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Polling Booth in Kanigiri Assembly Constituency

Live Election News

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

:     10:11:15 AM Kerala By Poll Trends to Assembly M C Kamaruddin of Indian Union Muslim League won with 4364 EVM votes in Manjeshwar constituency 10:00:11 AM Puducherry By Poll Read More…

Latest Election News and Update

Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

:     10:11:15 AM Kerala By Poll Trends to Assembly M C Kamaruddin of Indian Union Muslim League won with 4364 EVM votes in Manjeshwar constituency 10:00:11 AM Puducherry By Poll Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Kanigiri

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Ambavaram89Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ambavaram
Ambavaram Kothapalli88Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ambavaram Kothapalli
Aniikala Palli92Mandal Parishad Primary School,Anikallapalli
Appamambapuram H/O Botlaguduru251Mandal Parishad Primary School,Appamambhapuram
Arivemula65Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Arivemula
Ayyalurivari Palli84Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ayyalurivaripalli
Ayyavari Palli220Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Ayyavaripalli
Baduguleru96Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Baduguleru
Balavenkatapuram159Mandal Parishad Primary School,Balavenkatapuram
Balijapalem215Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Balijapalem
Ballavaram48Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ballavaram
Ballipalli160Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Ballipalli
Battupalli177Mandal Parishad Primary School,Battupalli
Bhumireddy Palli H/O Vaggampalli204Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bhumireddipalli
Bhutamvaripalli H/O Chakirala146Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bhutamvaripalli
Bodawada256Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bodavada
Bommireddy Palli133Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bommireddipalli
Botlaguduru252Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Botlaguduru
253Z.P.H.S ,Room No.4, Botlaguduru,Botlaguduru
254Zilla Parishad High School Room No.3,Botlaguduru
Boyamadugula69Mandal Parishad Primary School,Boyamadugula
Buddayapalli H/O Guravajipeta164Mandal Parishad Primary School,Buddayapalli
Bukka Puram228Mandal Parishad Primary School,Bukkapuram
Ch.Kothapalli99Mandal Parishad Primary School,Challagirigala Kothapalli
Chakirala148Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chakirala
149Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chakirala
Challagirigala101Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.1,Challagirigala
Chandra Sekhara Puram73Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Chandrasekarapuram
74Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Chandrasekarapuram
75Zillz Parishad High School Room No.3,Chandrasekarapuram
76Zilla Parishad High School Room No.4,Chandrasekarapuram
Cheerladinne157Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.1,Cheerladinne
158Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.2,Cheerladinne
Chennapanayuni Palli86Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chennapanayunipalli
Chilamkur205Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Chilamkur
China Irlapadu144Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,China Irlapadu
China Lavalapadu155M.P.U.P.S, Chinaalavalapadu,Chinaalavalapadu
Chinna Muppallapadu12Zilla Parishad High School,Room No.1,Cinnamuppalapadu
Chintagum Palli191Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chinthagumpalli
Chintalapalem225Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Chinthalapalem
Chintalapalem H/O Sankhavaram128Mandal Parishad Primary School Room No.1,Chinthalapalem
129Mandal Parishad Primary School Room No.2,Chinthalapalem
Chinthapudi78Mandal Parishad Primary Scool,Chinthapudi
Chodavaram58Mandal Parishad Primary School,Chodavaram
Chowtagogula Palli169Mandal Parishad Primary School,Choutagogulapalli
Chulukuri Vari Valli182M.P.U.P.S Room No.2, Talakondapadu,Talakondapadu
Dadireddy Palli210Mandal Parishad Primary School,Dadireddipalli
Darsi Guntapeta70Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Darsiguntapeta
71Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Darsiguntapeta
Dasaripalli19Mandal Parishad Primary School,Dasaripalli
Devanga Nagar105Mandal Parishad Primary School,Devanganagar
Dirisavancha100Mandal Parishad Primary School,Dirisavancha
Doddavenkataya Palli H/O Kattakindapalli206Mandal Parishad Primary School,Doddavenkataya Palli
Doddichintala26Grama Committee Aided Primary School,Doddichinthala
