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Polling Booth in Karimganj South Assembly Constituency

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Karimganj South Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Karimganj South

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Karimganj South Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1485 No.Medal Chuatikor L.P.School 1049Medal Chuatikor
2485 No.Medal Chuatikor L.P.School 1040Medal Chuatikor
3Matahir Ali M.V.School 385Bakahal Block 1, Nij Nathupur
4Bakhohal High School 961Bakahal Block 1, Nij Nathupur
5415 Niz Nathupur L.P.School 613Niz Nathupur
6415 Niz Nathupur L.P.School 605Niz Nathupur
730 No.Jobainpur L.P.Scool 972Jabainpur
81105 No.Azad L.P.School 471Lamajuar
9Gourgobinda High School 717Gourgobinda
10Gourgobinda High School 656Gourgobinda
11Nairgram Sr. Basic School821Naigram Block 2, Ambari
12Nairgram Sr. Basic School 538Naigram Block 3
13Pallishri M.E. School 754Pallishri
14656 No. Barkatpur L.P.School 758Barkatpur
15637 No. Dakshin Nathupur L.P.School 712Dakshin Nathupur
16358 No. Lalarchak L.P.School 876Lalarchak
17Jatkapan M.E.School 799Jatkapan
18457 No. Dewakuri L.P. School 598Dewakuri
19457 No. Dewakhuri Lp School 595Dewakhuri
20South Karimganj Block Office 902South Karimganj
21553 No. Kapurpur L.P. School 410Kapurpur
225O4 No. Kamargram Vivekananda L.P.School 921Kamargram
23548 No. Dayabasana L.P.School 955Dayabasana
24288 No. Brojendra Nagar L.P.School 934Brojendra Nagar
25808 No. Tinghori L.P.School 487Tinghari
26173 No. Karnmani L.P.School 448Karnmani
27173 No. Karnmani L.P.School 649Karnmani
28Pallimangal High School 730Pallimangal
2993O No. Pinnagar L.P.School 902Pinnagar
301364 No. Pathaksamaj L.P. School 598Pathaksamaj
31Pallimangal High School 493Pallimangal
32732 No. Janakalyan Bidhyapit 631Churai Dighir Par
33289 No. Durlavpur L.P.School 442Durlavpur
34517 No. Padmarpar Sri L.P.School 935Padmarpar, Ghuramara
35541 No. Sri Krishna Nagar L.P. School 1021Sri Krishna Nagar
36Haragovinda M.V.School 569Haragovinda
37425 No. Akbar Nagar L.P.School 432Akbar Nagar
38Bonugram M.E.Madrassa 837Bonugram
39733 No. Dighalbak L.P.School 698Dighalbak
39733 No. Dighalbak L.P.School 698Dighalbak
39733 No. Dighalbak L.P.School 698Dighalbak
40733 No. Dighalbak L.P.School 411Dighalbak
41818 No. Jatrapur L.P.School 690Jatrapur
42818 No. Jatrapur L.P.School800Ratanpur
42818 No. Jatrapur L.P.School800Bharibond
4359O No. Baizkhani L.P.School843Baizkhani
4459O No. Baizkhani L.P.School869Baizkhani
45Taltala Janaklyan Sr.Basic School 651Taltala
46Taltala Janaklyan Sr.Basic School 838Taltala
47881 No. Guwaspur L.P.School 363Guwaspur
47881 No. Guwaspur L.P.School 363Guwaspur
47881 No. Guwaspur L.P.School 363Guwaspur
48881 No. Guwaspur L.P.School 948Guwaspur
49Janaklyan M.V School 878Mouzkarni, Sujarkandi, Juirkandi
50Janaklyan M.V.School 834Mouzkarni, Sujarkandi, Juirkandi
51584 No. Sagarpar L.P.School 791Sagarpar, Chatal
52599 No. Dakshin Bazarbond L.P.School 818Dakshin Bazarbond
53423 No. Nakirkona L.P.School 795Nakirkona
54422 No. Majidala L.P.School 920Majidala
55Saptakusum Khagail M.E.School 858Saptakusum Khagail
5651O No. Fatepur L.P.School 728Fatepur Block 1
5751O No. Fatepur L.P.School 621Fatepur Block 1
581110 No. Fatepur L.P.School 852Fatepur Block 2
