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Rajouri Garden Assembly Election and Results 2017

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About Rajouri Garden Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Rajouri Garden is an upscale market and a posh residential colony in West Delhi. The constituency falls under the West Delhi parliamentary constituency. The place is inhabited mostly by Punjabis who migrated to Delhi after the Partition. The seat was a Congress stronghold during 1993-2008. But in 2013 Delhi Assembly elections, Majinder Singh Sirsa of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) came out victorious defeating Congress candidate by more than 10,000 votes.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Rajouri Garden Assembly Constituency

Below is the list of winners and runners-up in the Rajouri Garden assembly elections conducted so far.

YearA.C No.Assembly Constituency NameTypeWinnerGenderPartyVoteRunner UpGenderPartyVote
201527Rajouri GardenGENJarnail SinghMAAP54916Manjinder Singh SirsaMSAD44880
201327Rajouri GardenGENManjinder Singh SirsaMSAD41721A Dhanwati ChandelaFINC30713
200827Rajouri GardenGENA Dayanand ChandilaMINC31130Avtar Singh Hit MSAD(M) 31084
2004By PollsRajouri GardenGENRamesh Lamba MINC 19193Ramesh KhannaMBJP 15544
200315Rajouri GardenGENAjay MakanMINC39515Sarabjit SinghMBJP15028
199815Rajouri GardenGENAjay MakanMINC36060Sashi Prabha AryaFBJP16763
199315Rajouri GardenGENAjay MakanMINC28075Manohar Lal KumarMBJP24524
198317Rajouri GardenGENSubhash Arya MBJP17074H.P. MalhotraMINC15925
197717Rajouri GardenGENHarbhagwan Arora MJNP17746Hari SinghMINC10875

Localities in Rajouri Garden Assembly Constituency

All the localities of Rajouri Garden Assembly Constituency and the respective areas covered by them are as listed in the table below:

