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Polling Booth in Pedana Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

:     10:11:15 AM Kerala By Poll Trends to Assembly M C Kamaruddin of Indian Union Muslim League won with 4364 EVM votes in Manjeshwar constituency 10:00:11 AM Puducherry By Poll Read More…

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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

:     10:11:15 AM Kerala By Poll Trends to Assembly M C Kamaruddin of Indian Union Muslim League won with 4364 EVM votes in Manjeshwar constituency 10:00:11 AM Puducherry By Poll Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Pedana

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Aarthamuru126M P P School,Artamuru
Akulamannadu43M P U P S,Posinavari Palem
44M P P School,Suryaraopeta
45M P U P S Sarvasiksha Abhayan New Building,Pindivaripalem
47M P U P S East Side,Akulamannadu
48M P U P S Psarvasiksha Abhayan Building,Akulamannadu
Akumarru27Grama Panchayati Office Meeting Hall,Akumarru
Amudalapalli128Near To M P P School Community Hal,Amudalapalli Maddetipalli
129Near To M P P School Community Hal,Amudalapalli Maddetipalli
Anantayipeta H/O Kokanarayanapalem51Mpps, Potteluguntapeta,Potteluguntapeta
Arthamuru124Z P H School 10Th Class Room New Bldg,Artamuru
125Z P H School 9Th Claas Room New Bldg,Artamuru
Baliparru80M P U P School South Side,Baliparru
Bantumilli135Govt Jr College Room No 9 New Bldg,Bantumilli
136Govt Jr College Room No 8 South Side New Build,Bantumilli
137Z P H Joint Building Room No 1,Bantumilli
138Z P H School Room No 2,Bantumilli
Barripadu122M P U P School,(New Building), Barripadu,Barripadu
Chandala173M P U P School,Chandala
Chennuru52Z P H School 10Th Claas Room,Chennuru
53Z P H School 9Th Claas Room,Chennuru Rural
54Z P H School,Chennuru
Cherukumilli182Anganvadi Center,Cherukumilli,Cherukumilli
Chevendra60M P U P School South Side,Chevendra
61M P U P School North Side,Chevendra
China Thummidi151M P U P School,Chinatummidi
Chinagollapalem -2194C S I Primary School,Padatadika
Chinapaandraka185M P Ele Urdu Girls School,China Pandraka
186M P U P School,Ramapuram
187M P P School,China Pandraka
Chinapandraka Sivaru Patchaapuram184M P P School,Patchapuram
Chinna Gollapalem195P W D Guest House,Rallarevu
Chinnagollapalem196P W D Guest House,Rallarevu
197Z P H School,China Gollapalem
198Z P H School,China Gollapalem
199Z P H School,Chinagollapalem
200M P P School,Etimondi
Chittiguduru28M P U P S,Chittiguduru
Chodavaram73M P P School,Chodavaram
Chorampudi152Z P H School Northwise Pakka Building,Chorampudi
153Z P H School South Side Pucca Building,Chorampudi
Devarapalli75M P P School,Devarapalli
Dirisavalli70M P P School,Dirisavalli
Eedumudi88M P P School Katlapalli,Konkepudi Sivaru Katlapalli
89M P U P School New Building,Eedumudi
Endapalli181M P U P School,Endapalli
Gandram35M P P S,Gandram
Gantalammapalem46M P P S,Gantalammapalem
Garisepudi172M P U P School,Garisapudi
Guduru29Z P H S 9Th Claas B Section,Guduru
30Z P H S 10Th Claas A Section,Guduru
31Gramapanchayati Office Room,Guduru
32M P P S,Guduru
33Gramapanchayati Office,Tummalapalem
Gurijepalli34M P P S,Gurijepalli
Gurivindagunata65Near To M P P School Panchayati Office,Gurivindagunta
Harizanawada H/O Komallapudi162M P P School Kaputuru,Komallapudi
Idugulla Palli17M P P S Eastern Building,Aidugullapally
