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Polling Booth in Gudivada Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Gudivada

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Anamanapudi33M P U P School East Side,Anamanapudi
Angaluru157Z.P.H.School,West Side 1St Room,Angaluru
158Z.P.H.School,East Side 1St Room,Angaluru
159Govt.G.High School,N Side,Angaluru
160Govt.G.High School,S S,Angaluru
Ar T C Colony Gudiwada142Municipal Elementary School Center Room Rtc Colony,R.T.C.Colony
143Municipal Elementary School Center Room,R.T.C.Colony
Aripirala7M P U P School M Building,Aripirala
Billapadu144Z.P.H.School,G.Puram , Northside Old Building,Billapadu
145Z.P.H.School,G.Puram, Southside Old Building,Billapadu
Bommuluru150M.P.U.P.S,U.Vaipu Room1,Bommuluru
151M.P.U.P.S,Ssa Building,Bommuluru
Chedurtipadu3M P E S East Side,Chedurtipadu
China Gonnuru190M P U.P School,China Gonnuru
China Lingala2M P U P S North Side,China Lingala
Chinna Erukapadu147Mp Ele.School,Chinna Erukapadu
Chirichinthala Nujella152M.P.U.P School North Side New Building,Chirichintala
Chitram175M P Ele School,Chitram
Chow Tapallli155A.V.R.M.Z.P.High School,9Th Class Rom,Chowtupalli
Chowtapalli156A.V.R.M.Z.P.H.School,10Th Class Room,Chowtupalli
Dandiganapudi29M P U P School 2Nd Building,Dandiganapudi
Dokiparru178Z P H School Main Bldg,Dokiparru
179Z P H School Jink Shed Room 1,Dokiparru
180M P E School New Building North Side,Dokiparru
181M P E School New Bldg South Side,Dokiparru
Dondapadu80M P E S South Side Room,Dondapadu
81M P E S West Bldg, South Room,Dondapadu 6 7 8 Blaacku
Elaparru Sivaru Lakshmi Narasimhapuram23Z P H School L.N.Puram (Newly Constructedbuilding),Lakshmi Narasimha Puram Madein
Gadepudi207M P E S,Gadepudi
Gandepudi28M P E School East Side,Gandepudi
Gudivada44Dr.Gururaju Homeo College Jr B H M Sclass Room,11 Ward Gudivada
46Dr Gururaju Homeo College Main Building,11Th Ward
59B C Girls Hostel E M Room,S R Puram N T R Colony
62S G R.K H School Pet Room,10Th Waardu Gudivada
67S.W..Girls Hostel Right Room,7Th Waardu N T R Colony
71Sangham Ele.School, Room 1 From South, Gudivada
72Room No. 1, Sangam School, 7Th Ward.,6Th Ward Gudivada
75Chacha Nehru Mpl Ele School 5 Th Room From North,5Th Ward
95S.W Boys Hostel Leftside Room Gudiwada,Gudiwada
115Andhra Nalanda Mu Unnata School Room10New Building,16Th Waardu Gudivada
120Agk.M.H.S,Northwest Corner Building,Northside Room,Gudivada
127Municpal Elimetary School,3Rd Room From East,18 Vard, Pedda Erukapadu
136Mphs 1St Block Northside Room,Bethavolu,Gudivada
138Dr.B.R.Ambedkar .Elemantary School, Westside,Gudivada
Gudivada Bethavolu140Mpl. Ele . School,West Bldg. Indira Nagar,Bethavolu
Gudiwada40R C M E S Room No 3,11 Th Ward
41R C M E S Room No 4,11Th Ward
42R C M E S Room No 5,11Th Ward
43Dr Gururaju Homeo College Formacy Block,11Th Ward
45Dr Gururaju Homeo College Ground Floor,11Th Ward
47Municipal Ele. School South West Side Room,Gangadhara Puram 13Th Ward
48Ele. School North West Side Room,Gudivada
49Rkjb Mp Ele School Southeast Side Room,Gudivada
50Rkjb Mp E.S Westside Room,Gudivada
51Municipal Primary School 3Rd 4Th Class Rooms,8Th Ward Gudivada
52Municipal Primary School 5Th Class Room,8Th Waard Gudivada
53Montissary (Em) Pra School,Rajendranagar 8Th Waardu
54Montissory School Room 7,Rajendra Nagar 8Th Waardu
57Indiragandhi Municipal M P E S Old Building,Sriramapuram
58I G Municipal Pradhamika Pathasala New S S A Bldg,S R Puram N T R Colony
60S G R.K H School Room 1,10Th Waardu Gudivada
61S G R.K H School Room 2,Rajendra Nagar 10Th Waardu
63S G R.K H School Room 3,10Th Waardu Gudivada
