Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Jowai Wailadmiki Shylla (NPP )WinnerMoonlight Pariat (UDP )Runner-up
Raliang Comingone Ymbon (NPP )WinnerLakhon Biam (BJP )Runner-up
Mowkaiaw Nujorki Sungoh (UDP )WinnerGilbert Sten (NPP )Runner-up
Sutnga Saipung Shitlang Pale (INC )WinnerHopeful Bamon (NPP )Runner-up
Khliehriat Kyrmen Shylla (UDP )WinnerJustine Dkhar (BJP )Runner-up
Amlarem Lahkmen Rymbui (UDP )WinnerStephanson Mukhim (NPP )Runner-up
Mawhati Dasakhiatbha Lamare (NPP )WinnerJulias Kitbok Dorphang (IND )Runner-up
Nongpoh Mayralborn Syiem (INC )WinnerRona Khymdeit (UDP )Runner-up
Jirang Sosthenes Sohtun (NPP )WinnerWitness Day Sancley (INC )Runner-up
Umsning Jason Sawkmie Mawlong (PDF )WinnerCelestine Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Umroi George Bankyntiewlang Lyngdoh (INC )WinnerNgaitlang Dhar (NPP )Runner-up
Mawryngkneng David A Nongrum (INC )WinnerHighlander Kharmalki (PDF )Runner-up
Pynthorumkhrah Alexander Laloo Hek (BJP )WinnerJames Ban Basaiawmoit (PDF )Runner-up
Mawlai Process T. Sawkmie (INC )WinnerTeiborlang Pathaw (IND )Runner-up
East Shillong Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh (INC )WinnerNeil Antonio War (BJP )Runner-up
North Shillong Adelbert Nongrum (KHNAM )WinnerJ. Antonius Lyngdoh (BJP )Runner-up
West Shillong Mohendro Rapsang (INC )WinnerPaul Lyngdoh (UDP )Runner-up
South Shillong Sanbor Shullai (BJP )WinnerManas Chaudhuri (INC )Runner-up
Mylliem Hamletson Dohling (PDF )WinnerRonnie V Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Nongthymmai Charles Pyngrope (INC )WinnerDr. Jemino Mawthoh (UDP )Runner-up
Nongkrem Lambor Malngiang (IND )WinnerArdent Miller Basaiawmoit (HSPDP )Runner-up
Sohiong Samlin Malngiang (HSPDP )WinnerH. Donkupar R. Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Mawphlang Syntar Klas Sunn (IND )WinnerKennedy Cornelius Khyriem (INC )Runner-up
Mawsynram Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang (INC )WinnerPynshngainlang Syiem (PDF )Runner-up
Shella Donkupar Roy (UDP )WinnerLeston Wanswett (PDF )Runner-up
Pynursla Prestone Tynsong (NPP )WinnerNehru Suting (UDP )Runner-up
Sohra Gavin Miguel Mylliem (PDF )WinnerTitosstar Well Chyne (UDP )Runner-up
Mawkynrew Banteidor Lyngdoh (PDF )WinnerMartle N Mukhim (HSPDP )Runner-up
Mairang Metbah Lyngdoh (UDP )WinnerCouncellor Singh Wahlang (PDF )Runner-up
Mawthadraishan Brolding Nongsiej (UDP )WinnerBiolinda L.Nonglait (HSPDP )Runner-up
Nongstoin Macmillan Byrsat (NPP )WinnerGabriel Wahlang (INC )Runner-up
Rambrai Jyrngam Kimfa Sidney Marbaniang (INC )WinnerK Phlastingwell Pangniang (HSPDP )Runner-up
Mawshynrut Gigur Myrthong (NPP )WinnerWitting Mawsor (HSPDP )Runner-up
Ranikor Martin M. Danggo (INC )WinnerPius Marwein (UDP )Runner-up
Mawkyrwat Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar (HSPDP )WinnerCarnes Sohshang (INC )Runner-up
Kharkutta Rupert Momin (NPP )WinnerCherak Watre Momin (INC )Runner-up
Mendipathar Marthon Sangma (INC )WinnerFrankenstein W. Momin (NPP )Runner-up
