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Polling Booth in Majbat Assembly Constituency

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Majbat Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Majbat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Majbat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1No.2 Dhansiri L.P.School 719Dhansiri
2No.2 Dhansiri L.P.School 816Dhansiri
3Dhansiri Govt. L.P. School 496Dhansiri
4Dhansiri Govt. L.P. School 692Dhansiri
5Lalpani L.P. School 315Lalpani
6Chikari Danga L.P. School 562Chikari Danga
7Nagaon L.P. School 847Nagaon
8Kolamonipara L.P. School 439Kolamonipara
9Naoherua L.P. School 912Naoherua
10Naoherua L.P. School 411Naoherua
11Niz Rangapani L.P. School 878Niz Rangapani
12Lamabari T.E. L.P. School 931Lamabari
13Lamabari T.E. L.P. School 1063Lamabari
14Lamabari T.E. Mazdur Club 1200Lamabari
15Bahadur Adaha L.P. School 1021Bahadur Adaha
16Kadabil L.P. School 745Kadabil
17Bahipukhuri L.P. School 546Bahipukhuri
18Bahipukhuri T.E. Mazdur Club 712Bahipukhuri
19Bahipukhuri L.P. School 576Bahipukhuri
20Bahipukhuri T.E. Mazdur Club 618Bahipukhuri
21Betibari T.E. L.P. School 848Betibari
22Betibari T.E. L.P. School 953Betibari
23Hatipota L.P. School 683Hatipota
24Jaygapur L.P. School 977Jaygapur
25Chaparabari L.P. School 772Chaparabari
26Khamtoubari L.P. School 878Khamtoubari
27Khoramakha L.P. School 922Khoramakha
28Dewal Khanda L.P. School 858Dewal Khanda
29Mazbat Town L.P. School 794Mazbat Town
30Mazbat Town L.P. School 626Mazbat Town
31Mazbat Nagar Gir' H.E. School 1035Mazbat Nagar Gir
32Phuluguri L.P. School 678Phuluguri
33Phuluguri L.P. School 507Phuluguri
34Mahaliapara L.P.School 475Mahaliapara
35Habigaon L.P. School 1025Habigaon
36Gohainbheti L.P.School 180Gohainbheti
37Bongalgaon L.P. School 972Bongalgaon
38Orang T.E. L.P. School 763Orang
39Orang T.E. L.P. School (T.C.) 551Orang
40Orang T.E. L.P. School 718Orang
41Moamari L.P. School 912Moamari
42Moamari L.P. School 718Moamari
43Chamuapara L.P. School 657Chamuapara
44Chamuapara L.P. School 688Chamuapara
45Pachim Chamuapara L.P. School 648Pachim Chamuapara
46Nichilamari L.P. School 1133Nichilamari
47Pakribari L.P. School 404Pakribari
48Garubandha L.P. School 858Garubandha
49No.2 Saikia Chuburi L.P. School 685Saikia Chuburi
50Chubura Chuburi Pathar L.P. School 1069Chubura Chuburi Pathar
51Pachim Bhogdal L.P. School 978Pachim Bhogdal
52Rowmari L.P. School 620Rowmari
53Pauripota L.P. School 783Pauripota
54Pauripota L.P. School 718Pauripota
55No.2 Udalguri Jungle L.P. School 981Udalguri Jungle
56Kachari Bhetitop L.P. School 787Kachari Bhetitop
57Dakhinchuba L.P. School 779Dakhinchuba
58Dhansirighat L.P.School 636Dhansirighat
59Mazor Chuba L.P. School 1019Mazor Chuba
60No. 2 Jangal Block L.P. School 1230Jangal Block
61Bhalukmari L.P. School 668Bhalukmari
62Bhalukmari L.P. School 657Bhalukmari
63Bengenabari Jangal L.P. School 1155Bengenabari Jangal
64Gelabil L.P. School 797Gelabil
65No.81 Dhansiri Kolbari L.P. School 616Dhansiri Kolbari
66Swahid Dwipen Sharma L.P. School 908Swahid Dwipen Sharma
67Balisiha Jangal L.P. School 887Balisiha Jangal
68Balisiha Jangal L.P. School 454Balisiha Jangal
69Rowta Bagan L.P. School 805Rowta Bagan
70Rowta Bagan L.P. School 829Rowta Bagan
71Bajrajhar L.P. School 882Bajrajhar
