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Polling Booth in Pulivendla Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

:   10:37:08 AM Kerala Result Status Candidate Wise Constituency Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin MANJESHWAR M C Kamaruddin Indian Union Muslim League Raveesh Thanthri Kuntar Read More…

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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

:   10:37:08 AM Kerala Result Status Candidate Wise Constituency Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin MANJESHWAR M C Kamaruddin Indian Union Muslim League Raveesh Thanthri Kuntar Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Pulivendla

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
. Inagaluru169M.P.U.P.School S-Wing Inagaluru,Inagaluru
.K. Rajupalli253Mppschool,K.Rajupalle
.K. Yarragudi257Mpupschool,Katineni Yerragudi
.K.Velamvaripalli125Mandal Parishad Elementary School,K.Velamavaripalle
.Kaamballe13Mp Ele. School,New Building,Kamballe
.Kamasamudram33Mppschool,E-Wing,Kama Samudram
34Grampanchayat Office,Kamasamudram
.Kanamkindakottalu138Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Kanamkinda Kottalu
.Karnapapayapalle41Mpup School,Karnapapaya Palle
.Kasanooru9Mpup School N-Side Room,Kasanuru
.Kathaluru189Mpp School,Kathaluru,
.Katlagantivaripalli H/O Kallurupalle258Mpp School,Katlagantivaripalle
.Komannuthala48Z.P. High School, New Building, Room No.1,Komannutala
.Kommanuthala50Zphs, New Building, Room No.3,Komannutala
.Kondappagari Palle252Mp Up School,Kondappagaripalle
.Kondavaandla Palle232Mppschool,Kondavandla Palle
.Kondreddipalli128Mp Ele. School , E. Wing,Kondreddipalle
.Koppalavandlapalli H/O Kuppam256Mppeschool,Koppalavandla Palle
.Kovaramgutta Palle27Zphs, East Side Room,Kovaramguttapalle
.Kovaramguttapalle H/O. Balapanooru28Zphschool West Side Room,Kovaramguttapalle
.Kumarakalava235M.P.U.P.S,Kumara Kaluva,Kumara Kalva
.Kummarampalli219Mp Ele. Shool.,Kummrampalli
.Pulivendla88S. V. H. S, E - Wing, 8Th Class,Pulivendla
102Zphs (Girls), Middle Room, E - Wing,Pulivenla
.Sugalithanda H/O Kallurupalle259Mppschool,Sugali Thanda
1.Agaduru164Zphs E-Wing,Agaduru
Addalamarry234Mpp School,Addalamarri
Agaduru165Zphs S-Wing,Agaduru
Agraharam10Mppes, Agaraharam,Agraharam
Akkulugaripalli57Mpp School,Akkulugaripalle
Alavalapadu184Mpp School W. Wing,Alavalapadu,
Alavalapadu A.Cherlopalle183Mpp School E- Wing,Alavalapadu,
Alireddi Palle220Mp Ele. Shool. E-Side,Alireddipalle,
Ambakapalle63Mpup School North Side New Building Ambakapalle,Ambakapalle
Ammagaripalli187Mpps New Building,Ammagaripalli
Ankalammaguduru25Zphs, 10Th Class Room,Ankalamma Guduru
Ankalammaguduru Mpele School26M.P.Ele..School , Sc Colony,Ankalammaguduru
Ankevanipalli39Mpps Old Building Roomno.1 Eastern Side,Ankevanipalli
Ashok Nagarvempalli226Mpps Ashok Nagar,Ashok Nagar
Atchavelli64Zphs, Middle Room, New Building,Atchavelli
Ayyavaripalli186Mpps Eastern Side,Ayyavaripalli
B. Cherlopalli23M.P.P.S. B. Cherlopalli,B.Cherlopalli
Bakarapuram123Govt Social Welfare Girls Hostel No.1(Dining Hall),Bakarapuram
Bakkannagaripalle227Mpup Shool.,,Bakkannagaripalle
Balapanooru30Zillaparishad High School Eastern Wing, Balapanuru,Balapanooru
31Zphs New Building East Side Room,Balapanooru
Balapanuru32M.P.Ele School Sc Colony,Balapanuru
Balathimmaiahgaripalle H/O Surabhi247Mpp School,,Balatimmayagaripalle
