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Polling Station List Kosli Assembly Constituency 2014

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Karnataka ByPoll Uncertain Times Mire Karnataka Polity

The Supreme Court with its decision that upheld former Karnataka assembly speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar to disqualify 17 rebel Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) legislators for defection but defected MLA’s can contest elections, Supreme Court by this Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Kosli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kosli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aaliawas (83)Govt Primary School, Aaliyawas
Aasiaki Gorawas (249)Govt High School, Ashiya Ki Gorawas1309
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Ashiya Ki Gorawas673
Ahmadpur Partal (177)Govt Primary School, Ahemadpur Padtal
Aulant (77)Govt Primary School, Aulant (Left Side)879
Govt Primary School, Aulant (Right Side)760
Babroli (100)Govt Middle School, Babroli1039
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Babroli211
Bahala (20-N))Govt Primary School, Bahala
Bahotwas Ahir (85)Govt High School, Bohatwas Ahir
Bahotwas Bhondu (99)Govt Primary School, Bohatwas Bhondu(Left Side)806
Govt Primary School, Bohatwas Bhondu(Right Side)748
Bairampur (183)Govt Primary School, Bairampur
Baldhan Kalan (98)Govt High School, Baldhan Kalan1329
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Baldhan Kalan335
Baldhan Khurd (97)Govt Primary School, Baldhan Khurd
BasGovt High School, Bas Bitori(Right Side)
Bawa (22-N)Govt High School Bawwa (Left Side)987
Govt High School Bawwa (Right Side)886
Govt Primary School, Bawwa969
Berli Kalan (310)Govt Girls High School, Berli Kalan (Left Side)705
Govt Girls High School, Berli Kalan (Right Side)691
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Berli Kalan318
Berli Khurd (93)Govt Senior Secondary School, Berli Khurd (Left Side)910
Govt Senior Secondary School, Berli Khurd (Right Side)884
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Berli Khurd432
Bhakali (165) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School , Bhakli(North Side)1240
Govt Senior Secondary School , Bhakli(South Side)1119
Happy Sr Sec School Near Railway Station Kosli1027
Vivekanand Sr Sec School Near Railway Station,Kosli903
The Kosli Railway Corporative Station Marketing Society Ltd Kosli844
Bhathera (79)Govt Primary School, Bhathera
Bherangi (29-N)Govt Primary School, Bharangi
Bhurthala (171)Govt High School, Bhurthala
Biharipur (91)Govt Middle School, Biharipur
Bisoha (24-N)Govt Primary School, Bisoha
Bitori (75)Govt High School, Bas Bitori(Left Side)
Bodia Kamalpur (112)Govt Senior Secondary School, Boria Kamalpur (Left Side)796
Govt Senior Secondary School, Boria Kamalpur (Right Side)819
Bohka (23)Govt Middle School, Bohka1213
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Bohka255
Boriawas (176)Govt Primary School, Bhuriawas407
Govt Primary School, Shadipur303
Buroli(76)Scheduled Caste Dharamshala, Budoli495
Govt Senior Secondary School, Budoli1138
Govt Senior Secondary School, Budoli(Right Side)977
Chandanwas (251)Govt Middle School, Chandanwas
Chauki (248)Govt Primary School, Choki No.1
Chauki No-2 (311)Govt Middle School, Choki No. 2773
Govt Primary School, Choki No. 2688
Chhawa (190)Govt Primary School, Chawwa
Dahina (12)Govt Girls Primary School , Dahina (Left Side)1139
Govt Girls Primary School , Dahina (Right Side)1019
Govt High School, Dahina (Left Side)1204
Govt High School, Dahina957
Govt Boys High School, Dahina1151
Dakhora(2)Govt Primary School, Dakhora (Left Side)907
Govt Primary School, Dakhora (Right Side)848
Darauli (3)Govt Senior Secondary School, Daroli(Left Side)711
Govt Senior Secondary School, Daroli(Right Side)789
Dehlawas (89)Govt High School, Dehlawas Gulabpura
Dhani Thethar Bad (14)Govt Primary School, Dhani Thetharbadh
Dhawana (18)Govt High School , Dhawana (Left Side)955
Govt High School , Dhawana (Right Side)876
Govt Primary School, Dhawana1011
Didoli (8)Govt Primary School, Didoli
Dohakia (107)Govt Primary School, Dohkia867
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Dohkiya223
Fatehpuri Tappa Dahina (5)Govt Middle School, Fatehpuri Tappa Dahina (Left Side)670
Govt Middle School, Fatehpuri Tappa Dahina (Right Side)645
Gadala (243)Govt Primary School, Gadla733
Scheduled Castechoupal, Gadla387
