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Polling Booth in Sarukhetri Assembly Constituency

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Sarukhetri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sarukhetri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sarukhetri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1237 No. Kaljhar Boys L.P. School 761Pammara Nonke, Kaljar
2237 No. Kaljhar Boys L.P. School 684Pamamara Nonke, Kaljar
3297 No. Kaljhar Gir L.P. School 1076Kaljar
4No 752 Khandarpar Lp School 741Khandakar Para, Khandar Par
51284 No. Pub Khandarpar Gir L.P. School 712Khandakar Para, Khandar Par
6Kujarpith M.E. School 1045Pub Mahsara Nonke, Kujarpith
7250 No. Kathalartari L.P. School 847Marisakandi, Kathalor Tari
81302 No. Madhya Barbala L.P. School 674Batgaon, Barbala
91302 No. Madhya Barbala L.P. School 683Batgaon, Barbala
101733 No. Barbala Adaha L.P. School 982Batgaon, Barbala
11Barbala M. E. Madrassa 893Batgaon, Barbala
12Barbala M. E. Madrassa 904Batgaon, Barbala
13No.1096 Uttar Jarabari Lpschool 709Batgaon, Jarabari
14482 No. Jarabari L.P. School 692Batgaon, Jarabari
15363 No. Kamal.P.Ur L.P. School 1161Pub Mahsara Nonke, Kamalpur
16No.1196 Kamalpur Pam Lp School 850Kamalpur Pam
17916 No. Betbari L.P. School 1068Betbari
18108 No. Betbari L.P. School 713Betbari
19Bamunbari Fularguri M.V. School 863Bamunbari Fularguri
201331 No. Fularguri L.P. School 467Fularguri
211331 No. Fularguri L.P. School 461Fularguri
22197 No. Sarutapa L.P. School 672Sarutapa
23326 No. Ata L.P. School 648Ata
241625 No. Pachim Ata L.P. School 509Pachim Ata
25326 No. Ata L.P. School 1118Ata
26382 No. Bhakuwamari L.P. School 727Bhakuwamari
271070 No. Dakshin Bhakuamari L.P. School 747Dakshin Bhakuamari
28382 No. Bhakuwamari L.P. School 1041Bhakuwamari
29Kayakuchi H.S. School 728Kayakuchi
30Kayakuchi H.S. School 647Kayakuchi
31717 No. Kuriha L.P. School 614Kuriha
32717 No. Kuriha L.P. School 569Kuriha
33601 No. Bonbahar L.P. School 1056Bonbahar
34No 1126 Banbahar Lp School 942Bonbahar
351251 No. Uttar Kamal.P.Ur L.P. School 678Bonbahar
36268 No. Khablarbhitha L.P. School 970Khablarbhitha
37268 No. Khablarbhitha L.P. School 833Khablarbhitha
381283 No. Uttar Putlartari L.P. School 746Uttar Putlartari
39173 No. Putlartari L.P. School 1078Putlartari
40951 No. Bhalukabari L.P. School 972Bhalukabari
41951 No. Bhalukabari L.P. School 878Bhalukabari
42393 No. Bhalukabari L.P. School 1062Bhalukabari
43215 No. Paka Betbari L.P. School 866Paka Betbari
44215 No. Paka Betbari L.P. School 1040Paka Betbari
451708 No. Bantipur L.P. School 734Bantipur
461708 No. Bantipur L.P. School 589Bantipur
471630 No. Keotpara L.P. School 679Keot Para
48No 215 Kha Paka Betbari Lp School 682Kha Paka Betbari
49592 No. Maricha L.P. School 662Maricha
50592 No. Maricha L.P. School 638Maricha
50592 No. Maricha L.P. School 638Maricha
51983 No. Sakirbhitha L.P. School 937Sakirbhitha
52983 No. Sakirbhitha L.P. School 883Sakirbhitha
531176 No. Theka Saranarthi L.P. School 906Theka Saranarthi
541176 No. Theka Saranarthi L.P. School 1214Theka Saranarthi
55No.588 Kaharpara Begguli Lp School 824Kaharpara Begguli
56341 No. Bharegaon L.P. School 497Bharegaon
57Amdah M.V. School 558Amdah
58Amdah M.V. School 536Amdah
591037 No. Uttar Sagaari L.P. School 402Uttar Sagaari
60569 No. Chaporbori L.P. School 907Chaporbori
611633 No. Fingua Pathar Kahinoor Balika L.P. School 561Fingua Pathar Kahinoor
62Fingua M.E. School 640Fingua
63Fingua M.E. School 619Fingua
64355 No. Mahimpur L.P. School 1013Mahimpur
