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Polling Booth in Katigora Assembly Constituency

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Katigora Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Katigora

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Katigora Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1629 No. Natanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 894Natanpur
2270 No. Rongpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 647Rongpur
3Jalal.P.Ur Madhya Banga Vidyalaya 1051Jalal.P.Ur
4Jalal.P.Ur Madhya Banga Vidyalaya825Jalal.P.Ur
5279 No. Pirnagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 963Pirnagar
6603 No. Bishamvarpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1123Bishamvarpur
7603 No. Bishamvarpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya650Bishamvarpur
8Baleshwar Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 1287Baleshwar
9Baleshwar Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya753Baleshwar
10Batulmara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 802Batulmara
11Batulmara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya402Batulmara
12Malidahar Mikirpunji L.P. School. 914Malidahar Mikirpunji
13621 No. Mahadevpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 772Mahadevpur
141492 No. Rajpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 948Rajpur
151492 No. Rajpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1049Rajpur
16985 No. Vivekananda Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 887
17574 No. Rajeshwarpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1089Rajeshwarpur
18574 Rajeshwarpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya1278Rajeshwarpur
191021 No. Saraspur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 923Saraspur
201021 No. Saraspur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 541Saraspur
21935 No. Haydari Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 802Haydari
22Nine Three Five No. Haydari Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya Room No Two 651Haydari
23Digarkhal Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya 990Digarkhal
24Digarkhal Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya319Digarkhal
25Digarkhal Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya1188Digarkhal
26Digarkhal Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya947Digarkhal
2740 No. Kalainchara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 703Kalainchara
2840 No. Kalainchara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya687Kalainchara
29975 No. Netaji Basic School 973
30628 No. Larangpar Basic School 944Larangpar
31303 No. Kandigram Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1240Kandigram
323 No. Gumra Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya994Gumra
333 No. Gumra Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya768Gumra
341052 No. Azad Memorialnimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1122
3541 No. Kreig Park Cha Bagan Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 616Kreig Park Cha Bagan
3641 No. Kreig Park Cha Bagan Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya506Kreig Park Cha Bagan
371256 No. Sahadev Jatramoyee Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 901Sahadev Jatramoyee
38Kalinagar Bren Nagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 968Kalinagar Bren Nagar
39Gumra Hafiziya Madrassa815Gumra Hafiziya
40Gumra Hafiziya Madrassa (R/No. 2) 606Gumra Hafiziya
4112 No. Lever Puta Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 916Lever Puta
42Sadhirkhal Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 1197Sadhirkhal
43243 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 773Saidpur
44243 No. Saidpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya817Saidpur
45986 No. B P Chaliha Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 793B P Chaliha
4614 No. Chandinagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 801Chandinagar
47Kinnarkhal Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 559Kinnarkhal
48495 No. Jabada Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 650Jabada
49570 No. Subodh Nagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 841Subodh Nagar
50Salimabad Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 588Salimabad
511300 No. Narapati Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1024Narapati
52Surama Valley M.E. School 896Surama Valley
5315 No. Kinnarkhal Parthamik Vidyalaya 520Kinnarkhal
54584 No. Harinagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1104Harinagar
5517 No. Haritikar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 734Haritikar
56Seventeen No. Haritikar Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya Room No Two 517Haritikar
57570 No. Subodh Nagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 386Subodh Nagar
58810 No. Tukar Gram Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 669Tukar Gram
59Karaikandi Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 1233Karaikandi
60209 No. Karaikandi Maktab 1249Karaikandi
61681 No. Madarpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 862Madarpur
62858 No. Paschim Najatpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1227Paschim Najatpur
6319 No. Latimara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 915Latimara
6419 No. Latimara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 910Latimara
65Siddeshwar Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya 769Siddeshwar
66Siddeshwar Uccha Madhyamik Vidyalaya Room No Four 472Siddeshwar
67Siddeshwar Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya1181Siddeshwar
68Siddeshwar Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya1045Siddeshwar
69Jagadishpur L.P. School 916Jagadishpur
70687 No. Deepcharan Kanuri Nath Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 854Deepcharan Kanuri Nath
7116 No. Jagadishpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 941Jagadishpur
7216 No. Jagadishpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 846Jagadishpur
73680 No. Maraiura Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 743Maraiura
74Gangapur Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 692Gangapur
75Gangapur Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya892Gangapur
76Kalain Block Office 997Kalain
77281 No. Baraitali Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1069Baraitali
78599 No. Baraitali Tila Tilagram L.P. School 507Baraitali Tila Tilagram
79930 No. Bhairabpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 761Bhairabpur
80930 No. Bhairabpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya984Bhairabpur
8113 No. Bhairabpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 636Bhairabpur
