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Polling Booth in Nalbari Assembly Constituency

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Nalbari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nalbari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nalbari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1No. 2 Rangafali L.P. School 330Rangafali (Rangbali)
2Rangafali Mv School 806Rangafali (Rangbali)
3Rangafali Mv School 805Rangafali (Rangbali)
4Naherbari L.P. School 576Naherbari, Hahdali
5Naherbari Milan M.E. School 585Nahetbari, Hahdali
6Naherbari L.P. School 954Naherbari, Hahdali
7Balitara No.2 L.P. School 980Balitara
8Balitara No.1 L.P. School 896Balitara
9Balitara M.E. School 719Balitara
10Balitara M.E. School 584Balitara
11Majusiral L.P. School 1104Majukhiral
12Chataibari L.P. School 1036Bholamari
12Chataibari L.P. School 1036Bholamari
13Mahendra Narayan Choudhury L.P School 946Udalguri, Bhelamari
14Uttar Bairal No. 1 L.P. School 653Dhansripur, Uttar Bairal
15Uttar Bairal No. 1 L.P. School 647Kalajar, Uttar Bairal
16Pubbairal L.P. School992Pub Bairal, Pub Bairal
17Niz Bairal M.E. School 607Niz Bairal
18Bangaon L.P. School 670Bangaon, Madhapur
19Alliya High School 679Arora (Arra), Arora
20Alliya High School 749Arora (Arra), Arora
21Alliya M.E. School 819Bangaon
22Acharya Binowa M E School 708Baralkuchi
23Tinipukhuri L.P. School 414Tinipukhuri
24Choto Alliya Milan L.P.School 938Tinipukhuri
24Choto Alliya Milan L.P.School 938Namati
25Naba Sakti M.E. Madrassa 839Tinipukhuri, Namati
26Narayangaon L.P. School 669Narayan Gaon
27Narayangaon L.P. School 678Narayan Gaon
28Narayangaon L.P. School 973Narayan Gaon, Gorguri
29No.676 Sonkuriha L.P. School 678Sankuriha, Panimazkuchi, Balipara
30No.676 Sonkuriha L.P. School 1169Sankuriha, Balipara, Panimazkuchi
31Khatikuchi High School 327Bhadra Bangal, Barbhag Nalbari
32Bhadra Bangal L.P. School 882Bhadra Bangal
33Khatikuchi High School 644Bhadra Bangal, Khatikuchi
34Kathalgor Bamuntola L.P. School 668Bhadra Bangal, Khatikuchi
35Sagarkuchi No.2 L.P. School 772Sagarkuchi
36Sagarkuchi No.2 L.P. School 826Sagarkuchi
37Barbistupur L.P. School 1041Barbistupur
38Jnanendra Malla Bujarbarua High Scool 649Keherua, Bar Bistupur, Khudra Bistupur, Barghopa, Sahanbistupur
39Nil.P.Ur L.P. School 921Nilpur, Hablakha (Halelukha)
40Ghuhkuchi M.E. School 756Ghohkuchi Gathiakuchi
41Dihjari Mv School 1099Dihjari
42Jugurkuchi Sripur L.P. School 836Jugurkuchi Sripur, JabJab Kuchi
43No.409 Bar Agra L.P. School 778Barajal
44Dhantola L.P. School 567Dhantala
45Khudra Katara L.P. School 417Khudra Katra
46Katara High School 861Chengnoi
47Namati L.P. School 758Namati
48Namati M.E. School 665Namati
49Namati L.P. School 869Namati
50Khudra Katala Barkuchi L.P. School 963Khudra Katala Barkuchi
51Khudra Katala Barkuchi L.P. School 898Khudra Katala Barkuchi
52Katala Barkuchi L.P. School 895Katla Barkuchi
53Bardhantuli L.P. School 685Bardhantali, Pitnipara
54Bardhantuli L.P. School 624Bardhantali, Bhuyarkuchi
55Sariahtoli Gopalthan L.P. School 522Sariahtali
