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Polling Booth in Karimganj North Assembly Constituency

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Karimganj North Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Karimganj North

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Karimganj North Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1163 No.Lafasail L.P. School 837Lafasail I
2Lakshmibazar Gaon Panchayat Office 621Lakshmibazar Gaon
3381No. Dakshin Lafasail L P School 778Dakshin Lafasail
4168 No Dashnali Maktab 957Dashnali Maktab
53.No. Jarapata L.P. School 448Jarapata
6Lakshmibazar M.E.School 790Lakshmibazar
7Lakshmibazar M.E.School 534Lakshmibazar
8118 No.Sukhamayi L.P.School 1110Sukhamayi
91345 No. Serulbhag L.P. School 417Serulbhag
10383 No.Ghugrakuna L.P.School 893Ghugrakuna
11Haji Namr Ali M.E. Madrassa 852Kakni Mara, Bagaangan
12118 No. Sukhmayi L.P.School367Sukhmayi
13118 No. Sukhmayi L.P.School987Sukhmayi
14W.K. Vitargool Senior Madrassa 721Vitargool
15W.K. Vitargool Senior Madrassa 524Vitargool
1627 No. Imamganj L.P. School 873Saidpur, Jagannathi
17284 No. Peruya L.P. School 965Sandalpur, Peruya
18Kushiyarkul H.S. School 691Keshorkapan Sadarakhi, Mozumdari, Tilaiya 1Or 2
19Kushiyarkul H.S. School 574Keshorkapan I, Maizgram I
20109 No. Kulchandra Sadarashi Jr. Basic School 473Sadarashi I
21109 No. Kulchandra Sadarashi Jr. Basic School 555Sadarashi I
22765 No.Purba Sadarashi L.P. School 613Sadarashi Khalerpar
23765 No.Purba Sadarashi L.P. School 654Sadarashi Khalerpar
241079 No. Dhit L.P. School 563Dhit 1 Or 2 Block No 1
251079 No. Dhit L.P. School 614Dhit 1 Or 2 Block 1
26390 No. Ramnagar Bidyapith 549Ramnagar
27390 No. Ramnagar Bidyapith 708Ramnagar
28384 No Nayabari Jr. Basic School 846Nayabari
29430 No. Hazi Abdulbari L.P. School 972
30430 N0.Hazi Abdulbari L.P. School 664
31Batahi M.E. Madrassa 944Batahi
32871 No. Pashim Botoroshi L.P.School 641Pashim Botoroshi
33535 No.Botoroshi L.P. School 617Botoroshi
34535 No.Botoroshi L.P. School 637Botoroshi
3553 No.Gardarashi L.P. School 650Gardarashi
3653 No. Gardarashi Lp School 485Gardarashi
3770 No. Bahila Malijhiri L.P. School 538Bahila Malijhiri
3870 No. Bar Shila Malijhiri L.P. School 1010Bar Shila Malijhiri
39273 No. Nayagram L.P. School 782Nayagram
40151 No. Uttar Panighat L.P. School 1057Uttar Panighat
41380 No. Dakshin Panighat L.P. School 620Dakshin Panighat
42380 No. Dakshin Panighat L.P. School 587Dakshin Panighat
44849 No. Washil Ali Choudhury L.P. School 734
45849 No. Washil Ali Choudhury L.P. School 600
46800 No. Khudmarera L.P. School 788Khudmarera
47800 No. Khudmarera L.P. School 605Khudmarera
4848 No. Karuriya Sundori Jr. Basic School 882Karuriya Sundori
49810 No. Manik Kuna L.P. School 1038Manik Kuna
50116 No. Hamindpur L.P. School 734Hamindpur, Ulukandi
51282 No. Sutarkandi L.P. School 674Subharkandi
52552 No. Sutarkandi Lp School. 480Subharkandi
5331 No. Kurikhala L.P. School667Kurikhala
5431 No. Kurikhala L.P. School633Kurikhala
55895 No.Niyamura L.P. School 423Niyamura
56Nayabazar Senior Madrassa 722Nayabazar
57Nayabazar Gir M.E. School 625Nayabazar
58825 No.Gandak L.P. School 576Gandhak
59828 No.Dimpur L.P. School681Dimpur
60828 No.Dimpur L.P. School615Dimpur
61784 No. Jabda L.P. School 795Jabda
62150 No. Fakirer Bazar L.P School (Balika) 1063Fakirer Bazar
63727 No. Prasarpur L.P. School 961Prasadpur
64Akbarpur Farm (Farme Hostel) 1004Akbarpur Farm
65Sukkur Choudhury M.E. School 777Dharakuna, Panaragarh
66393 No.Keshorkapon L.P. School 1070Keshorkapon
67385 No. Simli L.P. School 891Simli
68385 No. Simli L.P. School 715Simli
69Dharm Sashan M.E. School 647Dharm Sashan
70Dharm Sashan M.E. School 629Dharm Sashan
71493 No. Supnargol L.P. School 1104Supnargol
72428 No. Sahabad L.P. School 787Sahabad
73428 No. Sahabad L.P. School717Sahabad
74209 No. Pathu Gulaknath L.P. School 736Pathu Gulaknath
75Pathu Mahisashan M.E. School655Pathu Mahisashan
76Pathu Mahisasan M.E School497Pathu Mahisashan
77Dasgram M.E. School 1023Dasgram
78Latu High School (Eastern) 1122Latu
7977 No. Latu Boys L.P. School 557Latu
80Latu High School (Western) 736Latu
81107 No. Tesuya L.P. School 775Tesuya
821113 No. Balidara L.P. School 806Balidara
83122 No. Deotali L.P. School 885Deotali
84355 No. Barpunji L.P. School 656Barpunji
85355 No. Barpunji L.P. School 598Barpunji
86157 No. Bashbari L.P. School 1075Bashbari
87157 No. Bashbari L.P. School 604Bashbari
88447 No.Mahisashan L.P. School 815Mahishasan
89299 No.Surigram L.P. School 953Surigram
90491 No. Kamalpur L.P. School 757Tazpur
91Rameswarlal M.E. School 534Ayalabari T.E.
