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Kalkaji Assembly Election, Delhi

Anwer Delhi

About Kalkaji Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Kalkaji assembly constituency falls under South Delhi parliamentary constituency and was formed in 2008 after the Delimitation Commission of India. The seat was occupied by Subhash Chopra of INC since 1998. But 2013 assembly elections came as a big blow to INC. Harmeet Singh of BJP defeated the three-time MLA.

Map of Kalkaji Assembly Constituency

Map of Kalkaji Assembly Constituency
Map showing the different localities of the Kalkaji Assembly Constituency.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Kalkaji Assembly Constituency

Below is an year-wise list of MLAs of Kalkaji Assembly Constituency along with their party name:

YearA.C No.Assembly Constituency NameTypeWinnerSexPartyVoteRunner UpSexPartyVote
201351KalkajiGENHarmeet SinghMBJP30683Dharambir SinghMAAP28639
200851KalkajiGENSubhash Chopra MINC38360Jai Gopal Abrol MBJP24971
20037KalkajiGENSubhash Chopra MINC35721Purnima SethiFBJP18077
19987KalkajiGENSubhash Chopra MINC29948Purnima SethiFBJP24704
19937KalkajiGENPurnima SethiFBJP22468Subhash ChopraMINC18456
197210KalkajiGENV. P. SinghMINC24570S. P. BannerjiMBJS14887

Localities in Kalkaji Assembly Constituency

All the localities of Kalkaji Assembly Constituency and areas that each of these locality cover, are as enlisted in the table below:

