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Five-phased polls in Kashmir, Jharkhand; Results on Dec 23
October 25, 2014 04:49 PM
Five-phased assembly elections would be held in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand, beginning on Nov 25 and ending on Dec 20. By-elections to three Delhi assembly constituencies would be held on Nov 25. Counting for all the seats would be held on Dec 23, the Election Commission announced on Saturday. The five-phases will be on Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 14 and Dec 20. The three Delhi constituencies where by-elections will be held on Nov 25 are Krishna Nagar, Mehrauli and Tughlakabad. Counting for all the seats would be held on Dec 23, the poll panel announced. Elections will be held in 87 constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir and 81 of Jharkhand. Source:IANS

About Mehrauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Mehrauli was earlier known as Mihirawali, which means Home of Mihir. The place was founded by King Mihir Bhoja of the Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty. It is one of the seven ancient cities that make up present Delhi. What makes the place remarkable is its architecture. The assembly constituency of Mehrauli is a part of South Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. INC was in power in Mehrauli from past 10 years. Acute scarcity of water in the constituency was the major issue that led to the defeat of INC in the 2013 assembly elections. Parvesh Verma of BJP is the present MLA.

Map of Mehrauli Assembly Constituency

Map of Mehrauli Assembly Constituency
Map showing the different localities of the Mehrauli Assembly Constituency.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Mehrauli Assembly Constituency

Below is an year-wise list of MLAs of Mehrauli Assembly Constituency along with their party name:

YearA.C No.Assembly Constituency NameTypeWinnerSexPartyVoteRunner UpSexPartyVote
201345MehrauliGENParvesh Sahib SinghMBJP37481Narinder Singh SejwalMAAP32917
200845MehrauliGENDr. Yoganand Shastri MINC21740Sher Singh Dagar MBJP20632
200332MehrauliGENBalram Tanwar MINC40595Brahm Singh TanwarMBJP28939
199832MehrauliGENBhram Singh TanwarMBJP24996Balram TanwarMIND22389
199332MehrauliGENBrahm Singh TanwarMBJP24396Balram Singh TanwarMINC17375
198327Mehrauli(SC)Kalka Dass MBJP20119Rajender Kumar BodhMINC13639
197727Mehrauli(SC)Kalka Dass MJNP16457Puran ChandMINC6288
195142MehrauliGENMitter SenMINC6105Prem Raj SharmaMIND4440
195142MehrauliGENSukh DevMINC4959Niyadar SinghMIND2647

Localities in Mehrauli Assembly Constituency

All the localities of Mehrauli Assembly Constituency and areas that each of these locality cover, are as enlisted in the table below:

