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Polling Booth in Jammalamadugu Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Jammalamadugu

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
.Jammalamadugu101M.P.P.School Edigapeta South Wing,Jammalamadugu
103Z,P,H, School,Urdu 10Th Class Room Mitaigiristreet,Jammalamadugu
108Mpps North Room Narapuraswamy Temple Beside,Jammalamadugu
109Mpps South Room Narapuraswamy Temple Beside,Jammalamadugu
114Mdo Office Backside Mppschool East Room,Jammalamadugu
115M.P.E.S, Northern Wing, 1St Room,. Nagalakatta,Jammalamadugu
116Kasturiba Gandhi Balikala Vidhyalayam 4Th Class Ro,Jammalamadugu
118M.P.E..School, 3Rd Class Room, Nagalakatta,Jammalamadugu
.K. Sirigepalli146Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,K.Sirigepalle
.K. Sugumanchipalli162Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, K.Sugumanchi,K.Sugumanchipalle
.K.Kothapalli214M.P.P.School K.Kothapalli,K.Kottapalli
.K.Timmapuram188Mandal Parishad Pradhamikapatashala,K.Thimmapuram
.K.Venkatapuram167Mandal Parishad Elementary School,K.Venkatapuram
.Kadirivaripalle263Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Kadirivaripalle
.Kalamalla266Mpup School, South Side, Kalamala,Kalamalla
.Kallutla35Mpp School,Kallutla
.Kanneluru89M.P.P.School ,South Side New Building,Kanneluru
90M.P.P.School, 3Rd Class Room,Kanneluru
91M.P.P School 4Th Class Room,Kanneluru
92M.P.P.School 5Th Class Room,Kanneluru
.Karchukuntapalle282Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Karchuguntapalle
.Kodur144Z.P.H.School Eastside Room,Koduru
.Koduru258Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Koduru
.Kondapuram181Z.P.H.S 10Th Class A Section,Kondapuram
182Zphs West Side 8Th Class B/S Kondapuram,Kondapuram
183M.P.P.School (Main),Kondapuram
185Z.P.H.S.10Th Class Room B/S,Kondapuram
.Kondasukesula2M.P.U.P.S 3Rd Roomnorth Side,Kondasunkesula
.Kondasunkesula1M.P.E.School, Northern Side Room,Kondasunkesula
.Yanamalachinthala174Mandal Parishad Upper Primary Patasala,Yanmala Chintala
.Yattapuvari Colonyjammalamadugu94M.P.P.School ,Yathapu Colony,Jammalamadugu
2Nd Wardjammalamadugu96P.R.R.G.H.S New Building 9Th Class A-Section,Jammalamadugu
A. Kambaladinne36M.P.P.School,A.Kambaladinne
Akuthotapalli219M P P School,Akuthotapalli
Aravetipalli206M.P.P.School,Araveti Palli
B.C. Colony Jammalamadugu124M.P.P. School,B.C. Colony,Jammalamadugu
B.Kottalapalli175Mandal Parishad Elementary School, B.Kottalapalli,B.Kottalapalli
B.R.Kottala132Manal Parishat Primary School,B.R.Kottala
Baduguvaripalli208Mandal Parishat Prathamika Pathasala,Baduguvaripalli
Bedarapeta170M P P School,Nedarapeta
Beduduru173Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,,Bedathuru
Bestavemula40M.P.U.P School New Building Southside,Bestavemula
Bheemagundam27M P P School,Beemagundam
Bhuthamapuram28M.P.P.School Extra Room,Bhuthamapuram
Bodithippanapadu16M.P.P.S,Eastsidestaff Room,Boditipanipadu
Bondalakunta207M.P.P.S, Southside Room,Bondalkunta
Boobusanil Palli71M.P.P.School,Bubusani Palle
Buchampalli72M P P School,Buchampalli
Bukkapatnam161Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Bukkapatnam,Bukkapatnam
Burujupalli171Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Burujupalli
