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Polling Booth in Kovur Assembly Constituency

Live Election News

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

: Final By Poll Election Result summary By Poll – States Constituency Name Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin Final Result Arunachal Pradesh Khonsa West Smt. Chakat Read More…

Latest Election News and Update

Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

: Final By Poll Election Result summary By Poll – States Constituency Name Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin Final Result Arunachal Pradesh Khonsa West Smt. Chakat Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Kovur

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Aalurupadu148M.P.P.School West Side Room,Alurupadu
Alaganipadu207R.M. S.A , Z.P.H.S Building Ground Floor, South Si,Alaganipadu
208R.M. S.A , Z.P.H.S Building Ground Floor, North Si,Alagani Padu
Annareddypalem205M.P.P.U.P. School,New Building Eastern Side Room,Annaredd Palem Mudavarthi Mazara
206M.P.P. U P School, Old Building, Western Side Room,Annareddypalem
Basavayapalem180M P P Primary School East Side Room,Basavaiah Palem
Bodduvari Palem165M.P.P.U.P.School Room1,Kanisiri Palem
166M.P.P.Primary School West Side,Dakshina Harijana Wada Bodduwari Palem
Buchi Reddypalem12Z.P.H.S Girls High School Old Building West Room,Buchireddypalem
Buchireddipalem11Zpghs, Nb, Room 2,Buchireddipalem
16Mppp School(Urdu)Boys Near Sadimanjil,Buchireddypalem
Buchireddy Palem19Mppps Urdu Girls Room No 3 Khaja Nagar South,Buchireddy Palem
Buchireddypalem13Zp Girls High School Old Building East Room,Buchireddipalem
14Dodlapadmini Umamaheswari M.P.P.P.School Westroom,Buchireddypalem
18M.P.P.P.School Urdu Girls Room 2, Khajanagar South,Buchireddipalem
20M.P.P.P.School, (Urdu) Girls Room1 Khaja Nagar Sou,Buchireddipalem
21Gramapanchayathi Office North Side Room,Buchireddy Palem
22Dr. Ambethkar Bhavan Buchireddy Palem,Buchireddypalem
23Asr Memorial Library Building,Buchireddipalem
24Community Hall Nera Asr Library,Buchireddypalem,Buchireddypalem
25D.L.N.R High School Additional Building North Sid,Buchireddipalem
26D.L.N.R.G.H.S.Addl Building, Soth Side Room,Buchireddypalem
27M.P.P.P.School, Santhi Nagar, Girijana Colony 1St,Buchireddy Palem
28Mpp P School(Ssa) Santhi Nagar 2Nd Building,,Buchireddypalem
29Salivahana Community Hall,Santhi Nagar,Buchireddypalem
30Mppups Room 3 Kanisiri Palem,Buchireddypalem
31M.P.P.P.S 3Rdbuilding , Patha Kasipalem,Buchireddipalem
32M.P.P.P.School 1St Building Room1,Pathakasipalem
33Rashtriya Madyamika School Eastern Room Dlnrhs,Buchireddy Palem
34Rastriya Madyamika Schol West Room Dlnr H School,Buchireddypalem
35D.L N R Jr.College Room2,Buchireddypalem
36D.L N R Jr College Room4,Buchireddipalem
Butchireddy Palem15Dodla Padmini Memorial Mppps,Old Building Rum1,Buchireddy Palem
