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Polling Booth in Kalaigaon Assembly Constituency

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Kalaigaon Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kalaigaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalaigaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Rangagaon L.P. School 463Rangagaon
2Rangagaon L.P. School 808Rangagaon
3Dewaguri L.P. School839Dewaguri
4Gurihati L.P. School1240Gurihati
5Chelaimari L.P. School1119Chelaimari
6Singrimari L.P. School1106Singrimari
7Khoirabari Girls High School942Khoirabari
8Ateliapara L.P. School1095Ateliapara
9Bholaguri L.P. School 691Bholaguri
10Bholaguri L.P. School 568Bholaguri
11Batabari L.P. School 632Batabari
12Batabari L.P. School 680Batabari
13Kaljuri L.P. School 742Kaljuri
14Kaljuri L.P. School 349Kaljuri
15Jhargaon L.P. School 1050Jhargaon
16Jhargaon L.P. School 1040Jhargaon
17Boralakhat L.P. School 843Boralakhat
18Boralakhat L.P. School 535Boralakhat
19Barara L.P. School885Barara
20Athiabari L.P. School 617Athiabari
21Athiabari L.P. School 657Athiabari
22Bahmolla L.P. School 736Bahmolla
23Bahmolla L.P. School 581Bahmolla
24Saloipara L.P. School 936Saloipara
25Saloipara L.P. School 466Saloipara
26Kuhiarkuchi Bapuji L.P.School 829Kuhiarkuchi
27Kuhiarkuchi Bapuji L.P.School 728Kuhiarkuchi
28No.2 Bainara L.P. School 971Bainara
29No.2 Bainara L.P. School 451Bainara
30No.1 Bainara Satra L.P.School688Bainara Satra
31No.1 Bainara Satra L.P.School 607Bainara Satra
32Kawaimari L.P. School1013Kawaimari
33Jalukbari L.P. School 1105Jalukbari
34Jalukbari L.P. School 890Jalukbari
35No.1 Batabari L.P. School879Batabari
36Majarchuburi L.P. School1148Majarchuburi
37Panara L.P. School 586Panara
38Panara L.P. School 1016Panara
39Chinakona Hs School 810Chinakona
40Chinakona Hs School 793Chinakona
41Barbalisitha L.P. School 661Barbalisitha
42Barbalisitha L.P. School 664Barbalisitha
43Hatibandha L.P. School1015Hatibandha
44Bhuyankhat L.P. School1013Bhuyankhat
45Madeligaon L.P. School1117Madeligaon
46Madeligaon L.P. School794Madeligaon
47Dalongghat Girls Hs School 737Dalongghat
48Dalongghat Girls Hs School 699Dalongghat
49Jengerajhar L.P. School 678Jengerajhar
50Jengerajhar L.P. School 302Jengerajhar
51Bhakatpara L.P. School806Bhakatpara
52Lakhimpur L.P. School963Lakhimpur
53Balipota L.P. School 624Balipota
54Balipota L.P. School 653Balipota
55Kacharipara L.P. School880Kacharipara
56Ojhagaon L.P. School900Ojhagaon
57Chengapathar Hs School822Chengapathar
58Chandmari L.P. School1095Chandmari
59No.1 Bokrajhar L.P.School 921Bokrajhar
60Khatara Lp School934Khatara
61Bhuragarh Gandhismriti Hs School 832Bhuragarh Gandhismriti
62Bhuragarh Gandhismriti Hs School 647Bhuragarh Gandhismriti
63Samalakhat L.P. School 449Samalakhat
64Samalakhat L.P. School 956Samalakhat
65Kamargaon Lp School842Kamargaon
66Pachim Pariapara L.P. School792Pachim Pariapara
67Durgagaon L.P. School 669Durgagaon
68Durgagaon L.P. School 607Durgagaon
69Udmari L.P. School615Udmari
70No.1 Kamarpara L.P.School 864Kamarpara
71No.1 Kamarpara L.P.School 397Kamarpara
72Choudhurypara L.P. School1182Choudhurypara
73Bherua Me School1174Bherua
74Samalabari L.P. School 939Samalabari
75Samalabari L.P. School 871Samalabari
76Sakin Bokrajhar L.P.School 682Sakin Bokrajhar
77Sakin Bokrajhar L.P. School 515Sakin Bokrajhar
78Kalaigaon Hs School 855Kalaigaon
79Singrimari Lp School1204Singrimari
80Kalaigaon Hs School 1207Kalaigaon
81Chintagaon L.P. School 1021Chintagaon
82Chintagaon L.P. School 632Chintagaon
83Habibhanga L.P. School 827Habibhanga
84Habibhanga L.P. School 648Habibhanga