Locality NameAreas falling under the Locality
Ber Sarai DDA Flats,Ber Sarai ; DDA,Staff Qtrs Ber Sarai ; Blk Rz Ber Sarai ; Village Ber Sarai ; Rz Block Ber Sarai ; Vill Ber Sarai ; A Block Vill Ber Sarai ; F Block Ber Sarai ; Ber Sarai Village ; Bersarai ; Rz Block Ber Sarai ;
Jnu (Jawahar Lal Nehru University) Paschimabad Jnu ; N-II Complex, Jnu ; Mahanandi, Jnu ; New Hostal , Mahanandi Jnu ; Jnu Ganga Hostel ; Koyna Hostel,Jnu Campus ; Jnu,Shipra Hostel ; Jnu Kaveri Hostel ; Jnu Satluj Hostel ; Jnu Nursary ; Jnu Nihfw ; Tapti Hostel Jnu ; Chandrabhaga Hostel Jnu ; Lohit Hostel Jnu ; Mahi- Mandavi,Jnu ; Sabarmati Hostel,Jnu ; Moti Lal Nehru Campus ; Old Campus, Jnu ; Jhuggi Jnu ; Canteen,Jnu ; Nursary,Jnu ; Nihfw,J N U New Delhi 110067 ; Foreign Service Institute Complex,Old Jnu Complex ; IImc,Jnu Aruna Asaf Ali Road ; Kamdhenu Jnu ; Sumeru Jnu ; Jnu School Physical Sciences ; Jnu Poorvanchal, Nsc ; Jnu Brahmputra Hostal ; Jnu Godavari Hostal ; Iuac,Aruna Asaf Ali Road ; Nipgr,Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Jnu Campus ; Jnu B&C Quarter Saraswati Puram ; Jnu Uttarakhand ; Jnu Dakshin Puram ; Transit House,Jnu ; New Transit House,J N U ; Yamuna Hostel,J N U ; Jhelam Hostel, Jnu ; Periyar Hostel, Jnu ; Narmada Hostel, Jnu ; Jnu Motilal Nehru Camp ;
Katwaria Sarai Katwaria Sarai Janta Flats ; (A To F),Katwaria Sarai Vill ; Katwaria Sarai ; Katwaria Sarai Village ; Village Katwaria Sarai ; Laxmi Narain Mandir,Katwaria Sarai ; Village Katwaria Sarai, Mandir Katwaria Sarai ; Katwaria Sarai Village ; F Block Katwaria Sarai ; Janta Flat Ph II Katwaria Sarai ; M I G Flat Katwaria Sarai ; L I G Flat Katwaria Sarai ; Qutab View Apartment,Katwaria Sarai New Delhi-16 ; Qutub View Apartment,Katwaria Sarai New Delhi-16 ; Katwaria Sarai Village ; B Block Katwaria Sarai ; B Block Katwaria Sarai ; D Block Katwaria Sarai ; Katwaria Sarai ; H Block Katwaria Sarai ; Jhuggi Katwaria Sarai ;
Kishan Garh Village Kishan Garh Village North,Kishan Garh ; Aakhara Wali Gali,Kishan Garh ; Yog Maya Appartment,Kishan Garh ; Kishan Garh Village North,Kishan Garh ; Kishan Garh Village (East),Kishan Garh Village ; Gaushala,Kishan Garh ; Green Avenue Lane,Kishan Garh ; Kishan Garh Village(South),Kishan Garh Village ; Rz-Blocks,Kishan Garh Village ; Kishan Garh Village(West),Kishan Garh Village ; Nai Ki Dukan Wali Gali,Kishan Garh ; Gaushala,Kishan Garh ; Kishan Garh Village(Centre),Kishan Garh Village ; Challu Ki Chal Wali Gali,Kishan Garh ;
Kusumpur Pahari Block-B (Near Despensary),Kusum Pur Phari ; Block-B (Near Park),Kusum Pur Pahari ; Block-A (Behind Air India Colony),Kusum Pur Pahari ; Kusum Pur,Pahari Block-A ; Kusum Pur Pahari Block-A Near Bijli office,Kusum Pur Pahari ; Block-A , Kusum Pur Pahri ; Kusum Pur Pahari Block-A Near Bijli office,Kusum Pur Pahri ; D - Block Kusum Pur Pahari, Block-E,Kusum Pur Pahari ; Block-C (Near Madrasi Camp),Kusum Pur Pahari ; Block Cn,Kusum Pur Phari ; Block-C,Kusumpur Phari ;
Lado Sarai DDA Flats Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; Masjid,Village Lado Sarai ; Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; H No- 184 To 185,Block K Village Lado Sarai ; H No- 1 To 405,M Block Village Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; H No-S-196/2 To S-196/9,Jhuggi Village Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; Village Lado Sarai ; Ahinsa Sathal,Lado Sarai ; Arvind Ashram,Village Lado Sarai ; Dhola Peer Masjid,Village Lado Sarai ;