64S Gmcb Me School South Side Room,Sriramapuram 8Th Waardu
65S Gmcb Me School North Side Room,Sriramapuram 9Th Waardu
66S.W.. Balikala Vasati Gruham Leftside Room,7Th Waardu N T R Colony
68S.W.Girls Hostel, Dinning,N.T.R. Colony, 7Th Ward
69Sangham Ele. School Room 2 From North,7Th Waardu Gudivada
70Sangham Eles, Room 2 From South,Gudiwada
76Mp.Ele. School Eastside Building,Gudivada
77Municipal Elementary School Near To Hospital,Kotha R C C Bhavanam 3 Waardu
89Municipal Community Hall Bldg East Side,Bapujinagar
90Municipal Community Hal Bldg West Side,Bapuji Nagar
91Babu Jagajjevanaram Mu. Ele. Schoolu Ssa Bldg,1St Waardu
92Babu Jagajjevanaram Mu. Ele. Schoolu,1St Waardu
93S W Boys Hostel Right Side Room,Gud Men Peta
94S W Boys Hostel Left Side,Gud Men Peta
99Gandhi Mu.High Schoolu Old Town Gadhi Room 2,Gudivada
100Gandhi Mu.High.Schoolu Old Town Room 5,Gudivada
101M P E S 2 A K D P H S Room 3,Gudivada
102M P E S 2 A K D P H S Room 4,Gudivada
103A K T P Municipal High Scchol East Side Old Build,Gudivada
104A K T P Mun High Scchol ,East Side New Building,Gudiwada
105S C B Hostel Central Room E Seva Road,Gudivada
106Jawahar Balabhavan E Seva Road,Gudivada
107Holy Craas,1St Waardu Gudivada
108Holy Craas U K G,1St Waardu Gudivada
109Municipal Elementary School, 1St Class Room,,17Th Waardu
110Municipal Elementary School. 2Nd Class,17Th Waardu Slatar Peta
111Municipal Elementary School, 2Nd Class Room,17Th Waardu Sleter Peta
112Municipal Elementary School 4Th Class,17Th Waardu Gudivada
113Andhra Nalanda Mu Unnata School Room8 New Building,16Th Waardu Gudivada
114Andhra Nalanda Mu Unnata School Room9 New Building,16Th Waardu Gudivada
116S P E S Mu.H Schoolu Old Bldg Center Room,15Th Waardu Gudivada
117S.P.S.Mpl.High School,Room-3, West Side,15Th Ward
118A.G.K.M.H.S.,Ssa.Bldg.South Rooom,14Th Ward
119A.G.K. Mu.High School, Central Rooom,14Th Ward
121A.G.K.M.H.School,Opp I K P Lab,14 Vard
122N.T.R.Indoor Stadium,Jim Hall,16 Vard
123N.T.R.Indoor Stadium,Jim Hall,16 Vard
124Muncipal .E.School,4Th Room From East,18 Vard
125Minicpal Elimentary School,First Room From East,18 Vard, Pedda Erukapadu
126Municpal Elimentary School,2Nd Room From East,18 Vard, Pedda Erukapadu
128Municpal Elimentary School,Karmikanagaram,19 Vard
129M.P. Ele. School,Karmikanagaramcentral Room,19 Vard
130S.G.V.S.G.M.H.School,Room4,Near Entrance Gate,19 Vard Bethavolu
131S.G.V.S.G.M.H.School,Room2North Side,19 Vard Bethavolu
132Sgvsg Mhs, New Building North Block,Northside Room, Bethavolu,Gudivada
133Sgvsg Mhs,New Buld,South Block South Side Room,Bethavolu,Gudivada
134Sgvsg Mhs New Building 2Nd Block Southside Room, Bethavolu,Gudivada
135Municipal Primary School 1St Block Southside Room,Bethavolu,Gudivada
137Dr.B.R.Ambedkar ,.Municpal E.School,East Side,Gudivada
139M Ele. School Indira Nagar East Bldg.,19 Vard Harijana Vada
Gudiwadakummari Cheruvu74Chacha Nehru Mu.E.Schoolu Uttaram,Kummaricheruvu
Gudiwadakummaricheruvu73Chacha Nehru Mu.Ele. School New Building,Kummaricheruvu
Gudla Valleru165S V R M High School Room 7,Gudlavalleru
166S.C.S Collage,Gudlavalleru
167S V R M High School Room 1,Gudlavalleru
168M P Elementary School 1North Side,Gudlavalleru
169M P E School 1 South Side,Gudlavalleru
171S.C.S. Collage,Gudlavalleru
172S V R M College K V R Bldg Room 1,Gudlavalleru
Guntaa Koduru85M.P.U.P School, New Building ,, Gunta Koduru
Ilaparru21M P U P School New Building,Ilaparru
Janardhana Puram8M Pup School Uttar Part,Janardhanapuram
9M P U P School South Side,Janardhana Puram
10M P U P School North Side,Janardhanapuram
