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Polling Booth in Puthalapattu Assembly Constituency

Live Election News

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

:     10:11:15 AM Kerala By Poll Trends to Assembly M C Kamaruddin of Indian Union Muslim League won with 4364 EVM votes in Manjeshwar constituency 10:00:11 AM Puducherry By Poll Read More…

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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

:     10:11:15 AM Kerala By Poll Trends to Assembly M C Kamaruddin of Indian Union Muslim League won with 4364 EVM votes in Manjeshwar constituency 10:00:11 AM Puducherry By Poll Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Puthalapattu

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
170 Gollapalle 161M.P.P School, 170 Gollapalli,170 Golla Pali
180 Majarakothapalli 180M.P.U.P School, 180 Majarakotha Palli,Majarakotha Palli
184 Gollapalle 194M.P.P School, New Room, 184 Golla Palli,Golla Palli
195Z.P High School, 184 Golla Palli,184 Golla Palli
196Z.P High School,(Urdu) 14-Kandriga Muslimwada,184 Golla Palli
197M.P.P.School,Marlabanda,184 Golla Palli
19 Gollapalle 60M.P.P School, 19 Gollapalli,19 Gollapalli
A.Gallapalley H.O Aruguanda 97M.P.P School, A. Gollapalli,A. Gollapalli
Akan Ambattu 61M.P.P School, Akanambattu,Akanambattu
Andrawaripalle 40M.P.P School Andravari Palli,Andrawari Palli
Aragonda 94M.P.P School, Room No 2, Argonda,Aragonda
95M.P.P School, Room No 4, Argonda,Argonda
96Z.P High School, No 10. Paimagam,Paimagam
Ayalavari Palle 17M.P P School Llavaripalli,Ayalavari Palli
Ayyappagaripalle 39M.P U.P School Ayyaphagari Palli,Ayyappagari Palli
Baitapalle 55M.P.P School, Baita Palli,Baita Palli
Bandharlapalli 71M.P.P School, Bandhariapalli,Bhandhari Palli
Bangaru Palem 159M.P.D O S, Office Meeting Hall, South Side,,Thagguvari Palli
160M.P.P School, Karidivari Palli,Karidivari Palli
Bangarupalem 158M.P D O S, Office, Meet Hall, North,,Thagguvari Palli
Bangarupalyam 155Govt. High School,Bangarupalyam,Bangarupalyam
156Govt. High School,Bangarupalyam,Bangarupalyam
Bangarupalyem 154M.P.P School,Bangarupalem,Bangarupalem
157M.P.U.P School, Bangarupalyam H.W,Bangarupalyam
Bhusipalle 59M.P.P School, Boosipalli,Boosipalli
Bodabandla 149Z.P High School, Bodabandla,Bodabandla
150Z.P High School, Bodibandla,Bodibandla
Bodha Gutta Palle Majara Pavadadasuru 206M.P.P School, Pavddasuru,Pavddasuru
Bommaipalle 135M.P.Primary School, Bommayi Palli,Bommayi Palli
Boomireddypalle 201M.P.P School, Bhoomireddy Palli,Bhoomi Reddy Palli
Budithireddy Palli 181M.P.U.P School, Budithireddy Palli,Budithireddy Palli
Charala Harijanawada 93M.P.P School, Charala Harijanawada,Charala H.W
Cherlopalle 87M.P.P School, Cherlopalli,Cherlopalli
Chigara Palle 34M.P.P School, Shigara Palli,Shigara Palli
Chigurakulapalli H.O T.Puthuru 118M.P.P School, Chigurakula Palli,Chigurakula Palli
Chinnabandapalle 73M.P.P School, Chinna Banda Palli,Chinna Banda Palli
