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Polling Station List Barwala Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Barwala

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barwala Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Alipur(150)Govt. Girls High School,Kharar Alipur(Central Side)1044
Schedule Caste Chopal,Alipur523
Govt. Girls High School,Kharar Alipur(West Side)1360
Govt. Girls High School,Kharar Alipur(South Side)1004
Badon Pati Awal(69)Govt. Primary School,Bado Patti Aval(East Side)1052
Govt. Primary School,Bado Patti Aval(North Side)1216
Bahbalpur(67)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Bahbalpur(East Side)1274
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Bahbalpur(West Side)1112
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Bahbalpur(Central Side)899
Barwala (Rural)(128)Govt Middle School .Dhani Khanbahadur(North Side)854
Govt Middle School .Dhani Khanbahadur(South Side)901
Govt Middle School,Dhani Mirdad741
Govt Middle School,Dhani Garan(East Side)1105
Govt Middle School,Dhani Garan(West Side)955
Govt Primary School,Dhani Premnagr844
Govt. Middle School, Davigarh Puniya747
Dharam Shala Old Bus Stand Near Offfice Of M.C.,Barwala(East Side)1462
Dharam Shala Old Bus Stand Near Offfice Of M.C.,Barwala(West Side)1023
Panjabi Dharamshala Barwala724
Comunity Center, Barwala(South Side)1132
Comunity Center, Barwala(East Side)774
M.C.Office (New Bldg.) ,Barwala(East Side)957
Aggarsen Dharamshala, Barwala716
Govt Primary Schoolnear Vetarnaryhospital,Barwala1331
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Barwala(North Side)1233
Govt Senior Secondary School,Barwala(West Side)731
Govt Senior Secondary School,Barwala(East Side)940
Office Of Vety. Hospital,Barwala(West Side)870
Office Of Vety. Hospital,Barwala(North Side)852
Govt Primary School Shivpuri,Barwala(East Side)1062
Govt Primary School Shivpuri,Barwala(Central Side)881
Govt Primary School Shivpuri,Barwala(West Side)1204
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Barwala(Central Side)987
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Barwala(South Side)1086
Govt Primary School Near Civil Hospital,Barwala(North Side)1475
Govt Primary School Near Civil Hospital,Barwala(South Side)1056
Govt Primary School Near Civil Hospital,Barwala(East Side)1439
Panchayat Samiti Office,Barwala(East Side)1503
Panchayat Samiti Office,Barwala(West Side)1094
Govt Senior Secondary School,Anaj Mandi Barwala(East Side)1294
Govt Senior Secondary School,Anaj Mandi Barwala(Central Side)1309
Bhagana(152)Govt. High School,Bhagana(East Side)1217
Govt. High School,Bhagana(West Side)1067
Govt. High School,Bhagana(Central Side)1318
Bichpari(131)Govt. Girls High School Sarsod Bichpari(North Side)924
Govt. Girls High School Sarsod Bichpari(South Side)1313
Bugana(71)Govt. High School,Bugana(East Side)1192
Govt. High School,Bugana(West Side)918
Dabra(164)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Dabra(East Side)1308
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Dabra(West Side)1153
Schedule Caste Dharmshala,Dabra797
Dhansu(64)Govt. Girls High School.Dhansu(North Side)897
Govt. Girls High School.Dhansu(West Side)785
Chaupal Khatiyan,Dhansu523
Govt. High School,Dhansu(West Side)934
Govt. High School,Dhansu(Central Side)1181
Govt. High School,Dhansu(East Side)1092
Dhingtana(70)Govt. Middle School,Dhiktana(East Side)1219
Govt. Middle School,Dhiktana(West Side)727
Hisar (Rural)(146)H.T.M. High School North Side,Hisar(West Side)1424
H.T.M. High School North Side,Hisar(East Side)1585
H.T.M. High School North Side,Hisar(Central Side)1361
O/O E.S.I Despensary,Mirjapur Road, Hisar(East Side)1336
O/O E.S.I Despensary,Mirjapur Road, Hisar(West Side)689
Buniyad Senior Secondary School ,Geeta Colony,Hisar(North Side)1119
Buniyad Senior Secondary School ,Geeta Colony,Hisar(South Side)973
Govt. High School Shiv Nagar,Hisar(East Side)1397
Govt. High School Shiv Nagar,Hisar(West Side)1508
Govt. High School Shiv Nagar,Hisar(Central Side)1496
Capt. R.C. Senior Secondary Schoo,Shiv Nagar,Hisar(East Side)1295
Capt. R.C. Senior Secondary Schoo,Shiv Nagar,Hisar(Central Side)1395