85Naipara L.P. School 1048Naipara
86Naipara L.P. School 566Naipara
87Pachim Bahjani L.P. School670Pachim Bahjani
88Barkola Kalitapara L.P. School404Barkola Kalitapara
89Jaberikuchil.P. School920Jaberikuchi
90Barkala Bagisa L.P. School823Barkala Bagisa
91Barkala Khas L.P. School 665Barkala Khas
92Barkala Khas L.P. School 532Barkala Khas
93Tokankata L.P. School579Tokankata
94Tokankata L.P. School 752Tokankata
95M.E.Skapukhuri L.P. School(Tokankata)718Skapukhuri
96Makelikanda L.P. School 695Makelikanda
97Makelikanda L.P. School 913Makelikanda
98Khoirabari L.P. School1016Khoirabari
99Balipara Krishakmukti M.E.S868Balipara Krishakmukti
100Balipara Krishakmukti M.E.S525Balipara Krishakmukti
101Dewargaon L.P. School 1142Dewargaon
102Dewargaon L.P. School 1015Dewargaon
103Sandhyabari L.P. School 506Sandhyabari
104Sandhyabari L.P. School 703Sandhyabari
105Kadmaguri L.P. School 622Kadmaguri
106Damaruguri L.P. School730Damaruguri
107Kadamguri L.P. School 930Kadamguri
108Kadamtala L.P.School 804Kadamtala
109Kadamtala L.P.School 522Kadamtala
110Barpukhuri L.P. School1077Barpukhuri
111Bhangabarua L.P. School 687Bhangabarua
112Bhangabarua L.P. School 525Bhangabarua
113Bananguri M.V. School1031Bananguri
114Bagichachuba L.P. SchoolN.ABagichachuba
115Mukunda Memoriall.P.School 983Mukunda
116Mukunda Memoriall.P.School 914Mukunda
117Bhehuguri L.P. School 1030Bhehuguri
118Bhehuguri L.P. School 421Bhehuguri
119Niz Dalagaon L.P. School945Niz Dalagaon
120No.1 Amguri L.P. School721Amguri
121Beltala Hindi L.P. School 817Beltala Hindi
122Beltala Crc Building587Beltala Crc Building
123Beltola Hindi L.P. School 1097Beltola Hindi
124No. 279 Gerua Refujee L.P.School1089Gerua Refujee
125No.1 Jhargaon L.P.School 830Jhargaon
126No.1 Jhargaon L.P. School 852Jhargaon
127Pachim Padokhat L.P.School 1234Pachim Padokhat
128Pachim Padokhat L.P.School 795Pachim Padokhat
129Pubpadokhat L.P. School 1046Pubpadokhat
130Pubpadokhat L.P. School 412Pubpadokhat
131No.1 Dhansirikash L.P.S957Dhansirikash
132No.1 Dhansirikash L.P.S928Dhansirikash
133Mousitha Hs School 951Mousitha
134Mousitha Hs School 925Mousitha
135Galandi Te L.P. School 1334Galandi Te
136Galandi Te L.P. School 1180Galandi Te
137Panbarihabi L.P. School1213Panbarihabi
138No.2 Dhansikash L.P. School1263Dhansikash
139Bholabari L.P. School 1260Bholabari
140Bholabari L.P. School 393Bholabari
141No.2 Barjhar Bherbheribill L.P. School 702Barjhar Bherbheribill
142No.2 Barjhar Bherbheribill L.P. School 694Barjhar Bherbheribill
143Chenibari L.P. School 1091Chenibari
144Chenibari L.P. School 934Chenibari
145Chamuakhat M.E. School 854Chamuakhat
146Chamuakhat M.E. School 1184Chamuakhat
147Bherbheri Bill M.E.M966Bherbheri
148Bherbheri Bill M.E.M876Bherbheri
149Rajapukhuri L.P. School 1038Rajapukhuri
150Rajapukhuri L.P. School 827Rajapukhuri
151Kalitapara L.P. School 844Kalitapara
152Kalitapara L.P. School 757Kalitapara
153Kawadanga L.P. School1056Kawadanga
154Kawadanga L.P. School 802Kawadanga
155Kawadanga L.P. School Old Building573Kawadanga
156No.1 Outala L.P. School 424Outala
157Puthiakhat L.P. School494Puthiakhat
158No.1 Outala L.P. School 535Outala
159Barkola Bagicha L.P.School 1207Barkola Bagicha
160Barkola Bagicha L.P.School 958Barkola Bagicha
161Bholabari M.E. School1250Bholabari
162Bholabari Hs School992Bholabari
163Bholabari Govt. Jr. Basic School1061Bholabari
164Nichilamari L.P. School938Nichilamari
165No.2 Naharbari L.P. School1179Naharbari
166Mougaon Milan M.E. School814Mougaon Milan
167Tamaru L.P. School953Tamaru
168No 169 Milan Lp SchoolN.AMilan

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