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Polling Station List Gohana Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Gohana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gohana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Badshahpur Machhri (178)Govt. Middle School, Badshahpur Machhri
Bagru(194)Govt. Primary School Bagru , Bagru(North Wing)884
Govt. Primary School Bagru , Bagru(South Wing)1051
Barota (37)Govt. High School , Badauta(North Wing)1439
Govt. High School , Badauta(South Wing)1155
Barwasni(202)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Barhwasani(North Wing)1008
Near The House Of Garibdas S/O Jage Schedule Caste Chaupal , Barhwasni320
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Barhwasani(Middle Wing)1008
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Barhwasani(South Wing)1010
Bhadi (146)Govt. Primary School, Bhadi
Bhatana Jafrabad(176)Govt. Primary School, Bhatana Jafrabad
Bhatgaon Dogran(197)Govt. Primary School, Bhatgaon Dungran Abadi Ratangarh1095
Govt. Primary School , Abadi Garhi Hakikat398
Near The House Of Karambir S/O Shivkaran Schedule Caste Chaupal ,Abadi Garhi Hakikat246
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bhatgaon Dungran(North Wing)883
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bhatgaon Dungran(Middle Wing)881
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bhatgaon Dungran(South Wing)881
Near The House Of Tilakraj S% Om Kuwar Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhatgaon Dungran381
Bhatgaon Malian(196)Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Bhatgaon Maliyan(North Wing)865
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Bhatgaon Maliyan(Middle Wing)816
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Bhatgaon Maliyan(South Wing)975
Bidhal (66)Govt. Primary School Bidhal(North Wing)904
Govt. Primary School Bidhal(South Wing)1012
Near The House Of Jagbir S/O Lalchand Schedule Caste Chaupal, Beedhal630
Bohla (150)Govt. Middle School, Bohla
Chatia Deva (153)Govt. Primary School, Chatiya Deva
Chitana (200)Govt. High School , Chitana(North Wing)939
Govt. High School , Chitana(South Wing)994
Dobheta (145)Govt. Middle School, Dubheta(North Wing)720
Govt. Middle School, Dubheta(South Wing)717
Dodwah (148)Govt. Middle School, Dodwa(North Wing)736
Govt. Middle School, Dodwa(South Wing)699
Near The House Of Suresh S/O Prem Schedule Caste Chaupal Dodwa189
Gangesar (29)Govt. Primary School, Gangesar
Ganwari (40)Govt. High School Gamri(North Wing)1047
Near The House Of Ramphal S/O Neki Schedule Caste Chaupal, Gamrhi155
Govt. High School Gamri(South Wing)1030
Near The House Of Ramesh S/O Munshi Ram Schedule Caste Chaupal, Gamrhi391
Garhi Sarai Namdar Khan (38)Govt. Primary School, Garhi Sarai Namdar Khan(North Wing)1158
Govt. Primary School, Garhi Sarai Namdar Khan(South Wing)1341
Garhi Ujale Khan (39)Govt. Middle School, Garhi Ujalekhan(North Wing)978
Govt. Middle School, Garhi Ujalekhan(Middle Wing)1259
Govt. Middle School, Garhi Ujalekhan(South Wing)1152
Gohana(Rural) (Part) (32)O/O Food Corporation Of India, Gohana989
Govt. Girls Sr Sec. School Mandi Gohana(North Wing)861
Govt. Girls Sr Sec. School Mandi Gohana(South Wing)748
Govt. College, Gohana(North Wing)926
Govt. College, Gohana(Middle Wing)1379
Govt. College, Gohana(South Wing)1369
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Gohana(North Wing)1181
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Gohana(South Wing)1165
Govt. College, Gohana(Women Wing North Wing)1053
Govt. College, Gohana(Women Wing South Wing)923
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Gohana(East Wing)831
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Gohana(West Wing)936
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Gohana(North Wing)914
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Gohana(South Wing)613
Govt. High School (Old Building), Gohana(North Wing)1028
Govt. High School (Old Building), Gohana(South Wing)1111
Satyanand Public Senior Secondry School, Gohana(North Wing)992
Satyanand Public Senior Secondry School, Gohana(South Wing)1019
Jain Sr. Sec. School , Gohana(North Wing)1400
Jain Sr. Sec. School , Gohana(South Wing)1062
Jain Primary School, Gohana(North Wing)1031
Agarwal High School Near Vishwakarma Chowk, Gohana(North Wing)771
Agarwal High School Near Vishwakarma Chowk, Gohana(South Wing)681
Haryana Public Senior Secondary School, Gohana(North Wing)1108
Govt. Primary School Dharampura Basti, Gohana1221
Govt. Primary School, Sector - 7 Gohana1170
Haryana Public Senior Secondary School, Gohana(South Wing)1077
Haryana Public Senior Secondary School, Gohana(East Wing)792
Haryana Public Senior Secondary School, Gohana(West Wing)844
Bal Bharti Vidyapeeth, Gohana1040
Sar Chotu Ram Senior Secondry School, Gohana(North Wing)724
Sar Chotu Ram Senior Secondry School, Gohana(South Wing)1172
Geeta Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School ,Gohana(North Wing)1103
Geeta Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School ,Gohana(Middle Wing)1098
Geeta Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School ,Gohana(South Wing)1301
Gudha(Part) (33)O/O Haryan State Ware Huse, Devipura Linepar, Gohana1553
Govt. Middle School, Gudha1011
Guhna(184)Govt. High School , Guhna(North Wing)983
Govt. High School , Guhna(Middle Wing)987
Panchayat House, Guhna192
Govt. High School , Guhna(South Wing)1035
Near The House Of Umed S/O Sarupa Schedule Caste Chaupal, Guhna206