Locality NameAreas falling under the Locality
Bharat Nagar Bharat Nagar,New Friends Colony ; M.C.D Pry School (Boys),Bharat Nagar New Friends Colony , Bharat Nagar Village Maharani Bagh , Bharat Nagar
East of Kailash Block-B,East of Kailash ; B-Block Gurudwara,East of Kailash ; Central Public School,Near C Blk E O K ; Central Public School,Near C Blk E O K ; Blk A Double Storey,East of Kailash , Blk A East of Kailash ; Blk A,East of Kailash ; Blk A,East of Kailash ; Blk B,DDA Flats Slum Qtr Eok ; Block 'C',DDA Flats Slum Qtr Eok , Blk 7 East of Kailash , Blk No 8 East of Kailash , Blk No 9 East of Kailash ; Hanuman Mandir,Near Blk 9 East of Kailash , Blk No 10 DDA Flats Garhi , Blk No 11 East of Kailash , Blk No 12 East of Kailash , Gali No 3 Amrit Puri A Garhi ; 1,DDA Flats It Amrit Puri A Garhi ; 1,Main Rd Amrit Puri A Garhi ; Block -1 DDA Flats,East of Kailash , Block-2 DDA Flats East of Kailash ; Block -3 DDA Flats,East of Kailash ; Block -4 DDA Flats,East of Kailash ; Block -5 DDA Flats,East of Kailash ; Block-6 DDA Flats,East of Kailash ; Block '7,DDA Flat Four Story Garhi Eok ; Block '8,DDA Flat Four Story Eok ; Block 9,DDA Flat Four Story Eok ; Block 10,DDA Flat Four Story Eok ; 1Block 11,DDA Flat Four Story Eok ; 1Block 12,DDA Flat Four Story Eok ; Block-G , East of Kailash ; Sbi Colony,East of Kailash , Csp Flats Bh Durga Mandir Eok , Durga Mandir East of Kailash ; Block B,SFS Flats Eok ; Blk A,DDA Flats Slum Qtr Eok ; Gali No 2,Amrit Puri A Garhi ; Gali No 10,Amrit Puri B Garhi ; Gali No 11,Amrit Puri B Garhi ; Gali No-5, Amrit Puri-B , Garhi ; Gali No 6,Amrit Puri B Garhi ; Gali No 7,Amrit Puri B Garhi ; Gali No 7,Amrit Puri B Garhi ; Gali No 9,Amrit Puri B Garhi , Gali No 1 Amrit Puri B Garhi , Main Rd Amrit Puri B Garhi , Gali No 2 Amrit Puri B Garhi , Gali No3 Amrit Puri B Garhi , Gali No 4 Amrit Puri B Garhi , Main Rd Amrit Puri B Garhi , Amrit Puri B Gali No 12 Garhi , Amrit Puri Gali No 13 Garhi , Amrit Puri Gali No 14 Garhi ; Amritpuri B Gali No 15,Amrit Puri B Gali No 15 Garhi , Amritpuri Gali No 16 Garhi , Gali No 17 Amrit Puri B Garhi , Gali No 18 Amrit Puri B Garhi , Amrit Puri B Garhi , Amrit Puri-D,E,F Garhi , Amrit Puri A Garhi
Garhi East of Kailash Parkash Mohalla Garhi,East of Kailash
Giri Nagar Ami Chand Khand,Kalkaji ; Manav Kalyan Camp Jhuggies,Kalkaji ; Block-S Jhuggies,Kalkaji ; Tilak Khand, Giri Nagar,Kalkaji ; Pwd Qtrs,Tilak Khand Giri Nagar Kalkaji ; Labaur office,Tilak Khan Giri Nagar Kalkaji ; Bal Mukand Khand Giri Nagar,Kalkaji ; S-195, Jj Camp Shiv Mandir Giri Nagar,Kalkaji ; Ardash Niketan T Huts Near Balmukund Khand,Giri Nagar Kalkaji ; Desu Qtrs Near Balmukand,Kalkaji ; Subhash Khand,Giri Nagar Kalkaji ;
Govind Puri Gali No-1 Govind Puri,Kalkaji ; Gali No-2 Govind Puri,Kalkaji ; Gali No - 3 Govind Puri,Kalkaji ; Gali No-4 Govind Puri,Kalkaji
Ishwar Nagar Blk B,Friends Cly West ; Block- A,Friends Cly West , C..R.R.I Camp Okhla , Modi Mill Staff Qtrs Kalka Mod ; Okhla Tank,Mathura Road , Priyanka Camp Okhla Tank , Dayal Singh Cly Old Ishwar Ngr N D 65
KalkajiBlock B,Navjiwan Camp Govindpuri New Delhi -110019 ; Block C.,Navjiwan Camp Govindpuri ; Block - B,Navjiwan Camp Govindpuri ; Block-R, Navjiwan Camp Govindpuri ; Block-D Navjiwan Camp -,Govind Puri ; Nehru Appartment; Block-A Double Storey New Delhi-110019 ; Pocket-40 C R Park ; Block A Double Story ; Block-R Nehru Enclave ; V S S Vidyalaya New Delhi -110019 ; Block-A Double Storey Gurdwara New Delhi -110019 ; Block-A ; Nehru Enclave ; Block Bb,Nehru Enclave Kalkaji ; Block-B ; Block-B Gurudawara New Delhi -110019 ; Block C ; Block-R Nehru Enclave ; Block-E ; Block-E Sanatan Dharam Mandir,Kalka Ji New Delhi -19 ; Block-D ; Block-1 Extn. ; Block-2 Extn ; Block-3 Extn ; Block-4 Extn ; Block-5 Extn New Delhi -110019 ; Block-6 Extn ; Block-7 Extn ; Block-8 Extn ; Block-9 Extn. ; Block-10 Extn. ; Block-11 Extn. ; Block-12 Extn. ; Block-Dd ; Police Station New Delhi-110019 , Kalkaji Extn ; Block-Dd ; Block-62 Pt ; Block-G ; Shops Krishna Market ; Sudhar Camp ; Mangla Appt,G Block Kalkaji ; Block-H ; Block-L New Delhi-19 ; Block-17 ; Block-18 ; Block-19 ; Block-L ; Gurudwara Block-L New Delhi -110019 ; Desh Bandhu Appartment ; South Park Appartment , Block F Kalkaji ; Block-14 ; Block 15 ; Block-16 ; Block B Gurdwara New Delhi -110019 ; Village Cottage Home- II,B Block Kalkaji ; Ram Puri ; Block-N , Kalkaji ; Block-J ; Block-K ; Cghs Disp. ; Block-59 ; Block-42 Dls Center ; Sarvode Camp S Jhuggies ; Sarvdaya Camp Th Jhuggies ; Sarvode Camp R Jhuggies ; Sarvode Camp,J Jhuggies Kalkaji , Kalkaji ; Gali No-5 Govind Puri New Delhi - 110019 ; Gali No-5 Govind Puri ; Gali No-6 Govind Puri ; Gali No..