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Polling Booth in Nidadavole Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

:   10:37:08 AM Kerala Result Status Candidate Wise Constituency Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin MANJESHWAR M C Kamaruddin Indian Union Muslim League Raveesh Thanthri Kuntar Read More…

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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

:   10:37:08 AM Kerala Result Status Candidate Wise Constituency Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin MANJESHWAR M C Kamaruddin Indian Union Muslim League Raveesh Thanthri Kuntar Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Nidadavole

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
. Khandavalli184Primary Agrl. Co.Op Society Building,Khandavalli
Ajjaram162Mp.Ele.School No.2,Ajjaram
163Mandala Primary School No 1 Ajjaram,Ajjaram
Annavarappadu190Mandala Prathamika School Annavarappadu,Western Side Building, Annavarappadu
Annavarappadu H/O Malleswaram191Mandal Primary School Annavarappadu,Eastern Side Building Annavarappadu
192Mandala Primary School Annavarappadu,Northern Side Building Annavarappadu
Atlapadu61M.P.Ele. School, Old Building,Atlapadu
62M.P.Ele. School, New Building,Atlapadu
Block 13 Part51Smt. Indiragandhi Mpl. Ele. School,South Side Room Subbaraju Peta
52Smt. Indiragandhi Mpl. Ele.,Uttaravaipu Gadhi, Subbaraju Peta
Chilakapadu104M.P.Ele School, New Building,Southren Side, Chilakapadu.
Chivatam117M.Pelimentari School Chivtam,Dakshinpu Bhagam, Chivtam
118M.Pelimentari School, Chivtam,Utharbhagam, Chivtam
119Mp Elementary School,No-1,Chivatam,Western Side Building
D.Muppavaram76M.P.U.P. School, East Side Room,New Building D ,Muppavaram
77Mpup.School West Side,D. Muppavaram
Damennu98Pelimentari School Dammennu,Turpuvaipu, Dammennu Block12
Gopavaram69M P E. School No1,Eastern Side Building
70Mandalaparishad Elementari School Western Side,Gopavaram
Jidigunta80M.P. Ele. School, No1 Building,East Side Building
K. Savaram122Grama Panchayathi Office New Building Beside Mpe,S,K.Savaram
Kadimpadu H/O P.Vemavaram196Mandala Parishat School Building Kadimpadu,Kadimpadu
Kakaraparru157Mandala Prathamik Pathashala No.1 Kakaraparu,South Side Building Kakaraparru
158Svszph School Jawaharlal Nehru Block,Sas Building Northern Side Room Kakaraparru
160M.Pp.School No 3,West Side Building
161Mandala Prathamika Pathashala No.3,Eastern Side Building Kakaraparru
Kalavacharla81M.P.Ele. School, New Bhavanam,Kalavacharla
Kaldari88Elementary School Nena.1, Kaldari,Western Side New Building, Kaldhari Block 1To3
89Yampielimentari Skul Nena.1, Kaldari,Western Side New Building, Kaldhari
90Mp Ele School. No.3 ,New Building,,Eastern Part, S.C Peta,Kaldhari
91Elementary School No.3, Kaldari,Westernsidehaijanawadakaldhariblock427
Kamasalipalem19M.P.U.P School,South Side Building,Kamsali Pa
Kamsalipalem20Mpup.School New Building Room No 2 Kamsalipalem,Kamsalipalem
Kanuru145Jilla Parishat High School,Northersnside Building East Side Room
146Jilla Parishat High School,Sourthernside Buildingwestern Side Room No 3
147M.P.P. School , No.1 , South Side Building,,South Side Room, Kanuru
148M.P.P . School , No.1 South Side Building,Northern Side Room Kaanooru
149Jilla Parishat High Pathashala,Northern Side Building Western Side Room
Kanuru Agraharam150Mppup.School No.1,Kanuru Agraharam
Kapavaram173Mandala Pradamika Patasala No 1 Kapavaram,Northern Side Building ,East Side Room Kapavaram
174Grama Panchayat Office Kapavaram,Kapavaram
175Mandala Primary School No 1 Kapavaram,Southern Side, New Building Kapavaram