Masood Pur B -9 Lig Flats,Vasant Kunj ; Dairy Farm ( Near L.I.G B-9 ),Masood Pur ; A-Block,Masood Pur Village ; B-Block , Masood Pur Village ; A-Block,Masood Pur Village ; Block-C Harijan Basti,Masood Pur Village ; Nathu Singh Mkt,Masood Pur Village ; T-Huts,Masood Pur Village ; D-Block , Harijan Basti,Masood Pur Village ;
Mehrauli Dargah ; Sewa Sadan ; Ward No-1 ; Ward No 1 ; St Johns Church Compound,Ward No-1 Mehrauli ; Ward 8 Mehrauli ; Vishkarma Mandir ; Ashoka Mission Jain Mandir Road ; Ward 7 Mehrauli (H No 918 To 1019) ; Ward 7 ; Dargah,Ward No 7 ; Ward 8 ; Ward No-8 (H No 895 To 1055/B-8) ; B S S ; H No- T/3 To T/40,Blk T Ward No 8 ; Ward No 8 ; Aulia Masjid,Ward No 8 ; Ward No-1 ; Ward No 7 ; Ward 7 ; Dargah ; Ward No-6 ; Ward 3 ; A To M Ward 3 Meharuli ; Ward 3 ; A To P Ward 2 ; Ward 2 ; Ward No-4 ; Ward 1; Govt School Ward 1 Mehrauli,A-16,Ps-Qtr-To-Govt , Mehrauli
Rajokari Village Deepchand Pradhan Mohalla,Rajokari Village ; Rajokari Village ; Yadav Mohalla,Rajokari Village ; West End Green Farm,Rajokari Village ; Near Air Force Camp,Rajokari Village ; The Greens,Rajokrarivillage ; Near MCD School,Rajokari Village ; Near Old Choppal,Rajokari Village ; Brahmin Mohalla,Rajokari Village ; Nai Wali Gali,Rajokari Village ; Near Allahabad Bank,Rajokari Village ; Near Old Choppal,Rajokari Village ; Water Supply Pump No.2,Rajokari Village ; Main Market School Road,Rajokari Village ; Service Station Road,Rajokari Village ; Near Barat Ghar,Rajokari Village ; Near Water Supply Pump,Rajokari Village ; Near MCD Water Pump,Rajokari Village ; Primary School MCD,Rajokari Harijan Basti ; Near Harijan Chopal,Rajokari Harijan Basti ; Near Ambedkar Murti,Rajokari Harijan Basti ; Trihaya Mandir,Rajokari Harijan Basti ; Old Chopal Harijan Basti,Rajokari Harijan Basti ; Near Bharat Sewak Samaj Society,Rajokari Pahari ; Fps Wali Gali,Rajhokari Pahari ; K.Oil Wali Gali,Rojokari Pahari ; Near Hanuman Mandir,Rajokari Pahari ; Bss Camp Rojokri Phari (Near),Rojokari Pahari ; Near Shiv Mandir,Rajokari Village ; Sudhar Samiti office,Rajokari Village ; T - Huts,Rajokari Village ; Near MCD Water Pump,Rajokari Village ;
Saket SFS Flats,Saket ; Block-C Saket ; Block-D, Saket, D-Block Saket,Durga Mandir To Durga Mandir ; D-Block Saket,Sai Dham To Sai Dham ; D-Block Saket,Vidya Niketan To Vidya Niketan ; Block-G, SFS Flats,Saket ; G B School, Saket ; Block-B, Saket ; Amar Taxi Stand,Saket ; Block-E, Mig, DDA Flats,Saket ; Block-F, Mig Flats, Saket ; G B School, Saket ; Block-A, Press Enclave, Saket ; Block-B, Press Enclave, Saket ; Block-C, Press Enclave, Saket ; Block-D, Press Enclave, Saket ; Block-E, Press Enclave, Saket ; Block-F, Press Enclave, Saket ; Golf View Apartment, Block-A, Saket ; Golf View Apartment, Block-B, Saket ; Golf View Apartment, Block-D,Saket ; Golf-View Appartment,Block-C Saket ; Golf-View Appartment Block-C,Bses/2 To Bses Saket ; Block-M, Saket, Block-L, DDA Janta Flats, Saket ; Block-L, Amity School To Amity School Saket ; Block-L, DDA Janta Flats, Saket ; Block-L, Saket,New Green Field School To New Green Field School ; Block-N, D D A Flats,Saket ; Block-N, Servant Quarters,Saket ; Block-N, Mandir,Sanatan Dharm To Sanatam Dharam Saket ; Block-N, Appejay School To Apeejay School Saket ; Block-J, Saket, Block-J, Saket ; Block-J, Mm Mandir To Mm Mandir Saket ; Block-H, DDA Flats, Saket ; Block-H, Servant Quarters, DDA Flats, Saket ; Block-H, DDA Flats,Gbss To Gbss Saket ; Block-H, Gurudwara To Gurudwara Saket ; Block-K, DDA Flats, SFS,Saket ; Block-K, Servent Quarters, DDA SFS Flats, Saket ; Block-G, Saket, Y W A, Hostal, Saket ; Block-F, Saket ; Block-F, DDA Flats,Sarvent Qtrs To Sarvent Qtrs Saket ; Block-E, Saket,
