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Rohini Assembly Election, Delhi

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About Rohini Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Rohini is a 30-year-old well-developed residential sub city in North West Delhi and the assembly constituency of Rohini falls under North West Delhi parliamentary constituency. It was created after delimitation commission in 2008.It is regarded as the second largest sub city of Asia. It was the first mega sub-city project of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in the urban extension of the city. Rajesh garg of AAP won the 2013 Delhi assembly Elections.

Map of Rohini Assembly Constituency

Map of Rohini Assembly Constituency
Map showing the different localities of the Rohini Assembly Constituency.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Rohini Assembly Constituency

Below is an year-wise list of MLAs of Rohini Assembly Constituency along with their party name:

YearA.C No.Assembly Constituency NameTypeWinnerSexPartyVoteRunner UpSexPartyVote
201313RohiniGENRajesh GargMAAP47890Jai Bhagwan AggarwalMBJP46018
200813RohiniGENJai Bhagwan AggarwalMBJP55793Vijender Jindal MINC30019

Localities in Rohini Assembly Constituency

All the localities of Rohini Assembly Constituency and areas that each of these locality cover, are as enlisted in the table below:

Locality NameAreas falling under the Locality
Raja ViharA Block Raja Vihar,Badli
Badli Indus. AreaPhase-I,II. J.J Camp,Badli Ind.Area.; Industrial Area-I,II,Badli Indl..Area ;
Suraj ParkBlock -A,Suraj Park Colony ; Block -B,Suraj Park Colony; Block C ,T-Huts,Suraj Park; Block D T Huts,Suraj Park ; Ib Block Jj Camp,Suraj Park Block-A,Suraj Park T Huts; T Huts Block A,Suraj Park; Block-B, J J Camp,Suraj Park; Block-E T Huts,Suraj Park; Suraj Park,Block-C,Suraj Park Colony
Sector-18 RohiniBlock-A Pkt-1,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-2,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-3,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-4,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-5,Rohini Sec-18; Block-A Pkt-7,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-8,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-9,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-10,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-11,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-A Pkt-6,Rohini Sec-18; Block-B Pkt-1,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-2,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-3,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-4,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-5,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-6,Rohini Sec-18; Block-B Pkt-7,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-8,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-9,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-10,Rohini Sec-18 ; Block-B Pkt-11,Rohini Sec-18; Block-C Millennium Apptt.,Rohini Sec-18 ; E-Block Pkt-I Sector-18,Rohini; E , Block S.F.S Flats (Astha Kunj),Rohini Sec-18 ; F-Block,Lig Flats,Rohini Sec-18; D , Block Green Vally Apptt.,Rohini Sec-18 ; Data Ram Society,Rohini Sec-18 ; Pkt-E3, Lig Flats,Rohini Sec-18; H-3 Block,Rohini Sec-18 ; Platinum Enclave Sector 18,Rohini ; Police Post,Sec-18 Rohini; Block-C S.F.S Flats,Rohini Sec-19 ; Staff Qtr Police Station Samypur Badli,Rohini Sec-19 ; Block-A, Rohini Sec-19 ; B-Block Sector-19,Rohini ; Staff Qtrs. Distt. Jail, Sector-19, Rohini
Rohini Sec 15E-1 Block Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-1 Block Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-1 Block Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-1 Block Pkt-9,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-1 Block Pkt-10,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-1 Block Pkt-11,Rohini Sector-15; E-2 Block Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-2 Block Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-2 Block Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-2 Block Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15 ; E-2 Block Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; F-Block Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; F-Block Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15; F-Block Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-9,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-10,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-11,Rohini Sector-15; F-Block Pkt-12,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-13,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-14,Rohini Sector-15; F-Block Pkt-15,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-16,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-17,Rohini Sector-15; F-Block Pkt-18,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-19,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-20,Rohini Sector-15 ; F-Block Pkt-21,Rohini Sector-15; Block-D Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; Block-D Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-9,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-D Pkt-10,Rohini Sector-15; Manav Apptt.,Rohini Sector-15 ; Modern Apptt.,Rohini Sector-15; Surair (Canal View) Apptt.,Rohini Sector-15 ; Pusa Apptt.,Rohini Sector-15 ; Shivam Apptt.,Rohini Sector-15; Block-C Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; Block-C, Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-9,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-C Pkt-10,Rohini Sector-15; Block-G Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-G Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-G Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; Block-G Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15; G-Block Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; G-Block Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-9,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-10,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-11,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-12,Rohini Sector-15; G-Block Pkt-13,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-14,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-15,Rohini