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Polling Station List Julana Assembly Constituency 2014

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Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

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List of Polling Stations in Julana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Julana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Akalgarh(29)Govt Middle School, Akalgarh(Right Side)893
Govt Middle School, Akalgarh(Left Side)684
Chaupal Balmikian, Akalgarh280
Anoopgarh (58)Govt Middle School Anoopgarh(Right Side)778
Govt Middle School Anoopgarh(Left Side)790
Ashrafgarh (71)Govt Middle School Ashrafgarh(Right Side)852
Govt Middle School Ashrafgarh(Left Side)944
Assan (4)Govt Middle School Assan(Right Side)943
Govt Middle School Assan(Left Side)571
Chaupal Dhankan Assan470
Baganwala (9)Govt Primary School Bhaganwala
Bahamanwas (25)Govt Middle School, Brahmanwas(Right Side)768
Govt Middle School, Brahmanwas(Left Side)1030
Bahbalpur (52)Govt. High School Bahbalpur (Right Side)748
Govt. High School Bahbalpur (Left Side)645
Barar Khera (51)Govt Girls Middle School Brarkhera923
Chaupal Ramdasiya Brarkhera860
Baroli (57)Govt High School Baroli(Right Side)824
Govt High School Baroli(Left Side)915
Bharon Khera (46)Govt Middle School Bharon Khera(Right Side)604
Govt Middle School Bharon Khera(Left Side)546
Bibipur (17)Govt Senior Secondary School Bibipur (Right Side)742
Govt Senior Secondary School Bibipur (Central Side)1052
Govt Senior Secondary School Bibipur (Left Side)1120
Govt Girls High School Bibipur546
Bishanpura (56)Govt High School Bishanpura (Right Side)971
Govt High School Bishanpura (Left Side)784
Brah Kalan (100)Govt Girls Primary School Sunderpur1208
Govt High School Brah Kalan(Right Side)1050
Govt High School Brah Kalan(Left Side)423
Govt High School Brah Kalan(Central Side)781
Brah Khurd (73)Govt High School Brah Khurd(Right Side)1174
Govt High School Brah Khurd(Left Side)964
Chaupal Balmikiyan Brah Khurd443
Budha Khera Lather (31)Govt High School, Budha Khera Lathar(Right Side)1324
Chaupal Dhankan, Budha Khera Lather631
Govt High School, Budha Khera Lathar(Left Side)1015
Buradehar (50)Govt Primary School Bura Dehar
Chabri (67)Govt Middle School Chabri
Desh Khera (34)Govt Middle School, Deshkhera
Deverar (24)Govt High School Devrar(Right Side)1122
Govt High School Devrar(Central Side)712
Govt High School Devrar(Left Side)864
Dhigana (47)Govt Senior Secondary School Dhigana (Right Side)915
Govt Senior Secondary School Dhigana (Central Side)658
Govt Senior Secondary School Dhigana (Left Side)942
Chaupal Dhankan Dhigana958
Fatehgarh (42)Govt Senior Secondary School Fatehgarh
Gatauli (49)Govt Girls High School Left Side Gatauli (Right Side)755
Govt Girls High School Left Side Gatauli (Central Side)796
Govt Girls High School Left Side Gatauli (Left Side)1306
Govt Senior Secondary School Gatauli(Right Side)841
Govt Senior Secondary School Gatauli(Left Side)926
Gharwali (38)Govt Senior Secondary School Gharwali1242
Ramdasiya Chaupal Gharwali389
Ghimana (53)Govt Primary School Karamgarh447
Govt Senior Secondary School Ghimana(Right Side)1219
Ramdasiya Chaupal Ghimana635
Govt Senior Secondary School Ghimana(Left Side)915
Gobindpura (54)Govt Middle School Gobindpura
Gosain Khera (60)Govt Middle School Gusai Khera
Gunkali (8)Govt Middle School Gunkali854
Chaupal Ramdasiya Gunkali656
Hathwala (28)Govt High School Hathwala (Right Side)1200
Chaupal Schedule Caste, Hathwala480
Govt High School Hathwala (Left Side)1269
Igra (18)Govt Senior Secondary School Igrah1054
Govt Girls Middle School Igrah(Right Side)1055
Govt Girls Middle School Igrah(Left Side)1034
Chaupal Ramdasiya, Chhota Panna Igrah558
Jai Jaiwanti (39)Govt Middle School Jai Jai Wanti
Jhamola (36)Govt Middle School, Jhamola1215
Dharamshala Dhankan, Jhamola462
Julana Rural (33)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Julana (Right Side)1210
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Julana (Central Side)579
Govt Primary School Village, Julana1341
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Julana (Left Side)1302
Govt Primary School Mandi Gate, Julana (Right Side)951
