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Polling Booth in Nagpur South West Assembly Constituency

Nagpur South West Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nagpur South West

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nagpur South West Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nagpur South West Assembly Constituency falls under the Nagpur South West Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
Jayatala (Toli) Building at South Side Second
Khamala First
Ajani New Building East Part
Ajani New Building West Part
Sani Mandir Old Building South Side East Part
T. B. Ward(Northern New Building)
Shanivari Imamavada(Rehabilitated) East Part
Shanivari Imamavada(Rehabilitated) West Part
Ajani(Southern new Building)
Sani MandirAnganwadi Building No.1, Badegaon
Jogi NagarAnganwadi Building, Telkamptee
SoneganvBhimrao Bapu Deshmukh Adarsha Vidyalay
JayatalaBuilding at West Side First
Pratap NagarBuilding of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan
JayatalaBuilding Southern Side First
Narendra NagarCentral Upper Primary School
AmbazariCity Library, Kale Chauk, Katol
AmbazariEast Part Fifth
Subhash NagarEast Part First
Sir VishvaishvaraiyaEast Part First from Left Side
DhantoliEastern Part
JayatalaFirst *Room at West Side
T. B. WardGram Panchayat Office, Kondhali
JayatalaGrampanchayat Bhavan Nandagomukh
JayatalaHigher Primary School
DhantoliJanta High School
SoneganvJawahar High School
KhamalaLakhotiya Butda Vidalaya and Junior College
JayatalaMiddle Building
SoneganvMunicipal Council Rajendra High School
AmbazariNagar Parishad High School
SoneganvNagar Parishad Khapa Adarsha Pri. School
AmbazariNagar Parishad Primary School
AmbazariNagar Parishad Ambedkar Bachat Bhavan, Anna Bhau Sathe Nagar, Katol
AmbazariNagar Parishad Higher Primary School
JayatalaNagar Parishad Jijamata Pri. School
SoneganvNagar Parishad Kasturba Primary School
JayatalaNagar Parishad Netaji Pri School
JayatalaNagar Parishad Netaji Pri. School
SoneganvNagar Parishad Office New Building East Side
SoneganvNagar Parishad Office New Building West Side
AmbazariNagar Parishad Primary School
DikshabhumiNew Building
SaravishveshvaraiyaNew Building First
DhantoliNew Ideal Girls High School
KhamalaNorth Part
AmbazariNorth Part First
Pratap NagarNorth Part New Building
KhamalaNorth Part, First
KhamalaNorth Part, Second
KhamalaNorth Part, Third
DhantoliNorthern Part
Subhash NagarOld Building First
AjaniOld Building North Side East Part
Sani MandirOld Building North Side West Part
GopalanagarOld Building Second
RamabagOld Building Seond
KhamalaOld Building, South Side West Part
AmbazariPethbudhwar Katol, Fifth
JayatalaSarvoday Pri. School
Gopal NagarSecond
Chuna BhattiSouth Part
AmbazariSouth Part New
Pratap NagarSouth Part New Building
AmbazariSouthern New Buiding
DhantoliSouthern Part
Jel WardThird
RamabagWest Part
Subhash NagarWest Part First
AmbazariWest Part Second
Pratap NagarZ P Higher Primary School
Svavalambi NagarZ P Primary School
SoneganvZ. P. Boys & Girls Pri. School
JayatalaZ. P. Higher Primary School
Narendra NagarZ. P. Lower Pri. School
Parvati Nagar Rameshwari RoadZ. P. Pri. School
Subhash NagarZ. P. Primary School
Parvati NagarZ. P. Upper Pri. School
Narendra NagarZ. P. Upper Primary School
Narendra NagarZ.P. Pri. School
DikshabhumiZ.P. Primary School
AmbazariZ.P. (Ex. Govt.) Secondary Girls School
T. B. WardZ.P. Girls Pri. School
SaravishveshvaraiyaZ.P. Higher Primary School
Jel WardZ.P. Higher Primary Centre School
Sir VishvaishvaraiyaZ.P. Higher Primary School
Jogi NagarZ.P. Kendriya Pri. School
Jogi NagarZ.P. Kendriya Upper Pri. School
Narendra NagarZ.P. Pri . School
Parvati Nagar Rameshwari RoadZ.P. Pri. School
JayatalaZ.P. Primary Central School
Gopal NagarZ.P. Primary High School
AmbazariZ.P. Primary School
SaravishveshvaraiyaZ.P. Primary. School
Jogi NagarZ.P. Upper Pri . School
Narendra NagarZ.P. Upper Pri. School
Parvati Nagar Rameshwari RoadZ.P. Upper Pri. School
Jel WardZ.P.Pri. School
DikshabhumiZ.P.Primary School
Narendra NagarZ.P.Upper Pri. School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014

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