Sector-15; G-Block Pkt-16,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-17,Rohini Sector-15 ; G-Block Pkt-18,Rohini Sector-15; B Block Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; B Block Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; B Block Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; B Block Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15 ; B Block Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; B Block Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; B Block Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15 ; B Block Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15 ; Esi Staff Qtrs.,Rohini Sector-15; Taj Aptt.,Rohini Sector-15 ; Nav Vikas Aptt.,Rohini Sector-15 ; Arya Aptt.,Rohini Sector-15 ; Pkt -8B,Rohini Sector-15 ; Pocket-8A,Rohini,Sector-15; A Block Pkt-1,Rohini Sector-15 ; A Block Pkt-2,Rohini Sector-15 ; A Block Pkt-3,Rohini Sector-15 ; A Block Pkt-4,Rohini Sector-15 ; A Block Pkt-5,Rohini Sector-15; A Block Pkt-6,Rohini Sector-15 ; A Block Pkt-7,Rohini Sector-15 ; A Block Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-15;
Rohini Sec 13Laxmi Kunj Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Vikrant Apptt,Rohini Sector-13 Dena Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Aman Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Goodwill Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; New Vindhyachal Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Jhang Aptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Sai Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Aravali Kunj Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Dhruv Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Neel Kanth Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; G.S. Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Kewal Kunj Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Patel Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Vikas Sheel Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Adarsh Kunj Appartment,Rohini Sector-13 ; Agrani Matri Mandir,Near Adarsh Kunj Apptt.,Sector-13 Rohini; Sunehari Bagh Appartment,Rohini Sector-13 ; Anubhav Appartment,Rohini Sector-13; Canara Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Popular Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; New Model Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Sunrise Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Mandir Sunrise Apptt.,Rohini Sector -13; Samay Vihar,Rohini Sector-13 ; Agroha Kunj,Rohini Sector-13 ; Mandir Agroha Kunj.,Rohini Sector-13; Veer Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Printer Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Amit Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Ekta(Satya Shanti Apptt.),Rohini Sector-13 ; Jagdamba App.,Rohini Sector-13; Attam Vallabh Vihar,Rohini Sector-13; Rang Rasayan Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Jaina Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Hans Vihar,Rohini Sector-13; Sawera Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Lucky Home Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; White House Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Swastik Apptt.(Kunj),Rohini Sector-13; Surya Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Vandana Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Suvidha Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 Delhi Citizen,Rohini Sector-13; Ayodhya Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Kukrain Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Puru Apptt,Rohini Sector-13 Bharat Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Krishi. Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Unique Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13; Pink Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Tarun Vihar,Rohini Sector-13 ; Farmer Apptt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Staff Qtr. Farmer Appt.,Rohini Sector-13 ; Sachdeva Public School,Rohini Sector-13; Hil Apptt, Rohini Sector-13 ; Eklaviya Apptt, Rohini Sector-13 ; Shanti Apptt, Rohini Sector-13; Vijeta Vihar,Delhi Police Society, Rohini Sector-13 ; Nav Shakti Sadan Apptt.,Rohini Sector-1
Rohini Sec 14Him Kunj Apptt.,Rohini Sec-14 ; Ambika Apptt.,Rohini Sec-14 ; Priya Appttartment,Rohini Sector -14; Banda Bahadur Apptt.,Rohini Sector-14 ; Tulsi Apptt.,Rohini Sector-14; Sunder Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Milansar Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Shivaji Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Guru Appartment, Rohini Sector-14; Sheetal Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Sweet Home Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Sanskrit Nagar Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Balaji Appt.,Sector-14 Rohini ; Sankat Mochan Balaji Mandir,Sector-14 Rohini; Antriksh Apartment, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; Starlite Apptt, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; Jyoti Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; F S L Building, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; Duj Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; Tibetan Sos Youth Hostel,Sector-14 Extn. Rohini ; Rukmini Devi Inst.Of Advanced Studies Hostel Plot No.2A & 2B,Sector-14 Extn Rohini; Citizen Enclave, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; Rose Apptt.,Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; Janyug Aptt, Rohini Sector-14 Extn. ; C.R.P.F.School Staff Qtrs, Rohini Sector-14 Extn.
Prashant ViharBlock-E, Prashant Vihar ; S Mandir Block-E, Prashant Vihar ; Maheshwari Appartment, Rohini Sector-14 ; Sita Shree Apptt, Rohini Sector-14; Block- F, Prashant Vihar ; Block-G,Prashant Vihar; Block-D, Prashant Vihar D Block, Prashant Vihar ; Gurdwara Block-D, Parshant Vihar ; Shri Ram Mandir Block-D,Parshant Vihar; Block A-1, Prashant Vihar ; Block-A, Prashant Vihar; Block-A, Prashant Vihar ; Block-A Arya Samaj Mandir, Prashant Vihar
Prashant ViharB Block, Prashant Vihar ; Aggarwal Bhawan, B Block Prashant Vihar; B Block, Prashant Vihar ; Mandir Block-B, Prashant Vihar; Block-C, Prashant Vihar; C-1 Block, Prashant Vihar ; C-2 Block, Prashant Vihar ; C-3 Block, Prashant Vihar ; Inder Prastha Appartment, Rohini Sector-14