C Kothapalli47M P P School,C Kothapalli
Chamaluru150M.P.U.P School,Chamaluru
Chidipiralladinne18Mandal Parishad Pradhamikapatashala,Chidipiralladinne
Chilamakur274Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, Room No.2,Chilamakuru
Chilamakuru272Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, Room No.1,Chilamakuru
276M.P.P.School, North Room,Chilamakuru
279Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala, New Buildin,Chilamakuru
Chilamkuru275Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, Room No.7,Chilamakuru
278M.P.P.School, South Room,Chilamakuru
Chilankuru273Z.P.High School, Room No 08, 10Th Class A Section,,Chilamkur
277M.P.P.School, Middle Room, Westernside Room,Chilamkuru
Chinnadandluru221Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Mekalabalayyagaripalli
Chinnakatterapalli217M P P School,Chinnakatterapalli
Chinnakomerla46M.P.P.School South,Chinnakomerla
Chinnapasupula23M.P.P.S , East Side Room,Chinnapsupula
Chinthakunta204Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,,Chinthakunta
Chirrajupalle280Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patashala, New Building,Chirrajupalle
Chitimitichintala136M P P School,Chitimiti Chintala
Chowtapalli156M.P.P.School, West Room,Chowtpalle
157Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala, East Room,Chowtapalle
Dandupalli281Mandal Parishad Primary School,Dandupalli
Darmapuram86Mandal Parishad Elementery School,Dharmapuram
Datthapuram159Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patashala,North Side,Dattapuram
160Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,South Room,Dattapuram
Denepalli205Mandal Parishad Elementary School,,Denepalli
Devagudi80Z.P.P.H S.Eastwing 2 Room,Devagudi
81Z.P.P.H.S East Wing 4Th Class Room,Devagudi
82Z.P.H.School 7Th Class Room,Devagudi
Dhodiyam70Z.P.H.S.Eastside Room,Dodiyam
Dobbudupalli152M P P School,Dobbudupalli
Dommara Nandyala52Z.P.High School, 9Th Class B-Section Room,Dommaranandyala
55M.P.Primary School, Westren Wing,Dommara Nanadyala
Dommaranandayala50Z.P.H.S. 9 Th Class Room,Dommaranandyala
Dommaranandyal49Z.P.H.S.10Th Class Room,Dommaranandyala
Dommaranandyala51Z.P.H.S. 7Th Class Room,Dommaranandyala
53M.P.E.S.Eastside Room,Dommaranandyala
54M.P.P.School Westside Wing,Dommaranandyala
Gandikota142Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Gandikota
Gandikota.Kottalapalli143M.P.P. School,Gandikota.Kottalapalli
Gandluru154Mandal Parishad Elementary School East Side 3Rroom,Kondapuram
Gangulanarayanapalli66M P P School,Gangulanarayanapalli
Garisaluru19M P P School,Girisaluru
Gollapalle (Harijanawada)39M.P.P.School,Gollapalle
Goriganuru87M.P.P.School, East Side Room,Goriganuru
Gorigenuru88M.P.U.P.School West Side Room,Goriginuru
134M.P.U.P.School, Room No 02,Gudem Cheruvu
Gundlakunta25M.P.P.S East Wing,Gundlakunta
26M.P.P.S West Wing,Gundlakunta
Hanumanaguthi234Mandala Parishad Uppar Primary School, East Room,Hanumanagutti
235Mandala Parishad Uppar Primary School, West Room,Hanumanagutti
Illuru223Mandala Parishad Upper Primary School,Illuru
J. Kothapalli33Mp.P School,J. Kottapalle
J. Kottalapalli9M.P.P.School Northside Staff Room,J.Kottalapalle
Jammalamadugu95Mepma, Community Resource Building, Yathapucolony,Jammalamadugu