Vasant Kunj Pkt-7 Sector-D,Vasant Kunj ; Sector-C Pkt-3,Vasant Kunj ; Sector-C Pkt-4,Vasant Kunj ; Delhi Police Residential Complex,Vasant Kunj New Delhi ; Sec-C Pkt-2,Vasant Kunj ; Sec -C Pkt -2,Vasant Kunj ; Pkt-I Sec-C Lane -7,Vasant Kunj ; Pkt-1 Sec-C Lane - 8,Vasant Kunj ; Sec-C Pkt-1 Lane -9,Vasant Kunj ; Sec - C Pkt -1 Lane -10,Vasant Kunj ; Sec - C Pkt - 1 Lane - 11,Vasant Kunj ; Sec - C Pkt -1 Lane 12,Vasant Kunj ; Sec - C Pkt -1 Lane - 13,Vasant Kunj ; Sec- C Pkt -1 Lane -14,Vasant Kunj ; I R C E N Bhawan,Sector-C Pocket-1 Vasant Kunj ; Pkt-I Sector-C Lane -1,Vasant Kunj ; Sec-C Pkt-1 Lane -2,Vasant Kunj ; Sec - C Pkt -1 Lane -3,Vasant Kunj ; Sec- C Pkt -1 Lane -4,Vasant Kunj ; Sec- C Pkt - 1 Lane - 5,Vasant Kunj ; Sec -C Pkt -1 Lane - 6,Vasant Kunj ; Shanti Sports Club-D7,Vasant Kunj ; Pocket-8,Sector-D,Vasant Kunj ; Sector-D P.K.T.-6 Near Fly Over,Vasant Kunj ; Pkt-7 Sector-D,Vasant Kunj ; Sec-B Pkt-11, (H-N8001-8264),Vasant Kunj ; Sector-B Pocket-10 (H-N7288-7560),Vasant Kunj ; Sector-B Pocket-10 (H-N7001-7287),Vasant Kunj ; J J Bandu Camp Vasant Kunj,Vasant Kunj ; Sector-B Pkt-9 (H-N6185-6496),Vasant Kunj ; Sector-B Pkt-8 (H-N6001-6184),Vasant Kunj ; J J Bandu Camp Vasant Kunj,Vasant Kunj ; Sector B-5 & B-6,Vasant Kunj ; Sector B, Pkt-7,Vasant Kunj ; Sector B-3 Vasant Kunj,Bougain Villa Appartment ; Sector B-4 Vasant Kunj,Ridge View Appartment ; Sahyog Appartment,Sector-B Pkt-2 Vasant Kunj ; Sector B-2 Vasant Kunj,Rock View Appartment ; Sector B-2 Vasant Kunj,Park View Appartment ; Sector B-2 Vasant Kunj,Green Glade Appartment ; Sector-B Pkt-1 (H-N1297-1864),Vasant Kunj ; Sector-B Pkt-1,(H-N1001-1296),Vasant Kunj ; Dav School To Dav School,Sector-B Poket-1 Vasant Kunj ; Sector-D P.K.T.-6 Near Fly Over,Vasant Kunj ; Sec. D Pkt 4,Vasant Kunj ; Deep Public School,Vasant Kunj ; Sec-D Pkt-3,Vasant Kunj ; Sec-D Pkt-3,Vasant Kunj ; Pkt-A Sector-A(H-N1001-1260),Vasant Kunj ; Sector-A Pkt-B &C,Vasant Kunj ; Sector-A Pkt-C (H-N1-544),Vasant Kunj ; Desu Colony, Sect-A,Vasant Kunj ; Sector -A Pkt-B& C (H-N945-1136),Vasant Kunj ; Sector-A, Pkt B&C,Vasant Kunj ; Bhawani Kunj ( Farm House ) Near D -2,Vasant Kunj ; Dargan Farm House Behind Church D-3,Vasant Kunj ; Poorna Pragya School,Vasant Kunj ; Shanti Kunj,Vasant Kunj ; B D D S Residence Complex,Vasant Kunj ; Sony Silver, O K Estate,Vasant Kunj ; Green Avenue Behind D-3,Vasant Kunj ; Shri Anand Dham,Shri Ram Mandir Marg,D-4, Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 ; Perch Farm House, Behind, D-3, Mall Road,Vasant Kunj ; Gulmohar Lane, Church Road/Mall Road,Vasant Kunj ; 1 Park Lane, Church Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi ; Sector-D Pkt-2,Vasant Kunj ; Type-V Delhi Govt officers Residential Complex,D-2, Vasant Kunj ; Sector-D Pkt-2, (H.No. 2001 To 2400),Vasant Kunj ; Sector D Pkt-I,Vasant Kunj ; Farm House Near Sec- D Pkt-1,Vasant Kunj ; Harcharan Bag , Andheria More,Pocket C Vasant Kunj

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