17Mppps (Urdu)Boys Old Building Near Shadi Mandir,Buchireddy Palem
Chandra Sekhara Puram168M.P.P.Upper.Primary School West Side New Building,Chandrashekara Puram
Chandramouli Nagar Padugupadu Majara92Community Hall,Chandramouli Nagar, G.C, Padugupadu
Chellaya Palem64M.P.U.P.School East Side Room Chellayapalem,Chellayapalem
Chellayapalem63M.P.P.School, Pallipalem,,Chellayapalem
Cherlopalem Veguru Majara128Grama Panchayat Karyalayam, Cherlopalem,Cherlopalem Veguru Majara
Chowkacharla185Mppup School North Side Room,Chowkacharla
186Mpp Up School, South Side,Chowkacharla
Chundugunta Kovur Mazara111M.P.P..S Chundi Gunta,Chundugunta , Kovur
Damaramadugu67M.P.P.S School Urdu West Rom,Damaramadugu
68Grama Sachivalaya Grandhalayam,Damaramadugu
69M.P.P.P.School, 1St Room Harijanawada,Damaramadugu Harijanawada
71Zilla Parishad High School,Room No.1, 10Th Class A,Damaramadugu
Damegunta182M P P P School,Damegunta
Dampuru188Mppup School East Side Room 1,Dampuru
189Mppup School West Side Room Room2,Dampuru
East Patthapu Palem249M.Pp P.S 5Th Class Room,East Patthpupalem - Mypad
Gadeladinne209Mppup School,New Building Ground Floor,Gadeladinne
Gandavaram160Z.P.High School, South Side Block 10Th Class Broom,Gandavaram
161Z.P.H.S Middle Block North Side Room 9Th Class A,Gandavaram
162Z.P.H.S.Midle Block South Side Staff Room,Gandavaram
Gandhi Nagar Mudivarthi Mazara204M.P.Pp.School, Northern Side Room,Gandhi Nagar Mudivarthi Mazara
Gangapatnamu241M.P.P.P.S. N.B. 4,5Th Class Rooms,Gangapatnam
242Zphs. 10Th Class Room,,Gangapatnam
243Mppups, N E Wing 6Th Class Room,Gangapatnamu
244Old Community Hall,Gangapatnamu
Gangavaram77M P U P Schoolu South Room,Gangavaram
78M.P.U.P. Schoolu North Room,Gangavaram
Gollakondaya Thopu190M.P.P P School Eastern Side Room,Isakapalem
Gummalla Dibba Kovur Mazara126P.S.M.P.P.U.P.School , West Side New Building,Gummalladibba,Kovur Majara
127P.S.M P P U P School East Side,Gummalla Dibba
Gundalamma Palem175M.P.P.U P School South Block East Side Room,Gundlamma Palem
Harijanawada North Rajupalem -7159Zphs Room No 8 ,7 Class C Section,North Rajupalem
Inamadugu93M P P S, Western Room, Near Water Tank,,Inamadugu
94Mahila Mandali Bhavan Building, Near Water Tank,Inamadugu
95M.P.P.S,Southern Side Buillding,,Inamadugu
96Mpps, Eastern Building,,Inamadugu
97Sc.Aided School, South Building,,Inamadugu
98Nvkrzphs, East Side Room 9Th Class Bse,Inamadugu
Inamadugu Majara Jammipalem99M.P.P.School,Jammipalem Main
Indhukurupeta Ii267M P P P S 5Th Class Room Eastren Wing,Indhukurupeta Ii
Indukurpet - Ii269Magunta Kotaareddy High School 8 Class Room Sadhar,Indukur Peta -2
Indukurupeta260M.P.U.P.S School,Indukurpet
263Z.P.G.H.S New Building,Indukurpet
Indukurupeta 1262Z.P.G.H.S New Building,Indukurpet 1
Indukurupeta-1261M.P.P.P.S 5Th C Room,,Indukuru
264Z.P.P.Gh.S New Building,Indukurpet
Indukurupeta-2265Z.P.H.S. 7Th C Room,,Indukurupeta-2
266Mppps Phc North Wing,Indukur Pet-2