97P.R.R.G.H.New Building 10Th Class-A Section,Jammalamadugu
98P.R.R.G.H New Building 9Th Class B Section,Jammalamadugu
99G. B. College New 5Th Room,Jammalamadugu
100Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,,Jammalamadugu
102Mandal Parishad Elementery School, Kota Veedhi,Jammalamadugu
104M.P.P.S, 4Th Class Room, Gudumastandarga Street,Jammalamadugu
106M.P.P.School 3Rd Class Room Gudumastandarga Street,Jammalamadugu
107Zphs Girls 6Th Class A Section Room,Jammalamadugu
110M.P.P.School 1St Class Room Venkateswara Colony,Jammalamadugu
111M.P.P.S 5Th Class Room Venkateswara Colony,Jammalamadugu
112Mandal Parishath Office Hall Room,Jammalamadugu
113Dwacra Building, West Room, Near Mpp Office,Jammalamadugu
117Goutham Model School, L.K.G. Room, Jammalamadugu., Jammalamadugu
119M.P.P.School,Southwing 2Nd Room.Nagalakatta,Jammalamadugu
120M.P.P. School, South Side, 5Th Room, Nagulakatta,Jammalamadugu
122M P P S, West Room, Southern Wing, S.C.Colony, Jammalamadugu
Jangalapalli7Z.P.H.School North Side Room,Jangalapalle
8Z.P.H.S Northern Side 1St Room,Jangalapalle
Kalamalla264Mpup School, North Side, Kalamalla,Kalamalla
265M.P.P.School(Dpep), South Side Room (Old),Kalamalla
267M.P.P.School (Dpep) South Side,Kalamalla
270D.A.V Public School, 3Rd Class Room, Rtpp,Kalamalla
Kodur145Zilla Parishat High School, 2Nd Room,T.Kodur
Konavaripalli172M P P School,Konavaripalli
Kondapuram184M.P.P.School(Main), 2Nd Room,Kondapuram
186Zilla Parishath High School, 2Nd Room,Kondapuram
Korrapadu199Z.P.H.School Northside Room,Korrapadu
200Z.P.P.H.School Sourthsideroom,Korrapadu
Kosinepalli187M.P.P.School,Kosine Palli
Kotaguntapalli137M P P School,Kothaguntapalli
Lavanur179Zilla Parishat High School,Lavanur
Lavanuru178Z.P.P.H.School, 10Th Class,Lavanuru
Lingapuram77Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Lingapuram
M Kambaladinne68M P U P School,M Kambaladinne
M. Kambaladinne H/O Bhogalakatta67M.P.P.School,M.Kambaladinne Majara Bogalakatta
Madhavapuram G.Uppalapadu43M.P.P.School,Madhavapuram
Malepaadu224Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala (Old),Malepadu
Malepadu225M.P.Primary School, 1St Room, (New),Malepadu
Mangapatnam202M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Mangapatnam
Mekalabalayyagaripalli222Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Mekalabalayyagaripalli
Moragudi125M.P.P.S.East Side Room,Moragudi
126M.P.P.S.Westside Room,Moragudi
127Zphs 10Th Class Room,Moragudi
128Zphs 7 Th Class Room,Moragudi
129Z. P. H.School 9 Th Class Room, Moragudi,Moragudi
Muchumarri158Mandal Parishad Elementary School, Mutuchumari,Mutchummari
Muddanur189M.P.P.P.School New Railway Station,Muddanuru
190M P P School Western Side Near R S,Muddanuru
191Z.P.H.Boys.School New 5 Th Room,Muddanuru
193Z.P.Boys High School, Room No 02,Muddanur
194Z.P.H.School For Boys, Main Room,Muddanuru
195Z.P.Boys High School, Room 01,Muddanur
196Z.P.H.Boys School 3Rd Room,Muddanuru
197Zilla Parishad Highschoolforgirls 3Rd Room,Muddanuru
Muddanuru192Z.P.H.Boys.School 3 Rd Class Room,Muddanuru
Mylavaram73M.P.P.S.Northside East Room,Mylavaram
74M.P.P.School,South Side,,Mylavaram
75M.P.P.S.Westside Wing,Mylavaram
