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Polling Station List Naraingarh Assembly Constituency 2014

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The Supreme Court with its decision that upheld former Karnataka assembly speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar to disqualify 17 rebel Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) legislators for defection but defected MLA’s can contest elections, Supreme Court by this Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Naraingarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Naraingarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ahmadpur (303)Govt Primary School, Ahmedpur
Akbarpur (305)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Akbarpur
Ambli (136)Govt High School, Amblieast Wing705
Govt High School, Ambliwest Wing718
Andheri (291)Govt. Middle School, Andhery
Azampur (100)Govt Primary School, Ajampur
Badhauli (110)Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhawalieast Wing1423
Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhawaliwest Wing1389
Baktuha (106)Govt Middle School, Baktuha
Ballopur (306)Govt Primary School, Ballopur
Banaundi (65)Govt High School, Banaudi
Bara Gaon (97)Govt High School, Bara Gaoneast Wing947
Govt High School, Bara Gaonwest Wing782
Baragarh (66)Govt Middle School, Baragarh
Barheri Badi (109)Govt.Senior Secondary School,Bharehri Kalan
Barheri Chhoti (107)Panchayat Ghar, Bharehri Khurd
Bari Bassi (70)Govt High School, Bari Bassi
Bari Rasaur (92)Govt Middle School, Bari Rasaur
Barsu Majra (300)Govt Primary School, Barsu Majra
Behloli (48)Govt Middle School,Bahloli
Ber Kheri (293)Govt Middle School, Berkheri
Berpura (37)Govt Primary School, Berpura
Bharog (46)Govt Senior Secondary, Bharog(East Wing)1204
Govt Senior Secondary, Bharog(West Wing)525
Bheelpura (68)Govt Primary School, Bilpura
Bheron (262)Govt Middle School, Bheron
Bibipur (59)Govt Primary School, Bibipur
Bichpari (263)Govt Primary School, Bichpari
Bilaspur (258)Govt Primary School, Bilaspur
Brahman Majra (301)Govt Primary School, Brahman Majra
Budha Khera (112)Govt.Middle School,Budhakhera
Burj Shahid (63)Govt Primry School, Buraj Shahid
Chand Sauli (116)Govt.Middle School, Chandsauli
Chautan (260)Govt Primary School, Chattan
Chechi Majra (192)Panchayat Ghar, Chechi Majra
Chhajju Majra (45)Govt Primary School, Chhajumajra
Chhoti Bassi (68)Govt Primary School, Chhoti Bassi
Chhoti Kohri (71)Govt Middle School, Chhoti Kohari
Danora (74)Govt Primary School, Danoura
Dehar (137)Govt Middle School, Dehareast Wing795
Govt Middle School, Deharwest Wing650
Dehri (47)Govt. Primary School, Daihri
Dera (190)Govt Middle School, Dera East Wing1259
Govt Middle School, Dera West Wing913
Govt Middle School, Dera Primary Wing1177
Dhamauli Bichli (277)Govt, Middle School, Dhamauli Bichali(East Wing)1071
Govt Primary School,Dhamauli Uprali483
Dhanana (36)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Dhananaeast Wing1383
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Dhananawest Wing1168
Fatehgarh (31)Govt Senior Secondary School,Fatehgarheast Wing1012
Govt Senior Secondary School,Fatehgarhwest Wing859
Fatehpur (126)Govt Primary School,Fatehpur
Fatehpur (80)Govt High School,Fatehpur
Gadauli (135)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gadauli East Wing882
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gadauli (North Wing)891
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gadauli (West Wing)925
Ganauli (294)Govt Primary School, Ganauli
Ganeshpur (280)Govt High School,Ganeshpur
Gazipur (27)Govt Primary School, Gajipur
Gharauli (54)Govt. Middle School,Gharauli
Gobindpur (272)Govt. Primary School, Gobindpur
Hamidpur (86)Govt High School, Hamidpur
Harbon (123)Govt Primary School, Harbon
Hassanpur (289)Govt.Primary School, Hasanpur
Husaini (Part)(308)Govt Middle School, Husaini
Jatwar (41)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Jatwareast Wing1119
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Jatwarnorth Wing946
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Jatwarwest Wing1437
Jeoli (115)Govt High School, Jayauli
Kakar Majra (269)(Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kakar Majraeast Wing813
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kakar Majrawest Wing1090
Kanjala (119)Govt High School, Kanjala
Karasan (286)Govt. Sr.Sec.School, Karasan
Kathe Majra (81)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kathe Majra
Khanpur Brahman (33)Govt High School, Khanpur Brahaman
Khanpur Labana (296)Govt High School, Khanpur Labana( Primary Wing)
Khanpur Rajputan (79)Govt Primary School, Khanpur Rajputana
Khera Jattan (43)Govt Primary School, Kera Jatan
Kherki Manakpur (256)Govt Middle School, Kherki Manakpur
Khirki Jatan (298)Govt High School, Kherki Jatan (Khanpur Labana)
Khuda Kalan (98)Govt High School, Khudda Kalan752
Govt High School, Khudda Kalan707
Khuda Khurd (99)Govt Middle School,Khudda Khurd