72Bajrajhar L.P. School 571Bajrajhar
73Kuruabahi L.P. School 940Kuruabahi
74Kuruabahi L.P. School 686Kuruabahi
75Goroimari L.P. School 768Goroimari
76Jamuguri L.P. School 633Jamuguri
77Rowta Station L.P. School 460Rowta Station
78Rowta Station L.P. School 784Rowta Station
79Shillongkhuti L.P. School 833Shillongkhuti
80Nagaon Khagrabil L.P. School 561Nagaon Khagrabil
81Merabil L.P. School 891Merabil
82Godhabil L.P. School 488Godhabil
83Chutiabasti L.P. School 1099Chutiabasti
84Tekelibil L.P. School 799Tekelibil
85Batabari L.P. School 339Batabari
86Beteli Tea Estate L.P. School 735Beteli Tea Estate
87Beteli Tea Estate Mazdur Club 779Beteli Tea Estate
88Mazbat T.E. L.P. School 1200Mazbat
89Ojhagarh L.P. School 870Ojhagarh
90Ojhagarh L.P. School 673Ojhagarh
91Garogaon L.P. School 448Garogaon
92Rowta Gaon L.P. School 1008Rowta Gaon
93Pathakpur L.P. School 696Pathakpur
94Uttar Mazbat L.P. School 650Uttar Mazbat
95Naharbari L.P. School 718Naharbari
96Mazgaon L.P. School 939Mazgaon
97Pubkuruabahi L.P. School1048Pubkuruabahi
98Purani Goroibari L.P. School 617Purani Goroibari
99Purani Goroibari L.P. School 664Purani Goroibari
100Purani Goroibari L.P. School 585Purani Goroibari
101Purani Goroibari L.P. School 649Purani Goroibari
102Sing Gaon L.P. School 454Sing Gaon
103Dangdupur L.P. School 617Dangdupur
104Kathalguri L.P. School 609Kathalguri
105Bhergaon L.P. School 828Bhergaon
106Purani Hapagaon L.P. School 342Purani Hapagaon
107Botabari L.P. School 800Botabari
108Kathalbari L.P. School 459Kathalbari
109Mora Dhansiri L.P. School 829Mora Dhansiri
110Mora Dhansiri L.P. School 771Mora Dhansiri
111No. 5 Dhansirikhuti L.P. School 859Dhansirikhuti
112No. 5 Dhansirikhuti L.P. School 714Dhansirikhuti
113Netaji L.P. School (Bengali) 835BAZRAJHAR?
114Netaji L.P. School (Bengali) 734BAZRAJHAR?
115Rowta G.P. Office 675Rowta
116Rowta Chariali Bodo L.P. School 992Rowta Chariali Bodo
117Phuhurabari L.P. School 1096Phuhurabari
118Phuhurabari L.P. School 471Phuhurabari
119Balisiha L.P. School 1057Balisiha
120Balisiha L.P.School 444Balisiha
121Jhargaon L.P. School 645Jhargaon
122No.2 Jhargaon L.P. School 730Jhargaon
123Sidhakhoua L.P. School 824Sidhakhoua
124Sidhakhoua L.P. School 795Sidhakhoua
125Amin Para L.P. School 1259Amin Para
126Amin Para L.P. School 1097Amin Para
127Dhip Bisara L.P. School (Venture) 1251Dhip Bisara
128Panikhaiti L.P. School 881Panikhaiti
129Phakidia L.P. School 796Phakidia
130Phakidia L.P. School 817Phakidia
131Ekrabari L.P. School 1031Ekrabari
132Ekrabari L.P. School 1045Ekrabari
133Medhi Para L.P. School 1324Medhi Para
134Rani Pukhuri L.P. School 735Rani Pukhuri
135Rani Pukhuri L.P. School 751Rani Pukhuri
136Simaluguri L.P. School 866Simaluguri
137Sapmari L.P. School 504Sapmari
138Bhutunidova L.P. School 811Bhutunidova
139Laudong L.P. School 783Laudong
140Laudong L.P. School 778Laudong
141Shivapur L.P. School 739Shivapur
142Shivapur L.P. School 773Shivapur
143Mohan Pur L.P. School 687Mohan Pur
144Mohan Pur L.P. School 857Mohan Pur
145Kajiamati L.P. School 401Kajiamati
146Jorpukhuri L.P. School 757Jorpukhuri
147Santipur L.P. School 838Santipur
148Gormara L.P. School 840Gormara
149Rangpur L.P. School 484Rangpur
150Devpukhuri L.P. School (Venture) 276Devpukhuri (Venture)

Last Updated on October 11, 2014