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Polling Station List Narnaund Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Narnaund

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Narnaund Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Bad Chhapar (61)Govt High School,Badchhapar(East Side)729
Govt Primary School,Badchhapar568
Govt High School,Badchhapar(West Side)951
Badala(102)Govt High School,Badala(East Side)1274
Govt High School,Badala(West Side)1167
Govt High School,Badala(Central Side)1065
Bass Akbarpur(96)Govt Senior Secondary School,Bas Ajamshahpur(West Side)1152
Govt Primary School,Bas Akbarpur(East Side)1135
Govt Primary School,Bas Akbarpur(West Side)1113
Bass Azam Shahpur(95)Govt Senior Secondary School,Bas Ajamshahpur(East Side)847
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bas Ajamshahpur(Central Side)477
Bass Badshahpur (97)Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School,Bas Badshahpur(East Side)1204
Govt Girls High School,Bas Badshahpur(West Side)907
Govt Girls High School,Bas Badshahpur(North Side)703
Govt Girls High School,Bas Badshahpur(Central Side)1070
Bass Khurd Bejan(98)Govt Primary School,Bas Khurd Bijan(East Side)733
Chaupal Schedule Caste,Bas Khurd Bijan548
Govt Primary School,Bas Khurd Bijan(West Side)1366
Bhaklana(94)Govt Senior Secondary School,Bhaklana(East Side)1014
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bhaklana(West Side)1007
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bhaklana(Central Side)921
Bheni Amirpur (71)Govt Senior Secondary School,Bhaini Amirpur(East Side)1348
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bhaini Amirpur(Central Side)1407
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bhaini Amirpur(West Side)898
Budana (89)Govt High School ,Budana(East Side)960
Govt High School ,Budana(West Side)922
Govt High School ,Budana(Central Side)905
Govt Girls Primary School,Budana363
Data(83)Govt Senior Secondary School,Data(East Side)1007
Govt Senior Secondary School,Data(West Side)1225
Govt Senior Secondary School,Data(North Side)1226
Govt Girls Primary School,Data1240
Govt Senior Secondary School,Data(Central Side)1176
Dharam Kheri(65)Govt Primary School,Dharam Kheri(East Side)1157
Govt Primary School,Dharam Kheri(West Side)1110
Gamra (80)Govt Middle School ,Gamra(East Side)625
Govt Middle School ,Gamra(Central Side)929
Govt Middle School ,Gamra(West Side)491
Gurana(20)Govt High School ,Gurana(East Side)1371
Govt High School ,Gurana(West Side)1382
Govt Primary School,Gurana(North Side)1128
Govt Primary School,Gurana(South Side)863
Haibatpur (79)Govt Middle School , Haibatpur(East Wing)1108
Govt Middle School , Haibatpur(South Side)826
Jamni Khera(66)Govt Primary School,Jamani Khera
Kagsar (68)Govt Middle School,Kangsar(East Side)697
Govt Middle School,Kangsar(West Side)813
Kapro (7)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kapro(North Side)1197
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kapro (Middle Wing)1117
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kapro(South Side)1031
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kapro(East Side)1219
Govt Girls Middle School, Kapro(East Side)1056
Govt Girls Middle School, Kapro(West Side)485
Office Animal Husbandry ,Kapro549
Khanda Kheri(67)Govt Senior Sec. School,Khandakheri(North Side)1315
Govt Senior Sec. School,Khandakheri(Central Side)631
Govt Senior Sec. School,Khandakheri(South Side)969
Govt Girls High School,Khanda Kheri(East Side)1306
Govt Girls High School,Khanda Kheri(West Side)982
Khanpur(21)Govt High School,Khanpur(North Side)597
Govt High School,Khanpur(South Side)902
Govt. Girls Middle School,Khanpur414
Kharbla(99)Govt Primary School,Roshan Khera791
Govt Senior Secondary School,Kharbala(East Side)884
Govt Senior Secondary School,Kharbala(South Side)925
Govt Senior Secondary School,Kharbala(Central Side)997
Khera Rangran (63)Govt Primary School,Khera Rangran
Kheri Jalib (78)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kheri Jalab(East Side)1258
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kheri Jalab(West Side)628
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kheri Jalab(Central Side)747
Govt Primary School, Kheri Jalab1163
Kheri Lochap (77)Govt Middle School, Kheri Lochab(East Side)676
Govt Middle School, Kheri Lochab(West Side)538
Kinnar(5)Govt Middle School, Kinner(East Side)606
Govt Middle School, Kinner(West Side)945
Koth Kalan (2)Govt Sr Sec School , Koth Kalan(East Side)1430
Govt Girls High School ,Koth Kalan(East Side)888
Govt Sr Sec School , Koth Kalan(West Side)1318
Govt Primary School, Koth Kalan(North Side)863
Govt Primary School, Koth Kalan(South Side)634
Govt Sr Sec School , Koth Kalan(Central Side)1038
Koth Khurd (3)Govt Middle School ,Koth Khurd(North Side)971
Govt Middle School ,Koth Khurd(South Side)1158
Luhari Ragho (82)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Lohari Ragho(East Side)1008
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Lohari Ragho(West Side)1081
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Lohari Ragho(Central Side)906
Govt Primary School,Lohari Ragho1268