Karravari Savaram120M.Pelimentari School , Karrawari Sawaram,Utharanvaipu Bhavanam, Karrawari Sawaram
121M.Pelimentari School , Karrawari Sawaram,Dhakshinpuvaipu Bhavanam, Karrawari Sawaram
Katakoteshwaram12Mandalaparishad Elementari School Western Side,Gopavaram
13Mpeleschool Southsidebuilding,Katakoteswaram
Khandavalli178Z .P H.School Khandavalli,South Side Building , Last Room Khandava
179Z. P High Scool Khandavalli,Southside Building East Side First Room
180Grama Panchayati Office Khandavalli,Khandavalli
181Mandalaprathamikapathasalano.1 Khandavalli,Southeren Side Building
182M.P.P.School ,No.1 ,Ssarcc Building,Southren Side Room,Khandavalli
183M.P.P.School ,No.1 ,Ssarcc Building,Northren Side Room,Khandavalli
185Z.P..H.School Khandavalli,Western Side Building ,North Side Room
186Z.P..H .School Khandavalli,Western Side New Building North Side Room
Korumamidi1M.P.Ele School, No.1,Rvm New Building,Room No-2, Korumamidi
2M P P E School No 1 South Room No 1,Korumamidi
3Z P H School Southern Side 2Nd Room,Korumamidi
4Z P H Southern Side 3Rd Room,Korumamidi
5M P Ele School No 4 South Side Bhavanam Kottapet,Korumamidi
Korupalli84M.P.Ele. School, New Building,Korupalli
85M.P.U.P. School, New Building Northern Side Room,Korupalli
Kothapalli Agraharam176Mandala Primary School Agraharam,Kottapalli Agraharam
Malleswaram187Mandala Prathamika Patashala Malliswaram,Main Building Westernrn Side Room Malliswaram
188Mandala Prathamika Patashala Malliswaram,Main Building East Side Room Malliswaram
189Zilla Parishat Prathamikonnata School,Malliswaram,Wesetern Side Building Malliswaram
Mortha99M.P.E..School No1, Mortha,South Sidebhavanam,West Bhagam Mortha Block1To4
100M.P.E.School, No.1, Mortha,South Side Bhavanam,East Part ,Morthablck1To4
101M.P.E.School No.1, Mortha,Pashchimvaipubhavanam Southbhagam,Mortha Block56
102Z.P.H.School, No.1 Mortha,West Side Bhavanam, Uthara Bhagam Mortha
103Anganavaadi Building Mortha,Harijanpeta
Mpp Ele School No 2151M.P.U.P. School No. 2 , Ssa Building,Nothren Side,Kanuru Agraharam .
Mukkamala168Mandala Primary School No.1 Mukkamala,Western Side Building , Northern Side Room Mukkama
169Mandala Primary School No 1 Mukkamala,Western Side Building , Northern Side Room Mukkama
170Snp Zp High School Mukkamala,Northern Side Building Firstroom In Ground Floor
171Snp Zp.High School,Southernside 1St Room
172Snp Zp.High School,Northernside Mukkamala
Munipalli82Mp.P.Ele. School, Uttavaipu Bhavanam,Munipalli
83Mp Ele School No.1,Zinc Sheet Shed,,Sourtheren Side Room,Munipalli
Nadupalli143Mandalprishat Pradhamikpathashala No 1,New Building South Side ,
Nadupalli 1And 2142Mpp School No.1 Nadupalli,Northern Side Building,
Nadupalli Block 3144M.P.P.School,No.2,,Eastren Side Building ,Nadupalli Kota
Nallakulavaripalem177Mandalaprimaryschool Nallakulavaripalem,Middlebuilding
Nidadavole21Mpl.Ele.School, Lingampalli,Nidadavole
22Bvln.Raju.Mup.School.Takkaribaba Peta.,Nidadavole
23Bvln.Raju .U.P School.East Side Old Building,Nidadavole
24Mpl. Elementary School, S.T. Colony,Nidadavole
30Govt. Junior College, (Boys) Vocational Building,Room No. 21, Nidadavole
36Z.P. Girls High School, Sarvasiksha Abhiyan Room,Northern Side, Nidadavole
39N.T.R. Municipal High School, Southern Side,Room No.2 Back Side Of Govt. Hosp., Nidadavole
54Asst Engineers Office,Behind Railway Gate
Nidadavole 10 Blacku Paartu41Dr Ambedkar Muncipal Ele Schoo,Nidadavole
42Dr Ambedkar Muncipal Ele Schoo,Nidadavole, Room 3
Nidadavole 11 Blacku44Sahaya Egjikyutiv Injaneeruafisu (R And B),Nidadavole