East Kodigudlapadu231Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Turpu Kodigudlapadu
Eguva Palli H/O Vangapadu162Mandal Parishad Primary School,Yeguvapalli
Ekunam Puram67Mandal Parishad Primary School,Yekunampuram, Tummagunta,Che Rlo Palli
Eruvari Palli H/O Hazeespuram141Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Yeruvaripalli
142Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Yeruvaripalli
Gandlopalli H/O Gannavaram41Mandal Parishad Primary School,Gandlopalli
Gannavaram40Mandal Parishad Primary School,Gannavaram
Ganugapenta95Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ganugapenta
Gudevari Palem168M.P.U.P.S East Side Room No.2, Gudevaripalem,Gudevaripalem
Gudevaripalem H/O Peda Alavalapadu167Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gudevaripalem
Gudipadu135Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gudipadu
Gudipati Palli30Kola Abraham Memoriyal High School , Room No. 1,Gudipatipalli
31Kola Abraham Memoriyal High School , Room No.2,Gudipatipalli
Gummalampadu211Mandal Parishad Primary School,Gummalampadu
Guntha Chennam Palli90Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gunthachennampalli
Guntupalli197Zilla Parishad High School,Guntupalli
Guravajipeta165Zilla Parishad High School,Guravajipeta
Hajipuram23Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Hazipuram
Hanumanthapuram6Mandal Parishad Primary School,Hanumanthapuram
Hanumanthunipadu22Zilla Parishad High School,Hanumanthunipadu
Immadi Cheruvu33Mandal Parishad Primary School,Immadicheruvu,Kama Padu
Inimerla222Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School ,Room No.1,Inimerla
223M.P.U.P Schjool,West Side Room No.2,Inimerla
Jallapalem29Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Jallapalem
Jammalamadaka161Mandal Parishad Primary School,Jammalamadaka
Jangala Palli H/O Murugummi188Mandal Parishad Primary School,Jangalapalli
Jangam Vaari Palli66Mandal Parishad Primary School,Jangamvaripalli
Jillelapadu H/O Veligandla45Mandal Parishad Primary School,Jillellapadu
Kalagatla153Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kalagatla
Kambaladinne248Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Kambhaladinne
250Mandal Parishad Primary School,Venkateswarapuram
Kambhampadu80Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kambhampadu
Kancherlavaripalli156Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kancherlavaripalli
Kandulagunta Agraharam H/O Musunur62Mandal Parishad Primary School,K.Agraharam
Kanigiri106M. P. P School , 6Th Ward Room .1,Kanigiri
107Mandal Parishad Primary School 6Th Ward Room.2,Kanigiri
108Mandal Parishad Primary School 1St Ward Room.1,Kanigiri
109Mandal Parishad Primary School,Urdu 3Rd Ward,Kanigiri
110Mandal Parishad Primary School Urdu4Th Ward,Kanigiri
111Govt High School Kanigiri Room No 11,Kanigiri
112Govt High School Kanigiri Room No 12,Kanigiri
113Zilla Parishad Girls High School Room.1,Kanigiri
114Zilla -Parishad Girls High School Room.2,Kanigiri
115Govt. Junior College Romm No.7,Kanigiri
116Govt Junior College East Side New Buildg, Kanigiri,Kanigiri
117Govt. Junior College Room No.9,Kanigiri
118Govt. High School Room No.1,Kanigiri
119Z.P.H.S North Side Room.2,Kanigiri
120Mandal Parishad Primary School Rajeev Colony,Kanigiri
121Social Welfare Sc Boys Hostel Room.1,Kanigiri
122S.T Boys Hostel Room No.5,Kanigiri
123Ananda Neelayam Boys Hostel Room No.1,Kanigiri
124Ananda Neelayam Boys Hostel Room No.2,Kanigiri
125B.C Girls Hostel,Kanigiri
Kankanampadu42Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kankanampadu
Kantamvaripalli145Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kantamvaripalli
Karollapadu247Mandal Parishad Primary School,Karolla Padu
Kaseepuram104Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kasipuram
Kattakinda Palli H/O Botlaguduru246Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Room No.1,Turpukattakrindapalli
Kistampalli25Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kistampalli
Klambaladinne249Z.P.H.School, Room No.3,Kambaladinne,Kambaladinne
Kodanda Ramapuram H/O Peda Irlapadu199Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kodanda Ramapuram
Kodigumpala H/O Ayyavari Palli219Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kodigumpala
Konda Boyina Palli72Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kondaboinapalli
Kondareddy Palli H/O Mopadu216Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kondareddipalli
Kondareddypalli21Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kondareddipalli
Kootagundla14Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kutagundla
Kotala Palli56Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kotalapalli
