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Polling Station List Hodal Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Hodal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hodal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aurangabad (83)Govt Senior Secondary School , Aurangabad(Right Side)1229
Govt Primary School Gopalgarh Majra, Aurangabad876
Govt Senior Secondary School, Aurangabad(Left Side)1093
Koliyan Ki Chaupal, Aurangabad1061
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Aurangabad(Right Side)1044
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Aurangabad(Left Side)670
Govt Primary School, Aurangabad(Right Side)816
Govt Primary School, Aurangabad(Left Side)687
Saheed Badnshing Govt. Middle School, Mitrol(Right Side)1552
Saheed Badnshing Govt. Middle School, Mitrol(Left Side)1116
Banchari(124)Govt Senior Secondary School, Banchari(Right Side)1433
Govt Senior Secondary School, Banchari(Left Side)1357
Kabir Sadan, Banchari722
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Banchari(Right Side)1200
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Banchari(Left Side)620
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Banchari(Central Side)1417
Banswan(98)Govt High School, Banswa(Right Side)960
Govt High School, Banswa(Left Side)547
Govt High School, Banswa(Central Side)1428
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Banswa917
Baptoli(96)Govt Primary School, Baaptoli
Bhaindoli(100)Govt High School, Bhendoli(Right Side)1035
Govt High School, Bhendoli(Left Side)761
Bhiduki(99)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bhiduki(Right Side)859
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bhiduki(Left Side)788
Govt Girls Primary School, Bhiduki(Right Side)800
Govt Girls Primary School, Bhiduki(Left Side)877
Govt Primary School, Bhiduki(Right Side)790
Govt Primary School, Bhiduki(Left Side)839
Schedule Caste Chaupal No. 1, Bhiduki777
Schedule Caste Chaupal No. 2, Bhiduki1135
Bhulwana(94)Govt High School, Bhulwana(Right Side)816
Govt High School, Bhulwana(Left Side)757
Govt High School, Bhulwana(Central Side)1006
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhulwana1636
Buraka(91)Govt Primary School, Boraka
Dadhka(90)Govt Middle School, Dadka
Dakora(122)Govt High School, Dakora(Right Side)939
Govt High School, Dakora(Left Side)1032
Darana(117)Govt Primary School, Darana
Deeghot(135)Govt Primary School, Deeghot(Right Side)980
Govt Primary School, Deeghot(Left Side)645
Schedule Caste Chaupal Mahawal Patti, Deeghot391
Govt High School, Deeghot(Right Side)875
Govt High School, Deeghot(Left Side)506
Schedule Castechaupal, Balmik497
Govt High School, Deeghot(Central Side)987
Office I.T.I. , Dighot771
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Deeghot776
Ghasera(131)Govt Primary School, Ghasera
Gorauta(120)Govt High School, Gaudhota(Right Side)949
Govt High School, Gaudhota(Central Side)550
Govt High School, Gaudhota(Left Side)1262
Gudhrana(125)Govt High School, Gudhrana(Right Side)1348
Govt High School, Gudhrana(Left Side)1069
GulabadGovt Senior Secondary School, Gulawad(Right Side)
Gulawad(113)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gulawad(Left Side)706
Govt Primary School , Gulawad(Right Side)865
Govt Primary School , Gulawad(Left Side)820
Govt Primary School, Naurangabad(Right Side)856
Govt Primary School, Naurangabad(Left Side)693
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Gulawad300
Hassanpur (Rural) (104)Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur(Right Side)1093
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur(Left Side)1083
Govt Girl Sr. Sec. School (Primary Section), Hassanpur(Right Side)954
Govt Girl Sr. Sec. School (Primary Section), Hassanpur(Left Side)700
Govt Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur(Left Side)904
Govt Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur(Left Side)753
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Hassanpur Primary Section(Right Side)1199
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Hassanpur Primary Section(Left Side)538
I.S. Memorial Senior Secondary School, Hodel(Left Side)1726
Hodal (Rural)(Part)(93)Adarsh Vidha Mandir, Hodal(Right Side)1458
Adarsh Vidha Mandir, Hodal(Left Side)1098
L D Middle Public School, Kacha Talab, Hodal(Right Side)1131
L D Middle Public School, Kacha Talab, Hodal(Left Side)1181
Brij Khand Vidha Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Hodal(Right Side)1603
