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Polling Station List Israna Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Israna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Israna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adiyana (48)Govt Senior Secondary School Adiyana(Right Side)933
Govt Senior Secondary School Adiyana(Left Side)663
Govt Senior Secondary School (Primary Section) Adiyana1363
Schedule Caste Choupal Adiyana1285
Ahar (58)Govt. Sen. Secondary School Ahar(Office Room )1063
Govt. Sen. Secondary School Ahar(Right Side)1102
Govt. Sen. Secondary School Ahar(Central Side)1141
Govt. Sen. Secondary School Ahar(Left Side)1398
Alupur (60)Govt High School Primary Section, Alupur Nain(Right Wing)1034
Govt High School Primary Section, Alupur Nain(Left Wing)954
Asan Khurd (Ct)Govt. Primary School Assan Khurd785
P.T.P.S Sr.Secondary School, Thermal Colony1396
D.A.V. Public School, Thermal Colony (Right Side)705
D.A.V. Public School, Thermal Colony (Left Side)742
Ataula (57)Govt Sen. Secondary School Atawla(Right Side)1213
Govt Sen. Secondary School Atawla(Left Side)1137
In Schedule Caste Chopal Atawala1206
Baholi (12)Govt Middle School,Bohali (Right Side)1269
Govt Middle School,Bohali (Left Side)867
Bal Jattan (11)Govt Middle School, Baljatan (Right Side)1112
Govt Middle School, Baljatan (Left Side)808
Balana (71)Govt. High School, Balana(Right Side)1154
Govt. High School, Balana(Left Side)730
In Schedule Caste Chopal Balana461
Bandh (87)Govt. Middle School Bandh(Right Side)1076
In Schedule Caste Chopal Bandh517
Govt. Middle School Bandh(Left Side)1052
Bhadaur (39)Govt. High School Bhadaur(Right Side)815
Govt. High School Bhadaur(Left Side)808
In Schedule Caste Chopal Bhadaur481
Bhalsi (45)Govt Middle School Bhalsi
Bhandari (61)Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Bhandari(Right Side)1181
Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Bhandari(Left Wing)973
Anusuchit Jati Chopal237
Bijawah (88)Govt. Middle School, Bijawa
Boana Lakhu (86)Govt Sr. Sec. School Buanalakhu(Right Wing)1438
Govt Sr. Sec. School Buanalakhu(Central Side)1251
Govt Sr. Sec. School Buanalakhu(Left Side)896
In Schedule Castechopal Buanalakhu427
Dhanko Ki Chopal Buanalakhu553
Chamarara (83)Govt. Middle School Chamrara(Right Side)888
Veltanary Hospital Office Block Chamrara188
Govt. Middle School Chamrara(Left Side)945
Chhichhrana (55)Govt High School Chhichhrana(Right Side)845
Govt High School Chhichhrana(Left Side)854
In Schedule Caste Chopal Chhichhrana522
Daryapur (49)Govt. Sr.Secondary School, Dariyapur
Dharamgarh (1)Govt High School Dharamgarh(Right Side)1361
Govt High School Dharamgarh(Left Side)820
Didwari (72)Govt High School Didwari(Right Side)799
Govt High School Didwari(Left Side)1207
Dumyana (56)Govt. Middle School Dumiyana
Gawalra (81)Govt. Middle School Gawalra(Right Side)886
Govt. Middle School Gawalra(Left Side)848
Schedule Caste Chopal With Mahila Mandal Gawalda567
Jondhan Kalan (68)Govt. Primary School Jondhan Kalan(Right Side)702
Govt. Primary School Jondhan Kalan(Left Side)1076
Jondhan Khurd (69)Govt. Primary School Jondhan Khurd410
Panchayat Ghar Jondhan Khurd244
Joshi (5)Govt Middle School ,Joshi(Right Side)1381
Govt Middle School ,Joshi(Left Side)840
Kaith (91)Govt Primary School Kayath819
Schedule Caste Chaupal Kayath277
Kakoda (84)Govt. Primary School Kakauda
Kalkha (41)Govt Sr. Sec. School Kalkha(Right Side)919
In Schedule Caste Chopal Kalkha296
Govt Sr. Sec. School Kalkha(Left Side)952
Schedule Caste Chopal Balmikiyan Kalkha521
Karad(64)Govt. High School, Karad(Right Side)847
Govt. High School, Karad(Left Side)978
In Schedule Caste Chopal Karad535
Khalila Majra Nain (59)Govt. Primary School, Khalila Majra Nain
Khandra (10)Govt Middle School Khandra
Khukhrana (24)Govt. Middle School Khukrana
Kurana (54)Govt. Girls High School Kurana(Right Side)902
Govt. Girls High School Kurana(Left Side)783
Govt Sen. Secondary School Kurana(Right Side)982
Govt Sen. Secondary School Kurana(Central Side)1018
Govt Sen. Secondary School Kurana(Left Side)1039