76Z P H S, Room No2, 10Th Class, Mylavaram,Mylavaram
N. Kottalapalli22Zilla Parishat High School, 2Nd Room,N .Kottalapalle
Nagarajupalli15M P P School,Nagarajupalli
Nallaballe209M.P.U.P.School Westside Room,Nallaballe
210Mandal Parishad U.P. School, East Room,Nallaballe
Narjampalli64M.P.P.School,Narjam Palle
Nawabpeta44Mandal Parishat Upper Primary School,Navabupeta
Nemalladinne20M.P.U.P.S East Side Dippep Room,Nemilladinne
21M.P.Upper Primary School, 7Th Class Room,Nemalladinne
Nidijivvi262Mandala Parishad Uppar Primary Patashala,West Room,Niduzuvvi
Obulapuram201Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Obulapuram
Ontigaripallu220Mandal Parishad Primary School,Ontigaripalli
P. Bommepalli131M.P.U.P.S North New Room,P.Bommepalle
P. Sirigepalli141Mpps,P.Sirigepall
P.Anantapuram155Mandal Parishad Elementary School, P.Ananthapuram,P.Ananthapuram
P.Sugumanchipalli83Mandal Parishad Elementery School,P.Sugumanchipalli
Paluru13M.P.U.P.School Northside Room,Paluru
14M.P.U.P.School Southside Room,Paluru
Pedda Dandluru140M.P.P.School,Pedda Dandluru
Peddakomerla48Mpps,Southern Side Room,Peddakomerla
Peddamudiyam11Z.P.H.School 10Th Class Center Room,Peddamudiam
12Z.P.H.School Staff Room,Peddamudiam
Peddanapaadu259Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala, West Side,Peddanapadu
260M.P. P.School, Thummalapalli,Tummalapalle
Peddapasupula29M.P.P.S Regular Middile Wing,Peddapasupula
30Mppschool East Sideroom,Peddapasupula
31Z.P.H.School 8Th Class Room,Peddapasupula
32Z.P.H.School 10 Th Class Room,Peddapasuvula
Penikelapadu213Mpes New Building Penikalapadu,Penikalapadu
Ponnama Palli65M.P.P.School (New Building) Easterenside,Ponnampalle
Potladurthi226Zilla Parishad High School, Room No.3,Potladurthi
227Z.P.High Schol, Room No 02, 10Th Class B-Section,,Potladurthi
228Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 7Th Room,Potladurthi
229Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 5Th Room,Potladurthi
230M.P.E.School Northside,Potladurthi
231Mandal Parishat Primary School,Ramanjaneyapuram
233Mandal Parishat Primary School,P.Venkatapuram
Potladurthy232M P E School Eastern Side,Potladurthy
Pottipadu176Zilla Parishad High School, 8Th Class Room,Pottipadu
R T P P Colony Kalamalla268D.A.V. Public School, 9Th Class Room,R.T.P.P. Kalamalla
269D.A.V.Public School, 2Nd Class Room,R.T.P.P. Kalamalla
Rajulaguruvaipalli212Mandal Parishad Elementary School , R.G.Palli,Rajulagurvayipalle
Ramachandrayapalli69M.P.U.P.School,Ramachandraya Palle
Ramireddypalli105M P P School,Ramireddypalli
Repalli153Mandala Parishad Patashala, Kotha Building,Repalle
S. Thimmapuram180Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, S.Thimmapura,S.Thimmapuram
S. Uppalapadu78M.P. Primary Schoo,S. Uppalapadu
S.C.Colony Jammalamadugu123M.P.Ps.South Side Room S.C.Colony,Jammalamadug
S.C.Colonyjammalamadugu121Mpps West Side Room S.C.Colony,Jammalamadugu
S.Uppalapadu79M.P.P.School , Nourth Wing,S.Uppalapadu
Sankepalli148M P P School,Sankepalli
Sankepalli H/O Kothaplli147Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Kottapalle
Seshareddypalli85M P P School,Seshareddygaripalli
Settyvaripalli203Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Shettivaripalli
Suddapalli5M.P.U.P.School East Side Room,Suddapalle