Interu188M P U P School,Interu
Jakkamcherla4M P P S,Jakkamcherla
Jinjeru84Gramapanchayati Office New Building,Jinjeru
85M P P School,Jinjeru
Kakarlamudi81M P U P School New Building,Kakarlamudi
82M P U P Schoolnew Building,Kakarlamudi
Kalapatam6M P P S,Kalapatam
Kamalapuram58M P U P School,Kamalapuram
Kanchadam121Z P H School East Side,Kanchadam
Kanchakoduru11M P U P S,Kanchakoduru
Kankataava39Z P H S East Side,Kankatava
Kankatava40Z P H S West Side,Kankatava
Kappala Doddi41Z P H School New Building,Kappaladoddi
Kappaladoddi42Z P H School Newbuilding,Kappaladoddi
Kavipuram66M P U P School,Gurivindagunta
Kokanarayana Palem50M P P School,Kokanarayanapalem
Komallapudi Sivaru Gollagudem161M P P School,Gollagudem H/O Kommallapudi
163Community Hall Harijanawada,Kaputuru
Kongamcharla67M P U P School,Kongamcharla
Konkepudi86M P U P School,Acchayyavaripalem
87M P P School,Konkepudi
Kooduru90M P P School,Kuduru
Koppalli62Gramapanchayati Office,Koppally
Korlapadu141M P P School New Bldg,Korlapadu
Kotavanipalem78M P U P School,Kotavanipalem
Kruthivennu176M P P School,Kruthivennu
180Z P H School,Sangamudi
Krutivennu175M P P School,Kruthivennu
178M P U P School,Valanka
179M P P School,Kruthivennu
Kruttivennu177Z P H School,Sangamudi
Kummaragunta68M P U P School,Kongamcherla
Lakshmipuram H/O Pallepalem169M P P School,Pallepalem
Lankalakalavagunta57M P P S North Side,Lankalavalagunta
Laxmipuram167M P P School,Lakshmipuram Laaku
171R C M School,Lakshmipuram
Lella Garuvu37M P U P S,Lellagaruvu
M P P Elementary School Joganandarao Colony108M P P Elementary School,Community Hall,Joganandara,M P P Elementary School,Community Hall,Joganandara
Maatlam164Z P H School,Matlam
Madaka79M P P School,Madaka
Maddipatla10M P P S R C C Bhavanam,Maddipatla
Malapa Rajugudem Pedatummidi Sivaru150Z P H School West Side,Mallaparajugudem
Mallapudi Chorampudi Sivaru154M P U P School,Mallampudi
Mallavolu19Z P H S Sarvasiksha Abhayan Bldg Western Side,Mallavolu
20Z P H S Sarvasiksha Abhayan Building Western,Mallavolu
21Z P H S Tiled House North Side,Mallavolu
22Z P H S Asbestas Sheet Shed 7Th A Section,Mallavolu
25Z P H S Rcc Building 6Th B Section,Mallavolu
Malleswaram139M P U P School New Building,Malleswaram
140M P U P School West Side,Malleswaram
Manieiswaram127M P P School New Bldg,Manimeswaram
Matlam165Z P H School,Matlam
Mpup School(Banglow)112M P U P School(Banglow),Pedana,M P U P School(Banglow),Pedana
Muchiligunta64Community Hal Panchayati Office,Mucchiligunta
Mukkollu1Jilla Parishad High School South Side,Mukkollu
2Z P H S North Side,Mukkollu
Mulaparru132M P U P S North Side,Mulaparru
133M P U P School New Building,Mulaparru
Mulaparru H/O Lakshminarayana Puram131M P P School,Mulaparru Lakshminarayanapura
Mulaparru Sivaru Nageswara Rao Peta130M P P School New Bldg,Nageswara Rao Peta Janakiramapuram
Munipeda157M P U P School,Munipeda
Munipeda Harizanawada158R C M School Harijanawada,Munipeda
Munjuluru119Z P H School 10Th Class Room,Munjuluru
120Z P H School 7Th Class Room,Munjuluru
Mutcharla63M P P School,Muccharla
Mutrasupalem H/O Mallavolu24M P P School,Mutrasipalem
Nadupuru93M P P School,Nadupuru
Naganna Cheruvu Chorampudi Sivaa Ru155M P P School,Nagannacheruvu
Nagavaram H/O Mukkollu3M P P S,Nagavaram
Nandamuru76M P U P Schoolwest Side Building,Nandamuru
77M P U P School North Side Building,Nandamuru
Nandigama91M P P Schoolsouth Side,Nandigama