Kotatippala20Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kotatippala
Kotha Narasimhapuram H/O Nagireddypalli54Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kotha Narasimhapuram
Kothaplem Govindavari Palli136M.P.P.S Kothapalem, Gudipadu,Gudipadu
Kovilam Paadu77Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Room No.1,Kovilampadu
Krishnapuram166Mandal Parishad Prim,Krishnapuram
Lakshmakka Palli200Mandal Parishad Primary School,Lakshmakkapalli
Lakshminarasapuram H/O Mopadu245Mzndal Parishad Primary School Room No.1,Lakshminarsapuram
Lingamguntla4Mandala Pradamika Unnatha Patasala,Linganguntla
Lingareddypalli H/O China Alavalapadu154Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.1,Lingareddipalli
Machavaram H/O Sankhavaram147Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Machavaram
Mahadapuram1Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mahammadapuram
Mallamrajupalli H/O Veligandla47Mandal Parishad Primary School,Gokulam
Marapaguntla55M.P.U.S Room No.2,Maaraguntla,Marapaguntla
Marella176Mandal Parishad Primary School Room No.1,Marella
Markondapuram H/O Raviguntapalli203Mandal Parishad Primary School,Markondapuram
Marrikunta Palli H/O Muddapadu179Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Marrikuntapalli
Mittapalem24Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Mittapalem
Mogallur52K.V.Rama Anjaiah And Brothers Z.P.H.S Room No.1,Mogalluru
53K.V.Rama Anjaiah And Brok.V.Rama Anjaiah Z.P.H.S,Mogalluru
Mopadu217Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Mopadu
221Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mopadu Majara Ganganagar
Motravulapadu226Mandal Parishad Primary School,Sc Palem,Motravulapadu
Motupalli H/O Immadi Cheruvu37Mandal Parishad Primary School,Motupalli
Mpp School Room No. 2 C.S Puram Roed Pamur239Mpp School New Building,East Street,2Nd Ward,Pamur
Muddapadu178Mandal Parishad Primary School,Kotha Muddapadu
Mundlapadu64Mandal Parishad Primary School,Mundlapadu
Murugummi189Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Murugammi
Nagireddy Palli57Mandal Parishad Primary School,Nagireddipalli
Nagulavaram79Mandal Parishad Primary School,Nagulavaram
Nallagandla15Mandal Parishad Primary School,Nallagandla
Nallamadugula91Zilla Parishad High School,Nallamadugula
Nandanamrella102M.P.P School ,Nandanamarella ,,Nandanamarella
Nandanavnam8Mandal Parishad Primary School,Nandanavanam
Narramarella H/O Inimerla214Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Narramarella
Narsamambapuram H/O Hussainpuram50Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Narsamambapura
Nelaturigollapalli150Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Nelaturi Gollapalli
Neredupalli174Mandal Parishad Primary School Room No.1,Neredupalli
175Mandal Parishad Primary School Room No.2,Neredupalli
Nutchu Poda224Mandal Parishad Primary School,Nutchupoda
Padamati Katta Kinda Palli208Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.1,Padamati Kattakrindapalli
Padamati Kattakinda Palli209M.P.P School, Room No.2 East Side,,Padamati Kattakinda Pall,I
Padamati Palli H/O Dubagunta230Mandal Parishad Primary School,Padamati Palli
Padamati Palli H/O Pedacherlopalli185Mandal Parishad Primary School,Padamati Palli
Padmapuram H/O Hussainpuram51Mandal Parishad Primary School,Padmapuram
Paleti Palli180Mandal Parishad Primary School,Paletipalli
Palurivari Palli H/O Thallur140Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Palurivaripalli
Pamur232Govt. Junior College,Room No.1,Pamur
233Govt. Junior College, Room. No.2,Pamuru
234Govt. Junior College, Room No.3,Pamur
235Govt. Junior College Room No.4,Pamur
236Govt Collage Room No.8 Pamur,Pamur
237Mandal Parishad Primari School,C.S.Puram Road,Pamur
238Govt High School, New Building Room No.2,Pamur
240Govt High School, New Building Room No.3,Pamur
241Govt. Junior College Room No.6,Pamur
242Govt. Junior College Room No.7,Pamur
Panduva34Mandal Parishad Primary School,Panduva
Panduvanagulavaram32Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Panduvanagulavaram
Papireddy Palli43Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.1,Papireddipalli
Papireddypalli9Aided Primary School,Papireddipalli
44M.P.U.P School Room No.2,Papireddipalli
Peda Alavalapadu170Parishad Primary School Room No.1,Peda Alavalapadu
Peda Gollapalli61M.P.U.P School, Room No.2,Peddagugulapalli,Pedda Gogula Palli
Peda Irlapadu193Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Pedairlapadu
195Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Peda Irlapadu
Peda Varimadugu187Mandal Parishad Primary School,Peda Varimadugu
Pedacherlopalli183Zilla Parishad High School, Room No.3,Peda Cherlopalli
184Zilla Parishad High School Room No.2,Peda Cherlopalli
186Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Peda Cherlopalli
Pedadasallapalli13Mandal Parishad Primary School,Peda Dasallapalli
Pedagogula Palli60Mandal Pmandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Pedagogulapalli
Pedagollapalli16Mandal Parishad Primary School,Pedagollapalli
Pedarajupalem93Zilla Parishad High School Room No.1,Peda Rajupalem
Pedda Gollapalli17Z.P.H.S Room No.2 ,Peddagollapalli,Peddagollapalli
Pedda Irlapadu194Z.P.H.S Room No.3, Pedda Irlapadu, Peddalrlapadu
Pedda Rajupalem94M.P.P.S,Room No.2, Peddarajupalem,Peddarajupalem
Peramgudipalli132Mandal Parishad Primary School,Peramgudipalli
Polavaram152Mandal Parishad Primary School,Polavaram
Ponugodu127M.P.U.P.S Room No.1, Ponugodu,Ponugodu
Pothavaram173Mandal Parishad Primary School,Pothavaram
Pulikuntla H/O Rallapalli28Mandal Parishad Primary School,Pulikuntla
Pullakurapalli83Mandal Parishad Primary School,Pullagurapalli
Punugodu126Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room.1,Punugodu
Puttamnayuni Palli244Mandal Parishad Primary School,Puttamanayunipalli
Ragimani Palli H/O Bommireddy Palli134Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ragimanupalli
Raja Saheb Peta255Mandal Parishad Primary School,Rajasaheb Peta
Rallapalli36Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Rallapalli
Ramagopalapuram39Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ramagopalapuram
Ramalingapuram38Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Ramalingapuram
Ramayapalli11Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Ramaipalli
Ravigunta Palli201Mandal Parishad Primary School,Raviguntapalli
202M.P.P.S Room No.2, Raviguntapalli,Raviguntapalli
Reddy Gari Kothapalli H/O Musunuru63Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Reddigarikothapalli
Regulachilaka85R.C.M. Primary School,Regulachilaka
Renimadugu257Mandal Parishad Primary School,Renimadugu
Sankarapuram198Mandal Parishad Primary School,Sankarapuram
Sankhavaram130Mandal Parishad Primary School,Sankavaram
Sankhavaram H/O Harijanapalem131Mandal Parishad Primary School Sc Palem,Sankavaram Majara Sc Palem
Seelamvari Palli81K.V.N.L Zilla Parishad High School,Seelamvaripalli
Sitarampuram27Grama Committee Aided Primary School,Doddichinthala
Sultanpuram151Mandal Parishad Primary School,Sulthanpuram
Taalur139M.P.P.S, Talluru,Talluru
Talakondapadu181Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Talakondapadu
Talluru138Mandal Parishad Primary School Room No.1,Talluru
Tamminenipalli H/O Hussainpuram49Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tammanenipalli
Tatayapalli H/O Bukkapuram229Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tatayapalli
Thummagunta103Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Thummagunta
Timmareddypalli18Mandal Parishad Primary School,Timmareddipalli
Tiragala Dinne243Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tiragaladinne
Tumativaripalli218Mandal Parishad Primary School,Tumativaripalli
Turaka Palli H/O Guntupalli196Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Turakapalli
Ummanapalli5Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Ummanapalli
Uppala Padu82Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Uppalapadu
Vaggam Palli212Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vaggampalli
213M.P.P.School, Room No.2 ,Vaggampalli,Vaggam Pali
Vagupalli H/O Gosulaveedu143Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Vagupalli
Valicherla7Mandal Parishad Primary School,Valicherla
Vangapadu163Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Vangapadu
Vatlabayalu87R.C.M Primary School,Vatlabailu
Vedullacheruvu35Grama Pamchayat Office,Vedullacheruvu
Veera Raamaapuram10Mandal Parishad Primary School,Veeraramapuram
Veerabhadrapuram207Mandal Parishad Primary School,Veerabhadrapuram
Veligandla46Zilla Parishad High School,Veligandla
Vemulapadu2Mandal Parishad Primary School, Room No.1,Vemulapadu
3M.P.U.S ,Room No.1,Vemulapadu,Vemulapadu
Vengala Puram172M.P.U.P.S, Yengalapuram, Room No.2,Yengalapuram
Vengalapuram171Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Room No.1,Vengalapuram
Vengalaya Palli H/O Peda Irlapadu192Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Vengalayapalli
Venganagunta H/O Pedagogulapalli59Mandal Parishad Primary School,Venganagunta
Venkatapuram227Mandal Parishad Primary School,Venkatapuram
Venkataya Cheruvu68Mandal Parishad Primary School,Venkatayacheruvu
Venkateswarapuram137Mandal Parishad Primary School,Venkateswarapuram
Vepagum Palli190Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vepagumpalli
Yadavalli97Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Yadavally
98M.P.P.S School, Yerrabonnapalli,Yerrabonnapalli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014