Resubelpara Timothy Shira (NPP )WinnerSalseng C Marak (INC )Runner-up
Bajengdoba Pongseng Marak (NPP )WinnerBrigady Napak Marak (INC )Runner-up
Songsak Dr. Mukul Sangma (INC )WinnerNihim D Shira (NPP )Runner-up
Rongjeng Jim M Sangma (NPP )WinnerWalseng M. Sangma (IND )Runner-up
Raksamgre Benedic R. Marak (NPP )WinnerLimison D. Sangma (INC )Runner-up
Tikrikilla Jimmy D. Sangma (INC )WinnerRahinath Barchung (IND )Runner-up
Phulbari S. G. Esmatur Mominin (NPP )WinnerAbu Taher Mondal (INC )Runner-up
Rajabala Dr. Azad Zaman (INC )WinnerAshahel D. Shira (IND )Runner-up
Selsella Clement Marak (INC )WinnerFerlin C. A. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Dadenggre James Pangsang Kongkal Sangma (NPP )WinnerRupa M. Marak (IND )Runner-up
North Tura Thomas A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerNoverfield R. Marak (INC )Runner-up
South Tura Agatha K. Sangma (NPP )WinnerBillykid A. Sangma (BJP )Runner-up
Rangsakona Zenith M. Sangma (INC )WinnerSubir M. Marak (NPP )Runner-up
Ampati Dr. Mukul Sangma (INC )WinnerBakul Ch. Hajong (BJP )Runner-up
Mahendraganj Dikkanchi D. Shira (INC )WinnerPremananda Koch (BJP )Runner-up
Salmanpara Winnerson D. Sangma (INC )WinnerIan Botham K. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Gambegre Saleng A. Sangma (NCP )WinnerSadhiarani M. Sangma (INC )Runner-up
Dalu Brening A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerDorendro M. Sangma (NCP )Runner-up
Rongara Siju Rakkam A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerRophul S. Marak (IND )Runner-up
Chokpot Lazarus Sangma (INC )WinnerSecondson A. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Baghmara Samuel M. Sangma (IND )WinnerSengnal N. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Important Candidates of Meghalaya
Sniawbhalang Dhar (NPP )Nartiang
Innocent Shadap (KHNAM )Nartiang --
Comingone Ymbon (NPP )Raliang
Robinus Syngkon (BJP)Mowkaiaw --
Hopeful Bamon (NPP )Sutnga Saipung
Justine Dkhar (BJP )Khliehriat
Violet Lyngdoh (NPP)Khliehriat --
Riang Lenon Tariang (BJP)Amlarem --
Dasakhiatbha Lamare (NPP )Mawhati
Julias Kitbok Dorphang (IND )Mawhati
George Bankyntiewlang Lyngdoh (INC )Umroi
Ngaitlang Dhar (NPP )Umroi
Alexander Laloo Hek (BJP )Pynthorumkhrah
Teiborlang Pathaw (IND )Mawlai
J. Antonius Lyngdoh (BJP )North Shillong
Ricky Shullai (IND)Mylliem --
Prestone Tynsong (NPP )Pynursla
Phlour W.Khongjee (BJP)Sohra --
Mattsing Nongrum (IND)Sohra --
Witting Mawsor (HSPDP )Mawshynrut
H Ledishon Nongsiang (IND)Mawshynrut --
Thomas N. Marak (BJP)Songsak --
Edmund K. Sangma (IND)Raksamgre --
Dr. Kapin Ch. Boro (BJP)Tikrikilla --
Sayeedullah Nongrum (IND)Tikrikilla --
Billykid A. Sangma (BJP )South Tura
Bakul Ch. Hajong (BJP )Ampati
Dikkanchi D. Shira (INC )Mahendraganj
Nimarson Momin (UDP)Salmanpara --
In 2009 Election Results the UPA won around 261 out of 543 seats, and in the second position was NDA with 158 seats, while 23 seats were won by Left parties.