65355 No. Mahimpur L.P. School 436Mahimpur
661313 No. Dakshin Hatirtari L.P. School 1085Dakshin Hatirtari
671081 No. Kayakuchi Pam L.P. School 797Kayakuchi Pam
68340 No. Kayakuchi L.P. School 651Kayakuchi
69340 No. Kayakuchi L.P. School 747Kayakuchi
70704 No. Kayakuchi L.P. School 570Kayakuchi
71813 No. Kayakuchi Pathar L.P. School 692Kayakuchi Pathar
72813 No. Kayakuchi Pathar L.P. School 691Khanadakara Para
73607 No. Maripur L.P. School 498Maripur
74607 No. Maripur L.P. School 566Maripur
75387 No. Parakuchi L.P. School 490Parakuchi
76387 No. Parakuchi L.P. School 489Parakuchi
771012 No. Neular Bhitha L.P. School 685Neular Bhitha
781012 No. Neular Bhitha L.P. School 626Neular Bhitha
79134 No. Nasatra L.P. School 602Nasatra
80134 No. Nasatra L.P. School 449Nasatra
81897 No. Jabrikuchi L.P. School 630Jabrikuchi
821443 No. Milan Santipur L.P. School 949Milan Santipur
831173 No. Kayemari Atirikta Anchal L.P. School 1022Kayemari Atirikta Anchal
84Milon Me School Karagari Block No 12 725Karagari
851614 No. Jayantipur L.P. School 552Jayantipur
861739 No. Haji Zafar Memorial L.P. School 837Bauwa
871443 No. Milan Santipur L.P. School 953Bauwa
88No.1613 Kawoimari 4 No. Block Lp School 750Kawoimari
89No.1945 Karagari Alok Lp School Block No 9 859Karagari Alok
901604 No. Kayemari 6 No. Block L.P. School 604Kayemari
911604 No. Kayemari 6 No. Block L.P. School 642Kayemari
921351 No. Karagari Kayemari 7 No. Sit L.P. School 796Karagari Kayemari
93Janapriya M.E. School 951Janapriya
94Madhyapaka Me Madrassa 237Madhyapaka
95No. 1610 Kawoimari Milon Lp School 1025Kawoimari Milon
96No.1610 Kawoimari Milon Lpschool 1113Kawoimari Milon
97138 No. Aragaon L.P. School 698Aragaon
98138 No. Aragaon L.P. School 510Aragaon
99818 No. Bamundi L.P. School 992Bamundi
100818 No. Bamundi L.P. School 463Bamundi
101578 No. Helochar Pam L.P. School 744Helochar Pam
102578 No. Helochar Pam L.P. School 875Helochar Pam
103662 No. Pithadi L.P. School 644Pithadi
104662 No. Pithadi L.P. School 617Pithadi
1051124 No. Madhya Pithadi L.P. School 636Madhya Pithadi
1061124 No. Madhya Pithadi L.P. School 645Madhya Pithadi
10723 No. Bagona L.P. School 504Bagona
108Dewara High School 773Dewara
109169 No. Saldah L.P. School 575Saldah
110894 No. Niz Saldah L.P. School 587Niz Saldah
111692 No. Hathinapur L.P. School 464Hathina Pur
112692 No. Hathinapur L.P. School 499Hathina Pur
1131270 No. Barala Mariyamchupa L.P. School 925Barala Mariyamchupa
114644 No. Niz Barala L.P. School 466Niz Barala
115644 No. Niz Barala L.P. School 659Niz Barala
1161038 No. Teleria L.P. School 864Teleria
1171278 No. Dakshin Nalir Pam L.P. School 831Dakshin Nalir Pam
118No.0605501 Jalkara Pachim Chupa Lp School 809Jalkara Pachim Chupa
1191347 No. Gumir Pathar L.P. School 829Gumir Pathar
120No.1944 Panimaricha Pathar Lp School 670Panimaricha Pathar
121No.1608 Panimaricha Lp School 656Panimaricha
1221624 No. Panimaricha Dakshin Colony L.P. School 701Panimaricha Dakshin Colony
1231172 No. Theka Balapara L.P. School 513Theka Balapara
124No 1602 Bheragaon Lp School 568Bheragaon
1251607 No. Kopahartari L.P. School 948Kopahartari
126584 No. Naligaon L.P. School 902Naligaon
127584 No. Naligaon L.P. School 680Naligaon
128Baimla M.V. School 554Baimla
129Baimla M.V. School 636Baimla
130333 No. Balapara L.P. School 518Balapara
131333 No. Balapara L.P. School 560Balapara
132101 No. Kawaimari L.P. School 754Kawaimari
133Rampur M.E. School 577Rampur
134Rampur M. E. School 628Rampur
13539 No. Kaskuri L.P. School 846Kaskuri
136405 No. Besimari L.P. School 975Besimari