Chukka Vari Palle 1M.P.U.P School,Gundla Palli, Majara Chukka Vari Palle
Dalavaipalle H.O Madireddipalle 200M.P.P School, Old Building, Dalavaipalli,Dalavaipalli Madhireddy Palli
Dasarla Palle 212M.P.U.P School, Dasarla Palli,Dasarla Palli
Deviti Vari Palle 19M.P.P School Divitivari Palli,Divitivari Palli
Diguva Magham 101M.P.P School, New Building, Diguva Magham,Diguva Magham
Diguva Modugulapalle H.O T.Puthuru 119M.P.P School, Diguvamodugula Palli,Dhiguvamodugula Palli
Diguvathadakara 106M.P..P School, Diguvathadakara,Diguvathadakara
107M.P.P School, West Side, Diguvathadakara,Diguvathadakara
Echaneri 89M.P.U.P School, Echanari,Eechanari
Echanerupalle 124M.P Primary School, Echaneri Palli,Echaneri Palli
Eechaneri 90M.P.U.P School West Wing, Echaneri,Echaneri
Eguva Chawata Palle 30M.P.P School Eguva Chavata Palli,Eguva Chavata Palli
Eguva Eddulavaripalle 148M.P.P School, Eguva Eddulawari Palli,Eguva Eddulawari Palli
Eguva Kanathala Cheruvu Alias K.M. Kandriga 179M.P.P School, Eguvakanathala Cheruvu,Eguvakanathala Cheruvu
Eguva Kandriga 75M.P.P School, Eguva Kandriga,Eguva Kandriga
Eguva Palakuru 70Z.P High School, Old Building, Eguvapalakuru,Eguvapalakuru
Eguvamaredupalli H.O Utharabramhana Palli 120M.P.P School, Eguvamaredu Palli,Eguva Maredu Palli
Eguvamathyam H.O Mathyam 103M.P.U.P School,Eguvamathyam,Eguvamathyam
Eguvamthayam H.O Mathyam 104M.P.U.P School,Eguvamathyam,Eguvamathyam
Fourty Five Kothapalle 33M.P.P School, New Building 45 Kotha Palli,45 Kotha Palli
Gajulapalle 92M.P.U.P School, South Wing, Gajula Palli,Gajula Palli
Gandlapalle 54M.P.U.P School Gandla Palli,Gandla Palli
Goduguchintha 45Z.P High School,8Th Class Room, Goduguchintha,Goduguchintha
46Z.P High School, 10Thclass Room, Goduguchintha,Goduguchintha
Gollapalle Harijanawada 84Viterani Hospital,Gollapalli Harijanawada,Gollapalli Harijanawada
Gondivandlauru Ho Bodaguttapalli 203M.P.U.P School, Gondivandia Vuru,Gondivandia Vuru
Govindareddypalle 82M.P.P School,Govinda Reddy Palli
Gundla Kattamanchi 141Z.P High School, South Wing, Cheekuru Palli,Cheekuru Palli
Gundla Palle 2M.P U.P School New Building,Gundla Palli
Gundlakattamanchi 142Z.P.High School Midle Room, Gundlakattamanchi,Gundlakattamanchi
Gundllakattamanchi 143M.P.P School, Sankranthi Palli,Sankranthi Palli
Gunthuru 162M.P.P School, Gunture,Gunture
Gurramkondavandlavooru 163M.P.P School, Gurrankondavandlavuru,Gurrankondavandlavuru
Gurukuvaripalle Majara Gollapalle 83M.P.P School,Gollapalli Harijanawada,Gollapalli Harijanawada
Guttakindauru Ho Keenatam Palli 214M.P.U.P School, Guttakindauru,Guttakindauru
Irala 10M.P.P School Kancham Vari Indlu,Irala
11M.P.P School Nagamwandla Palli,Irala
12G.J.C South Wing Room No 6 Irala,Irala
13M.P.P School Room No 2 Irala,Irala
14M.P.P School Room No 4 Irala, Irala
Iruvaram Palle H.O Nampalle 15M.P.P School Iruvaram Palli,Nampalli
Jambhuvaripalle 152M.P.P School, Jambuvari Palli,Jambuvari Palli
153Gramapanchayat Office Jambuvari Palli,Jambuvari Palli