Bhadrampalli157Mpup School,Bhadhrampalli
Bhakarapuram124Mppschool Old Building Bhakarapuram,Puliendla
Bhumaiahgaripalli H/O. Meedipentla148Mp Ele. Shool.,Bhumaiahgaripalle
Bidanamcherla22M .P.U,P.S, .S-Room Bidnamcherla,Bidinamcherla
Bodugundupalle H/O Surabhi245Mppeschool,Bodugundupalle
Bojjayapalle H/O. Balapanooru29Mpupschool , Middle Room,Bojjayapalle
Bonala37Mpup School, N-Wing New Building,Bonala
38Mpup School, S-Wing, New Buliding,Bonala
Bramanapalli109Mp Upper Primary School, East Room,Bramhanapalle
Buchupalle150Mpups, W. Side Old Biulding,Buchupalli
Chagaleru136Z.P.Hs New Building Room No.1,Chagaleru
Chakrayapeta237Z.P.H.S, E-Wing Uppalavadlla Palli,Chakrayapeta
238Zphs W-Room Upppalavandlapalle,Chakrayapeta
Chandragiri H/O Erraballe118Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chandragiri,
Chavvaripalle2Mandal Parishat Ele.School. New Building,.Chavvaripalli
Cherlopalli162Mpps. School,New Building East Side Cherlopalli,Cherlopalli
Chilekampalle240Zphs School, E-Wing,Chilakampalle
Chinna Rangapuram107Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chinnarangapuram
Chinnakudala61Mpp School,Chinnakudala
Chinthal Madugupalli218Mpp. Shool. W-Wing New Building,Chintalamadugupalle
Chinthalajuturu135Mpups S -Wimg,Chintalajuturu
Chinthalamadugu Palli217Mpps. E-Wing , New Building,Chintalmdugupalli,
Diguvapalli47M.P.Ele School New Building,Diguvapalli
Dondlavagu55Mpup School.,Dondla Vagu
Duddekunta12M.P.U,P.S.New Building, Duddekunta,Duddekunta
Dugganagaripallie137Mp Ele School,Duggannagaripalle
E Kottapalla117Mandal Rarisadh Upper Prymiary School 4Th Class,E.Kothapalle
E. Kothapalli H/O Yarraballe116M.P.P.S 3Rd Class Room,E.Kothapalli
Eguvapallli H/O Komanuthala46Mp Ele. School,Eguvapalle
Eguvathuvvapalli221Mpps Eastern Wing,Eguvathuvvapalli
Gandikovuru233Mpp School,Gandi Kovvuru
Ganganapalle161Mppschool,Gangana Palle
Giddangivaripalle225Mpp. Shool,Giddangiwaripalle
Gollala Guduru132Zph School, E.Wing,Gollala Guduru
Gondipalli145Mpe School,,Gondipalle
Goturu177Mpups,Center Room,Goturu
Gunakanapalli59Mpup School, New Building 1St Class Room,Gunakanapalle
Gundlamadugu175Mp Ele. School,Gundlamdugu
Gurijala20Zphs,Southsen Side,New Beilding Gurujala,Gurijala
21Zphs Middle Room,Gurijala
Himakuntla24Zphs New Building Room No.1,Himakuntla
Inagaluru170M.P.U.P.S,N-Wing Inagaluru,Inagaluru
Intiobaipalli36Mp.Ele School,Intiobaipalle
Ippatla62Mpups S- Wing , Ippatla,Ippatla
Kadapanagayyapalli15M.P.Ele.School,New Building,Kadapanagayapalli,Kadapanagayapalle
Krishnamgaripalle174Mpup School,Krishnamgaripalle
Lingala52Zphs North Wing,E.Lingala
53Zph Schhol, South Wing,E.Lingala
Lomada14Mp Ele. School,New Building,Lomada
Mabbuchinthalapalli141Mpe School-,Mabbuchintalapalle
Malapalle H/O Chilekampalle242Mpps S-Wing,Malapalle
Mallela152Z P H S 9Th Class Room,Mallela
153Zp High School, 8Th Class Room Mallela,Mallela
Marella Madaka231Mpeschool, Northwing,,Marellamadaka
Motnutalapalli H/O Yarraballe114Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Motnutlpalli,
Murari Chinthala58Mpups, New Building,2Nd Class Room,Murarichinthala
Musalreddi Gari Palle11Mpup School,Musalreddigaripali
Muthukuru179Mpup School Muthukur New Building Room No.3,Muthukuru
Muttukuru180M P U P School New Building Room No.4 Muthukur,Muthukuru
Nagalaguttapalle H/O Surabhi244Zphs 10Thclass Room,Nagulagattupalle