56Sariahtoli Gopalthan L.P. School 541Sariahtali
57Sariahtoli Balbhavan High School 590Sariahtali
58Sariahtoli Balbhavan High School 524Sariahtali
59Baarkuchi L.P. School 639Baarkuchi
60Baarkuchi L.P. School 657Baarkuchi
61Barkura L.P. School 531Barkura
62Barkura L.P. School 528Barkura
632. No Barkura Milon L.P. School 848Barkura
64Haripur L.P. School 927Haripur
65Balikaria Basudev L.P. School 658Bali Koria (Ct)
66Balikaria Basudev L.P. School 707Bali Koria (Ct)
67Balikaria Malipara L.P. School 713Bali Koria (Ct)
68Balikaria Malipara L.P. School 829Bali Koria (Ct), Dhekiabari
69Balikaria Kalibhawan L.P. School 605Bali Koria (Ct)
70Balikaria Kalibhawan L.P. School 451Bali Koria (Ct), Dhekiabari
71Bhubaneswari Balika L.P. School 607Nalbari Gaon, Japarkuchi
72Bhubaneswari Balika L.P. School 552Nalbari Town, Nalbari Gaon, Japarkuchi
73Paschim Japarkuchi L.P. School 971Nalbari Town, Nalbari Gaon, Japarkuchi
74Majdia L.P. School 616Majdia
75Majdia L.P. School 602Majdia
76Ajara Joymangala L.P. School 466Joy Mangla
77Kharjara Kanya L.P. School 606Joy Mangla
78Japarkuchi Model Basic School 1029Japarkuchi
79Japarkuchi Model Basic School 914Japarkuchi
80Terechia L.P. School 908Terechia, Khudra Sonkara
81Debiram Pathsala High School 328Nalbari Town Ward No. 1
82Debiram Pathsala High School 680Nalbari Town Ward No. 2
83Mnc Balika College 605Nalbari Town Ward No. 2
84Debiram Pathsala High School 757Nalbari Town Ward No. 1
85Debiram Pathsala High School (Hall) 554Nalbari Town Ward No. 2
86Malikuchi Supa Moktab L.P. School 780Nalbari Town Ward No. 2
87Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Vidyapith 690Nalbari Town Ward No. 3
88Mnc Balika College 633Nalbari Town Ward No. 3
89Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Vidyapith 527Nalbari Town Ward No. 7
90Mnc Balika College 536Nalbari Town Ward No. 7
91Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Vidyapith 871Nalbari Town Ward No. 7
92Pratap Narayan Mv School 881Nalbari Town Ward No. 4
93Pratap Narayan Mv School 756Nalbari Town Ward No. 4
94Fakirtola Moktab School 639Nalbari Town Ward No. 5
95Fakirtola Moktab School 595Nalbari Town Ward No. 5
96Nalbari Sishu Niketan 727Nalbari Town Ward No. 6
97Nalbari Moktab 644Nalbari Town Ward No. 4
98Nalbari Moktab 607Nalbari Town Ward No. 4
99Sonpur Namah Sudra L.P. School 615Nalbari Town Ward No. 9
100Harijan Sishu Hindi Vidyapith 567Nalbari Town Ward No. 9
101Sonpur Namah Sudra L.P. School 405Nalbari Town Ward No. 9
102Puspakpur L.P. School 781Nalbari Town Ward No. 10
103Puspakpur L.P. School 689Nalbari Town Ward No. 10
104Nalbari Gir High School 883Nalbari Town Ward No. 11
105Nalbari No.1 Basic School 667Nalbari Town Ward No. 11
106Nalbari Gir H E School 630Nalbari Town Ward No. 11
107Nalbari No.1 Basic School 967Nalbari Town Ward No. 12
108Jnanapith High School 517Balikoria Kharjara
109Jnanapith High School (Hall) 487Balikoria Kharjara
110Jnanapith High School 582Nalbari Town, Balikoria Kharjara
111Jnanapith High School 542Nalbari Town, Balikoria Kharjara