6M.P.U.P.School Southern Side Room,Suddapalle
Sunnapurallapalle H/O Kalamall271Mandala Parishad Prathamika Patashala,Sunnapuralla Palle
Sunnapurallapalli138M.P.U.P.School North Side Room,Sunnapurallapalle
139M.P.U.P.School South Side Room,Sunnapurallapalle
T Sunkesula237Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patashala,T. Sunkesula
Talamanchipatnam42Mandal Parishat Uppar Primary School,Talamanchipatnam
Thalla Proddatur164Zilla Parishad Unnatas Patashala, 10Th Class,Thallaproddaturu
165Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 7Th Class A-Secti,Thallaproddatur
166Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala 7Th Class B Sectio,Thallaproddaturu
Thalla Proddaturu163Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, Staff Room,Tallaproddutur
Thirumalayapalli151Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patashala,Tirumalayapalle
Tippaluru236Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Thippaluru
Torrivemula63M.P.U.P.School,Thorri Vemula
Ulavapalli34M.P.U.P.S West Side Room,Ulavapalli
Uppaluru215Zilla Parishatunatha Patasala,Uppaluru
Vaddirala37Zph School, Nort Side 1Room,Vaddirala
Valasapalle261Mandala Parishad Pradhamika Patashala,Valasapalle
Velupucherla211Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Velpucherla
Venkaihkalva177Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, V.Kalava,Venkaiahkalava
Veparaa60Z.P.High School, Westeren Side 7Th Class Romm(E.M),Veparala
Veparala57Z.P.H.S. 7 Th Class Room,Veparala
58Z.P.H.S. 8 Th Class Room,Veparala
59Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 9Th Class Room,Veparala
61M.P.P.School,7Th Ward,Veparala
62M.P.P.School 10 Th Ward,Veparala
Yamavaram198Zphs Yamavaram Western Room,Yamvaram
Yaraguntla239Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 3R Room,Yarraguntla
240Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 11Th Room,Yarraguntla
Yarragudi149M.P.P School,Yarragudi
Yarraguntla238Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 10 Th Room,Yarraguntla
241Zilla Parishad Unnata Patashala, 17Th Room,Yarraguntla
242Govt Junior College Room No 18,Yarraguntla
243M.P.P.School, C.C.I. Colony,,Yarraguntla
244Zph School,Near Railway Station,Yarraguntla
245Gramapanchayat Kaaryalayam,Yarraguntla
246M.P.U.P. School,Ground Floor Dpep Building,2Ndward,Yarraguntla
248M.P.U.P.School, Room No 1, 2Nd Ward,Yarraguntla
250M.P.P.School, East Side Main Room,Yarraguntla
251Zilla Parishad Balikal Unnata Patashala, 4Th Room,Yarraguntla
252M.P.P.School, Main 2Nd Room,Yarraguntla
253Zilla Parishad Balikal Unnata Patashala, 8Th Room,Yarraguntl
254Zph School Near R.S, Eastern Side,Yarraguntla
255Zph School .West Side Room, Near R.S,Yarraguntla
256Zph School, (1St Part) 1St Room, Near R.S., (Nb),Yarraguntla
257Mandala Parishad Unnata Patashala, Room No.4,Yarraguntla
Yattapuvari Colonyjammalamadugu93M.P.P.School, Dpep, Yathapuvari Colony,Jammalamadugu
Yerraguntla247M.P.U.P.School, Room No03, 2Nd Ward,Yerraguntla
249M.P.U.P.School, Room No 02, 2Nd Ward,Yarraguntla
Yeturu168Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,,Yeturu
169Mandal Parishat Primary School, K Ramireddypalli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014