Gadhi (25-N)Govt Primary School, Garhi
Gopalpur Gazi (103)Govt Primary School, Gopalpur Gaji
Gothara Tappa Dahina (11)Govt High School , Gothra Tappa Dahina (Left Side)953
Govt High School , Gothra Tappa Dahina (Right Side)864
Gudiani (175)Govt Senior Secondary School, Guriyani (North Side)989
Govt Senior Secondary School, Guriyani (South Side)1310
Govt Girls High School , Guriyani (Left Side)762
Govt Girls High School , Guriyani (Right Side)696
Gugod (174)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gugodh(Left Side)780
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gugodh(Right Side)763
Gujarwas (1)Govt Primary School Gujarwas
Gulabpura (88)Govt Primary School, Dehlawas Gulabpura
Gurawara (245)Govt High School , Gurawara (Left Side)960
Govt High School , Gurawara (Right Side)1032
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Gurawara (Left Side)804
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Gurawara (Right Side)1126
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Gurawara448
Halukhera (92)Govt Primary School, Haluhera
Hansawas (240)Govt Primary School, Hansawas583
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Hansawas388
Jadara (87)Govt High School, Jadra (North Side)1312
Govt High School, Jadra (South Side)934
JainabadGovt Senior Secondary School, Zainabad (Left Side)1160
Govt Senior Secondary School, Zainabad (Right Side)1198
Govt Primary School, Zainabad1170
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Zainabad278
Jakhala(185)Govt Primary School, Jakhala
Jatusana (106)Govt Senior Secondary School , Jatusana (Left Side)1215
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jatusana (Right Side)1117
Govt Primary School, Jatusana Ki Dhani320
Jhal (9-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jhal(East Side)863
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jhal(West Side)752
Jhharoda (5-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jharoda (North Side)865
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jharoda (South Side)794
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Jharoda308
Jholri (26-N)Govt High School , Jholri(North Side)890
Govt High School , Jholri(South Side)688
Jiwara (247)Govt Primary School, Jiwra
Judi (11-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Juddi(Left Side)726
Govt Senior Secondary School, Juddi(Right Side)789
Mini Bank, Juddi409
Kahari (6)Govt Primary School, Kahari
Kahnarwas (173)Govt High School, Kanharwas
Kanhora (241)Govt Primary School, Kanhora
Kanhori(242)Govt High School, Kanhori1047
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Kanhori576
Kanwali (10)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kanwali (North Side)1242
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kanwali (South Side)1041
Govt Primary School, Kanwali1163
Karawara Manakpur (253)Govt Senior Secondary School , Karawara Manakpur (Left Side)1164
Govt Senior Secondary School , Karawara Manakpur (Right Side)1076
Karoli (23-N)Govt High School , Karoli (North Side)1240
Govt High School , Karoli (South Side)1116
Khera Aalampur (235)Govt Primary School, Khera Alampur
Kheri (4-N)Govt Middle School, Kheri
Khursaid Nagar (27-N)Govt Primary School, Khurshid Nagar
Khushpura (4)Govt Primary School, Khushpura
Kohard (30-N)Govt High School, Koharar(North Side)731
Govt High School, Koharar(South Side)800
Kosli (172)Govt Boys Senior Secondary School , Kosli(East Side)872
Govt Boys Senior Secondary School , Kosli(West Side)788
Govt Boys Senior Secondary School , Kosli(South Side)802
Govt Boys Senior Secondary School , Kosli(North Side)781
Scheduled Caste Chaupal Tumna Road, Kosli221
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kosli(East Side)797
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kosli(West Side)771
Govt Primary School, Kosli(Left Side)740
Govt Primary School, Kosli(Right Side)834
Govt Middle School, Jahidpur Tappa Kosli918
Kumroda (94)Govt Primary School, Kumrodha447
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Kumrodha314
Kutubpuri BujurgGovt Primary School, Kutubpuri Bujurg
Lala (228)Govt High School, Lala
Lilodh (13-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Lilodh(North Side)1176
Govt Senior Secondary School, Lilodh(South Side)1189
Lisan (1)Govt High School, Lishan (Left Side)958
Govt High School, Lishan (Right Side)884
Govt Primary School, Lishan925
Lohana (16)Govt Middle School , Luhana (Left Side)1343
Govt Middle School , Luhana (Right Side)1103