112Poila L.P. School 866Paila, Balakuchi
113Poila L.P. School 755Paila, Balakuchi
114No. 618 Digheli L.P. School 470Digheli (Ct)
115Brajalakshmi He School 454Digheli (Ct)
116Brajalakshmi He School 480Digheli (Ct)
117Brajalakshmi He School 549Digheli (Ct)
118Barkhanajan L.P. School 546Dhantala
119Dhaniram L.P. School 394Dhantala, KhatKatra
120Kendukuchi L.P. School 501Kendukuchi
121Nankar Bhoira Mv School 1009Nankar Bhoira
122Gobindapur L.P. School 786Gobindapur
123Dibyajyoti Gir' M.E. School. 917Jaijabari, Sahpur
124Jaziabori L.P. School 484Jaijabari
125Rajkadomtol High School 607Sandha, Khudrachenikuchi
126Sandha Koirara L.P. School 456Sandha, Sandha Kairara
127Dakhin Sandha Milan L.P. School 602Sandha
128Dakhin Sandha Milan L.P. School 627Sandha
129Porakuchi L.P. School 569Porakuchi
130Porakuchi L.P. School 483Porakuchi, Barchenikuchi
131Paikarkuchi L.P. School 658Paikarkuchi
132Sandha Abhoyram L.P. School 763Sandha
133Rajkadomtol High School 385Sandha
134No.618 Digheli L.P. School 607Digheli (Ct)
135Digheli L.P. School 855Digheli (Ct)
136Balikuchi Mv School 873Balikuchi, Guakuchi
137Balilecha Mv School 324Balikuchi, Tantra Sankara
138Balilecha Mv School 702Balikuchi, Tantra Sankara
139Balilecha Mv School 827Balilesha
140Khatamouza Kalimandirhe School 411Balilesha
141Barmurikona No.2 L P School 630Barmurikona, Dhamdhama
142Dr Kashinath Sarma Balika Vidyapith 281Barmurikona, Parowa, Pajipar
143Barmurikona No.2 L.P. School 657Barmurikona, Kardohola
144Kardoitola L.P. School 835Kardohola, Barmurikona
145Dalbari Kaniha Moktab L.P. School 567Bhitha Mahal, Dalbari Kaniha, Panbari
146221 No Bhitha L.P. School 621Bhitha
147221 No Bhhitha L.P. School 609Bhitha
148Borajol High School 1003Barajal
149Borajol High Maddrassa 1115Barajal
150Ponar Kaunia L.P. School 869Ponar Kowniya (Pahar Kowhiya), Rampur Agagara
151Akana L.P. School 992Akna
152Sathamou L.P. School 1130Sathmou, Katuriya
153No. 703 Majarbari L.P. School 542Majarbari, Ghongar Kuchi (Bhongharkuchi)
154Koyakuchi L.P. School 1074Majarbari, Kayakuchi Ghongar Kuchi (Bhongharkuchi)
155Daluwa L.P. School 649Dolua, Paisara
156Daluwa L.P. School 1007Dolua, Paisara
157Ghograpar High School 1188Ghagrapar, Baghmara, Katakiya (Katirkiya)
158Ghograpar High School 470Ghagrapar, Baghmara, Katakiya (Katirkiya)
159Bil.P.Ar Balak L.P. School 775Balipara
160Dhirdutta L.P. School 650Balipara, Narikuchi, 1 No. Nimua Latima
161Satra L.P. School 700Chatra
162Satra L.P. School 491Satra, Chenikuchi, Gatiyan, Patkata, Bhanukuchi
163Niz Khagota L.P. School 1144NizKhAgta, Burburi, Kayajeni (Kanyaguri)
164Burburi L.P. School 461Burburi, NizKhAgta
165Chiling L.P. School 1070Ciling, NizBarigog), No.2 Nimualatima
166No.872 Kundargaon L.P. School 859Barjabari Hati, Kundar Gaon, Kundar Gaon 2
167Kundargaon M.E. Madrassa 445Barjabari Hati, Barjabari Hati 2
168Barjaberihati L.P. School 192Barjabari Hati
169Pubbanbhag M.E. School 617Ghohkuchi Gathiakuchi
170Pubbanbhag M.E. School 660Ghohkuchi Gathiakuchi
171161 No Kathara Nimna Buniyadi Bidyalaya 753Kathora, Barigaon