Locality NameAreas falling under the Locality
Shyam Nagar1 - M Block, Sham Nagar, 2 - N Block, Sham Nagar1 - A Block, Sham Nagar, 2 - B Block, Sham Nagar1 - B Block, Sham Nagar, 2 - C Block, Sham Nagar, 3 - D Block, Sham Nagar1 - E Block, Sham Nagar, 2 - Shop, E Block, Sham Nagar, 3 - F Block, Sham Nagar, 4 - G Block, Sham Nagar, 5 - Overseas Elector, 1 - Shyam Nagar, Subhash Nagar Crossing, 2 - Sikri Bhatta, Shyam Nagar
Shyam Nagar Vishnu Garden1 - M Block, Sham Nagar, 2 - J Block, Vishnu Garden, 3 - P Block, Vishnu Garden, 4 - J & P Block, Gurudwara, Vishnu Garden
Vishnu Garden1 - J-Block, Vishnu Garden1 - J-220 Block, Vishnu Garden1 - S-221 Block Gali No.4-5, Vishnu Garden1 - S-221 Block, Gali No. 1 To 3, Vishnu Garden1 - S-221 Block Gali No. 7, Vishnu Garden, 2 - S-221 Block Gali No-6, Vishnu Garden, 3 - S-221 Block, Gali No. 1 To 3, Vishnu Garden1 - N - Block, Vishnu Garden1 - N-Block, Vishnu Garden1 - Ne Block, Vishnu Garden1 - Na - Block, Vishnu Garden, 2 - Gurdwara Na Block, Vishnu Garden, 3 - L N Mandir Na Block, Vishnu Garden1 - C Block, Vishnu Garden1 - K Block, Vishnu Garden, 2 - WZ- Navyug Block, Vishnu Garden, 3 - WZ Block, Vishnu Garden, 4 - WZ Navyug Block, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ (Plot No.) Block Punjabi Market, Vishnu Garden1 - A Block, Vishnu Garden, 2 - B Block, Vishnu Garden, 3 - D Block, Vishnu Garden, 4 - Block A - WZ 206/17, Vishnu Garden1 - E Block, Vishnu Garden1 - F Block, Vishnu Garden, 2 - G Block, Vishnu Garden1 - F Block, Vishnu Garden, 2 - F-Block, Vishnu Garden1 - F Block, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ (Plot No.) Navyug Block, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ Block (Plot No.), Vishnu Garden1 - 3 A Block, Vishnu Garden, 2 - 3 B, Block, Vishnu Garden1 - Gbssschool No.1 Khayala, Vishnu Garden, 2 - 3B-Block, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ (Plot No.) Block, Vishnu Park1 - Block - T, Vishnu Garden1 - T- Block, Vishnu Garden1 - Block B1, Vishnu Garden, 2 - T Block, Vishnu Garden1 - B1 -Block, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ-283 Maddi Wali Gali Gali No -1, Vishnu Garden, 2 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali Gali No-2, Vishnu Garden, 3 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali Gali No-3, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali Gali No -4, Vishnu Garden, 2 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali Gali No-5, Vishnu Garden, 3 - WZ-283 Maddi Wali Gali Gali No-6, Vishnu Garden, 4 - WZ-283 Maddi Wali Galigali No-7, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ-283 Shops Plots Maddi Wali Gali No-4, Vishnu Garden, 2 - WZ-283 Maddi Wali Gali Gali No-7, Vishnu Garden, 3 - WZ-283 Maddi Wali Gali Gali No 8, Vishnu Garden, 4 - WZ-283 Maddi Wali Gali Gali No- 9, Vishnu Garden1 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali No-9, Vishnu Garden, 2 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali Gali No-10, Vishnu Garden, 3 - WZ-283 Maddiwali Gali Gali No -11, Vishnu Garden1 - Nw - Block, Vishnu Garden1 - Nw - Block, Vishnu Garden1 - Block-WZ/A, Vishnu Garden Part -1, 2 - Block- WZ/B, Punjabi Market, Vishnu Garden Part- 1, 3 - Block- WZ/C, Punjabi Market, Vishnu Garden Part-1, 4 - Block-WZ, Vishnu Garden
Khyala Village1 - WZ- Block, Khayalla Village
Narsing Garden1 - RZ A Block, Narsingh Garden, 2 - RZ Extention, Narsingh Garden, 3 - RZa Block 12.5 Sqr. Yds., Narsingh Garden
Sham Nagar Extn.1 - WZ / Plot No. Sham Nagar Extn, Vishnu Garden
Chand Nagar1 - Chand Nagar, Vishnu Garden1 - Chand Nagar, Vishnu Garden1 - Chand Nagar, Vishnu Garden1 - Chand Nagar, Vishnu Garden
Ravi Nagar1 - WZ- (Plot No.) Block, Ravi Nagar