92Rameswarlal M.E. School 863Ayalabari T.E.
93134 No.Biskut L.P. School 748Biskut
94134 No. Biskut L.P. School 745Biskut
95910 No. Dhanibar L.P. School 494Dhanibar
96910 No. Dhanibar L.P. School 799Dhanibar
972 No. Karnmadhu L.P. School 696Karnmadhu
982 No. Karnmadhu L.P. School 555Karnmadhu
99602 No.Karnmadhu Bidyaniketan 528Karnmadhu
100602 No.Karnmadhu Bidyaniketan 543Karnmadhu
101Longaighat G.P. Office 720Longaighat
1021083 No. Inathpur L.P. School 596Inathpur
103770 No. Inathpur L.P. School 839Inathpur
10464 No. Ambar Khana L.P. School 846Ambar Khana
10564 No. Ambar Khana L.P. School 426Ambar Khana
106District Industries Office 909Karimganj Municipality Ward No 2 Block 1
107District Industries Office 665Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 2 Block 2
108359 N0.Shribhumi Bidyapith 758Shribhumi
109359 No.Shribhumi Bidyapith 797Shribhumi
110271 No. Longai Road L.P. School 851Longai Road
111Birja Sundori Gir High School868Birja Sundori
112Biraja Sundari Gir High School682Birja Sundori
113Biraja Sundari Gir High School496Birja Sundori
114Settlement Office 805
115Circle Office Karimganj 641Karimganj
116Settlement Office 962Sarisa Block 1
117Kalimohabir Bari Gopinath Chathuspati 970Kalimohabir Bari
118891 No. Abhaya Vidyapith L.P. School 775
119Kali Mahabir Bari Govt. Jr. Basic School 458Kali Mahabir Bari
1201288 No. Sahadevnath Pathsala 987
121District Registrar Office Karimganj 794Karimganj
122Rest House P.W.D. Rural Roads Karimganj 1082Rural Roads Karimganj
123Saraswati Sishu Niketan 791
124Saraswati Sishu Niketan 967
125Nilmoni H. S. School906Nilmoni
126Nilmoni H. S. School995Nilmoni
127Dist. Deputy Registrar Co Op. Societies Office Karimganj 785Karimganj Municipality Ward No 10
128Babyland High English School 603Karimganj Municipality Ward No 8 Block 1
129N. N. T. C. M. V. School 812Karimganj Municipality Ward No 8 Block 2
130269 No Kalibari Kaliprasad L.P.School 589Kalibari
131Dist. Agriculture Office 827Karimganj Municipality Ward No 11
132M. M. M. C. Gir H.S. School 761Karimganj Municipality Ward No 12
133M. M. M.C. Gir H. S. School 638Karimganj Municipality Ward No 12
134Public H. S. School 1253Karimganj Municipality Ward No 17
135414 No.Banmali L. P. School 900Banmali
136414 No.Banmali L. P. School 974Banmali
137545 No. Raimoni L. P. School 919Raimoni
138545 No.Raimoni L. P. School 879Raimoni
139Asstt. Ex Engr. P.H.E. Office 834Karimganj Municipality Ward No 14 Block 1
140268 No.Abdul Mazid L P School 802Karimganj Municipality Ward No 16 Block 1
141Sreeramkrishna Bidya Niketan 443Karimganj Municipality Ward No 16 Block 2
142Sreeramkrishna Bidya Niketan 868Karimganj Municipality Ward No 15 Block 2
143445 No. Subash Bani L P School 1011Subash Bani
144445 No. Subash Bani L P School 897Subash Bani
145Exengr. Office Pwd 583Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 26 Block 1
146Exengr. Office Pwd 718Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 26 Block 1
147Exengr. Office Pwd 960Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 26 Block 2
148555 No. Raiay Bidyapith Karimganj 716Karimganj Raiay Colony Or Karimganj Ghat Line
149555 No. Raiay Bidyapith Karimganj531Karimganj Raiay Colony
