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Polling Booth in Lakhipur Assembly Constituency

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Lakhipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Lakhipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lakhipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
196 No. Khedu Jamadar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 931Khedu Jamadar
21027 No. Gandhi Pathsala 980Gandhi
3257 No. Banskandi Maktab 1288Banskandi Maktab
4944 No. Dakhin Banskandi Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1000Dakhin Banskandi
5276 No. Lambabasti Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1000Lambabasti
6Nenamia Higher Secondary School 927Nenamia
7Nenamia Higher Secondary School 1006Nenamia
8673 No. Kula Singha L.P. School 874Kula Singha
9649 No. Madripar L.P. School 781Madripar
10Ranipur High School734Ranipur
11Ranipur High School1210Ranipur
12360 No. Ram Sundar Balika Vidyalaya 1098
13C. R. High School 498
14277 No. Hatirhar Maktab987Hatirhar Maktab
15277 No. Hatirhar Maktab1118Hatirhar Maktab
16Rupaibali M.E. School 1129Rupaibali
17102 No. Rupaibali L.P. School 1006Rupaibali
18101 No. Shivpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya849Shivpur
19101 No. Shivpur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya990Shivpur
20868 No. Tikar Basti Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya (Kaptanpur) 1141Tikar Basti
21Kaptanpur Ananta Das M.E. School 972Kaptanpur Ananta Das
22Hazi Mufiz Ali M.E.Madrassa 1080Hazi Mufiz Ali
23426 No. Bibirgram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1101Bibirgram
24Nutan Hailakandi M.E. School 675Nutan Hailakandi
25Nutan Hailakandi M.E. School 551Nutan Hailakandi
26467 No. Icharpar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1103Icharpar
271111 No. Boro Mamda Hindi Primary School 933Boro Mamda
28Choto Mamda M.E. School876Choto Mamda
29Choto Mamda M.E. School440Choto Mamda
301605 No. Naya Basti Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 727Naya Basti
31632 No. Puthikhal Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 546Puthikhal
32Siroilily Rasmoni English School 885Siroilily Rasmoni
33111 No. Singerbond Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 721Singerbond
34114 No. Laikhol Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 853Laikhol
35950 No. Singerbond Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 836Singerbond
36225 No. Singerbond Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 912Singerbond
37Union High School Dalugram 742Dalugram
38Union High School Dalugram 590Dalugram
39595 No. Chirirpar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 759Chirirpar
40109 No. Tolengram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 913Tolengram
411282 No. Tolengram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 797Tolengram
42334 No. Manipur Maktab 817Manipur Maktab
43334 No. Manipur Maktab603Manipur Maktab
44105 No. Manipur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1116Manipur
45107 No. Ujan Tarapur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 789Ujan Tarapur
46107 No. Ujan Tarapur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 643Ujan Tarapur
47Tarapur Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 773Tarapur Chabagan
48Tarapur Cha Bagan L.P School 653Tarapur Cha Bagan
49788 No. Alipur Murapara Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 403Alipur Murapara
50Seven Seven Eight No. Alipur Murapara Nimna Prathamik Bidyalaya 899Alipur Murapara
51Alipur Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 776Alipur
52Paloirbond Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 740Paloirbond Chabagan
53Paloirbond Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1205Paloirbond Chabagan
54Seven Eight Eight N0. Alipur Murapara L.P.School 747Alipur Murapara
55Janamangal M.E.School 656Janamangal
56Narainpur M.E. School650Narainpur
57Narainpur M.E. School711Narainpur
58Bandoo Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1007Bandoo Chabagan
59Scootpur Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya706Scootpur Chabagan
60Thailoo Boroline Sramik L.P.School 975Thailoo Boroline Sramik
61Thailoo Chabagan Nimna Prathamik Bidyalaya1004Thailoo Chabagan
62899 No. Thailoo Krishna Nagar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 263Thailoo Krishna Nagar
63Dewan Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 633Dewan Chabagan
64Dewan Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 658Dewan Chabagan
65Piaon M.E. School646Piaon
66Piaon M.E. School806Piaon
67Dewan Chabagan L.P. School599Dewan Chabagan
68Piaon M.E. School 901Piaon
69Borthol Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 974Borthol Chabagan
70Borthol Chabagan Nimna Prathamik Bidyalaya Room Noii1013Borthol Chabagan
71Lalang Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 800Lalang Chabagan
72Lalang Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 936Lalang Chabagan
73Labok Chabagan Samaj Kalyan Kendra 1000Lalang Chabagan
74Labok Chabagan Samaj Kalyan Kendra 769Lalang Chabagan
75Labok Chabagan Samaj Kalyan Kendra 514Lalang Chabagan
76Kalabil Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya938Kalabil Chabagan
77106 No. Kumbha Singh Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 870
78106 No. Kumbha Singh Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 437
79994 No. Ayang Loikai Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya654Ayang Loikai
80994 No. Ayang Loikai Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya584Ayang Loikai
81594 No. Moragangerpar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 341Moragangerpar
82Mora Ganger Par Angwanwadi Kendra 1005Mora Ganger Par