- 7 Govindpuri ; Gali No-8 Govind Puri ; Gali No.- 9 Govind Puri New Delhi - 110019 ; Gali No-9 Govind Puri ; Gali No- 10 Govind Puri ; Gali No. - 11 Govind Puri ; Gali No. - 12 Govindpuri ; Govind Puri Gali No. -10 ; Govind Puri Gali No. 13 Govind Puri ; Gali No-8 Govind Puri ; Gali No-10 Govind Puri New Delhi-19 ; Gali No-11 Govind Puri ; Gali No-13 Govind Puri ; Gali No.8, Govind Puri ; Gali No-13 Govind Puri ; Gali No.13 Govind Puri ; Gali No-14 Govind Puri ; Govind Puri Gali No 15 ; Block-A Transit Camp,Govind Puri ; Jhuggi Near Transit Camp,Govind Puri Kalkaji ; Block-B,Transit Camp Govind Puri ; Shiv Mandir,Transit Camp Govindpuri ; Block-B Transit Camp Govind Puri, Gali No-1,Govind Puri Extn. Kalkaji ; Gali No-2,Govind Puri Extn Kalkaji ; Gali No-3,Govind Puri Extn Kalkaji ; Gali No. 4 Govind Puri Extn ; Gali No-5 Govind Puri Extn ; Gali No 6,Govind Puri Extn. Kalkaji New Delhi -110019 ; Gali No 7,Govind Puri Extn. Kalkaji New Delhi -110019 ; Gali No-6,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-7,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-8,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No.- 9,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-11-12,Govind Puri Extn. , Govindpuri Extn ; Gali No-16-17,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-14,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-15,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No.-10,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-16,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-17,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-18,Govind Puri Extn. ; Gali No-19,Govind Puri Extn. ; .Block A,Navjiwan Camp Govindpuri ; Block D Navjiwan Camp,Govind Puri Kalkaji ; Block E Navjiwan Camp,Govind Puri Kalkaji ; Block E Navjiwan Camp,Govind Puri Kalkai ; Blk E Navjiwan Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi -19 ; Block F Navjiwan Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi-19 ; .Block A Bhoomiheen Camp,Govind Puri ; Blk B Bhoomiheen Camp,Govind Puri ; Blk C Bhoomiheen Camp,Govind Puri ; Block D Bhoomiheen Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi -19 ; Block D Bhoomiheen Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi-19 ; Block A Nehru Camp,Govind Puri ; Block C Nehru Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi -19 ; Nirankari Ghar Block A Nehrau Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi -19 ; Nirankari School Block A Nehru Camp,Govind Puri New Delhi -19 ; Block B,Nehru Camp Govindpuri ; Block D,Nehru Camp Govindpuri ; Nirankari House,Nehru Camp Govindpuri ; Block C,Nehru Camp Govindpuri , DDA Flat Pkt A-3 Kalkaji Extn ; DDA Flats,Pocket A-4 Extn , DDA Flats,Pocket A-9 Kalkaji Extn
Maharani Bagh Block A,Maharani Bagh ; Block B,Maharani Bagh ; Block C,Maharani Bagh ; Central Park,Maharani Bagh ; Southern Avenue,Maharani Bagh ; Western Avenue,Maharani Bagh ; Park Avenue,Maharani Bagh ; Eastern Avenue,Maharani Bagh ; Blk Parmanand,Estate Maharani Bagh ; Central Avenue,Maharani Bagh ; 1,Blk A Friends Colony ; 1,Blk B Friends Colony Delhi 65 ; 1,Blk C Friends Colony ; 1,Blk D Friends Colony ; 1Block D,Maharani Bagh ; 1Block E,Maharani Bagh ; 1Block Ee,Maharani Bagh ; 1C S I R Appartment,Maharani Bagh ; Blk F,Maharani Bagh ; Block G,Maharani Bagh ; Block H,Maharani Bagh ; Block I,Maharani Bagh ; Block - J,Maharani Bagh , P&T Flates New Friends Colony ; G S S School,New Friends Colony ; Mata Mandir,New Friends Colony ; C S I R Appartment.,Maharani Bagh ; Block-D,New Friends Colony , Friends Colony East ; DDA Flats,Friends Cly East ; Society Bldg,Friends Colony East New Delhi 65 ; Blk C,Friends Cly East ; Blk A,Friends Colony East