268Magunta Kota Reddy High School N.B, S.W,Indukurupeta-2
Iskapalem39M.P.P P School Eastern Side Room,Isakapalem
40Andhra Pradesh Mahila Training Center, Balakrishna,Iskapalem
41Grama Panchayati Office, Iskapalem, Iskapalem
Iskapalem Majra Pallipalem37Mppp School, Eastern Building,Pallipalem
38Anganwadi School Building,Pallipalem,Iskapalem,Pallipalem
Iskapalem Majra Polinaidu Cheruvu10M.P.U.P.School South Side Building,Polinaiducheruvu, Iskapalem
Iskapalem Majra Vaddipalem43M.P P.U.P.School, North Side Building,Vaddipalem
Jonnavada58M.P.P U.P School, West Side,Jonnawada
Jonnawada59M.P.P.U.P.S, East Side Room No.2 Jonnavada,Jonnawada
Joshna Nagar145Anganwadi Building, Joshna Nagar,Joshna Nagar
Kaalavamula Kandriga240M.P.P.P..S,Kalvmula Kandriga
Kalayakagollu65M.P.P.U.P. School,South Side Building Middle Room,Kalayakagollu
66M.P.U.P.School,North Side Building 1St Room From E,Kalayakagollu
Kamma Palem Bodduvari Palem Mazara167M.P.P.Up School 4Th Class Room,Kamma Palem
Kattakinda H.Wada (Veguru)129M.P.P.School, Kattakindacherlopalem,Kattakinda Harijanawada(Veguru)
Kodavaluru176Z.P. High School East Bolck 2Nd Room North Side 7T,Kodavalur
177Z P H School North Block 1St Room East Side,Kodavaluru
178Z.P.H.S.Padamara Room-2 From South,Kodavaluru
Kodavaluru - 4179Zphs 8 Class Room Kodavalur,Kodavaluru
Koma Rika256Z.P.P.H School 9Th Classroom North Side,Komarika
257Z.P.H.S. 8Th C Room,Komarika
Koruturu251M.P.U.P S 3Rd Class Room,Koruturu
252M.P.P.U.P S 1St And 2Nd Class Room,Koruturu
Kotha Padugupadu83M.P.P.S, Eastern Side Room, Railway Feeders Road,,Padugupadu
84M P P S, Western Side Room, Railway Feeders Road,,Padugupadu
85N M C A U P S., Northernroom, Nethajinagar,Padugupadu
86Nehru Memorial Comity Aided U.P.S,Southernside,Padugupadu
Kothavangallu135Z.P..Phigh School East Side Room,Kothavangallu
139M.P.P .S Srinivasa Puram,Kothavangallu
Kothavangallu Majra Bontalpalem137M.P.P..School, Bontalapalem,Kothavangallu Majaraa Bontalapalem
Kothavangallu Majra Guntakatta138M.P.P.School, North Side Room Ramanareddigunta,Kothavangallu Majaraa Guntakatta
Kovur103Tnc Govt Jr College Room 2 Southern Side Room,Kovur
105Jbr Govt High School Room 9,Kovuru
106Jbr Govt High School Room 8,Kovuru
110Z.P.G.H.S 8Th Class Room South Side,Kovur
112Viyani Social Service Centre, Patha Bhavan Inmpps,Kovuru
113T Nc G Jr College, Room No.12,,Kovuru
114Aided .P.S, Rallamita, V.P. East Side Room,,Kovuru
115Aided.P.S, Rallamitta, West Side Room,Kovuru
116Muruguru Seshaiah Memorial Aided H School, South,Kovuru
117Jbr Govt High School New Building Westrenside Room,Kovuru
118M P U P S, Middle Building, Kapu Street,,Kovuru
119Sk Mahila Reading Room,,Kovuru
120Jbr Govt H School New Building East Side Room,Kovuru
121M P U P S, New Building, Chavadi Street,,Kovuru
122P.S.M.P..S Ground Floor North Side,Kovuru
123Byna Ramanaiah M.P.P.S, Kottur Road,,Kovuru
124P S.M.P.P.S, Kottur Road,,Kovuru