Lookhi (2)Govt Senior Secondary School, Lukhi (Left Side)1214
Govt Senior Secondary School, Lukhi (Right Side)1133
Lula Hir (7-N)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Lula Ahir (North Side)830
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Lula Ahir (South Side)889
Maha Kharia (68)Govt Primary School, Makharia
Mahiuddinpur (229)Govt Middle School, Mohidinpur1217
Scheduled Caste Chopal, Mohidinpur304
Malasiawas (189)Govt Primary School, Maleshiawas
Mamtaz Pura (28-N)Govt Primary School, Mumtajpur
Mandhaya Khurd (90)Govt Primary School, Mandhiya Khurd
Mandola (21)Govt Senior Secondary School , Mandola (Left Side)1021
Govt Senior Secondary School , Mandola (Right Side)1129
Govt Primary School, Mandola962
Masit (9)Govt Primary School, Masit (Left Side)839
Govt Primary School, Masit (Right Side)807
Motla Kalan (96)Govt Senior Secondary School, Motla Kalan (Left Side)905
Govt Senior Secondary School, Motla Kalan (Right Side)1065
Motla Khurd (95)Govt Primary School, Motla Khurd
Mundi(80)Govt High School, Mundi (Left Side)956
Govt High School, Mundi (Right Side)948
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Mundi374
Mundra (184)Govt Primary School, Mundra
Muralipur (102)Govt Primary School, Murlipur
Musepur (105)Govt High School, Musepur (Left Side)992
Govt High School, Musepur (Right Side)1025
Mustafapur (256)Govt High School, Mastfapur761
Govt Primary School, Mastfapur638
Nahar (10-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nahar (Left Side)1199
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nahar (Right Side)1128
Govt Primary School, Nahar1117
Nain Sukhpura (227)Govt High School, Nainsukhpura(Left Side)795
Govt High School, Nainsukhpura(Right Side)757
Nangal (3/ 1-N)Govt Primary School, Nangal439
Govt Primary School, Bhagwanpur204
Nangal Mundi (78)Govt Primary School,Nangal Mundi(Left Side)752
Govt Primary School,Nangal Mundi(Right Side)667
Nangal Pathani (101)Govt High School , Nangal Pathani (Left Side)888
Govt High School , Nangal Pathani (Right Side)794
Nangalia Ranmokh (252)Panchayat Ghar, Nangalia Ranmokh
Nathera(166)Govt Primary School, Nathera
Naya Gaon (21-N)Govt Primary School, Nayagaon (North Side)1101
Govt Primary School, Nayagaon (South Side)921
Nehru Garh (6-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nehru Garh (Left Side)859
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nehru Garh (Right Side)793
Govt Primary School, Nehrugarh838
Nimoth (19)Govt High School, Nimoth(Left Side)1048
Govt High School, Nimoth(Right Side)1124
Govt Primary School, Nimoth879
Pahrajwas (239)Govt Primary School, Pahrajwas
Palhawas (236)Govt High School, Palhawas (Left Side)872
Govt High School, Palhawas (Right Side)702
Govt Primary School, Palhawas1016
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Palhawas515
Parkhotampur (104)Govt Middle School, Parkhotampur (Left Side)647
Govt Middle School, Parkhotampur (Right Side)694
Rampuri (7)Govt Primary School, Rampuri
Rasooli (108)Govt Primary School, Rasuli
Ratan Thal (180)Govt High School, Ratanthal1054
Govt Primary School, Ratanthal985
Govt Primary School Bas Ratanthal700
Roharai (230)Govt Senior Secondary School, Rohrai(Left Side)859
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rohrai(Right Side)841
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Rohrai313
Rojhuwas (231)Govt Primary School, Rojhuwas
Roliawas (84)Govt Primary School, Roliawas
Shadat Nagar (8-N)Govt High School, Sahadat Nagar (Left Side)796
Govt High School, Sahadat Nagar (Right Side)775
Shadipur (254)Govt Primary School, Shadipur
Shamnagar (168_)Govt High School, Shyam Nagar (North Side)
Siha (15)Govt High School, Siha (Left Side)1410
Govt High School, Siha (Central Side)931
Govt High School, Siha (Right Side)1252
Sudhrana (12-N)Govt High School,Sudhrana
Suma Khera (232)Govt Primary School, Suma Khera
Surakhpur Tappa Kosli (179)Govt Primary School, Surakhpur Tappa Kosli(Left Side)715
Govt Primary School, Surakhpur Tappa Kosli(Right Side)661
Surehli (167)Govt High School, Surheli(East Side)765
Govt High School, Surheli(West Side)766
Tehnadipalpur (255)Govt Primary School, Tehna Deepalpur
Tumna (169)Govt High School, Tumna (North Side)975
Govt High School, Tumna (South Side)893
Uncha (24)Govt Primary School, Uncha (Left Side)780
Govt Primary School, Uncha (Right Side)735
Usmanpur (181)Govt Primary School, Ushmapur

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