Kohra Bhura (78)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kohra Bura East Wing1103
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kohra Bura West Wing920
Korwa Khurd (52)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Korwa Khurdeast Wing879
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Korwa Khurdwest Wing1148
Govt Primary School, Kodwakalan730
Kullarpur (309)Govt Primary School, Kullarpur
Kurali (120)Govt High School, Kuralieast Wing998
Govt High School, Kuraliwest Wing1236
Laha (77)Govt Senior Secondary School, Laha
Lakhnaura (124)Govt Middle School, Lakhnauraeast Wing817
Govt Middle School, Lakhnaurawest Wing792
Lalpur (125)Govt Middle School, Lalpur
Lautan (91)Govt.Primary School, Launta
Magharpura (283)Govt Primary School, Magharpura
Majra (60) (Ct)Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Majraeast Wing1095
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Majranorth Wing996
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Majrawest Wing925
Manglai (129)Govt Middle School, Manglai
Manglor (257)Govt Primary School, Manglore
Mawa Kheri (113)Govt. Primary School, Mahuakheri
Milk (Part)(307)Govt Primary School, Milak
Mirpur (90)Govt. Primary School, Mirpur410
Govt Middle School,Baraulieast Wing802
Govt Middle School,Barauliwest Wing694
Mirzapur Kath (292)Govt Primary School, Mirjapur
Mukandpur (271)Govt Middle School, Mukandpur
Munarheri (24)Govt Middle School, Munarheri
Nabipur (311)Govt Middle School, Nabipur
Nagla (290)Govt High School, Nagla
Nagla (50)Govt Middle School,Nagla Nanku
Nakhrauli (114)Govt Primary School, Nakhdauli
Nanduwali (128)Govt. Primary School, Nanduwali
Nanehra (95)Govt High School, Nanhera
Naraingarh (Rural)(Part)(88)Office Karyakari Abhiyanta P.W.D (B&R), Naraingarheast Wing1329
Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta Senior Secondary School, Naraingarh692
Office Block Development & Panchyat Officer, Naraingarh814
Office Muncipal Committee, Naraingarheast Wing1055
Office Muncipal Committee, Naraingarhwest Wing508
Govt Girls Middle School, Naraingarh999
S.D. High School,Naraingarh1207
D.A.V Public School, Naraingarheast Wing956
D.A.V Public School, Naraingarhwest Wing859
D.A.V Public School, Naraingarhmiddle Wing999
Scheduled Caste Dharmshala,Naraingarheast Wing679
Scheduled Caste Dharmshala,Naraingarhwest Wing847
Office Of Market Committee, Naraingarh753
Nasrauli (49)Govt Middle School, Nasrouli
Nau Gawan (122)Govt Primary School, Naugawan
Panjeton (274)Govt Primary School,Panjeto
Panjlasa (Part)(96)Govt High School, Panjlasaeast Wing1064
Govt High School, Panjlasawest Wing1205
Patrehri (103)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Patrehrieast Wing1131
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Patrehriwest Wing813
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Patrehrisouth Wing798
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Patrehrinorth Wing1105
Patwi (38)Govt. Middle School , Patwi
Pelakhni (21)Govt High School,Pilkhanieast Wing1164
Govt High School,Pilkhaniwest Wing1288
Pulewala (197)Govt Middle School, Pulewala
Rachheri (281)Govt Middle School,Rachherieast Wing1063
Govt Middle School,Rachheriwest Wing392
Govt. Primary School, Kalal Majra660
Raiwali (29)Govt Senior Secondary School, Raiwali639
Govt. Primary School, Singhpura963
Rajawali (288)Govt.High School,Rajauli
Rajpura (284)Govt. Primary School, Rajpura
Rampur (75)Govt Primary School, Rampur
Rasidpur (270)Govt Middle School, Rasidpur
Rataur (252)Govt Primary School, Rattour
Rattanheri (22)Govt Primary School, Ratanheri1076
Govt. Primary School, Shahabpura408
Rawlan (65)Govt Middle School, Raulon
Rerh Viran (195)Govt Middle School, Raipur Viraneast Wing1130
Govt Middle School, Raipur Viranwest Wing985
Salarheri (128)Govt High School, Salareherieast Wing1116
Govt High School, Salareheriprimary Wing799
Govt High School, Salareheriwest Wing673
Salola (104)Govt Middle School, Salaula
Sam Bhalva (196)Govt Middle School, Sambhalwa
Sangrani (85)Govt Middle School, Sangrani
Santokhi (53)Govt. Primary School, Santokhi
Sapehra (66)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sapheraeast Wing992
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sapherawest Wing696
Shahpur (129)Govt Primary School,Shahpur378
Govt Senior Secondary School, Shahpur753
Shahzadpur (58)Govt Senior Sceonday School, Shahjadpureast Wing888
Govt Senior Sceonday School, Shahjadpurnorth Wing969
Govt Senior Sceonday School, Shahjadpurmiddle Wing964
Govt Senior Sceonday School, Shahjadpurwest Wing863
M.R.S.D. Sr. Sec.School, Shahjadpureast Wing742
M.R.S.D. Sr. Sec.School, Shahjadpurwest Wing601
Shakarpura (127)Govt. Primary School, Shakkarpura
Sherpur (285)Govt High School, Sherpur
Sontli (57)Govt Primary School ,Sauntli
Tandwal (62)Govt Middle School,Tandwal
Tapparian Rulduki (117)Govt. Primary School, Tapriyan Ruldu Ki
Tasrauli (35)Govt Primary School, Tasrouli
Toka (191)Govt Middle School, Toka
Wasalpur (253)Govt Middle School, Wasalpur

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