In 2014 Election Results the BJP won 282 seats out of 543 seats. This took the NDA tally to 336 seats out of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. INC could only manage to win 44 seats and stayed in the second position while AIADMK party from Tamil Nadu came third with 37 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In 2019, the BJP is set to return to power at the Centre after a sweeping win in the 2019 Lok Sabha election , armed with a bigger mandate than in the 2014 General Election. The party - led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah duo has secured 303 seats in the 17th Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, the Congress, the main Opposition party, managed to increase its vote share from 2014 only by a handful of votes, with a final tally of 52 seats. There will be no Leader of Opposition in the upcoming Lower House for a second consecutive term.

Quick facts for Meghalaya Elections

Parliamentary Constituencies2
Assembly Constituencies 60
Ruling PartyNational People's Party
Opposition PartyIndian National Congress
Chief MinisterConrad Sangma
GovernorTathagata Roy
Chief Electoral OfficerF. R. Kharkongor
CEO's AddressCommissioner & Secretary to the Government, Elections Department & Chief Electoral Officer, Additional Secretariat, Room No 105 Meghalaya, Shillong

Election Schedule for Meghalaya Lok Sabha General Election 2019

StatePhase IPhase II Phase III PhaseIV Phase V Phase VIPhase VII

List of Candidates Contesting for Meghalaya Lok Sabha General Election 2019 - Click Here

Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018

Meghalaya Assembly poll took place on 27 February 2018. The turnout was recorded to be 74.62%. The results are scheduled on March 3. The polls were conducted for 60 seats in the House. Out of the total seats in the House, 55 are reserved for ST candidates. The rest of the 5 seats are for General candidates.

The total eligible voters in the state are reported to be 18,30,104. The total polling stations in the states were 3,082. The candidates who contested the polls were 372. A total of 25 candidates have criminal cases while 21 of the candidates have serious criminal charges filed against them. The GNC ranks highest in the number of criminal candidates. Second comes the AAP. Both BJP and Congress have a very few candidates with criminal background.

The key candidates in the polls are Mukul Sangma (the incumbent CM, INC), AL Hek (BJP), Agatha Sangma (NPP) and Pynshngain (PDF). On the election day, there were reports of EVM malfunctioning at a number of polling booths. According to the Election Commission, re-polling orders were given in only 1 polling booth of Raliang constituency in West Jaintia.

In the last Assembly polls in 2013, INC won 29 seats, while BJP won none.

Elections in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a landlocked hilly state in the north east was originally a part of the state of Assam, consisting of the Garo Hills district and the United Jaintia and Khasi Hill district in the state of Assam. In 1970, it became a state consisting of these districts within Assam after the Assam Reorganization act was passed in 1969. From the year 1957 to 1971, Meghalaya was represented in the Lok Sabha as an autonomous district of Assam. Meghalaya became a full-fledged state of the Indian union on 21st January 1972. The state has two divisions and seven districts.

Meghalaya has a unicameral legislature as it has only one house of the state legislative assembly also called the Vidhan Sabha. The members to the 60 seat Legislative Assembly are elected through direct elections every five years. In the Indian parliament, the state has two Lok Sabha seats and one Rajya Sabha seat. There is reservation for the ethnic tribal communities in the Parliamentary and State Assembly constituencies.

In addition to the state assembly and the Lok Sabha, elections are also held for the three autonomous district councils in the state. These are the Garo hills autonomous District council, the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council, and the Khasi hills Autonomous District Council.

The state has held regular elections since the date of its formation. The first elected Chief Minister of the state was Shri W A Sangma. He was elected uncontested from Siju constituency in 1972. Other prominent politicians of the state are Shri P A Sangma, the former speaker of the Lok Sabha. Agatha Sangma, his daughter, is the member of the 15th Lok Sabha and a Union Minister of State for Rural Development.

The Main Political Parties

Some main political parties in the state are :

The Indian National Congress (INC)The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)All India Trinamool Congress (AITC)
Garo National CouncilNationalist Congress PartyJanata Dal (United)
National People's Party United Democratic PartyHill State People's Democratic Party
North East Social Democratic PartyMeghalaya Democratic Party

Administration of Meghalaya

The legislature of Meghalaya is unicameral in nature, having 60 assembly seats. The state sends two elected representative to the Lok Sabha and one to the Rajya Sabha. The apex court of the state is the Meghalaya High Court. Prior to March 2013, Meghalaya was under the jurisdiction of the Gauhati High Court. As per the sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India, there are three ADCs or Autonomous District Councils in the state: Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council, Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, and Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council. A strong Panchayati Raj exists in the state for administering the local areas.