92M P P School Uttar Bhagam,Nandigama
Narayanapuram144M P U P School,Narayanapuram
Narikedalapalem49M P P School,Narikedalapalem
Neelipudi160M P U P School,Neelipudi
Nehru Nagar Chorampudi Sivaa Ru156M P P School,Nehru Nagar
Nelakondapalli72M P P School,Nelakondapalli
Nidamarru189M P P School,Podu
190Panchayati Office,Nidamarru
191M P P School,Peda Gollapalem
192M P P School,Orlagonditippa
193Tuphanu Sheltar Harijanawada,Nidamarru
Nilipudi159M P U P School,Neelipudi
Pallepalem H/O Lakshmipuram168Z P H School,Pallepalem
Peadana94B G K Z P H School 10Th Claas Room,Brahmapuram
Peda Thummidi148Z P H S East Side,Pedatummidi
149Z P H School West Side,Pedatummidi
Pedana95M P P School,Brahmapuram
96B G K Z P H School 10Th Claas Room No 4,Brahmapuram
97B G K Z P H School 9Th Claas C Sec Room No 4,Brahmapuram
98B G K Z P H S 9Th Claas B Sec Tiled Shed,Brahmapuram
99M P P Girls School Back Northside,Pedana
100M P P Girls School Main Building Middle Room,Pedana 4Th Waardu
101M P P Urdu Boys School 4Th Ward,Pedana 4Th Waardu
102Mandalaparishad Urdu Balikala Pathashala New Bldg,Pedana 4Th Waardu
103M P P Urdu Girl School Community Hal,Pedana 5Th Waardu
104M P P Urdu Girls School Krishnatulasi Theatre,Pedana 5Th Waardu
105M P P School Harijanawada Krishnatulasi Theatre,Pedana Waardu No 3 Harijanawada
106M P U P School Harijanawada,Pedana 6Th Waardu
107Community Hall,Kanurinagar,Weavers Colony,Pedana
114M P D O Office East Side M P P Room,Pedana 15Th Waardu
117M P P S Turpu Bhagam,Pedana
Pedana Blaaku-12110M P P Bunglow School,Pedana
111M P P Bunglow School,Pedana
115Municipal Community Office South Side,Pedana
Pedana Blaaku-14116Staff Room Municipal Office,Pedana
Pedana Blaaku-16118M P P School West Side,Pedana
Pedana Blaaku-17109Mp Elele Scl,Joganandara Rao Colony,Eastside Room,Thotamula Pedana
Pedana Blaaku-2113M P P Urdu Mixed School,Pedana 15Th Waardu
Pedatummidi146M P P School East Side,Peda Tummidi
147M P P School West Side,Peda Tummidi
Penamadibba H/O Lakshmipuram170M P U P School,Pennamadibba H/O Pallepalem
Pendurru143Z P H School New Building South Side Room,Pendurru
Penduru142Z P H School New Bldg North Side Room,Pendurru
Penumalli71Z P H School,Penumalli
Pinagudurulanka5M P Urdu P S North Side,Pina Gudurulanka
Polavaram14M P P S,Polavaram
15M P P S Main Bldg,Polavaram
16M P P S New Bldg,Polavaram
Pullapaadu74R.C.M School,Pullapadu
R N Agraharam H/O Mallavolu23M P P S,R N Agraharam
Ramannamodi134M U P U P School,Ramanamodi
Ramannapet18Anganwadi Center,Ramannapeta
Ramanuja Vaarthala Palli38M P U P S,R V Palli
Ramaraju Palem26M P P S West Side,Ramarajupalem
Ramavarapumodi145M P U P School,Ramanamodi
Rayavaram12M P P S New Bldg,Rayavaram
13M P P S Ntiled House (Old),Rayavaram
Sathuluru123M P U P School,Satuluru
Serivarthala Palli69R.C.M School,Serivartulapalli
Sha Abdulla Palem36M P P Urdu School,Sha Abdullapalem
Singarayapalem83M P P School,Singarayapalem
Tadivennu174M P P School,Tadivennu
Tarakaturu7Z P H S South Side,Tarakaturu
Tharakaturu8M P P S North Side,Tarakaturu
Tharakaturu Palem9M P P S,Tarakaturu Palem
Uppala Kalavagunta59M P P School,Uppalakalavagunta
Uppuluru H/O Cherukumilli183M P P School,Uppuluru
Urivi55M P U P S Old Bldg,Urivi,Gayampadu,Narasappacheruvu
56M P U P S New Bldg,Urivi, G Padu, Narasappa Cheruvu
Zph Schoolsouth Side166Zph School,South Side,Matlam, Villege,Kruthivennu Mandal

Last Updated on August 22, 2014