Govt Primary School Mandi Gate, Julana (Left Side)884
Municipal Corporation Office, Julana (Right Side)1037
Municipal Corporation Office, Julana (Left Side)1296
Govt Senior Secondary School, Julana (Right Side)1031
Govt Senior Secondary School, Julana (Left Side)1141
Kamach Khera (23)Govt Middle School, Kamach Khera
Karela (21)Govt Primary School, Karela (Right Side)1157
Chaupal Dhankan, Karela407
Govt Primary School, Karela (Left Side)1138
Karsola (40)Govt High School Karsola (Right Side)818
Govt Primary School Karsola1175
Govt High School Karsola (Left Side)1142
Chaupal Ramdasiya Karsola891
Kharak Ramji (68)Govt Senior Secondary School Kharak Ramji(Right Side)1324
Chaupal Chamaran Kharak Ramji581
Govt Senior Secondary School Kharak Ramji(Left Side)666
Khera Bakhta (37)Govt Middle School Khera Bakhta (Right Side)988
Govt Middle School Khera Bakhta (Left Side)731
Khima Kheri (62)Govt Primary School Khema Kheri
Khraintee (20)Govt High School Right Side Kharainti(Right Side)1125
Govt High School Right Side Kharainti(Left Side)1181
Chaupal Schedule Caste Kharainti431
Kinana (59)Govt Sr. Sec. School Kinana(Right Side)876
Ramdasiya Chaupal Kinana612
Govt Sr. Sec. School Kinana(Left Side)1317
Kishanpura (55)Govt Primary School Kishanpura
Lajwana Kalan (30)Govt Senior Secondary School Lajwana Kalan (Right Side)1360
Govt Senior Secondary School Lajwana Kalan (Left Side)1070
Govt Girls Sr.Sec. School Lajwana Kalan1308
Chaupal Schedule Caste Lajwana Kalan778
Lajwana Khurd (41)Govt Primary School Lajwana Khurd(Right Side)1057
Chaupal Balmikiyan Lajwana Khurd150
Govt Primary School Lajwana Khurd(Left Side)992
Lakhmir Wala (74)Govt Girls Middle School Lakhmirwala
Lalit Khera (7)Govt Girls High School Lalit Khera
Malvi (22)Govt Senior Secondary School, Malvi(Right Side)829
Govt Senior Secondary School, Malvi(Central Side)828
Ramdasiya Chaupal, Malvi948
Govt Senior Secondary School, Malvi(Left Side)1078
Meherera (44)Govt Middle School Mehrara1348
Chaupal Balmikiyan Mehrara432
Nandgarh (45)Govt Sr. Sec. School Nandgarh(Right Side)1321
Govt Sr. Sec. School Nandgarh(Left Side)1178
Nidana (66)Govt Girls High School Nidana (Right Side)1344
Chaupal Schedule Caste Nidana620
Govt Girls High School Nidana (Left Side)1110
Nidani (64)Govt High School Nidani(Right Side)1343
Govt High School Nidani(Left Side)1216
Padana (65)Govt Middle School Padana(Right Side)833
Govt Middle School Padana(Left Side)1147
Pauli (27)Govt Senior Secondary School, Pauli(Right Side)1186
Govt Senior Secondary School, Pauli(Left Side)1144
Chaupal Schedule Caste, Pauli519
Ponkar Kheri (10)Govt Middle School Pohkar Kheri(Right Side)865
Ramdasiya Chaupal Pohkar Kheri426
Govt Middle School Pohkar Kheri(Left Side)1080
Radhana (70)Govt High School Radhana (Right Side)1221
Chaupal Dhankan Radhana759
Govt High School Radhana (Left Side)972
Rajgarh (35)Govt Middle School Rajgarh
Rajpura (7)Govt Senior Secondary School Rajpura(Right Side)1267
Chaupal Balmikiyan Rajpura647
Govt Senior Secondary School Rajpura(Left Side)1282
Ramgarh (16)Govt Primary School Basti Dhani992
Govt Primary School Ramgarh1274
Ramkali (48)Govt Middle School Ramkali (Right Side)905
Govt Middle School Ramkali (Left Side)758
Ramrai (11)Govt Senior Secondary School Ramrai(Right Side)1024
Ramdasiya Chaupal Ramrai835
Govt Senior Secondary School Ramraimiddle Wing670
Govt Senior Secondary School Ramrai(Left Side)1232
Sewaha (3)Govt High School Siwaha(Right Side)1248
Govt High School Siwaha(Left Side)1362
Chaupal Balmikiyan Siwaha474
Shadipur (32)Govt Primary School , Shadipur(Right Side)1108
Govt Primary School , Shadipur(Left Side)866
Shamlo Kalan(61)Govt Senior Secondary School Shamalo Kalan(Right Side)942
Govt Senior Secondary School Shamalo Kalan(Left Side)1088
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School Shamlo Kalan (Right Side)1054
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School Shamlo Kalan (Left Side)897
Shamlo Khurd (63)Govt Middle School Shamlo Khurd
Sindhvi Khera (69)Govt Girls Primary School Sindhvi Khera(Right Side)1017
Govt Girls Primary School Sindhvi Khera(Left Side)902
Sirsa Kheri (43)Govt Primary School Sirsa Kheri

Last Updated on October 19, 2014