Rohini Sec 9Gulab Vihar Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Gayatri Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Cosy Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Kadambri Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Sathi Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Saket Kunj, Rohini Sector-9 ; Jamuna Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Varun Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Sangam Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Naveentam Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Bhagirathi Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Overseas Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Saubhagay Aptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Sukh Dham Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Amardeep Aptt, Rohini Sector-9; Mayur Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Lal Jyoti Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Parwana Vihar Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Venus Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Friends Tower Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Vishwa Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Oriental Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Maitri Apptt.,Rohini Sector-9; Navyug Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Dharm Kunj. Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Vasundhra Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Green View Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Lake View Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Working Women Hostel,Sector-9 Rohini; U.Co.Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Pragatisheel Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Chardham Appartment, Rohini Sector -9 ; Ashok Apptt, Rohini Sector -9; Lok Nayak Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; New Young Friends Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Welcome Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; New Modren Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Adarsh Bhavan Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Neelgiri Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Madhav Kunj Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Chetak Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Jai Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Vasudha Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Sai Baba Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Manav Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; New Saraswati Appartment, Rohini Sector-9 ; Ahinsa Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Janhit Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; New Swastik Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Prem Kuteer, Rohini Sector-9 ; Saraswati Enclave, Rohini Sector-9; Bhagya Laxmi Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Star Regal Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Vidya Vihar, Rohini Sector-9; Ganga TrIVeni Apartment, Rohini Sector-9 ; Rishi Apptt, Rohini Sector-9; Vinobha Kunj Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Ram Krishna Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 Akash Kunj Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Kedar Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 New India Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Amba Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Chinar Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 Shakti Apptt, Rohini Sector-9 ; New Deluxe Appt, Rohini Sector-9 ; Kamdhenu Apptt.,Rohini Sector-9 ;
Village Rajapur Sec-9Raja Pur Village, Rohini Sector-9 ; Shiv Gali Vill. Rajapur, Sec-9,Rohini
Naharpur Village & Rohini Sec 7Vill.Nahar Pur, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-F,Pkt-25, Rohini Sector-7; Block-C, Pocket-7, Rohini Sector-7; Block-C,Pkt-8,Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-C,Pkt-9, Rohini Sector-7 ; Bbm Block C Pkt-9, Rohini Sector-7; Block-D,Pocket-10, Rohini Sector-7 ; Shiv Mandir Pkt D-10, Rohini Sector-7 ; Hanuman Mandir Pkt D-10, Rohini Sector-7; Block-D,Pocket-11, Rohini Sector-7; Block-D,Pocket-12, Rohini Sector-7; Block-D,Pocket-14, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-D,Pocket-15, Rohini Sector-7 ; Lala Hans Raj Hospital, Rohini Sector-7; Block-D,Pocket-16, Rohini Sector-7; Block-D Pkt-13, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-E Pkt-1, Rohini Sector-7; Block-H Pkt-17, Rohini Sector-7; Block-H Pkt-18, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-H Pkt-19, Rohini Sector-7 ; Shiv Mandir Pkt H-19, Rohini Sector-7; Block- G Pkt-23, Rohini Sector-7; Block- G Pkt-21, Rohini Sector-7; Block-G Pkt-20, Rohini Sector-7 ; Mandir Pkt G-20, Rohini Sector-7 ; Kp Nijdham Pkt G-20, Rohini Sector-7; Block-G Pkt-22, Rohini Sector-7; Block-F Pkt-24, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-F Pkt-26, Rohini Sector-7; Block-E Pkt-3, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-E Pkt-4, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-E Pkt-5, Rohini Sector-7; Block-A,Pocket-1, Rohini Sector-7 ; Block-E,Pocket-2, Rohini Sector-7; Block-A,Pocket-3, Rohini Sector-7 ; Adv Mandir Block A Pkt-3, Rohini Sector-7; Block-B,Pkt-4, Rohini Sector-7; Block-B,Pkt-5, Rohini Sector-7; Block-B,Pocket-6, Rohini Sector-7
Rohini Sec 8Block-D,Pocket-14, Rohini Sector 8 ; Shop Block-D Pkt-14, Rohini Sector-8; Block-D,Pkt-12, Rohini Sector 8 ; Block-D,Pkt-13, Rohini Sector 8; Block-D,Pkt-10, Rohini Sector 8 ; Block-D,Pkt-11, Rohini Sector 8; Block-C,Pocket-7, Rohini Sector 8; Block-C,Pkt-9, Rohini Sector 8; Block-C,Pkt-8, Rohini Sector 8; Block-C Pkt-8, Rohini Sector-8 ; Church Block C Pkt-8, Rohini Sector-8; Block-B,Pocket-5, Rohini Sector 8; Block-B,Pocket-6, Rohini Sector 8; Block-B,Pocket-4, Rohini Sector 8; Block-E Pocket-15, Rohini Sector 8; Block-E,Pkt-16, Rohini Sector 8; Block-F,Pkt-17, Rohini Sector 8 ; Block-F,Pkt-18, Rohini Sector 8 ; Block-F,Pkt-19, Rohini Sector 8; Block-A,Pocket-1, Rohini Sector 8; Block-A,Pocket-2, Rohini Sector 8; Block-A,Pocket-3, Rohini Sector 8

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