Madan Heri (58)Govt High School,Madan Heri857
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Madan Heri(East Side)1163
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Madan Heri(West Side)1233
Madha (105)Govt Middle School,Madha
Majod(111)Govt. High School ,Majhod(East Side)919
Govt. High School ,Majhod(West Side)742
Majra (104)Govt High School,Majra(East Side)1052
Govt High School,Majra(West Side)813
Govt High School,Majra(Central Side)894
Mini Bank,Majra578
Masoodpur(85)Govt High School,Masudpur(East Side)1283
Vikas Kendre, Masudpur1009
Govt High School,Masudpur(West Side)1334
Govt Primary School,Masudpur1320
Milakpur (74)Govt High School,Milkpur1348
Govt Primary School,Kheri Roj(East Side)847
Govt Primary School,Kheri Roj(West Side)655
Mirchpur (75)Govt Primary School ,Mirchpur(East Side)1313
S.C Choppal, Mirchpur1059
Govt Primary School ,Mirchpur(West Side)1317
Govt. Sr. Sec. School Mirchpur (North Wing)1353
Govt. Sr. Sec. School Mirchpur (South Wing)1288
Mohla (62)Govt High School,Mohla(East Side)705
Govt High School,Mohla(Central Side)763
Govt High School,Mohla(West Side)640
Govt High School,Puthi Samain(Central Side)913
Moth Karnail Shab(87)Govt High School,Moth Rangdan(East Side)792
Govt High School,Moth Rangdan(West Side)702
Govt Primary School,Garhi Ajima760
Moth Rangran (88)Govt Primary School, Moth Rangdan(East Side)889
Govt Primary School, Moth Rangdan(West Side)993
Nara (4)Govt High School , Nara(North Side)1156
Govt High School , Nara(South Side)1136
Narnaund (Rural) (91)Office Of Block Development And Panchayat Officer,Narnaud (East Side)1196
Govt Primary School,Narnaund1336
Office Of Block Development And Panchayat Officer,Narnaud (West Side)1239
Govt Senior Secondary School,Narnaund (North Wing)737
Govt Senior Secondary School,Narnaund (East Wing)953
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Narnaund(East Side)1205
Govt Senior Secondary School,Narnaund(Central Side)733
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Narnaund(West Side)979
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Narnaund(North Side)1075
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Narnaund(South Side)1198
Govt Senior Secondary School,Narnaund(West Side)1033
Pali (124)Govt Sr. Sec. School,Pali(East Side)844
Govt Sr. Sec. School,Pali(West Side)831
Govt Sr. Sec. School,Pali(Central Side)684
Petwar (92)Govt High School,Petwar(East Side)851
Govt High School,Petwar(Central Side)648
Govt Primary School,Petwar(North Side)1103
Govt Primary School,Petwar(West Side)1378
Govt Girls High School,Petwar(East Side)688
Govt Girls High School,Petwar(West Side)1026
Govt High School,Petwar(West Side)1245
Puthi Saman (60)Govt High School,Puthi Samain(East Side)646
Govt Primary School,Puthi Samain848
Govt High School,Puthi Samain(West Side)1314
Govt Girls High School,Puthi Samain1233
Raj Thal (70)Govt High School,Rajthal(East Side)986
Mini Bank,Rajthal1008
Govt High School,Rajthal(Central Side)997
Rajpura (107)Govt Middle School,Rajpura
Rakhi Khas (76)Govt Middle School , Rakhikhas(North Side)1192
Govt Middle School , Rakhikhas(Central Side)371
Schedule Cast Choppal, Rakhikhas539
Govt Middle School , Rakhikhas(South Side)1405
Rakhi Shahpur (81)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Rakhi Shahapur(North Side)1237
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Rakhi Shahapur(South Side)1352
Govt Girls Primary School, Rakhi Shahpur591
Sindhar(22)Govt. Primary School,Sindhar(East Side)909
Govt. Primary School,Sindhar(West Side)531
Singhwa Khas (59)Govt High School ,Singhwakhas(East Side)1120
Govt High School ,Singhwakhas(Central Side)336
Mini Bank,Singhwakhas426
Govt High School ,Singhwakhas(West Side)526
Govt High School ,Singhwakhas(North Side)952
Singhwa Ragho(23)Govt. High School,Singhva Ragho(North Side)996
Govt. High School,Singhva Ragho(Central Side)501
Govt. High School,Singhva Ragho(South Side)437
Sisai Bola(108)Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Sisay Bolan(East Side)1254
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Sisay Bolan(North Side)1273
Govt. Primary School Sisai Bolan1329
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Sisay Bolan(West Side)1056
Govt. Girls Primary School,Sisay Bolan649
Sisai Kali Rawan(109)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Sisay Kalirawan(North Side)1264
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Sisay Kalirawan(South Side)1352
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Sisay Kalirawan(East Side)1385
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Sisay Kalirawan(West Side)1025
Mini Bank,Sisay Kalirawan373
Sisar(100)Govt Primary School,Sisar(East Side)704
Schedule Caste Choppal,Sisar1021
Govt Girls Middle School Sisar (Middle Wing)831
Govt. Girls Middle School Sisar (West Wing)663
Sulchani (69)Govt Middle School,Sulchani(East Side)920
Govt Middle School,Sulchani(West Side)1182
Ugalan (93)Govt Senior Secondary School,Ugalan(East Side)1393
Govt Senior Secondary School,Ugalan(West Side)1196
Govt Girls Primary School,Ugalan(East Side)1072
Govt Girls Primary School,Ugalan(West Side)874

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