Jangalapalli 187M.P.P School, Jangalapalli,Jangala Palli
Jilledupalle 137Gramapanchyat Office,Jilledu Palli,Jilledu Palli
K.Gollapalli 210M.P.U.P School, K.Gollapalli,K.Gollapalli
Kaarakampalle 100M.P.P School, Karakampalli,Karakampalli
Kalikiri Palle 16M.P.P School Kalikiri Palli New Building,Kalikiri Palli
Kallurupalle 147M.P.P School, Kalluru Palli,Kalluru Palli
Kaminayani Palle 25Anganvaadi Building Kaminayanipalli,Kaminayani Palli
Kammaguttapalle 69M.P.P School, New Building, Kammaguttapalli,Kammaguttapalli
Kammapalle 205M.P.U.P School, Kamma Palli,Kamma Palli
Kanathala Cheruvu 202M.P.U.P School New Building, Kantala Cheruvu,Kantala Cheruvu
Kanipakam 37Z.P H S South Wing, Room No 7 Kanipakam,Kanipakam
38Z.P H S East Wing, Room No 5, Kanipakam,Kanipakam
Karanamvari Palle 42M.P. Up School Karanamvari Palli,Karanamvari Palli
Karnamvandlavuru 121M.P.P School, Karnavandiavuru,Karnavandiavuru
Kasiralla 211M.P.U P School, Kasiralla,Kasiralla
Katappagaripalle 151M.P.P School, Katappagaripalli,Katappagari Palli
Katta Kendha Palle 5M.P.P School,Polakala Kattakindha Palli
Kattakindapalle 81M.P.P School,Mallakunta H.O Krishnapuram
Keenatampalli 213M.P.U.P School, Keenatampalli,Keenatampalli
Keeramanda 173M.P.U.P School, Telugu, Keeramanda,Keeramanda
Kodalamadugu 175M.P.U.P School, Kodalamadugu,Kodalamadugu
Kolanampalli Ho Bodaguttapalli 204M.P.P School, Koalnampalli,Koalnampalli
Kolavari Vooru 178M.P.P School, East Side, Kolavari Vooru,Kolavari Ooru
Konapalle 186M.P.P School, Narravooru Aaw Konapalli,Narravooru
Konapalli 185M.P.P School, New Buldig ,Konapalli,Konapalli
Kondrajukalva 98M.P.P School, Kondrajukalva,Kondrajukalva
Kothapalle 188M.P.U.P School, Kotha Palli,Kotha Palli
Kottalam 218M.P.P School, Kotalam,,Kotalam,
219M.P.P School, Mangadhanipalli, Kottalam,Kottalam
Krishnampalle Nadimuru 217M.P Primary School, Nadimuru,Nadimuru
Kurmaipalle 145M.P.P School, Kurmayi Palli,Kumayi Palli
146M.P.P School, Chillagundla Palli,Chillagundla Palli
Lakshmaiahvuru 72M.P.P School, Lakshmaiahvooru,Lakshmaiahvooru
M. Bandapalle 76Z.P.H School, 6Th Class Room, M. Banda Palli,M. Bandapalli
77Z.P.H School, 8Th Class Room,M. Banda Palli
M.Pai Palle 29Z.P High School South Wing, M.Pai Palli,M. Pai Palli
Madavaram 216M.P.U.P School,New Building, Madavaram,Madavaram
Maddilayyagaripalli 56M.P.U.P School Madhilayyagari Palli,Madhilayyagari Palli
Madhavaram 79M.P.P School,Madhavaram
Madhipatla Palle H.O Mudhigolam 31M.P.P School Madhipatla Palli,Madhipatla Palli
Madireddipalle 198M.P.P School, South Wing Madhi Reddy Palli,Madhi Reddy Palli
199M.P.U.P School, South Wing, Atthikarapalli,Atthikarapalli
Mahasamudram 140M.P.P School, Mahasamudram,Mahasamudram
Mainagundlapalli 116M.P.P School, Mynagundla Palli,Mynagundla Palli
Mallakunta H.O Krishnapuram 80Z.P High School,,Madhavaram
Mallara Palle 7M.P.P School,Mallara Palli
Mangalapalle 139Z.P High School, West Wing 6, Mangal Palli,Mangal Palli
Mattapalle Ho Pulluru 23M.P.P School Mattapalli,Mattapalli