821070 No. Digabar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 811Digabar
83Hilluatilla L.P.School 343Hilluatilla
84785 No. Ajmara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 839Ajmara
85785 No. Ajmara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 822Ajmara
864 No. Natanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1032Natanpur
874 No. Natanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 531Natanpur
88Kalain Ucchatar Madyamik Vidhyalay823Kalain
89Kalain Ucchatar Madhyamik Vidhyalay Room No Four 410Kalain
90Kalain Ucchatar Madyamik Vidhyalay1047Kalain
91Kalain Ucchatar Madyamik Vidhyalay 1163Kalain
92510 No. Diluram Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 891Diluram
93537 No. Chaligram Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1036Chaligram
941074 No. Kalibari Pechachara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1036Kalibari Pechachara
95Kalibari Cha Bagan (Recreation Centre) 1013Kalibari Cha Bagan (Recreation Centre)
961578 No. Mejenta L.P. School 1133Mejenta
9729 No. Singdoyar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 866Singdoyar
98Kalain Madhya Banga Vidyalaya839Kalain
99Kalain Madhya Banga Vidyalaya739Kalain
100344 No. Dhumkar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1297Dhumkar
101931 No. Karkari Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 769Karkari
102931 No. Karkari Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya972Karkari
103298 No. Lakhipur Buniyadi Vidyalaya1027Lakhipur
104298 No. Lakhipur Buniyadi Vidyalaya829Lakhipur
105P.W.D. Office Katigorah1122Katigorah
106P.W.D. Office Katigorah1174Katigorah
107P.W.D. Office Katigorah 527Katigorah
108548 No. Katirail Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya782Katirail
109Katirail M.E.School 356Katirail
110548 No. Katirail Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya1082Katirail
111872 No. Paschim Gobindapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 960Paschim Gobindapur
112872 No. Paschim Gobindapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya432Paschim Gobindapur
11325 No. Gobindapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1064Gobindapur
11428 No. Gobindapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 713Gobindapur
11528 No. Gobindapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 589Gobindapur
11629 No. Shivnarainpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 847Shivnarainpur
11729 No. Shivnarainpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya660Shivnarainpur
118227 No. Kalinagar Suryamoni Pathsala 819Kalinagar Suryamoni
119196 No. Mohanpur Noon Nagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 831Mohanpur Noon Nagar
120196 No. Mohanpur Noon Nagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya580Mohanpur Noon Nagar
121380 No. Mohanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1017Mohanpur
122380 No. Mohanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya900Mohanpur
12322 No. Saiful Raja Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1283Saiful Raja
124521 No. Kandigram Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1222Kandigram
125Kalasharipar L.P.School 656Kalasharipar
126519 No. Tikar Burunga L.P. School980Tikar Burunga
127519 No. Tikar Burunga L.P. School 558Tikar Burunga
12835 No. Burunga Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 941Burunga
12935 No. Burunga Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 416Burunga
130629 No. Hilara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 765Hilara
131686 No. Arunoday Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 866Arunoday
132One Five Zero Six No. Netaji L.P.School 398
133Karkari Cha Bagan Newstar Club House375Karkari Cha Bagan
134Karkari Cha Bagan Newstar Club House1224Karkari Cha Bagan
135742 No. Baikunthapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya699Baikunthapur
136742 No. Baikunthapur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya823Baikunthapur
1371482 No. Kadambini L.P. School 1017Kadambini
138Behara Madhya Banga Vidyalaya843Behara
139752 No. Hatimara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 995Hatimara
140752 No. Hatimara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya814Hatimara
141Garer Vitor Asamiya Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 933Garer Vitor Asamiya
142596 No. Gobardhan Buniyadi Vidyalaya 661Gobardhan
143512 No. Babur Bazar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1076Babur Bazar
1447 No. Seuti Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya831Seuti
1457 No. Seuti Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya654Seuti
146Behara Madhya Banga Vidyalaya864Behara
147Behara Madhya Banga Vidyalaya716Behara
148Behara Madhya Banga Vidyalaya 567Behara
149859 No. Jaganath Dey Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1054Jaganath Dey
150702 No. Halterpar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 956Halrpar
151Seven Zero Two No Halterpar Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya509Halrpar
152280 No. Sarisakuri Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1178Sarisakuri
153363 No. Behara Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1137Behara
15420 No. Bhubneswar Nagar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1209Bhubneswar Nagar
155508 No. Mohanpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 610Mohanpur
156Five Zero Eight No. Mohanpur Nimna Prathamik Vidyalaya688Mohanpur
157212 No. Tarinipur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 943Tarinipur
158Janata M.E. Madrassa 620Janata
159853 No. Uttar Tarinipur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 1076Uttar Tarinipur
160Kaliprasad Madhya Banga Vidyalaya 719
161Kaliprasad Madhya Banga Vidyalaya935
162Nabakallol Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 779Nabakallol
163Nabakallol Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya545Nabakallol
164755 No. Barakpar Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 603Barakpar
16573 No. Sripur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 944Sripur
166Sripur Madhya Banga Vidyalaya 1016Sripur
16774 No. Kadamtala Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 774Kadamtala
168Ganir Gram Public Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 679Ganir Gram
16975 No. Mahadevpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 661Mahadevpur
17075 No. Mahadevpur Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya724Mahadevpur
17151 No. Ganir Gram Nimna Parthamik Vidyalaya 622Ganir Gram
172Namar Ali A.B.Madrassa 737Namar Ali
173Dudhpur Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 726Dudhpur
174Dudhpur Madhya Engrajee Vidyalaya 667Dudhpur
175323 No. Dudhpur Maktab786Dudhpur
176323 No. Dudhpur Maktab867Dudhpur

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