125A.S.M. M P P S, Santhi Nagar,,Kovuru
Kovuru104Mppes 2 Word Hindu West Side Room Laxminagar, Kovuru
109Z.P.G.H.S .Eastern Block North Side Room,Kovur
Krishna Puram250M.P.P.P.S. North Wing,Krishan Puram Mypad Majara
Kudithi Palem237M.P.U.P.S 5Th Class Room,Kuditi Palem
238Mppup School Old Building 6Th Class,Kudithi Palem
Leburu230M.P.U.P.S 7Th Class Room N B.,Leburu -1
231M.P.U.P.S Old Bildingu 5Th Class Room,Leburu
Leburu-2 (Jagadevipeta)273M.P.U.P.S 4Th Class Room South Wing,Jagadevipeta
Leburu-2 Jagadevipeta274M.P.P.S. S.C. Colony N.B S.W,Jagadevipeta
Leburu-2(Jagadevipeta)272M.P.P.U.P.S 1St Class Room,Jagadevipeta
Legun Tapadu101Z.P.H.S. Leguntapadu, Room No. 5 7Th Class,Leguntapadu
Leguntapadu100Z.P.Hs, Room. No. 3, 10Th Class Room,Legunta Padu
102Mpps, Ambedkar Nagar,,Leguntapadu
Maneygunta Padu150P.R.Memorial M.P.P.P.School,Maneguntapadu
Mina Gallu56Z P H Schoolu, Room No.2,Minagallu
Minagallu55Z.P.H.School, Room 1,Minagallu
57Z.P.H School, New Building North Side Room No 3,Mina Gallu
Modegunta134M.P.P.School,West Side Room,,Modegunta
Mudavarthi201K.N.R. And V.M Z.P.H.S,Eastern Side6Th Class Room,,Mudivarhti
202K.N.R And Vm .Z.P.H.S,Middle Room 10Th Class,Mudivarthi
203K.N.R And Vm .Z.P.H.S,Western Side Room,Mudavarthi
Mudivarthi Palem'236Z.P.H.S 10Th Class Room,Mudivarthipal
Mudivarthipalem235Z.P.P.H.S 8Th Class Room,Mudivarthi Palem
Munulapudi2M.P.Pprimary..Schcool South Building Munula Pudi,Munulapudi
Munulapudi Majra Reddipalem1M.P.P.U.P.School, New Building Reddypalem Of Munul,Munulapudi Majra Reddipalem
Mypadu246M.P.P.P S 4Th C Room,Mypad
247M.P.P.P.S. 3Rd Class Room Mypad,Mypad
Nagamambapuram51M.P.P.U.P.School, Middle Building,Nagamambapuram
52M.Pp..U.P.School, North Side Building,Nagamambapuram
Nagaraja Thopu232M.Ppp.S North Side,Nagaraja Topu
Narasa Puram255Z.P.H.S 10Th C Room B Section,Narasapuram
Narasapuram254Z.P.H.S 10Th C Room A Section,Narasapuram
Nayudu Palem174M.P.P.Uppaer Primary School South-West Room,Naidu Palem
Netaji Nagar Padugupadu Majara87M.P.P P School South Room Stovebeedi Colony,Netaji Nagar,Padugupadu Majara
88M.P.P.S. North Room Netaji Nagar Stovebeedi Colony,Netaji Nagar, Padugupadu Majara
Nidumusali234M.P.P.P.S 6Th 7Th Class,Nidumusli
North Raju Palem153M.P.P.School North Block North West Room,North Rajupalem
155Z P H School Room No 10 9Th Class A Sce,Northrajupalem
157Z P H School Room No 11 10Th Class C Sce,Northrajupalem
158Z P H S R. No 12 10Th Class A Sce,Northrajupalem
North Rajupalem -4156Zphs Room No 7,7 Class B Section,North Rajupalem
Northrajupalem - 2154Mppps North Block North -West Room No 2,North Rajupalem
Paagavari Palem275Community Hall Pagvari Palem,Paga Varipalem
Padhdamara Patthapupalemmypad248M.P.P. S 4Th C Room,West Patthpupalem,
Padmanabha Satram173Nune Ratna Setty M.P.P.U.P.S.West Side Room No.1,Padmanabha Satram
Padugupadu90Mppups East Side 2 Building,Pathapadugupadu
Pallaprolu42Mppps Iskapalem Main Village,Iskapalem