Mitta Palli H/O Noonegundla Palli 144M.P.P.School, Mitta Palli,Mitta Palli
Mitttoor H/O Mogili 169Z.P High School, North Wing , Room No 5, Mittoor,Mittoor Mogili
Mogili H.O Mittoor 170Z.P High School, South Wing, Ambedkar Bhavanam,Mogili, Majra Mitturu
Mogili Venkatagiri 164M.P.P School, East Wing, Mogili Venkatgiri,Mogili Venkatgiri
165M.P.P School, North Building, Andareddy Palli,Aandareddy Palli
Motakam Palle H.O Mudhigolam 28M.P.P School Motakampalli,Motakam Palli
Mudduramapuram 209M.P.P School, Mudduramapuram,Mudduramapuram
Mudhigolam 32M.P.P School Mudhi Golam,Mudhi Golam
Muthukuru 105M.P.P School, Muthukuru,Muthukuru
Muthurevula 78Z.P High School, 10Th Class Room,Muthu Revulu
Nalagampalle 133M.P.P School, Nalagampalli H.W,Nalagampalli H.W
134M.P.P School, Nalagam Palli,Nalagampalli
Nallamgadu 130M.P.P School, West Wing, Nallamgadu,Nallamgadu
Nallappa Reddy Palli 102M.P.P School, Nallapareddy Palli,Nallapareddy Palli
Nampalle 8Z.P High School New Building East Wing Nampalli,Nampalli
9M.P.P School Parayya Gari Palli,Nampalli
Nellangadu 129M.P.P School, East Wing, Nallamgadu,Nallamgadu
P. Kothakota 51M.P.P School P.Kothakota,P.Kotha Kota
P.Kotha Kota 50Z.P High School, 10Th Class Room, P.Kotha Kota,P.Kotha Kota
P.Kothakota 48Z.P.H.School, 6Th Class Room North Side, P Kothako,P Kotha Kota
49Anganwadi School, P Kothakota,P.Kotha Kota
Palamakulapalle 168M.P U.P School, Palmakulpalli,Palmakulpalli
Paleru 166M.P.P School, North Side, Paaleru,Paaleru
167M.P.P School, South Side, Paaleru,Paaleru
Pallecheruvu 99M.P.P School, Pallecheruvu,Pallecheruvu
Pathapallem H.O Morampalle 18M.P.P School Pathapalyam,Moram Palli
Patnam 114M.P.U.P School, Room No 5, Patnam,Patnam
115M.P.U.P School, Room No 3, Patnam,Patnam
Patra Palle Majara Pacchappa Vooru 208M.P.U.P School, Patchappa Vuru,Patchappa Vuru
Patrapalli 207M.P.P School, Patrapalli,Patra Palli
Pattrapalle H.O. Gurukuvaripalle 85M.P.P School, South Side, Pattra Palli,Pattra Palli
Patur 41M.P.P School New Building, Patooru,Patturu
Periyambadi 189Z.P.H.School, New Building 4, Periyambadi,Periyambadi
Perumalapalli 127M.P.P.School, Perumala Palli,Perumala Palli
Peta Agraharam 68M.P.P School, Petaagraharam,Peta Agraharam
Polavaram 62Z.P High School South Wing, Room No 1,Polavaram
63Z.P.H.S South Wing Room No 2,Polavaram
Pollakala 6Z.P High School Room No 2 Polakala,Polakala
Pollakala Reddy Vari Palle 3M.P.P School North Wing,Polakala Reddy Vari Palli
4M.P.P School South Wing,Polakala Reddy Vari Palli
Pullaiahgari Palli 215M.P.P School, Pullaiah Gari Palli,Pullaiah Gari Palli
Pulluru 22M.P.P School,Pulluru,Pulluru
Punyasamudram 112M.P.P School, Punya Samudram,Punya Samudram
Puthalapattu 64Z.P High School, West Wing Room No 5, Puthalapttu,Puthalapattu
65Z.P.H.S East Wing, Room No 11, Puthalapattu,Puthalapattu
66M.P.P School, 3Rd Class Room , Puthulapattu,Puthalapattu
67M.P.P School, 5Th Class Room, Puthalapattu,Puthalapattu
Puthra Madhi 26Z.P High School East Wing,Puthramardhi