Govt Sen. Secondary School Primary Section, Kurana1013
Luhari (42)Govt Sr. Sec. School Luhari(Right Side)756
Govt Sr. Sec. School Luhari(Central Side)1014
Govt Sr. Sec. School Luhari(Left Side)1105
Madlauda (7)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Madlauda(Right Wing)812
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Madlauda(Central Side)779
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Madlauda(Left Wing)1350
Govt Sr. Secondary.School,Primary Section, Madlauda(Right Wing)1311
Govt Sr. Secondary.School,Primary Section, Madlauda(Left Wing)1017
Govt. Sr.Secondary School, Madlauda(Right Wing)1211
Govt. Sr.Secondary School, Madlauda(Central Wing)921
Govt. Sr.Secondary School, Madlauda(Left Wing)1015
Mahayudinpur Thirana (9)Govt Middle School, Mohayudinpur Thirana
Mandi (82)Govt Sen. Secondary School Mandi(Right Side)931
Govt Sen. Secondary School Mandi(Central Side)1071
Govt Sen. Secondary School Mandi(Left Side)1268
In Schedule Caste Chopal Mandi1056
Nain (62)Govt. High School , Alupur Nain(Right Side)706
Govt. High School , Alupur Nain(Left Side)1202
Nara (6)Govt Senior Secondary School Narah(Right Side)1021
Govt Senior Secondary School Narah(Central Side)1094
Govt Senior Secondary School Narah(Left Side)1202
Anusuchit Jati Chopal, Nara944
Nauhra (20)Govt.Sr.Secondary School Nohra(Right Side)1032
Govt.Sr.Secondary School Nohra(Left Side)926
Naultha (38)Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Naultha(Right Side)1193
Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Naultha(Central Side)1080
Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Naultha(Left Side)1056
Govt.Girls High School Naultha(Right Side)1082
Govt.Girls High School Naultha(Left Side)1274
Palri (70)Govt Middle School Palri(Right Side)1128
Govt Middle School Palri(Left Side)737
Pardhana (65)Govt. Sr. Sec. School Pardhana(Right Side)979
Govt. Sr. Sec. School Pardhana(Left Side)960
In Schedule Caste Chopal Pardhana619
Pathri (53)Govt Middle School Pathri
Puthar (85)Govt. High School Puthar(Right Side)1250
Govt. High School Puthar(Left Side)591
In Schedule Caste Chopal Puthar418
Rair Kalan (29)Govt Sr. Sec. School Rair Kalan(Right Side)1055
Govt Sr. Sec. School Rair Kalan(Central Side)1136
Govt Sr. Sec. School Rair Kalan(Left Side)1293
Seenk (52)Govt Sr. Sec. School Sink(Right Side)964
In Schedule Caste Chopal Sink1224
Govt Sr. Sec. School Sink(Central Side)1046
Govt Sr. Sec. School Sink(Left Side)862
Shahpur (89)Govt. Sr.Secondary School, Shahpur(Right Side)889
Govt. Sr.Secondary School, Shahpur(Left Side)1007
In Schedule Caste Chopal Shahpur343
Sherah (2)Govt Sr. Sec. School Shera(Right Side)1303
Govt Sr. Sec. School Shera(Central Side)751
Govt Sr. Sec. School Shera(Left Side)623
Shohdapur (25)Govt. Sr, Sec. School, Shohadapur(Right Side)1325
Govt. Sr, Sec. School, Shohadapur(Central Side)1158
Govt. Sr, Sec. School, Shohadapur(Left Side)1459
Kushat Colony Meeting Hall, Shadha Pur31
Sithana (14)Govt Middle School Sithana(Right Side)1186
Govt Middle School Sithana(Left Side)990
Sutana (23)Govt Sr. Sec. School Sutana(Right Side)941
Govt Sr. Sec. School Sutana(Central Side)1148
Govt Sr. Sec. School Sutana(Left Side)1036
In Schedule Caste Chopal Sutana766
Untiliya (44)Govt Middle School Untla(Right Side)885
Govt Middle School Untla(Left Side)803
Urlana Kalan (51)Govt Sr. Sec. School Urlana Kalan(Right Side)794
Govt Sr. Sec. School Urlana Kalan(Left Side)1077
In Schedule Caste Chopal Urlana Kalan664
Govt Senior Secondary School (Primary Section) Urlana Kalan994
Govt. Girls High School Urlana Kalan(Right Side)1046
Govt. Girls High School Urlana Kalan(Left Side)988
Urlana Khurd (50)Govt. Middle School Urlana Khurd(Right Side)1009
Govt. Middle School Urlana Khurd(Left Side)1142
Waisar (46)Govt High School Waisar(Right Side)1108
Govt High School Waisar(Central Side)1022
Govt High School Waisar(Left Side)949
Wazirpur Tatyana (73)Govt. Middle School Wazirpur Tatiyana(Right Wing)880
Govt. Middle School Wazirpur Tatiyana(Left Wing)665

Last Updated on October 19, 2014