Palle Palem245M.Ppp.S 1St And 2Nd Class Rooms Pallipalem,Pallepalem
Pallepadu228Govt Primary S North Wing 3Rd C Room,Pallepadu
Pallipadu227Govt Primary School 1St C Room Pallipadu,Pallipadu
229Govt Primary School North Wing 4 Class Room Pallip,Pallipadu
Pallipalem72M P P School, Pallipalem Of Damaramadugu,Pallipalem Of Damaramadugu
271Mppps 2 And 3 Class Rooms,Paamulavaripalem
Panchaagnulavari Kandriga (J.V.Doruvu)276M.P.P.S Jangamvaridoruvu,Jangamvaridoruvu
Panchedu53M.P.P.P.School,South Side Room,Panchedu
54Mppp School Westran Room, Panchedu,Panchedu
Parlapalli183Z.P.H. School , East Side,Parlapalli
184Z.P.H. School, North Side,Parlapalli
Patha Padugupadu89M.P.U.P.School, East Room,Patha Padugupadu
91M P U P S West Room,Patha Padugupadu
Patha Vangallu136K.S.R M M.P.P.U.P School,Pathavangallu
Paturu73M.P..School, South Room Paturu(Main),Paturu
74M.P.P.S., Northern Room Paturu(Main),Paturu
75Z.P. H School Pathuru North Wing Room No 3,Paturu
76Z.P. H Schoolu Paturu North Room No 6,Patur
Pellakur Colony Kovur108M P P.S Southern Building,Pellakuru Colony
Pellakur Colony Kovur Majara107M.P.P.S, East Side Building,Addl. Room,Pellakuru Colony, Kovur
Penuballi60Mpp P School, North Side 1St Room,Penuballi
61Mppp School South Side 1St Room,Penuballi
Peyyala Palem164M.P.P.P.S East Side Room,Peyyalapalem
Ponnapudi213Cyclone Shelter,,Ponnapudi
214Mppup School, Room No.1 Eastern Room,Ponnapudi
215Mppup School, Room No.4 Western Side,Ponnapudikothur
Pothireddi Palem79M.P.U.P. Schoolu North Side Old Room,Pothireddy Palem
80M.P.U.P.S, North Side New Room,Pothireddypalem
82M.P.Pup.S.,Eastern Room, Guntakatta,,Pothireddypalem
Pothureddy Palem81M.P.P.P.School, New Building G.C,,Chandrasekhara Puram
Punnuru233Mppup School Old Building 1- 5 Class Room,Ponnuru
Racharlapadu169M.P.P.U.P.School South - West Room,Racherlapadu
Ragavendra Reddy Nagar H/O Vavveru5M.P.P.U.P.School Room1,Kanisiri Palem
Raghavareddy Colony6Mpp Upper Primary School,Room No.4,,Kanisiripalem
Ramachandra Reddy Nagar70M.P.P.P.S, East Side Roomramachandra Reddy Nagar,Ramachandra Reddy Nagar
Ramanna Palem Kothuru152Mppps East Side Room St Colony Ramannapalem Kothur,Ramannapalem Kothur
Ramannapalem151M.P.P.U P School, South Side,Ramannapalem
Ramateertham216Mpp P School, Noth-West Room Z.P.H.S Compound,Ramateertham
217Zp H School, Eastern Side 1St Room,Ramateerdham
218Zp H School, Eastern Side 2Nd Room,Ramateertham
Ramudupalem239M.P.P.U P S New Building, 1St 2Nd Class Rooms,Ramudupalem
Ravuru258M.P.P.P.S 2Nd Class Room,Ravuru
259Mppps 1 Class Room Ravuru,Ravuru
Rebala45Z.P.High School Room No.7, Rebala,Rebala
46Z.P.High School Room No.6, Rebala,Rebala
47Zphs Room 3 Rebala,Rebala
Rebala Majra Ammavarithopu48M.P.P.P.S Ammavarithopu Rebala,Ammavarithopu
Rebala Majra Nagayagunta50M.P.P.P School, New Building Nagayagunta,Nagayagunta H/O Rebala
Rebala Majra Nehru Nagar49M.P.P.P.S, Middle Building West Side Room,Nehru Nagar