Yog Senior Secondary School 12 Quater Road Near Kali Devi Mandir,Hisar(East Side)1376
Yog Senior Secondary School 12 Quater Road Near Kali Devi Mandir,Hisar(Central Side)1046
Yog Senior Secondary School 12 Quater Road Near Kali Devi Mandir,Hisar(West Side)974
Yog Senior Secondary School 12 Quater Road Near Kali Devi Mandir,Hisar(West Side)834
Jeora(132)Govt High School,Jevra(East Side)1300
Govt High School,Jevra(West Side)678
Schedule Caste Chopal,Jewra558
Juglan(66)Govt Senior Secondary School New Building,Juglan(North Side)1260
Govt Senior Secondary School New Building,Juglan(South Side)1228
Govt Primary School,Juglan1075
Kharar(149)Govt. High School,Kharar Alipur(East Side)1297
Govt. High School,Kharar Alipur(West Side)1194
Schedule Castechaupal Magal Son Of Shri Mai Lal Ke Makan Ke Paas,Kharar677
Kharkhari(27)Govt. High School,Kharkari(East Side)1349
Govt. High School,Kharkari(West Side)1134
Kheri Barki(133)Govt High School,Kheri Barki1501
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near Gurudwara Mohalla,Kheri Barki566
Schedule Caste Chopal Near House Of Baldewa S/O Nathu Ram,Kheri Barki366
Khokha(28)Govt. High School,Khokha1136
Govt. Primary School,Khokha537
Ladwa (156)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Ladwa(East Side)1224
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Ladwa(West Side)1372
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Ladwa(Central Side)1379
Schedule Caste Chopal ,Ladwa1270
Mayyer (151) (Ct)Govt. High School,Mayar(East Side)1321
Govt. High School,Mayar(West Side)1308
Schedule Caste Chopal,Mayar547
Mirka(163)Govt. High School,Meerkan(East Side)628
Govt. High School,Meerkan(North Side)892
Mirzapur(63)Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Mirjapur(North Side)1174
Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Mirjapur(West Side)1275
Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Mirjapur(South Side)1241
Govt. Primary School,Mirjapur1332
Nayana(148)Govt. High School,Niyana (East Side)1125
Govt. High School,Niyana (Central Side)1217
Govt. High School,Niyana (West Side)1361
Govt. High School,Niyana Primary Section935
Panghal(72)Govt Middle School,Panghal
Raipur(147)Govt. High School,Dhani Raipur(East Side)1107
Govt. High School,Dhani Raipur(West Side)866
Govt. High School,Dhani Raipur(North Side)843
Govt. Middle School,Shikarpur(East Side)1332
Govt. Middle School,Shikarpur(West Side)1142
Rajli(25)Govt. Senior Secondary School,Rajli(East Side)1418
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Rajli(Central Side)1312
Govt. Primary School,Rajli1309
Govt. Senior Secondary School,Rajli(West Side)1286
Sarsod(129)Govt. Senior Secondary School Sarsod Bichpari(East Side)1262
Govt. Senior Secondary School Sarsod Bichpari(West Side)1263
Govt. Senior Secondary School Sarsod Bichpari(Central Side)986
Satrod Kalan(153) (Ct)Govt. High School,Satrod Kalan(East Side)1235
Govt. High School,Satrod Kalan(Central Side)1269
Govt. High School,Satrod Kalan(West Side)1215
Govt.Girls Primary School,Satrod Kalan(North Side)1418
Govt.Girls Primary School,Satrod Kalan(South Side)1023
Satrod Khas (154) (Ct)Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Satrod Khas(East Side)1339
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Satrod Khas(West Side)1115
Govt. Primary School,Satrod Khas(East Side)1274
Govt. Primary School,Satrod Khas(West Side)873
Govt. Primary School,Satrod Khas(Central Side)690
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Satrod Khas(Central Side)953
Satrod Khurd (155) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School,Satrod Khurd(East Side)931
Govt Senior Secondary School,Satrod Khurd(West Side)1030
Schedule Caste Chaupal Ram Ji Lal S/O Sh. Matu Ram Ke Makan Ke Pass,Satrod Khurd1050
Sulkhani(26)Govt. High School,Sukhni(South Side)1056
Govt. High School,Sukhni(East Side)887
Talwandi Rana (65)Govt. Senior Secondary School Old Building,Talwandi Rana1233
Govt. Senior Secondary School New Building,Talwandi Rana(South Side)1252
Govt. Senior Secondary School New Building,Talwandi Rana(North Side)1101

Last Updated on October 19, 2014