Hasanyarpur Tihara Kalan (195)Govt. Primary School Tihar Kalan, Hasanyarpur Tihar Kalan
Hola Heri (201)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Hullaheri(North Wing)711
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Hullaheri(South Wing)755
Jaji(179)Govt. Primary School, Jaji
Jauli (61)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Jauli(North Wing)1298
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Jauli(Middle Wing)1287
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Jauli(South Wing)1317
Juan (177)Govt. Primary School, Juan1244
Near The House Of Ajit S/O Prem Schedule Caste Chaupal, Juan269
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Juan(North Wing)1263
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Juan(South Wing)1213
Vetrinary Hospital, Juan413
Kailana Khas (42)Govt. Primary School, Kailana Khas
Kakana Bahadari (57)Govt. Primary School, Kakana Bhadri
Karewri(198)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Karewari(North Wing)752
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Karewari(South Wing)758
Kasanda (58)Govt. Primary School, Kasanda1243
Near The House Of Haridutt S/O Ravidutt Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kasanda163
Kasandi (59)Govt. High School, Kasandi(North Wing)890
O/O Co-Oprative Society, Kasandi243
Govt. High School, Kasandi(South Wing)985
Khandrai (Part) (30)Govt. High School, Khandrai(North Wing)1302
Govt. High School, Khandrai(North Wing)1140
Khanpur Kalan (56)Govt. Girls High School, Khanpur Kalan(North Wing)1215
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Khanpur Kalan(Middle Wing)1204
Near The House Of Hawa Singh S/O Hari Singh Schedule Caste Chaupal, Khanpur Kalan744
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Khanpur Kalan(South Wing)1182
Near The House Of Tara S/O Chandgi Ram Schedule Caste Chaupal, Khanpur Kalan454
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Khanpur Kalan1230
Kheri Damkan (63)Govt. Senior Secondary School , Kherhi Damkan(North Wing)1213
Near The House Of Anoop S/O Dhan Singh Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kheri Damkan195
Govt. Senior Secondary School , Kherhi Damkan(South Wing)1171
Near The House Of Hawa Singh S/O Ramdiya Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kheri Damkan268
Khizarpur Jat Majra(199)Govt. Middle School, Khijarpur Jat Majra
Kilorad (175)Govt. Primary School, Kiloharad879
Near The House Of Raghbir S/O Bhols Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kiloharad221
Lath (65)Govt. High School, Lath(North Wing)883
Govt. High School, Lath(Middle Wing)881
Govt. High School, Lath(South Wing)838
Near The House Of Chand S/O Nafe Schedule Caste Chaupal, Lath335
O/O Co-Oprative Society, Lath331
Lohari Tiba(180)Govt. Primary School, Jatmalpur Urf Luhari Tibba
Mahipur(185)Govt. Primary School, Mahipur
Mahlana(193)Govt High School , Mehlana(North Wing)1223
Near The House Of Suresh S/O Dharamsingh Schedule Caste Chaupal, Mehlana295
Govt High School , Mehlana(South Wing)1243
Near The House Of Ramkumar S% Tarachand Chaupal Schedule Caste, Mahlana257
Mahra (157)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Mahra(North Wing)1037
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Mahra(South Wing)1066
Near The House Of Lakhmi S/O Pahlada Schedule Caste Chaupla, Mahra438
Majri(128)Govt. Primary School, Majri
Mohana (181)Govt. Primary School, Mohana1264
Near The House Of Puran S/O Ramswaroop Schedule Caste Chaupal, Mohana172
Arya Kanya Senior Secondary School , Mohana(North Wing)1312
Arya Kanya Senior Secondary School , Mohana(South Wing)1433
Near The House Of Sunehara S/O Nihalu Schedule Caste Chaupal, Mohana404
Moi (144)Govt. High School, Moi1276
Near The House Of Parsa S/O Manbhar Schedule Caste Chaupal, Moi259
Nagar (36)Govt. Middle School, Nagar
Naina Tatarpur(151)Govt. Middle School, Naina Taitarpur(North Wing)707
Govt. Middle School, Naina Taitarpur(South Wing)854
Niat (62)Govt. High School, Nyat1151
Near The House Of Devichand S/O Khemchand Schedule Caste Caste Chaupal, Nyat154
Pinana (149)Govt. High School,, Pinana(North Wing)933
Near The House Of Ganeshi S/O Jage Schedule Caste Chaupal, Pinana357
Govt. High School,, Pinana(South Wing)1065
Govt. High School,, Pinana(West Wing)1090
Rahmana (154)Govt. Middle School, Rehmana
Rolad Latifpur (147)Govt. Middle School, Rolad Latifpur1283
Near The House Of Dhyanu S/O Neki Schedule Caste Chaupal, Rolad Latifpur186
Salarpur Majra (182)Govt. Middle School, Salarpur Majra
Salimpur Torali (152)Govt. Primary School, Salimpur Trauli
Salimsar Majra(186)Govt. High School Salimsar Majra(North Wing)913
Near The House Of Rajender S/O Motiram Schedule Caste Chaupal, Salimsar Majra149
Govt. High School Salimsar Majra(South Wing)781
Mini Bank Bhawan, Salimsar Majra182
Saragthal (60)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Saragthal(North Wing)1236
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Saragthal(South Wing)824
Near The House Of Ramphal S/O Thambu Schedule Caste Chaupal, Saragthal229
Shatawli (155)Govt. High School, Sitawali896
In Front Of Govt High School Scheduled Caste Chaupal , Sitawali322
Tajpur Tihara Khurd (191)Govt. Primary School Bagru Tihar, Tajpur Tihar Khurd
Tihar (183)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Tiharh(North Wing)778
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Tiharh(South Wing)719
Near The House Of Satbir S/O Munshi Schedule Caste Chaupal, Tiharh319

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