172Borigaon L.P. School 510Barigaon, Kathora
173Narpara L.P. School 804Napara, Datar
174Amara Bardhanara Milan L.P. School 996Amara, 1 No. Bardhanara
175Dhurkuchi L.P. School 1036Dhurkuchi, Thanpatkuchi
176Satama Gir L.P. School 551Chatma
177Satama Gir L.P. School 584Chatma
178Barkhola High School 543Barkhola
179Barkhola High School 612Barkhola
180Larma Batakuchi L.P. School 519Larmabatakuchi
181Larma Batakuchi L.P. School 596Larmabatakuchi
182Purna Kamdev L.P. School 427Purna Kamdev, Kismat
183Baharghat Ucchabuniyadi School 656Baharghat, Purna Daichapara
184Baharghat Ucchabuniyadi School 537Baharghat, Dehar Kuchi
185Arara Joypalthan Mv School 531Bhadra, Arara
186Bhadra L.P. School 428Bhadra
187Arara Joypalthan M.V. School481Bhadra, Arara
188Arara Balak L.P. School 583Bhadra, Arara
189Arara Balak L.P. School 385Bhadra, Arara
190Amayapur L.P. School 586AmayaPur
191Amayapur L.P. School 428AmayaPur
192Tilana L.P. School 989Tilana
193Nandagaon L.P. School 438Nanda Gaon
194Mugkuchi L.P. School 684Mugkuchi
195Mugkuchi L.P. School 938Mugkuchi
196No.726 Barajara L.P. School 721BarAgra, MadanMohan Sakhowa
197No.726 Barajara L.P. School 764BarAgra, MadanMohan Sakhowa
198Janigog (Karebari Supa) L.P. School 823Dakhin Bejera, Janigog (Jarigog)
199Dakhin Bezara L.P. School 549Dakhin Bejera
200Janigog No.1 L.P. School 757Dakhin Bejera, Janigog (Jarigog)
201Dakshin Janigog L.P. School 588Dakhin Bejera, Janigog (Jarigog)
202Dakshin Janigog L.P. School 538Janigog (Jarigog), Dakhin Bejera
203Amayapur Alengidal Mv School 663Alengidal
204Amayapur Alengidal M.E. School 572Alengidal
205Nityananda Balika M.E. School 893Budru Kuchi
206Nityananda Balika M.E. School 901Budru Kuchi
207Chandkuchi Public High School 743Chandra Kuchi
208Chandkuchi Public High School 710Chandra Kuchi
209Chandkuchi Gopalthan L.P. School 872Chandra Kuchi
209Chandkuchi Gopalthan L.P. School 872Dokuchi
210827 No. Doukuchi L.P. School 552Chandra Kuchi
210827 No. Doukuchi L.P. School 552Dokuchi
211Gopalthan Polytechnical Institute 725Khudra Sankara
212Gopalthan Polytechnical Institute 641Khudra Sankara
213Niz Bahjani L.P. School 973NizBahjani (Ct)
214Niz Bahjani L.P. School 833NizBahjani (Ct), 2 No. NizBahjani
215Niz Bahjani M.E. School 830NizBahjani
216Niz Bahjani M.E. School 546NizBahjani
217Hem Barua Vidyapith M.E. School 492NizBahjani
218Madhapur No.1 L.P. School 614Madhapur
219Madhapur No.1 L.P. School 370Madhapur
220Madhapur No.2 L.P. School 740Madhapur
221Dakshin Bahjani Panchayat 679Charia
222No 500 Charia L.P. School 644Charia
223Pubkalakuchi High School 767PubKalakuchi
224Pubkalakuchi High School 716PubKalakuchi
225Deharkalakuchi L.P. School 911Deharkalakuchi
226Deharkalakuchi L.P. School 757Deharkalakuchi
226Deharkalakuchi L.P. School 757Makal Daba
227No. 713 Paschim Khatar Kalakuchi L.P. School 988Pachimkhatar Kalakuchi
228Kumarikata L.P. School 669Kumarikata
229Dakhin Pokowa Bahjani Milan He School 595Kumarikata
230Jaha L.P. School 846Jaha
230Jaha L.P. School 846Cherabari

Last Updated on October 11, 2014