Masih GarhChurch Compound,Masigarh ; Escorts Heart Hospital,Staf Quaters Sarai Julena , DDA Flats Sukhdev Vihar ; Pkt. B,DDA Flats Sukhdev Vihar ; Poket A,DDA Flats Sukhdev Vihar
New Friends Colony Block D,New Friends Colony ; Shop,New Friends Colony New Delhi -65
Sarai Jullena Ishwar Nagar East ; Zakir Bagh Aptt., Overseas Elector, Sarai Jullena,Near Escourt Hospital ; Kasturab Balika Vidyalya,Ishwar Nagar ; Sarai Jullena,Near Escourt Hospital ; D D A Flats, Sarai Jullena
Shyam NagarShyam Nagar , Okhla ; MCD School Shyam Nagar, Okhla ; Chandiwala Est Ate, Okhla ; Maa Anandmai Ashram, Okhla ; Maharana Pratap Camp Kalka Ji Depot, Okhla ; Blk-H,Shriniwas Puri , Blk G Snp ; Block G,Govt Qtrs Snp , Jj Indra Camp-I S Block Snp New Delhi , T Hut Jj Indra Camp Snp ; Bharat Sewa Ashram Sangh Mandir,Snp ; Cghs Staff Qtr,S N P ; Police Staff Qtrs,Snp ; MCD Staff Qtrs Dispensri,Snp ; Block G,Snp ; Block F Govt Qtrs.,S N P , Blk-G Shriniwas Puri ; Govt Boys Sr Sec School,Shriniwas Puri , Blk G Snp ; Block 'O',J J Colony Snp , Jj Igc III Near Gurudwara Snp , Govt Flat T Market Qtr Snp ; Block 'S',Pty Cly Snp , L Market Shop Snp , Jj Igcamp III Nrgurdwara Snp , Jj Igcamp III Nr Gurudwara Snp , Jj Igcamp III Nr Gurudwara Snp , Blk O J J Colony Snp , Gurudwara Road Snp ; 1,Blk S Pvt Colony Snp ; Blk ' J',J J Colony Snp ; Dhovi 'Ghat',Blk J J J Colony Snp ; Blk K,J J Colony Snp ; Blk. 'J',J J Colony Snp New Delhi - 110065 ; Blk. 'N',J J Colony Snp ; Blk L,J J Colony Snp ; Block 'M',J J Colony Snp ; Arya Samaj Mandir,Near Blk L Market J J Colony Snp ; Shiv Mandir,Near Blk M J J Colony Snp , Mini Mkt Near Blk L J J Colony Snp ; Blk. 'S',Private Colony Snp ; Block 'C',Privet Colony Snp ; Blk. 'T',Dhs Dispensary J J Colony And Pvt Cly Snp ; Block '7/B',Private Cly Snp New Delhi ; Block 'A',Private Colony S N P ; Block S-53,Gandhi Camp Snp , Indra Gandhi Camp-I Sri Niwas Puri , Thuts Ig Camp-II Sri Niwas Puri , Indra Gandhi Camp-III Snp , Gandhi Camp Ktc No 1Snp , Shri Niwas Puri ; Block P, Private Colony Snp , Block Q Private Colony Snp ; Blk 'R,Private Colony Snp ; Blks36,Railwaystgandhicamp1 Snp ; Blk A,Thuts Rlystn Gandhicamp1Snp , Thuts Gandhicamp1 Nr Rlystn Snp ; Block C,Eok ; Blk S52,T Huts Nr Rlyst Qtrs Snp ; Blk S,Thuts Nr Rly St Qtrs Snp ; Blk E11,Railway St Qtrs Okhla Snp ; Blk C,East of Kailash ; Block C DDA Flats,Eok ; Block-1 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-2 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-3 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-4 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-5 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-6 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-7 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-8 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-9 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; Block-10 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-11 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-12 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-14 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-15 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-16 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-17 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-18 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri ; 1Block-13 Nurses Residential Complex,Sriniwas Puri - 110065 ; 1,Sriniwas Puri , Ram Dutt Dharm Shala Kalka Mandir ; Shiv Mandir,Shambhu Dayal Bagh II Near Kalka Mandir , Kalka Mandir Dharmshala , Shambhu Dayal Bagh Near Kalka Ji Mandir ; Bageechi,Kalka Mandir Kalka Ji ; Bhagwati Dharmshala,Kalka Ji Near Mandir Kalka Ji ; Chandra Building,Arogya Ashram No Kalkaji , Kalka Mandir ; Dharmshala,Lakhpat Dharmshala Kalka Ji Mandir ; Ashram,Moni Baba Ashram Kalka Ji Mandir ; 1Sukhlal Dharmshala,Kalka Ji ; 1,Blk A Shambhu Dayal Bagh Kalka Ji ; 1Fire Station,Nehru Place ; 1M T N L Staff Qtrs,Nehru Place
Sukhdev ViharD.D.A Flats M.I.G,Sukhdev Vihar ; D.D.A Flats Pocket A,Sukh Dev Vihar ; Dev Samaj Modren School,Sukhdev Vihar , Sukhdev Vihar , Sukhdev Vihar ; D/Pkt- A,DDA Flats Sukhdev Vihar , Sukhdev Vihar ; Pocket-B,DDA SFS Flats Sukhdev Vihar

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