59287 No. Megna Barantar L.P.School 587Meghna, Kapargl, Barantar
60526 No. Barantar L.P.School 757Barantar
61212 No. Alamkhani Maktab 834Alamkhani I
62212 No. Alamkhani Maktab639Alamkhani Block 2
636O1 No. Maizdhi L.P.School 788Maizdhi
646O1 No. Maizdhi L.P.School 706Maizdhi
6569 No. Iswaree Gir L P School 563Iswaree
66686 No. Loharpara L.P.School 834Loharpara, Mira Dighir Par
67Swami Birajananda Bidyaniketan H.S. School 791Nilambazar
68Swami Birajananda Bidyanikatanh.S. School 873Nilambazar
69724 No. Abdullapur L.P.School 949Abdullapur
701061 No. Nayabari L.P.School 861Nayabari
71Rabindra Bidyapith High School 843Chandbari, Maruya
721O6O No. Tikorpara L.P.School 492Tikorpara
733O6 No. Dolgram L.P.School (Boys) 928Dolgram
743O6 No. Dolgram L.P.School (Boys) 580Dolgram
7546 No. Subid Kishore L.P.School 516Duttagram
76622 No. Mozidala L.P. School 783Mozidala
77579 No. Ghograkona L.P.School 914Ghograkona
78276 No. Sridurgapur L.P.School 915Sridurgapur
79652 No. Udayan L.P.School 644Udayan
80652 No. Udayan L.P.School 684Udayan
818 No. Bidyanagar Lp School 779Bidyanagar
828 No. Bidyanagar Lp School 560Bidyanagar
83597 No. Abdus Sattar L.P. School 700Farampasha I
84667 No. Madani L.P. School 712Madani
85524 No. Bapuji L.P.School 986Bhagirkhala Block 1
86524 No. Bapuji L.P.School 872Bhagirkhola Block 1
87Manab Kalyan M.E.School 372Manab
88191 No. Deshabandhu Memorial L.P. School 687Keutkona I
89191 No. Deshobondu Memorial Lp School 511Keutkona I
90842 No. Jayasri L.P.School 947Keutkona Ii
9113O No. Kanakpur Maktab 1021Kanakpur
9235 No. Singariya L.P.School 533Singaria Ii
9335 No. Singariya L.P.School 599Singaria Ii
94481 No. Satkhragol L.P.School 898Satkhragol
951O2 No. Singariya Maktab 613Singaria I
96167 No. Singariya Gir Maktab 603Singaria I
97525 No. Niyamtkhani L.P.School 908Niyamat Khani
98467 No. Batoiya L.P.School 709Bataiya
99467 No. Batoiya L.P.School 711Bataiya
100Kayasthagram Gir High School 488Kayasthagram
101Kayasthagram Gir M.E.School 850Kayasthagram
102367 No. Soidkani L.P.School 728Soidkhani
103368 No. Teghoria L.P.School 863Teghoria
104Tikorpara M.E. School 540Ujangaon, Tikorpara
105371 No. Uttar Bilbari L.P. School 626Uttar Bilbari
106192 No. Bilbari L.P.School 715Bilbari
107839 No. Shatkoragool L.P. School 849Shatkoragool
108568 No. Mokshyergool L.P.School 510Mokshyergool
1091304 No. Nischintaputr L.P. School 646Nischintaputr
11048O No. Amra Ala L.P.School 689Sonatola
114363 No. Katargol L.P.School 507Katargol
115Tukerbazar M.E.School 924Tukerbazar
116Anowarul Ulum Sr.Madrassa 736Ketargul, Dhalchherra, Aholkandi, Moroi Ala
117462 No. Pyari Mohan L.P. School 565Aamalagaon, Bahadurpur, Thalpar, Dakshin Badejama
118455 No. Kasimpur L.P. School 495Amala Gaon
1197 No. Hafania L.P. School 814Hafania
1201034 No. Dakshin Hafania L.P. School 444Dakshin Hafania
12199 No. Duttapara L.P.School 1066Duttapara
122799 No. Badejma L.P.School 660Badejma
123799 No. Badejma L.P.School 428Badejma
124696 No. Nabipur L.P. School 1028Nabipur
125361 No. Gandharva Khani L.P.School 677Gandharbha Khani
126Samajkalyan M.E.School 642Gandharbhakhani
127362 No. Naghoria L.P.School 946Nagharia I
128362 No. Noghoria L.P.School 755Nagharia Ii
1291O65 No. Saidbari L.P.School 957Saidbari
13044 No. Baroi Gram L.P. School 625Baroi Gram