State Legislative Assembly Elections

The last State Assembly elections in the state were held on 23 February 2013. Electronic Voting machines were used in the elections and the results were declared on 28 February. The voter turnout for the last assembly election was 88%.

No party had a clear majority in the elections. The ruling INC won 29 seats, falling just 2 seats short of forming the majority. The party also registered an increase in the number of seats from the last elections held in 2008. The NCP won just 2 seats and the UDP won 8. Rest of the seats were won by 13 independent contestants and 10 from 5 other parties.

Currently, Dr Mukul Sangma of the INC is the Chief Minister. The Speaker of the 8th Meghalaya Legislative assembly is Mr. A.T. Mondal , the Deputy Speaker is Mr. Sanbor Shullai, and the Leader of the Opposition is Dr Donkupar Roy of the UDP. The current assembly dissolves on March 06, 2018 & therefore, Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018 was held on Feb 27, 2018.

List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya

S. No.Chief MinisterFromToParty Name
1Conrad SangmaMarch 6, 2018PresentNPP
2Mukul SangmaApr 20, 2010March 04, 2018INC
3D.D. LapangMay 13, 2009Apr 19, 2010INC
4President's ruleMar 18, 2009May 12, 2009 
5Donkupar RoyMar 19, 2008Mar 18, 2009UDP
6D.D. LapangMar 4, 2008Mar 19, 2008INC
7D.D. LapangMar 10, 2007Mar 4, 2008INC
8J. D. RymbaiJun 15, 2006Mar 10, 2007INC
9D.D. LapangMar 4, 2003Jun 15, 2006INC
10Flinder Anderson KhonglamDec 8, 2001Mar 4, 2003IND
11E.K. MawlongMar 8, 2000Dec 8, 2001UDP
12B.B. LyngdohMar 10, 1998Mar 8, 2000UDP
13S.C. MarakFeb 27, 1998Mar 10, 1998INC
14S.C. MarakFeb 19, 1993Feb 27, 1998INC
15D.D. LapangFeb 5, 1992Feb 19, 1993INC
16President's ruleOct 11, 1991Feb 5, 1992 
17B.B. LyngdohMar 26, 1990Oct 10, 1991HPU
18P.A. SangmaFeb 6, 1988Mar 25, 1990INC
19W.A. SangmaApr 2, 1983Feb 5, 1988INC
20B.B. LyngdohMar 2, 1983Mar 31, 1983APHLC
21W.A. SangmaMay 7, 1981Feb 24, 1983INC
22B.B. LyngdohMay 7, 1979May 7, 1981APHLC
23Darwin Diengdoh PughFeb 21, 1979May 6, 1979APHLC
24Darwin Diengdoh PughMar 10, 1978Feb 21, 1979APHLC
25W.A. SangmaNov 22, 1976Mar 3, 1978INC
26W.A. SangmaMar 18, 1973Nov 21, 1976APHLC
27W.A. SangmaJul 21, 1972Mar 18, 1973APHLC
28Williamson A. Sangma (state becomes autonomous)Apr 2, 1970Jul 21, 1972APHLC

List of Governors of Meghalaya

S.No.Name of GovernorFromTo
1Tathagata RoyAug 25, 2018 Incumbent
2Ganga PrasadOct 5, 2017Aug 25, 2018
3Banwarilal Purohit27 January 20175 October 2017
4V. Shanmuganathan20 May 2015[3]27 January 2017 (Resigned) [4]
5Keshari Nath Tripathi6 January 2015[2]19 May 2015
6Krishan Kant Paul1 July 20136 January 2015
7Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary1 July 200830 June 2013
8Shivinder Singh Sidhu29 October 200730 June 2008
9Banwari Lal Joshi12 April 200728 October 2007
10M. M. Jacob19 June 199511 April 2007
11Madhukar Dighe9 May 199018 June 1995
12Abubakar Abdul Rahim27 July 19898 May 1990
13Harideo Joshi11 May 198926 July 1989
14Bhishma Narain Singh16 April 198410 May 1989
15Tribeni Sahai Misra29 March 198415 April 1984
16Prakash Chandra Mehrotra11 August 198128 March 1984
17Lallan Prasad Singh19 September 197310 August 1981
18Braj Kumar Nehru1 April 197018 September 1973