Brij Khand Vidha Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Hodal(Left Side)1889
Brij Khand Vidha Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Hodal(Central Side)1054
I.S. Memorial Senior Secondary School, Hodel(Right Side)1117
Agarwal Senior Secondary School, Hodel(Right Side)1259
Agarwal Senior Secondary School, Hodel(Left Side)1384
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Hodal Middle Wing1772
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Hodal(Central Side)1043
Govt Primary School, Hodal No. 4(Left Side)1123
Govt Primary School, Hodal No. 4(Left Side)1062
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Hodal(Left Side)1266
Govt Primary School No. 3, Hodal(Right Side)861
Govt Primary School No. 3, Hodal(Left Side)756
Govt Middle School No. 3, Hodal(Right Side)707
Govt Middle School No. 3, Hodal(Left Side)935
Govt Primary School -2 , Hodal(Right Side)770
Govt Primary School -2 , Hodal(Left Side)731
Govt Primary School -2 , Hodal(Central Side)853
Govt Primary School -1, Hodal1238
R S High School Ambedkar Bhawan, Hodal(Right Side)1024
R S High School Ambedkar Bhawan, Hodal(Left Side)944
Arya Smaj High School, Hodal1154
Govt High School, Garhi Patti, Hodal(Right Side)768
Govt High School, Garhi Patti, Hodal(Left Side)960
Govt High School, Garhi Patti, Hodal(Central Side)823
Govt Girl Primary School Garhi Patti, Hodal955
Govt Middle School Gerha Patti, Hodal(Right Side)785
Govt Middle School Gerha Patti, Hodal(Left Side)821
Govt Middle School Gerha Patti, Hodal(Central Side)1460
Jalalpur Muafi (121)Govt Primary School, Jalalpur Mafi
Jatoli(114)Govt Middle School, Jatoli(Right Side)955
Govt Middle School, Jatoli(Left Side)970
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Jatoli473
Kanwarka(133)Govt Primary School, Kavarka
Karwan(95)Govt High School, Karman(Right Side)822
Govt High School, Karman(Left Side)829
Khanbi(118)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Khambi(Right Side)1438
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Khambi(Left Side)673
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Khambi(Central Side)1078
Govt Girls Primary School, Khambi(Right Side)1127
Govt Girls Primary School, Khambi(Left Side)1453
Khatela Sarai(86)Govt Primary School Majra Nangla Ahsanpur, Khatela1228
Govt Middle School, Khatela943
Govt Primary School, Saray(Left Side)840
Khirbi(97)Govt Middle School, Khirbi
Likhi(116)Govt High School, Leekhi(Right Side)879
Govt High School, Leekhi(Left Side)771
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Leekhi1114
Govt High School, Leekhi(Central Side)1071
Govt High School, Leekhi(Central Right Side)466
Lohina(88)Govt High School, Lohaina(Right Side)875
Govt High School, Lohaina(Left Side)857
Maholi(103)Govt Primary School, Maholi
Maroli(127)Govt High School, Marroli(Right Side)825
Govt High School, Marroli(Left Side)690
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Marroli361
Mirpur Korali(132)Govt High School, Mirpur Korli(Right Side)926
Govt High School, Mirpur Korli(Left Side)838
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Mirpur Korali416
Murtazabad(105)Govt Middle School, Murtjabad
NakhrolaGovt Primary School, Nakhrola
Palri(129)Govt Primary School, Palri
Pingaltu(119)Govt Middle School, Pengaltu1424
Schedule Castechaupal, Pengaltu909
Pingor(134)Govt High School , Pinghor(Right Side)1123
Govt High School , Pinghor(Left Side)869
Govt Primary School, Pingor(Right Side)876
Govt Primary School, Pingor(Left Side)811
Ramgarh(101)Govt Primary School, Ramgarh
SaraiGovt Primary School, Saray(Right Side)
Sehnoli (102)Govt Primary School, Sehnoli(Right Side)821
Govt Primary School, Sehnoli(Left Side)637
Seoli(87)Govt High School, Sewli(Right Side)1143
Govt High School, Sewli(Left Side)1249
Sholaka (128)Govt Primary School, Sholaka
Siha(126)Govt Sr. Sec School, Seeha(Right Side)1150
Govt Sr. Sec School, Seeha(Central Side)761
Govt Sr. Sec School, Seeha(Left Side)1311
Sundhad(89)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sondhad(Right Side)1241
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sondhad(Left Side)1291
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sondhad(Central Side)1187
Govt Primary School, Sondhad1032
Govt Girls Primary School, Sondhad1012
Office Co-Operative Society, Sondhad1245
Tikri Alias Bhupgarh(130)Govt Primary School, Teekri Alias Bhoopgarh
Tumasra(85)Govt Primary School, Tumsra(Right Side)836
Govt Primary School, Tumsra(Left Side)656
Wali Mohammadpur(106)Govt Middle School, Walimohmmadpur

Last Updated on October 19, 2014