27Z.P High School West Wing Puthramardhi,Puthra Madhi
Ragimanupenta Diguva Vooru 177M.P.P School, Diguva Ragimanu Penta,Ragimanupenta Diguva Ooru
Ragimanupenta Eguva Vooru 176M.P.U.P School,Eguvaragimanu Penta,,Eguvaragimanu Penta
Sadakuppam 131M.P.P. School East Wing, Sada Kuppam,Sada Kuppam
Sanjeevarayani Palle 44M.P.P School , Sanjeevarayani Palli,Sanjeevarayani Palli
Santhapalli 113M.P Primary School, Santhapalli,Santha Palli
Sarakallu 86M.P.P School, Sarakallu,Sarakallu
Setteri 128M.P.P School, Setteri,Setteri
T. Rangampeta 58M.P.U.P School, T. Rangampeta,T.Rangampeta
T.Puthuru 117M.P.P School, T. Puthuru,T. Putturu
Talapulapalle 52Z.P High School, West Wing, Thalapula Palli,Thalapula Palli
Tekumanda 171M.P.U.P School, West Wing, New Building, Tekumanda,Tekumanda
172M.P.U.P School, East Wing, New Building, Tekumanda,Tekumanda
Thambuganipalle 138M.P.P.School, Thambugani Palli,Thambugani Palli
Thavanam Palli 110M.P.P School, Thavanampalli,Thavanampalli
Thavanpalli 108Z.P.H.School, Room 1, North Side, Thavanpalli,Thavanpalli
109M.P.P School, Thavanampalli,Thavanampalli
Thellagundlapalli Ho Patnam 122M.P.U. Primary School, Thellagundlapalli,Thellagundla Palli
Thimireddypalle 57M.P.P School, Timmireddy Palli,Timmireddy Palli
Thimmojipalle 136M.P.P.School, Thimmaji Palli,Thimmaji Palli
Thiruvanam Palle H.O Kanipakam 35M.P.P School, Bomma Samudram,Bomma Samudram
Thodathara H.O Gandupalli 91M.P.U.School, Thodathara H. Gandupalli,Thodathara H.O Gandupalli
Thoopayanapalle 132M.P.P School, Thoopayana Palli,Thoopayana Palli
Thumba 123Z.P High School, Thumba,Thumba
Thumbakuppam 125M.P.P School, North Wing, Thumba Kuppam,Thumba Kuppam
126Z.P High School, Thumba Kuppam,Thumba Kuppam
Tirumala Kondaiah Gari Palle 43M.P.P School Thirumalakondaiahgari Palli,Thirumalakondayyagari Palli
Utharabramhanapalli 111M.P.U.P School, Uthara Brahmanapalli,Uthara Brahmanapalli
Vadrampalle H.O Kotha Palle 36M.P.P School, Vatram Palli,Vadram Palli
Varigapalli 184M.P.P School, Variga Palli,Variga Palli
Varigapalli Ho Kukkalapalli 182Z.P.H School, West Wing, Varigapalli,Variga Palli
183Z.P.H School, North Wing, Varigapalli,Variga Palli
Vavillthota 74Z.P. High School, 10Th Class Room , Vavilthota,Vavilthota
Vengampalle 88Z.P High School, Vengampalli,Vengampalli
Venuthanapalle 47M.P.P School, Venuthanapalli,Venuthanapalli
Vepana Palli 174M.P.P School, Vepana Palli,Vepana Palli
Yadamari 190Z.P.H School, New Building, Block 1, Yadhamari,Yadamari
191Z.P.H School, New Building, Room No 3, Yadhamari,Yadamari
192M.P.P School, Varadharajula Palli,Varadharajula Palli
193M.P.P School, Chinnampalli,Chinnam Palli
Yallampalli Santhagate 24M.P.P School Y.S.Gate Kaminayinipalle,Kaminayinipalle
Yerlom Palle 20M.P Up School East Wing Irlampalli,Yarlampalli
Yerracheruvupalle 53M.P.P School, Erracheruvu Palli,Erracheruvu Palli
Yerrepalle H.O Pulluru 21M.P Up School New Building, P Erepalli,Pulluru Majra Erre Palli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014