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Polling Station List Beri Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Beri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Beri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Achhej(119)Govt Senior Secondary School, Achhej(North Side)959
Govt Senior Secondary School, Achhej(South Side)850
Asanda(23)Govt High School , Asanda(North Side)881
Govt High School , Asanda(South Side)871
Baghpur(129)Govt Middle School, Baghpur(East Side)1105
Govt Middle School, Baghpur(West Side)953
Bakra(127)Govt Middle School, Bakra
Barhana(15)Govt Girls High School, Barhana(North Side)986
Govt Girls High School, Barhana(Central Side)932
Govt Girls High School, Barhana(South Side)944
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barhana(North Side)1193
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barhana(Central Side)1049
Schedule Caste Chaupal ,Barhana964
Bhambhewa(1)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bhambhewa(North Side)1201
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bhambhewa(South Side)1267
Bhaproda(22)Govt High School, Bhapdauda(East Side)1033
Govt High School, Bhapdauda(West Side)1095
Govt. Girls.Sr. Sec. School, Bhapdauda(North Side)1098
Govt. Girls.Sr. Sec. School, Bhapdauda(South Side)1035
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhapdauda783
Bisahan(125)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bisahan(East Side)648
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bisahan(West Side)758
Schdule Caste Chaupal, Bisahan437
Chhara(17)Govt Girls Primary School, Chhara(Left Side)1023
Govt Girls Primary School, Chhara(Right Side)1028
Ggps(North Side), Chhara1158
Govt Primary School No. 1 , Chhara(North Side)933
Govt Primary School No. 1 , Chhara(South Side)939
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Chhara(North Side)860
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Chhara(South Side)957
Govt Primary School No.2, Chhara(North Side)1103
Govt Primary School No.2, Chhara(South Side)748
Chaupal Balmikiyan Pana Bakran, Chhara405
Chhochhi(13)Govt High School, Chhochhi(West Side)770
Govt High School, Chhochhi(East Side)576
Govt High School, Chhochhi(Central Side)152
Chhudani(93)Govt High School , Chhudani(North Side)1351
Govt High School , Chhudani(South Side)1179
Chiman Pura(1-N)+R[-1643]CGovt Middle School, Chamanpura
Chimni(132)Govt High School, Chimani(North Side)936
Govt High School, Chimani(South Side)1335
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Chimani694
Daboda Khurd(49)Govt Senior Secondary School, Daboda Khurad(North Side)1028
Govt Senior Secondary School, Daboda Khurad(South Side)1056
Govt Senior Secondary School, Daboda Khurad(Central Side)914
Dahkora(26)Govt High School , Dehkora(North Side)1064
Govt High School , Dehkora(South Side)1064
Dewana(3)Govt Primary School, Diwana
Dhandlah(7)Govt High School, Dhandhlan(North Side)1054
Govt High School, Dhandhlan(South Side)1293
Dhor(110)Govt High School, Dhaur(North Side)1111
Govt High School, Dhaur(South Side)1058
Chaupal Schedule Caste, Dhaur432
Dhurana(131)Govt Senior Secondary School , Dharana(North Side)1056
Govt Senior Secondary School , Dharana(South Side)1065
Dighal(2)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dighal(North Side)945
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dighal(South Side)951
Sar Chhotu Ram Dharamshala Pana Mithiyan, Dighal931
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Dalan, Dighal277
New Gaushala , Dighal(Left Side)938
New Gaushala , Dighal(Central Side)925
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Dighal(North Side)1331
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dighal(South Side)314
New Gaushala , Dighal(Right Side)1032
Govt Primary School, Dighal1455
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Malan, Dighal856
Dojhana(3-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dujana(North Side)1260
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dujana(South Side)1202
Govt Senior Secondary School Nai Building, Dujana1287
Govt Girls Middle School, Dujana1002
Dubaldhan Bidhan(130)New Govt Primary School, Dubaldhan Bidhiyan(Right Side)956
Govt Girls Primary School Dubaldhan Bidhyan Schedule Caste Basti Right Side951