Nidadavole 12 Blacku Paartu45L L R .Mpl. School Eastern Side Second Room,Indira Nagar, Nidadavole
46L L R Mpl School Western Side 1St Room,Indira Nagar Nidadavole
47A.S.R .Ele.School,Gandhi Nagar,Nidadavole
Nidadavole 13 Block Part49Seyint Ambrus Haiskul Seyint Ambrus Haiskul,Main Building, Tupu Vaipu Akari Gadhi
50Saint Ambros High School,Padamaravaipu Akari Gadhi
Nidadavole 13 Part48Seyint Ambrus Haiskul Seyint Ambrus Haiskul,Main Building, Padamara Gadhi
Nidadavole 14-1-1 To 14-14-1353Hindu Eyided Elimentari Skul,Basivereddy Peta, Nidadavole
Nidadavole 2 Blacku26Bvln.Raju.Mup.School,Takkaribabapeta.Eastside Part,Eastern Side Part Nidadavole
Nidadavole 2 Blacku Partu27Rongala Ammiraju M.Ele.School ,Ramnagar,Nidadavole
Nidadavole 2 Block37Ntr Muncipal H.School No 1,Govt., Hospital Back, Dakshina Bagam
Nidadavole 2 Paartu28Rongala Ammiraju Purpalaka Elementary School,Nidadavole
Nidadavole 4 Blacku32Govt,Boys,Jr College,Nidadavole, Room 9
Nidadavole 5 Blacku33Gawarnamentu Balura Juniyar Kaleg,Nidadavole
Nidadavole 6-1-1 To 6-15 7-1-1 To 7-4 End34Jilla Parishat Balikonnata Pathashala,Nidadavole, Main Building
Nidadavole 67 Blacks35Jilla Parishat Balikonnata Pathashala,Nidadavole
Nidadavole 8 Blacku31Govt Boys Vocational Jr College,Nidadavole
Nidadavole 9 Blacku Paartu38Ntr Muncipal H.School No 3,Govt., Hospital Back,
40Mother Therissampl Ele School,Nidadavole Jyothy Colony
Nidadavole10 Blacku Paartu43Dokka Sitammoriyantal Muncipal High School,Nidadavole, Room 2
Nidadavole2 Blacku Paartu25Bvln.Raju.Mup.School.West Side Part.Takkaribabapet,Western Side Part
Nidadavole3 Blacku29Gawarnamentu Girls Junior College,Western Side , Nidadavole
P.Vemavaram193Mandal Primaru School No 1 P.Vemavaram,Eastern Side Building , Northern Side Room P,Vema
194Mandal Parishat School P.Vemavaram,Western Side Building ,Middle Room P. Vemavaram
195Mpp School S S A Building,South Side Room, East Side Building
Palangi123M.Pe School N0 1 Palnagi,Dhakshinpuvaipu Bhagam, Palnagi
124M.P.E School, 1 Palnagi,Utharbhagam, Palnagi
126Mp Elementary School,Palangi,Southern Side Building,Right Side Part
Palnagi125Mpe.School No 1 Palangi,Western Side Build, South Side Room
Pandalaparru78Mandala Parishat Elimentari Skul,New Building, Pandalaparru
79M.P.El. S. No 1 New Building,South Side Room Pandalaparru
Pasalapudi105M.P.Ele., School, Pasalapudi,Utharanvaipu, Pasalapudi
106M.P.Ele., School, Pasalapudi,Dakshna Side, Pasalapudi
Pendyala86M.P.U.P. School, Dakshina Vaipu Gadhi,Pendyala
87M.P.U.P. School, Uttavaipu, New Building,Pendyala
Peravali164Mandal Primary School Peravali,Wesetern Building ,Northern Side Room Peravali
165Mandala Primary School Peravali,Southern Side Room West Side Buil
166Government High School Peravali,Southern Side Building Room No 4
167Government High School Peravali,Southern Side Building Room No 2
Purushotha Palli73Mp Ele School No 1,Uttaravaipu Bhavanam, Purshothapalli
Purushottapalli74Mp Ele School No 1 New Building,Dakshinavaipu New Building
75Mp Elc School No.2,New Building,Westren Side Room, Purushothapalli
Ravimetla17M.P.E.School Zinc Sheet Shed,Ravimetla
18M.P.Ele.School Southside Building,Ravimetla
Samisragudem66M.P. Elementary School No.2 Eastern Side,Zinc Shed, Samisragudem
Sammisri Gudem65Mp Elc. Schoool N.O2,Rvm New Building,,Northen Side Room,Samisragudem
Sammisri Gudem 78 Blocks68Zph School,Rcc Building,Ground Floor, Northen Block, Third Room
Sammisrigudem63M.P.U.P. School, Soute Side Room,Samisragudem
64M.P.Ele. School , Northern Side Room,Samisragudem
67Zph School,,Rcc Building, 1St Room, Samisragudem
Satyavada107Z.P.H. School, Weastern Side Building,Northen Room, Satyawada