11M P U P School South Building,Janardhanapuram
Kalavapudi Agraharam87M P U P S,K Agraharam
Katta Vani Cheruvu H/O Vinnakota187M P E Urdu School,Kattavanicheruvu
Kowtavaram192Irigation Travelar Bunglaa,Koutavaram
193M P E School East Side 3Rd Room,Koutavaram
194M P E S 2Nd Building Harijanawada,Koutavaram
195S K D Z P H S South Side 1St Room,Koutavaram
196S K D Z P H S Beside Crapt Room,Koutavaram
197Community Haal Peda Harijanawada,Koutavaram
Kuchikayala Pudi164M P Elementary School,Kuchikayalapudi
Kudaravalli19M P U P School West Side,Kudaravalli
20M P U P School East Side,Kudaravalli
Kurada182M P E School,Kurada
183M P E School Addl.Room,Kuraada
L N Puram H/O Elaparru22Zp High School L.N.Puram,Lakshminarasimha Puram
Lankadoddi H/O Dokiparru177M P.P School,Lankadoddi
Lingavaram55M P U P S East Side,Lingavaram
56M P E S New Building Lingavaram, Lingavaram
Mallaya Palem96Garama Panchayati Office,Mallayipalem
97M P E S East Side,Mallayipalem
Mallyah Palem98M P E S Lakshmi Nagar Colony,Mallayipalem
Mamidi Kolla176Gramapanchayati Office,Mamidikolla
Moturu83M P U P S North Side,Moturu
84M P U P S Room 2,Moturu
Naga Varam201M P E Urdu School,Nagavaram
Nagavarapadu39B C S W Hostel Left Side Room Of Main Enterance,Nagavarapadu
Nagavarappadu36Municipal U P School South Side,Nagavarappadu
37S.W. Hostel, North West Corner Room,,Nagavarappadu
38S.W. Hostel, Dinning Hall,,Nagavarappadu
Nandivada13M P E S East Side,Nandivada
14Middle M P U P School,Nandivada
Oddulameraka4Grama Panchayati Office,Oddulameraka
Parnasa H/O Moturu88M P U P S Old Building,Parnasa
Peda Virivada18M P U P School East Side,Pedavirivada
Pedalingala1Mandala Parishad Elementary School East Side,Peda Lingala
Penjendra173Z P H School Main Bldg East Side,Penjendra
174Z P H S Main Bldg West Side,Penjendra
Polimetla163M P E School,Polimetla
Polukonda24M P U P School North Side,Polukonda
25M P U P School South Side,Polukonda
Ponukumadu Gandepudi27M P E School East Side,Ponukumadu
Puritipadu189M P U P School,Puritipadu
Puttagunta5Z P H S West Side,Puttagunta
Puttaguntaoddula Meraka6Z P H S Turpu Side,Puttagunta
Ramapuram17Mp Elemantary School New Building,Ramapuram
Rammanapudi148M.P.U.P.S E Bldg,Ramanapudi
Rudrapaka34S P V C M Z P H S E Building 2-R,Rudrapaka
35S P V C M Zph S West Bldg.2-Room,Rudrapaka
Saidepudi82M P E S,Saidepudi
Sankarampadu26Grama Panchayat Office,Sankarampadu
Seri Daggumilli184M.P.U.P.School,Seridaggumilli
Seri Dintakurru154M.P.Elimentary School,Seri Dinta Kurru
Seri Golvepalli86M P U P S,Serigolvapalli
Seri Kalvapudi162M P U P S,Serikalavapudi
Seri Velpuru153M.P.P School,Serivelpuru
Si Puudi141M.P.E.School,Seepudi Main,Seepudi,Kasipudi
Srinivasa Puram12M P E S,Srinivasa Puram
Tadicharla H/O Seri Daggumilli188M P E School West Side,Tadicherla
Tamirisa30Z P H S North Side,Tamirisa
31Z P H S South Side 2Nd Room,Tamirisa
32Mpp Elemantary School New Building,Tamirisa
Tativarru149M.P.U.P School,Tativarru
Tummmala Palli15M P U P School East Side,Tummalapalli
Ulavalapudi205M P P.School,Ulavalapudi
Vadlamannadu202M P E School 4Th Claas Room,Vadlamannadu
203M P E School1St Class Room,Vadlamannadu
204M P E School,Kondipalem
206M P U P School,Reddypalem
Valivarthipadu78M P U P S,Velivartipadu
Valivartipadu79M P U P S Kotha S L N Memorial Building,Velivartipadu
Vemavara Palem200M P E Urdu School,Vemavarapalem
Vemavaram199M P E School,Vemavaram
Vennanapudi16M P U P School East Side,Vennanapudi
Venuturumilli198M P U P School,Venuturumilli
Vinna Kota185M P E School N Side,Vinnakota
186M P E School South Side,Vinnakota

Last Updated on August 22, 2014