J J Colony Khyala1 - A Block Resettlement Colony, Khyala1 - A Block Resettlement Colony, Khyala, 2 - S D Mandir A Block Resettlement Colony, Khyala1 - A Block Resettlement Colony, Khyala, 2 - A Block Community Center, Khyala1 - A Block Resettlement Colony, Khyala1 - B Block, Resettlement Colony, Khyala, 2 - Deep Blind School, Khyala1 - B. Block, Resettlement Colony, Khyala
Hmp Raghubir Nagar1 - Hot Mix Plant, 12.5 Sqr. Yds., Raghubir Nagar
Hmp, Rgb Raghubi Nagar1 - Hot Mix Plant 15 Square Yards, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - Rgb Block, Raghubir Nagar, 3 - Hot Mix Plant, 12.5 Sqr Yards, Raghubir Nagar
Rgb, Rga Raghubir Nagar1 - Rgb Block, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - Rga Block, Raghubir Nagar
Raghubir Nagar1 - T Huts, Raghubir Nagar1 - T Huts, Raghubir Nagar1 - New F Block, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - T-Huts New F-Block, Raghubir Nagar1 - New F Block, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - Guru Gobind Singh Hospital Staff Qtrs. Type-1 To Type-4, Raghubir Nagar, 3 - T Huts, Raghubir Nagar1 - E- Block , J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar1 - Block - E J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar1 - Block - F, J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar1 - F-Block, J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar1 - F - Block, J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar1 - Block - F, J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - Hsmv Block - F, J J Colony, Raghubir Nagar, 3 - Sant Nirankari Bhawan Block - F, J J Colony Raghubir Nagar
Tagore Garden1 - Block-Ca, Tagore Garden, 2 - Block De, Tagore Garden1 - Ec Block, Tagore Garden, 2 - Ed Block, Tagore Garden1 - Ca Block, Tagore Garden, 2 - Ea Block, Tagore Garden1 - Ac Block, Tagore Garden, 2 - Ae Block, Tagore Garden1 - B- Block Shopping Center, Tagore Garden, 2 - Ba Block, Tagore Garden1 - Fa Block, Tagore Garden, 2 - Fb Block, Tagore Garden, 3 - Fc Block, Tagore Garden, 4 - Fd Block, Tagore Garden, 5 - Fs Block, Tagore Garden1 - Block - E, Tagore Garden Exension, 2 - Block - D Shankar Markit, Tagore Garden Extension, 3 - Mandir, Tagore Garden Ext1 - E Block, Tagore Garden Ext, 2 - E Block T- Huts, Tagore Garden Ext1 - Block-D, Tagore Garden Extension, 2 - Gurudwara & Mandir D-Block, Tagore Garden Extension1 - D Block, Tagore Garden Extn, 2 - D-Block, Subhash Market, Tagore Garden Ext1 - Block - D, Tagore Garden Ext1 - Blcok - D, Tagore Garden Ext, 2 - Shop, Blcok - D, Tagore Garden Ext1 - Block -Ad, Tagore Garden
Titar Pur1 - WZ- Tatar Pur, Tatar Pur
Titar Pur &Tagore Garden1 - WZ-Tatar Pur, Tatar Pur, 2 - Bf-Block, Tagore Garden, 3 - Blind Colony, Tatar Pur
Tagore Garden Extn1 - E - Block, Tagore Garden Extn
Guru Govind Singh Raghubir Nagar1 - Guru Gobind Singh Kunj DDA Flats Type-A, Tagore Garden Ext, 2 - Guru Gobind Singh Kunj DDA Flats Type-B, Tagore Garden Ext
TC Camp Raghubir Nagar1 - Transit Camp, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - Block - C, Transit Camp, Raghubir Nagar, 3 - Block - D, Transit Camp, Raghubir Nagar1 - Transit Camp, Raghubir Nagar, 2 - Block - A, Raghubir Nagar Transit Camp, 3 - Block-B, Raghubir Nagar Transit Camp1 - Transit Camp, Raghubir Nagar
Mukharji Park1 - Block-WZ Mukherjee Park, Tilak Nagar1 - Block-WZ, Mukharjee Park, Tilak Nagar
Mukherjee Park Extn1 - Block-33, Mukher Ji-Park Extn, 2 - Block - 34, Mukher Ji-Park Extn, 3 - Block - 46, Mukherji Park Extn, 4 - Block WZ, Mukherji Park
Shayam Nagar1 - K-Block, Sham Nagar, 2 - T Huts, K Block, Sham Nagar
Tilak Nagar1 - Block - WZ Harijan Colony, Tilak Nagar1 - Block - A, DDA Flats, Harijan Colony Tilak Nagar, 2 - Block - WZ, Harijan Colony, Tilak Nagar1 - Block - W-167, Harijan Colony, Tilak Nagar, 2 - Block - WZ, Harijan Colony, Tilak Nagar
Sant Nagar1 - WZ-Block, Sant Nagar Extn., 2 - WZ- H Block, Sant Nagar1 - WZ-Block, Sant Nagar, 2 - WZ-Block, Sant Nagar