Cabinet Ministers of Meghalaya

1Conrad Kongkal SangmaChief MinisterChief Secretary's Office - Legislative Assembly Secretariat - Cabinet Affairs Department - Cooperation Department - Elections Department - Finance Department - Housing Department - Mining & Geology Department - Personnel & A.R. Department - Planning Department - Political Department - Programme Implementation & Evaluation Department - Governor's Secretariat - Chief Minister's Secretariat
2Prestone TynsongMinisterAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Department - Housing Department - Labour Department - Public Works Department
3James Pangsang Kongkal SangmaMinisterDistrict Council Affairs Department - Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department - Home (Jails) Department - Home (Passport) Department - Home (Police) Department - Law Department - Power Department
4Alexander Laloo HekMinisterArts & Culture Department - Health & Family Welfare Department - Information & Public Relations Department
5Sniawbhalang DharMinisterCommerce & Industries Department - Community & Rural Development Department - Soil & Water Conservation Department - Transport Department
6Comingone YmbonMinisterFisheries Department - General Administration Department - Public Works Department
7Metbah LyngdohMinisterExcise Registration Taxation Stamps Department - Home (Civil Defence and Home Guards) Department - Tourism Department - Water Resources Department
8Lahkmen RymbuiMinisterBorder Areas Development Department - Education Department - Forests & Environment Department
9Kyrmen ShyllaMinisterPrinting & Stationery Department - Revenue & Disaster Management Department - Social Welfare Department
10Banteidor LyngdohMinisterAgriculture Department - Sericulture & Weaving Department - Sports & Youth Affairs Department
11Hamletson DohlingMinisterUrban Affairs Department - Information Technology and Communication Department
12Samlin MalngiangMinisterPublic Health Engineering Department - Secretariat Administration Department - Legal Metrology Department

Rajya Sabha Members from Meghalaya

Smt. Wansuk SyiemIndian National Congress13/04/2014 to 12/04/2020

Meghalaya Lok Sabha Election Summary 2014

The Indian National Congress(INC) and National's Peoples Party (NPP) won one seat each in the Meghalaya Lok Sabha polls. Established in 1972, Meghalaya has only two parliamentary constituencies in the Lok Sabha.

Headed by the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma and ruled by Indian National Congress (INC), Manipur has many major political parties such as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), INC, Communist Party of India (CPI), Meghalaya Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) etc. These political parties tried their campaign strategies in the state as the even the two constituencies can help in grabbing a position in the north east. The opinion polls suggested that NCP and INC will win a seat each.

Meghalaya is a small state in the North Eastern region of India. It was earlier a part of Assam and was established as a seperate state in Jan 1972. Meghalaya has two parliamentary constituencies: Shillong and Tura. The Indian National Congress (INC), the National Peoples’ Party (NPP), the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), the Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP), and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are the major parties here. The total number of voters, as per latest available data, is 15,53,028, among which 7,83,270 are male and 7,83,270 are female.

Meghalaya Lok Sabha Election

The Lok Sabha Elections held in Meghalaya are listed below.

YearLok Sabha ElectionWinning Party/Coalition
2014Sixteenth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
2009Fifteenth Lok SabhaUnited Progressive Alliance
2004Fourteenth Lok SabhaUnited Progressive Alliance
1999Thirteenth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1998Twelfth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1996Eleventh Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1991Tenth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1989Ninth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1984Eighth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1980Seventh Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1977Sixth Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
1971Fifth Lok SabhaIndependent
1967Fourth Lok SabhaIndependent
1962Third Lok SabhaIndependent
1957Second Lok SabhaIndependent
1952First Lok SabhaIndian National Congress
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