108Jillaparishad Hai School, Sathyawad,Utharanvaipu Bhavanam, Padmrvaipu Gadi, Sathyawad
109Z.P.High School, Satyavada,School Complex South , East Corner Building
Settipeta59Mp Ele School East Side Room,Settipeta
60Zph School, New Building, Room No-1,Settipeta
Singavaram 123 Blacks56M.P.U.P School, South Side,Middle Room Singavaram
Singavaram123 Blacks55Mp Up School Northside Room,Singavaram
Surapuram14M.P. Ele.School,South Side ,,Surapuram
Surya Rao Palem112Mpe.School No 1 Surya Rao Palem,Sarvasiksha Abhiyan Building
Suryarao Palem110M.P.E.School .Surya Rao Palem,Turpubhagam Pata Bhavanam,Suryaravupalemblock1To5
111M.P.E.School, Suryaraopalem,Pashchimbhagam, Pata Bhavanam, Suryaravu Palem
Tadimalla6Z.P.High School Block No 1Roomno1,Tadimalla
7Z.P.H.School Block 1,Room No 2,Tadimalla
8Z. P. H. School Block 2 First Room,Tadimalla
9M P E. School No1,Eastern Side Building
10M.P. School No.2 Western Side Building,Tadimalla
Tadiparru138Mp.El.School,Northerside Building East Part
139Mpele,School,Northernside Building Middle Room
140Grama Panchayat Office Tadiparru,Tadiparru
141Varalakshmi Mahilamandali,Tadiparra
Tallapalem57M.P. Ele. School,,Old Building Tallapalem
58M.P.Ele. School, New Building,Tallapalem
Teeparru155Mp P School Thiparru,Southern Side Building Room No 2
Thimmarajupalem15M.P.U.P.Swestsidebuilding Roomno1,Thimmarajupalem
16M.P.E.U.P.School West Side Building Room No 2,Thimmaraju Palem
156Mp.P.School No.1,Southernside Building Westernside Partroom 4
Unakaramilli11Mp.Ele.School Southside Block 2,Unkirimilli
Undrajavaram127Z.P.High School, Vundrajavaram,Southern Side New Building ,East Sidvundrajavaram
128Mvn.Z.P H.School, Undrajavaram,Southern Side Building Room No2 Undrajavaram
129Mvn,Zp.H .School, Undrajavaram,South Side Middle Building Staff Room
130Mvn Zph.School Undrajavaram,South Side Part, Main Building Room No 2
131Mvs Zp High School, M.Subbayamma Builing,New Bloch, Room No-1, Sourthren Side.
132Mvs Zp High School, M.Subbayamma Builing,New Bloch, Room No-2, Sourthren Side.
133Smtburugupallisatyavathi M.Pes1Vundrajavaram,Lingaldibba Utharanvaipu Bhavanam, Vundrajavaram
134Smtburugupallisatyavathi M.Pe.S.1Vundrajavaram,Lingaldibba Madhya Bhavanam, Vundrajavaram
Undrajavaram Block 18135Smtburugupalli Satyavathi M.Pes.1Vundrajavaram,Lingaldibba Dhakshinanvaipu Bhavanam, Vundrajavara
Usulumarru152Mp.Up.School,Westernside Part
Usulumarrupadu /Sitharamapuram153Mandala Parishat Prathamik Pathashala,Usulumarrupadu H/O Usulumarru
Vadluru113M.P.Ele School, No.1 Vadluru,West Side Building
114Jillaparishad High School, Vadluru,East Side New Buil
115M.P.Ele .School No 1,S.S.A. Building Western Side Room Vadluru
116M.P.Ele., School, No.2, Vadluru,Vadluru,Harijanapet
Velagadurru136Mp.E.School,Building Uttaram Side Room
137Mp.El.School No.1,Middle Building Velagadurru Southern Side Room
Velivennu96Z Phigh School, Velivennu,Room No 7, Velivennu Block7
Velivennu Block 192Gram Panchayat Office, Velivennu,Meeting Hall
Velivennu Block 494Zillaparishath Highschool Velivennu,Room No 11 Velivennu
Velivennu Block 5 And 695Zillaprishat Highschool, Velivennu,Room No 10 Velivennu
Velivennu Block 897M.P.Ele. School Room No.2 Velivennu,North Side Building Sc Peta
Velivennun Block 2 And 393Elementary School , Velivennu,Downstair, Southern Side, Velivennu Block2,3
Venkataraya Puram159Mpp Ele School, Venkatarayapuram,Venkataraya Puram
Vijjeswaram71M.P.U.P. School, Vijjeswaram,South Side Building
72M.P.U.P. School, North Side Building,Vijjeswram

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