83554 No. Sribar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya712Sribar
84184 No. Kangali L.P.School 568Kangali
85801 No. Ghantagram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1035Ghantagram
86Borobill L.P.School 769Borobill
87Nehru High School Pailapool940Pailapool
88Nehru High School Pailapool680Pailapool
89104 No. Tariniganj Model L.P. School1099Tariniganj Model
90104 No. Tariniganj Model L.P. School476Tariniganj Model
91587 No. Lalang Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 682Lalang
921339 No. Labocpar Pt. Iii Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 922Labocpar Pt. Iii
93108 No. Kunjan Loikai Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 808Kunjan Loikai
94Khunou High School619Khunou
95Khunou High School 1089Khunou
96Union High School1117
97Union High School1409
98Earl High School828Earl
99Earl High School1128Earl
100Earl High School 794Earl
101Earl High School 988Earl
102736 No. Purnagram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 700Purnagram
103736 No. Purnagram Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 547Purnagram
104314 No. Chapormoina Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1094Chapormoina
105112 No. Dilkush Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya711Dilkush
106112 No. Dilkush Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 888Dilkush
107562 No. Pabda Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1164Pabda
108562 No. Pabda Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1133Pabda
109Jagai Mothura High School505Jagai Mothura
110Jagai Mothura High School704Jagai Mothura
111Jagai Mothura M.E. School 1202Jagai Mothura
1124 No. Tilka Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1001Tilka
1131138 No. Binnakandi Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1086Binnakandi Chabagan
1141138 No. Binnakandi Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1051Binnakandi Chabagan
1151138 No. Binnakandi Chabagan L.P.School 222Binnakandi Chabagan
116775 No. Gossai Nagar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 859Gossai Nagar
117Binnakandi Block Community Hall 558Binnakandi
118Binnakandi Sramik Kalyan Kendra 498Binnakandi
1191499 No. Alichura Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 726Alichura
120Seven Four No. Chengjur L.P.School 987Chengjur
121817 No. Boali Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya696Boali
122817 No. Boali Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 742Boali
123897 No. Hatikuri Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1083Hatikuri
124897 No. Hatikuri Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1035Hatikuri
125Chalita Basti L.P. School 688Chalita Basti
1261466 No. Bhuban Valley L.P. School 1006Bhuban Valley
127Didarkush Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 898Didarkush Chabagan
128Didarkush Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 981Didarkush Chabagan
12922 No. Dilkush Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya899Dilkush
13022 No. Dilkush Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 824Dilkush
131One Five Eight Seven No. Tilla Basti L.P.School 1150Tilla Basti
132Four One Zero No. Sibananda Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya 787Sibananda
133Four One Zero No. Sibananda Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya781Sibananda
134438 No. Fulertal Hmar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 989Fulertal Hmar
135438 No. Fulertal Hmar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 785Fulertal Hmar
13623 No. Alni Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1036Alni Chabagan
13723 No. Alni Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya837Alni Chabagan
138Bagkhal M.E. Madrasa 920Bagkhal
139One Seven Nine No. Bagkhal L.P.School 495Bagkhal
140Jirighat Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1290Jirighat Chabagan
141Jirighat Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1072Jirighat Chabagan
142Jirighat Chabagan Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1210Jirighat Chabagan
143Nandan Kanan Cha Bagan L.P.School 266Nandan Kanan Cha Bagan
144493 No. Lal.P.Ani Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya1285Lal.P.Ani
145493 No. Lal.P.Ani Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya968Lal.P.Ani
146493 No. Lal.P.Ani Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1103Lal.P.Ani
147440 No. Makhan Nagar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 444Makhan Nagar
1481472 No. Kalam Naga Punji L.P. School. 765Kalam Naga Punji
149268 No. Digli Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya (Akur Kuki Punjee)945Digli
150268 No. Digli Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya (Akur Kuki Punjee)425Digli
151One One Zero Three No. Bahadurpur Cha Bagan L.P.School 659Bahadurpur Cha Bagan
152Four Four No. Lakhinagar F.V.Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya662Lakhinagar
153591 No. Lakhicherra Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 1199Lakhicherra
154Lakhicherra M.E. School959Lakhicherra
155Lakhicherra M.E. School547Lakhicherra
156441 No. Lakhinagar Forest Village Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 698Lakhinagar Forest Village
157441 No. Lakhinagar Forest Village Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 396Lakhinagar Forest Village
158911 No. Diglang Mar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya955Diglang Mar
159911 No. Diglang Mar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 423Diglang Mar
160411 No. Molongpar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 723Molongpar
161979 No. Tulpai Mar Nimna Parthamik Bidyalaya 940Tulpai Mar

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