New Govt Primary School, Dubaldhan Bidhiyan(Left Side)834
New Govt Primary School, Dubaldhan Bidhiyan(Central Side)927
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dubdhan Krimyan(South Side)933
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dubdhan Krimyan(West Side)838
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dubdhan Krimyan(East Side)1035
Govt Primary School Near Schedule Caste Basti, Dubaldhan Krimyan433
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Dubaldhan Ghikyan(West Right Side)1213
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Dubaldhan Ghikyan(North Side)1250
Dulhera(56)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dulehara1076
Govt Primary School, Dulhera809
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dulhera(North Side)878
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dulhera(South Side)910
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dulhera(Central Side)970
Gangtan(4)Govt High School, Gangtan
Gochhi(8)Govt Girls High School, Gochhi(North Side)882
Govt Girls High School, Gochhi(East Side)917
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gochhi(North Side)750
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gochhi(South Side)723
Schdule Caste Chaupal, Gochhi359
Godhri(140)Govt Primary School, Godhari
Jahazgarh(121) Split Vill.Govt Senior Secondary School,, Jahajgarh1220
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Jahajgarh(North Side)688
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Jahajgarh(South Side)582
Kharhar(21)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kharhar(North Side)1214
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kharhar(South Side)1245
Govt Primary School, Kharhar(East Side)1001
Govt Primary School, Kharhar(West Side)787
Kharman(55)Govt Girls High School, Kharman(North Side)1345
Govt Girls High School, Kharman(South Side)1098
Madana Kalan(10)Govt Senior Secondary School, Madana Kalan(East Side)778
Govt Senior Secondary School, Madana Kalan(West Side)735
Madana Khurd(12)Govt Secondary School, Madana Khurd(Right Side)936
Govt Secondary School, Madana Khurd(Left Side)475
Mahmudpur Majra(122)Govt. Girls Middle School, Mohammadpur Majra1223
Schedule Caste Chaupal Mohamadpur Majra182
Govt. Girls Middle School, Mohammadpur Majra1160
Schedule Caste Chaupal Mohamadpur Majra326
Majra(135)Govt Girls Middle School, Majra Dubldhan(Left Side)1385
Chopal Shedule Caste Pana Chodharan, Majra Dubhaldhan511
Govt Seniro Secondary School Majra Dubhaldhan(North Side)1122
Govt Seniro Secondary School Majra Dubhaldhan(Central Side)880
Govt Seniro Secondary School Majra Dubhaldhan(East Side)1114
Govt Seniro Secondary School Majra Dubhaldhan(South Side)1121
Malikpur(138)Govt Primary School, Malikpur
Mangawas ( 121-A)Govt Middle School, Mangawas
Mattan(20)Govt Senior Secondary School Matan(North Side)1296
Govt Senior Secondary School Matan(South Side)1047
Govt Girls High School, Matan929
Chhopal Balmikian, Matan506
Paharipur(137)Govt Girls Middle School,Paharipur
Palra(120)Govt Senior Secondary School, Palra(North Side)1192
Govt Senior Secondary School, Palra(South Side)910
Rewari Khera(19)Govt Senior Secondary School Rewari Khera(North Side)968
Govt Senior Secondary School Rewari Khera505
Rohad(25)Govt Senior Secondary School, Rohad(North Side)1195
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rohad(South Side)1141
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rohad(Central Side)1155
Govt Primary School, Rohad(North Side)1197
Govt Primary School, Rohad(South Side)1014
Seria(9)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sheriya(East Side)862
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sheriya(West Side)868
Chaupal Dhankan, Sheriya264
Shafipur(139)Govt. Senior Sec. School, Shafipur
Silothi(54)Govt Middle School, Silothi
Siwana(134)Govt Senior Secondary School, Siwana (North Side)904
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Siwana510
Govt Senior Secondary School, Siwana (South Side)915
Govt Senior Secondary School, Siwana (Central Side)964
Wazirpur(123)Govt Middle School, Wajirpur(East Side)998
Govt Middle School, Wajirpur(West Side)822

Last Updated on October 19, 2014