Nagulagatta Palle H/O Surabhi243Zphs 7Th Class Room,Nagulagattupalle
Naguuru188Mpp School, Nagoor,Nagoor
Nallacheruvupalle127Mpes, North Wing,,Nallacheruvu Palle
Nallagonduvaripalli112Mpe School,Nallagonduvari Palle,
Nallapureddipalli110Zp High School, E - Side,Nallapureddypalle,
Nallapureddipalli H/O Yarraballe111Zphs, West Side Room,Nallapureddi Palle,
Nandipalli H/O.Kathaluru190Mpp School,,Nandipalle
Nandyalampalle3M.P.P.S.New Building,Nandyalampalle,Nandyalampalle
Narepalli129Mp Ele. School , E. Wing,Kondreddipalle
Nelavaramthanda224Mpps,Nelavaram Thanda
Paidipalem1Mppschool New Building (R And R Center),Paidipalem
Paluru173Mpup School E-Wing,Paluru
Pamuluru185Zphs W-Wing ,,Pamaluru
Parna Palle42Zphschool S-Wing Room No1,Parnapalle
Parnapalle44Mp Ele. School, New Building,Parnapalle
Parnapalli43Zphs Parnapalli Southern Wing Room.No2,Parnapalli
45M.P.Ele School New Building 3Rd Class Room,Parnapalli
Pedda Rangapuram68Pedda Rangapuram,Mpup(Newbuilding)Pedda Rangapuram
Peddajuturu133Mpup School Room 2,Peddajuturu
134Mpups Room No3,Peddajuturu
Peddakudala56Zphs E-Wing, Room No.1,Peddakudala
Peddarangapuram67Mp Upper Primary School,Peddarangapuram
Pernapadu131Mp Ele. School,Pernapadu
Polepalli126Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Polepalle
Pulivendla71Govt. Jr.Govt. High School, Main Room No 8,Pulivendla
73Govt. High School Main Room No. 7,Pulivendla
75Y.S.V.M. Govt. Jr. College. Chemistry Lab,Pulivendla
76Ysvrm Govt. Jr. College, Phisics Lab,Pulivendla
78Y.S.V.M.Govt. Jr. College. Office Room,Pulivendla
80Zphs(Ravindranatha)10 Asection,,Pulivendla
84Zphs (Ravindranatha High School) Staff Room,Pulivendla
85Gps (Ramanppa Satram Badi) 6Th Class Room,Pulivendla
86.Sri S. V. H. S,E - Wing, 6Th Class Room,Pulivendla
87Sri Saraswathi Vidyamandir High School 10Th Class,Pulivendla
89Mpups, 2Nd Ward, 7Th Class Middle Room,Nagarigattu,Pulivendla
90Mpups, 1St Room, Nagariguttu (Near Chinnanna Room),Pulivendla
91Mpes, Dpap, New Building, Mangala Colony,Pulivendla
93Mpps Dpep/Ssa (Sc Colony),Pulivendla
94Mpups N Side 1St Room , Nagarigutta,Pulivendla
97Mpps, Siyon Puram, 2Nd Class Room,Pulivendla
104Mpes (Urdu), New Building, E Wing, Islampuram,Pulivendla
105Zphs(Urdu), 10Th Class Room,Pulivendla
106Mpe School (Zpghs), Shed Beside New Building,Pulivendla
122Mppschool,Y.S.Jayamma Colony, Bhakarapuram
Pulivendula72Govt. High School, Main Room No. 9,Pulivendla
77Y S Venkata Reddy Memorial Jr College ,Staff Room,Pulivendla
79Govt Primary School (Ramanappasatram),Pulivendla
81Govt. H.S. (Ramanappa Satram Badi) 3Rd Class Room,Pulivendla
82Zphs(Ravindranatha)9Th Class C - Section,Pulivendla
92Mpup School, Near Mangala Colony,Pulivendla
95B.C Balura Hostel,Pulivendula
96Mpps, Siyon Puram, 1St Class Room,Pulivendla
98Mandal Parishad Upper Priyamary School 5 Th Class,Pulivendla
99Zphs (Girls), W - Wing, 1St Room, New Building,Pulivendla
100Mpps(Urdu) 1St Class Room,Pulivendla
103.Sri Mitta Malleswaraswamy H.S, N Side Room,.Pulivendla
Pulivenlda74Ysvr Memorial Govt Jr. College, Zoology Lab,Pulivendla
Rachakuntapalli H/O. Meedipentla149Aided Ele. School,,Rachakuntapalli
Ragimanupalle65Sarada Aided School,R. Thummalapalli
Ramanuthalapalli60Mpp School,Ramnutlpalli
Ramapuram35Bpep Building,Ramapuram
Ramireddipalle181Zphs E.Side,Ramireddipalli
Ramireddipalli182Zphs Western Wing,Ramireddipalli