137711 No. Besimari L.P. School 598Besimari
138711 No. Besimari L.P. School 552Besimari
1391942 No. Burikhamar L.P. School 876Burikhamar
1401942 No. Burikhamar L.P. School 540Burikhamar
141255 No. Bogchara L.P. School 865Bogchara
142Rangiagaon M.E.Madrassa 712Rangiagaon
143782 No. Rangia Nadir Pam L.P. School 960Rangia Nadir Pam
144Gahiya High School 972Gahiya
145Gahiya High School 407Gahiya
146No 1454 Agdia Pathar Lp School 641Agdia Pathar
1471207 No. Joshodar Pam L.P. School 1065Joshodar Pam
148Garartari Govt. M.V. School 820Garartari
149Belbari Harichandra M.V. School 699Belbari Harichandra
150Belbari Harichandra M.V. School 673Belbari Harichandra
151435 No. Barkapla L.P. School 659Barkapla
152435 No. Barkapla L.P. School 807Barkapla
153646 No. Lachima Gir L.P. School 821Lachima Gir
154742 No. Kamarpara L.P. School 645Kamarpara
155604 No. Bengapara L.P. School 671Kamarpara
156Sarthebari Kendriya Boys M.V. School 1064Sarthebari
157409 No. Sarthebari L.P. School 629Sarthebari
158409 No. Sarthebari L.P. School 541Sarthebari
159Sarthebari Gir M.V. School 387Sarthebari Gir
160Sarthebari Gir M.V. School 995Sarthebari Gir
161678 No. Sarthebari L.P. School 979Sarthebari
1621008 No. Sarthebari L.P. School 535Sarthebari
1631008 No. Sarthebari L.P. School 561Sarthebari
164186 No. Gomura L.P. School 588Gomura
165186 No. Gomura L.P. School 738Gomura
16618 No. Karakuchi L.P. School 446Karakuchi
16718 No. Karakuchi L.P. School 564Karakuchi
168254 No. Palla L.P. School 735Palla
1691341 No. Harighata L.P. School 505Harighata
170573 No. Namsala L.P. School 681Namsala
171573 No. Namsala L.P. School 723Namsala
172Sarukhetri High School 811Sarukhetri
173Sarukhetri High School 642Sarukhetri
17498 No. Rauli L.P. School 583Rauli
175Rauli Bhakuatapa High School 592Rauli Bhakuatapa
176Rauli Bhakuatapa High School 963Rauli Bhakuatapa
177585 No. Barmara L.P. School 652Barmara
178585 No. Barmara L.P. School 664Barmara
179990 No. Baisha L.P. School 779Baisha
180990 No. Baisha L.P. School 760Baisha
181Byashkuchi M.V. School 826Byashkuchi
182Byashkuchi High School 978Byashkuchi
183Byashkuchi High School 887Byashkuchi
1841299 No. Khudra Faladi L.P. School 647Khudra Faladi
1851299 No. Khudra Faladi L.P. School 777Khudra Faladi
1861282 No. Bhogdiya L.P. School 817Bhogdiya
1871453 No. Dobadubi L.P. School 477Dobadubi
1881972 No. Milan L.P. School 580Milan
1891972 No. Milan L.P. School 618Milan
1901011 No. Riotpara L.P. School 617Riotpara
1911011 No. Riotpara L.P. School 615Riotpara
192Khudra Amrikhowa High School 458Khudra Amrikhowa
193Khudra Amrikhowa High School 518Khudra Amrikhowa
19414 No. Amrikhowa L.P. School 736Amrikhowa
19514 No. Amrikhowa L.P. School 648Amrikhowa
19653 No. Chinadi L.P. School 574Chinadi
19753 No. Chinadi L.P. School 638Chinadi
19753 No. Chinadi L.P. School 638Chinadi
1981364 No. Kamalabari L.P. School 942Kamalabari
1991364 No. Kamalabari L.P. School 724Kamalabari
200Chatala Anchalik High School 635Chatala Anchalik
201No.1208 Pachim Chatala Lp School 754Pachim Chatala
202Chatala Anchalik High School 952Chatala Anchalik
203No 194 Pub Chatala Lp School 278Pub Chatala
204No.820 Khudra Bamunbari Lp School 592Khudra Bamunbari
2051118 No. Garemari L.P. School 1067Garemari
206Garemari M.E. Madrassa 1065Garemari
207Mazdia High School 1047Mazdia
208Mazdia High School 812Mazdia
209Kukarpar M.E. Madrassa 894Kukarpar
210Kukarpar M.E. Madrassa 810Kukarpar
21150 No. Borghopa L.P. School 792Borghopa
21250 No. Borghopa L.P. School 532Borghopa

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