Reddipalem Aalurupalem Mazara149M.P.P.School,Reddypalem Majar Alurupadu
Regadi Chelika170.M.Pu.P.School, West Side New Building,Regadi Chalaka
Seetharam Puram130Mpps. South Side Room,Seetharampuram
Seetharama Puram131Mpps. Near Anganawadi Building,Seetharampuram
Solman Puram62M.P.P. P. School,Salmanupuram
Somaraju Palli253M.P.P P S New Building,Somarajupalli
Talamanchi171.M.P.P..School, North Building,Talamanchi
172Grampanchayat Office,Thalamanchi
Tatakula Dinne Gandavaram Mazara163M.P.P.S.,T.Dinne,Thatakuladinne
Tummagunta187M P P P School,Thummagunta
Utukuru219Mppps Old Building Z P H S Compound,Southbuilding,Utukuru
220Mppps Old Building Z P H S Compound,Middle Block,Utukuru
221Zphs, North, 8Th Class Room, New Building,Utukuru
222Mpppschool, North-West Room,,Kanchara Palem
223Mpups. East Side Room Peddapalem,,Utukuru
225Cyclone Building,Kanchara Palem
226M P P Schoolu Harijanawada,Kanchera Palem
Vaddipalem H/O Iskapalem44Mppups Sadharan Side New Building,Vaddepalem H/O Iskapalem
Varini210M.P.U.P.School,South Side Room,Varini
211Mppups North Side Room Varini,Varini
Vavilla191Z.P.H.S School,9 Th C Room Southern Block,Vavilla
192Zphs Sadharan Block 10 Class Room,Vavilla,Vavilla
193M.P.P.Pschool, Northern Side Room, Vavilla,Vavilla
Vavveru3M.P.P.U.P.School North Side West Room Vavveru,Vavveru
Vavveru 24Mppups Northern Side, West Room No 8, Vavveru,Vavveru
Vavveru Majra Kattubadipalem7M.P.P.P School,Kattubadi Palem
Vavveru Majra Purandhrapuram8M.P.P .P S. New Building,Purandharapur
Vavveru Majra Ramachandrapuram9M.P.P.U.P.S, Room 1,Ramachandra Puram
Veerareddy Palem212M.P.P .P.School,New Building, Eastern Side Room,Veerareddi Palem
Veguru132Grama Panchayat Karyalayam, East Room,Veguru
133Gram Panchayat Building Western,Veguru
Venkannapuram181M.P.Pp.School, New Building East Side Room,Venkannapuram
Vidavalur197M.P.P.Ps, 3Rd Class Eastern Side Room,,Vidaaluru
Vidavaluru194Z,P.H School New Building Esatren Side 7Th Class C,Vidavaluru
195Z.P.H.S,New Building Eastern Side Block, 9Th Cla,Vidavaluru
196M.P.P.P.School , 5Th Class Room,Vidavaluru
198Z.P.H.School, Additional Room 6Th Class B Section,Vidavaluru
199Z.P.H.S, (I.T.D.A) St Welfare Building Ttc,Vidavalur
200M.P.P. School,Vaddipalem Vidavaluru,Vaddipalem Vidavaluru
Vutukuru224Mppups North Side Room Peddapalem, Peddapalem
Yallapalem Majra Ramapuram140M.P.U.P.S.South West Room 6Th Class,Ramapuram
Yallayapalem142Npr Z.P.High S North Block Main Building Room 3,Yallayapalem
143Npr Z.P.High S South Block Main Buildin Room No.4,Yallayapalem
146M.P.P.P.S 3Rd Class Room Yellayapalem,Yallayapalem
Yallayapalem Majra Mikkilimapata141M.P.P.School South Side Room,Yallayapalem Majaraa Mikkilimpeta
Yallayyapalem144Npr Z.P. High S.South Block Main Build Room No.5,Yallayapalem
Yellapayalem147M.P.P.S.Middle Room Yallayapalem,Yallayapalem

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