Ravulakolanu7Z P H S, New Building 9Th Class Room Ravulakolanu,Ravulakolanu
Saidapuram176Mp Ele. School,Sydapuram,
Santhakovvuru159Zphs Santhakovvur East Side 9Th Class Room,Santhakovvur
Siddareddigaripalle H/O. Nersupalle251Mpps N-Wing,Shiddareddigaripalle
Simhadripuram16Mp Ele. School , 5Th Class,Simhadripuram
17Mp Ele. School ,3Rd Class,Simhadripuram
18Zphs, 10Th Tmclass, New Building,Simhadripuram
19Zphs, 10Th Classem, New Building,Simhadripuram
Sunkesula6M.P.P.School,South Room,Sunkesula,Sunkesula
T.Elamvaripalle222Mpups - W- Wing,T.Velamavari Palle
T.Velamavaripalli223Mpps Old Building Roomno1,T.Velamavaripalli
Teliki5M.P.P.School Teliki,Teliki
Telluru171Mpp School,Theluru
Thallapall191Mppschool, E.Wing,,Tallapalle,
Thallapalli192M P U P School Westring Wing Thallapalli,Tallapalle
Thatireddipalli49Mpup School,New Building,Thatireddipalli
Thimmapurampeta178Mp Ele. School,Thimmapurampeta
Thondur154Mpps. School, W-Side New Building 1St Class Room,Tondur
155M.P.P.S School. East-Side New Buiolding 5 Th Class,Tondur
Udavagandla168Mp Ele. School,Udavagandla
Ulimella69Mpups E-W New Building,Ulimella
70Mp Upper Primar School, W - Wing, New Building,Ulimella
Uppalavandlapalli239Zphs,West 8Th Class Room,Uppalavandlapalli
V. Kothapalli147Mpups W-Side,V. Kothapalli.
V.Kothapalli.146Mpups E.Wing,V. Kothapalli,
Varikuntapalle H/O Surabhi246Mppschool,Varikunta Palle
Veerannagattupalle228Mpups, New Building,Veerannagattupalle
Velidandla40Zphs, N-Wing, 6Th Class,Velidandla
Velpula139Mpups E. Wing,Velpula
140Mpups W Side,Velpula
Vempalle193Mpps Southern Wing Sc Colony Vempalli,Vempalli
194Mpps (Main) Rajeev Vidyamission Building Vempally,Vempalli
195Mpps(Bharati)School, Vempalle,Vempalli
196Zphs (B) N-Side Room No. 7,Vempalli
197Zphs (B) E-Side Room No.5,Vempalli
198Zphs (B) N-Wing Room No3,Vempalli
199Mpps Rajiv Nagar Colony New Building Room No1,Vempalli
201Bharathi Mandala Parishad School Western Wing Vemp,Vempalle
203Zphs (G) Room No8,Vempalli
205Zphs (G)W-Wing,Vempalli
206Zphs, (G) New Building Room No.12,Vempalli
208M.P.P.S,(Main) Western Wing, Near Market, Vempalli,Vempalli
210Mpps Bala Saraswthi, Vempalli,Vempalle
211Zphs(Urdu) E-Wing,Vempalli
212Zphs (U) W-Wing,Vempalli
213Mpps Sree Ram Nagar New Building Roomno2, Vempalli,Vempalli
214Mpps Sree Ram Nagar, New Buildinroom No4, Vempalli,Vempalli
215Mpp Shool. (U) New Building,W-Room,Vempalli
216Mpps Urdu Bidamitta, Vempalle,Vempalli
Vempalli202Bharathi Mandala Parishath School New North Side,Vempalli
204Bharathi Mandal Parishath School New Southern Side,Vempalli
207Zphs Girls Northern Wing,Vempalli
209Mpps (Main) Roomno4,Vempalli,Vempalli
Vempallle200Mpps Rajiv Nagar Colony New Building Room No2,Vempalli
Vemula142Zphs N- Wing,Vemula
143Zphs, S- Wing,,Vemula
144Zphs E.Wing,Vemula
Y. Kothapalli8M.P.P.Ele.School.,New Building Y. Kothapalle,Y.Kothapalle
Yadavavaripalli166Mpele School Eastern Wing,Yadavavaripalli
Yarraballi113Mp Elementary School, New Building,Yarraballi
Yarrabommanapalle236Mppschool New Building,Yerrabommanapalle
Yarragudi Palli121Mpup School Yarragudi Palli,Yerragudipalle
Yarragudipalli119Mandal Parishad Primary School, 1St Class Room,Yarragudipalle
120Mandal Parishad Primary School, 2Nd Class Room,Yerragudi Palle
Yerramreddipalli.108.Sriharahara Swamy Aideenglish Medium School,.Yarramreddipalle

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