131Jafargarh Extended H.S.School Baraigram 642Baroi Gram
13287 No. Cheragi Moktab 507Serpur I
13387 No. Cheragi Moktab 549Serpur I
134Jafargarh Middle Institution 999Serpur Ii, Banderkuna
13514 No. Moina L.P. School 1023Moina
136Kanailal Jiu High School 719Moina, Goregaon, Chayabari
137Kanailal Jiu High School915Chayabari, Jonglatuk, Kunagaon, Aataligaon
138366 No. Atanagar L.P.School 651Atanagar
139366 No. Atanagar L.P.School 542Atanagar
140675 No. Dakshin Bandarkona L.P.School 679Dakshin Bandarkona
142Eraligul M.E.School 687Eraligul
143Eraligul Public High School 813Eraligul
144Eraligul Public High School 582Eraligul
145Eraligul Public High School686Eraligul
146Malangtila M.E.School 751Bandarkuna Block 1
147Malangtila M.E. School 561Bandarkuna Block 1
1481O63 No. Kazi Najrul Islam L.P.School 976Bandarkuna Block 2
149741 No. Binodini L.P.School 708Binodini
150544 No. Jhakiala Kaliprassna Lp School. 499Binodini, Rikiyala Bosti
151741 No. Binodini L.P.School 979Binodini
152935 No. Baguragool Lp School. 162Baguragool
153798 No. Binodini Khasia Punji L.P.School 990Binodini Khasia Punji
154941 No. Usharani Lp School 318Usharani
155657 No. Kadairgol L.P.School 1014Kadairgol
156Ghoara M.E. Madrassa 692Ghoara
157Balia Me Madrassa (East Balia) 463East Balia
1583O2 No. Baliagram L.P.School 996Baliagram
15912O No. Ghoara Moktab 960Ghoara Moktab
160Chamala Nayagram M.E Madrassa 681Chamala Nayagram
1611031 No. Nayagram L.P School 771Nayagram
162Fakuagram H.S. School 817Fakuyagram
163Fakuagram H.S. School 631Fakuyagram
164Akhilnath M.E. School 630Akhilnath
165Akhilnath M.E.School 1097Akhilnath
166396 No. Sanyasipatta L.P. School 964Sanyasipatta
16794 No. Kodali L.P.School 781Kodali
168319 No. Birgram L.P.School 631Birgram
169397 No. Birgram L.P.School559Birgram
170649 No. Uttar Nagendra Nagar L.P.School 565Uttar Nagendra Nagar
1715O3 No. Nagendra Nagar L.P.School 1032Nagendra Nagar
17225 No. Gajardingi L.P.School 945Gajardingi
173Baidyanath M.E.School 580Purbo Jarail Bari
174Baidyanath M.E.School 581Purbo Jarail Bari, Mangal Tila
175500 No. Basantpur L.P.School 638Basantapur
176500 No. Basantpur L.P.School 566Basantapur
177Dalu M.E. School 748Dalu
178175 No. Dargarbond Maktab 975Dargarbond
179353 No. Dhalibeel L.P.School 794Dhalibeel
180353 No. Dhalibeel L.P.School 840Dhalibeel
181262 No. Baruala Parbati L.P. School (Gir) 919Baruala Parbati
182Baruala M.E.School 551Baruyala Block 2
183Baruala M.E.School 565Baruyala Block 2
184Shib Bari M.E.School 511Shib Bari
185343 No. Channighat L.P.School 281Channighat
1864O No. Krishna Nagar L.P.School 895Krishna Nagar
187Bazarghat Middle School 962Bazarghat
188Bazarghat Middle School 445Bazarghat, Pahartal
1891156 No.Tangibari Sishu Sadan L.P.School 1141Tangibari Ii
19018 No. Tangibari L.P.School 964Tangibari Ii Block 1
191124 No. Ratabari Maktab 1056Ratabari
192621 No. Lama Ratabari L.P.School 802Lama Ratabari
193Chargola Public H.S. School 594Chargola
194Chargola Public H.S. School 495Chargola
19582 No. Paldahar L.P.School 689Paldahar
196543 No. Gulalkandi L.P.School 872Gulalkandi
197161 No. Dalgram Maktab 1075Dalgram
198161 No. Dalgram Maktab 394Dalgram, Tangibari 1 Block 1
199648 No. Pachim Tangibari L.P.School 819Pachim Tangibari
200171 No. Bargol L.P. School 1137Bargol

Last Updated on October 11, 2014