Sant Nagar Extn1 - WZ-H Block, Sant Nagar Extn., 2 - WZ- H- Block, Sant Nagar Extension1 - G-Block, Sant Nagar Extn.
Ram Nagar1 - WZ - Block, Ram Nagar1 - WZ-Block, Ram Nagar Extn., 2 - WZ-Block, Ram Nagar
Mukh Ram Garden1 - Block-A, Mukh Ram Garden, 2 - Block-B, Mukhram Garden, 3 - Block-C, Mukh Ram Garden, 4 - Block-D, Mukhram Garden Tilak Nagar, 5 - Block-E, Mukhram Garden
Mukh Ram Garden Extn1 - Block-F, Mukh Ram Garden, 2 - Block-G, Mukhram Garden, 3 - Block-H, Mukhram Garden, 4 - Block-J, Mukhram Garden, 5 - Block-K, Mukhram Garden, 6 - Block-WZ, Mukhram Garden
Mukhra Park Extn1 - WZ-Block, Mukh Ram Park Extn.
J J Colony Chaukhandi1 - Block -A, J J Colony, Choukhandi, 2 - Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Block -A, Choukhandi1 - Block -A, J J Colony, Choukhandi1 - Block A, J J Colony, Choukhandi, 2 - Shop No. Block-A J J Colony, Choukhandi1 - Block -B, DDA R S Chaukhandi1 - B- Block, R.S.Chaukhandi Tilak Nagar, 2 - Shiv Shakti Mandir, Chaukhandi, R. S. Chaukhandi, 3 - Meera Enclave, Chaukhandi
Chaukhandi1 - DDA Market, Block -B, R.S Chaukhandi, 2 - Block - B, R S Chaukhandi1 - Gurudwara Singh Sabha & Temple, Chaukhandi Village, 2 - Block - WZ, Chaukhandi Village1 - Block-WZ, Chaukhandi Extn.
Ganga Ram Vatika1 - Block- Ac, Ganga Ram Vatika, 2 - Block - J, Ganga Ram Vatika, 3 - Block- Rl, Ganga Ram Vatika, 4 - Block Imarti, Ganga Ram Vatika
Rajouri Garden1 - Block - A, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block - A-1, Rajouri Garden, 3 - Block - A2, Rajouri Garden1 - Block - A 2, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block - J, Rajouri Garden, 3 - Block- Ja & Jb, Rajouri Garden1 - J-Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - J-2 - Block, Rajouri Garden, 3 - J-1-Block, Rajouri Garden, 4 - Z-Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Block C, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block-F, Rajouri Garden1 - Block-F, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block-H, Rajouri Garden1 - Block-G, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block J3, Rajouri Garden1 - Block J3, Rajouri Garden1 - Block - D, Rajouri Garden, 2 - D-1- Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Block - E, Rajouri Garden, 2 - K-Block, Rajouri Garden, 3 - L- Block, Rajouri Garden, 4 - M- Block, Rajouri Garden1 - M Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - WZ-Block, Rajouri Garden, 3 - Q-Block, Rajouri Garden1 - R Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - S-Block, Rajouri Garden, 3 - W- Block, Rajouri Garden1 - V-1 Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - V-Block, Rajouri Garden, 3 - T-Block, Rajouri Garden1 - E-Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - N - Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Block- J5, Rajouri Garden1 - Block J-5, Rajouri Garden1 - V-Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - J-13 Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Block-J 12, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block-J 13, Rajouri Garden1 - Block - J6, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Block - J4, Rajouri Garden, 3 - Z- Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Block J-7, Rajouri Garden1 - Block - J 8, Rajouri Garden, 2 - J-8 Block Umeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Rajouri Garden1 - J/9 Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - Z-Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Mig Flats, Rajouri Garden1 - Mig Green Flats, Rajouri Garden1 - M I G Flats, Rajouri Garden1 - WZ- Block, Rajouri Garden, 2 - J-10 Block, Rajouri Garden, 3 - J-11 Block, Rajouri Garden1 - Block J-11, Rajouri Garden, 2 - 18/24, Rajouri Garden, 3 - WZ-Block, Rajouri Garden, 4 - C. F. S, Rajouri Garden1 - L.I.G Flats, Rajouri Garden Extn

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