1501082 No. Sishu Vidyapith 823Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 27
151Vikhamchand H.S Ballka Vidyaniketan613Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 25 Block 2
152Karimganj High Madrassa 725Karimganj
153Karimganj High Madrassa600Karimganj
154A.E.E. Water Resources Office 881Karimganj
155Vikhamchand H.S. Balika Vidyaniketan1046Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 22
156534 No Madanmohan L.P. School 696Karimganj Municipality Ward No. 21
157569 No.Charbazar L.P. School 649Charbazar
158569 No.Charbazar L.P. School 611Charbazar
159640 No.Bonomali Chorakuri L.P. School 705Bonomali Chorakuri
160640 No.Bonomali Chorakuri L.P. School 995Bonomali Chorakuri
161319 No.Chorakuri Jr. Basic School 846Chorakuri
162Bipinpal Bidyaniketan H.S.School 637Cherakuri Block 1
163Bipinpal Bidya Niketan H. S. School699Cherakuri Block 1
164Bipinpal Bidyaniketan H.S.School948Cherakuri Block 2
165Bipinpal Bidya Niketan H.S.School 878Cherakuri Block 2
16671No.Sarisha L.P.School 923Sarisa Block 1
167703 No Alongjuri L.P. School 630Alongjuri
168Kalachand M.V. School 698Sarisa Block 2
169Kalachand M.V. School503Sarisa Block 2
170Kalachand M.V. School391Sarisa Block 2
171437 No.Bhatgram L.P.School 627Bhatgram
172923 No. Mubarakpur L.P School 1181Mubarakpur
173153 No. Kanishail L.P.School 676Kanisail Block 1
174Kanishail Gir High School. 652Kanisail Block 1
175153 No.Kanishail L.P. School858Kanisail Block 1
176Kanishail M.E.Madrassa 936Kanisail Block 2
177Kanishail M.E. Madrassa 711Kanisail Block 2
178Kanishail M.E. School 1169Kanisail Block 3
179487 No.Paschim Kanishail L P School 547Paschim Kanishail
180486 No. Umapati L.P. School661Umapati
181486 No. Umapati Lp School566Umapati
182Iccw Ala Ghar Betail 572Ala Ghar Betail
183110 No. Sarif Nagar Jr. Basic School 776Sarif Nagar
184110 No. Sarif Nagar Jr. Basic School 805Sarif Nagar
185620 No. Patel Nagar L.P. School 445Petal Nagar
186304 No. Baghan L.P.School 1009Bagan
1871365 No Purbo Chandpur L.P. School 841Purbo Chandpur
188416 No. Jiyadhara Jr. Basic School 667Jiyadhara, Mudair Para
18960 No. Nagkapan L.P. School 1057Nagkapan
190588 No. Nalua L.P.School 647Nalua
191Krishnanagar Ranigram M.V.School 949Krishnanagar
192Krishnanagar Ranigram M.V. School968Krishnanagar
19393 No. Lamabahadurpur L.P. School 908Lamabahadpur
194631 No. Medha L.P. School 562Medha
195Brahmansashan M.V. School 819Brahmansachan
196Brahmansashan M.V. School 543Brahmansashan Block 2
197723 No. Janaklyan L.P. School 754Brahmansashan Block 2
198723 No. Janaklyan L.P. School 728Brahmansashan Block 2
199459 No. Sekhludi L.P. School 730Sekhludi
200459 No. Sekhludi L.P. School 717Sekhludi
2011286 No. Jalalnagar T.E. L.P School. 474Jalalnagar T.E.
202756 No. Ramonikrishna L.P. School 670Ramanikrishna T.E, Nayagram
203756 No. Ramonikrishna L.P. School 378Ramanikrishna T.E
204451 No. Nandibari L.P. School 837Nandibari
205Gandhai H.S. School865Gandhai
206Gandhai H.S. School713Gandhai
20742 No. Dasgram Model L.P.School 911Dasgram Block 1
208135 No. Hizim Maktab 613Hizim Maktab
209135 No. Hizim Maktab 636Hizim Maktab
210806 No. Promodenagar T. Garden School 526Promodenagar T. Garden
211806 No. Promodenagar T. Garden School 507Promodenagar T. Garden

Last Updated on October 11, 2014