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Polling Booth in Gajapathinaga Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Gajapathinaga

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Adda Teega154Mpups Western Room, D.K Parthi,Addateega
Ambati Valas152Mpup School West Building Room2,Ambati Valasa
Ambati Valasa151Mpups,Westren Building,Room No 1,Ambati Valasa
Annamrajupeta212Samajik Bhavanam, Grama Panchayati Campound,Annamrajupeta
213Mandal Parishad Elemantery School,Eastern Side Room, Annamrraju Peta
214Mppschool Pushpagiri,Annamarajupet
B Rajeru121M.P.U.P.S.,R.C.C.,South Building,,B.Rajeru
B. Rajeru120Mpp.School, Rcc, North Building 1St Room,B.Rajeru
Bangarammapeta63Mpp School, Building,Bangarammapeta
Bhupalarajupuram34Mpps Western Side Aditional Class Room New Buildin,Bhupala Rajupuram
Billalavalasa147M.P.P.S.Southern Rcc 1 St Building,Billalavalasa
Bodasingipeta115M.P.P.S,R.C.C. Building,,Bodasingipeta
Bonangi160Mpe School, East Wing,Bonangi
161M.P.P.School Westren Wing,Bonangi
162Mppschool,Main Branch,Bonangi
Bondapalli124Zphs Westren Building, Room No 1,Bondapalli
125Z.P.H.School, Rcc, Middle Building 1St Room,Bondapalli
126Mpps(Special) Bc Colony,Rcc Southren Building,Bondapalli
127Mpps(Special) Bc Colony,Rcc Westren Building,Bondapalli
Budatanaapallli183Mpps New Building Eastern Wing Western Facing 1St,Budatanapalli
Budathanapalli184Mpps New Building Eastern Wing Western Facing 2Nd,Budathanapalli
Buradapadu171Sarvasiksha Abhiyan Building,Buradapadu
Chamalavalasa117M.P.P.School,R.C.C.,West Building,,Chamalavalasa
Chandrampettah199Mandal Parishad Elementary School.,Chandrampettah
Chinakada38Mpps Regular,Chinakada
Chinamanapuram186Panchayat Office Building,Chinamanapuram
Chinataamarapallli118Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,R.C.C Bavanam,,Chintamarpalli
Chowdanthivalasa40M.P.P.S., Northern Building,,Chowdanti Valasa
Chukkapeta25Mpups,Eastren Building,Chukkapeta
Dasupetta21M.P.P.S., Northern Room,Dasupettah
Datti26Zph. School, East Building,Datti
27Z.P.U.P.S., Eastern Building 2Nd Room,Datti
28Mpps(R) Datthi,Datti
Dattirajeru24Zphs Southern (New) Building Dattirajeru,Dattirajeru
Devupalli108M.P.P.S., Regyular R.C.C.Middile Building,Devupalli
109M.P.P.S.,Regyular,R.C.C.,Northern Wing,East Room,Devupalli
110Z.P.H.S.,North Wing,Middle Building,1St Room,Devupalli
Donkada173Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Donakada
G.P. Agraharam119M.P.P.S., 2Nd Building,,G.Agraharam
Gadabavalasa8Mpp School Western Side New Building,Gadabavalasa
Gadasam35Z.P.H.S., South Building,Gadasam
36Z.P.H.School ., Middle Building,Gadasam
Gajapathinagaram83Mpps S.C Colony Southern Wing Eastern Room, Gajap,Gajapathiangaram
84Mpps Regular North Building Gajapathinagaram,Gajapathiangaram
85Mpps Regular, South Building Gajapathinagaram,Gajapathinagaram
86Mpp School (Asnm) Market Street South Room Gajapat,Gajapathiangaram
Gangachollapenta75Z.P.High School Northern Wing West Block Western R,Gangachollapenta
76Z.P.High School Northern Wing West Block Eastern R,Gangachollapenta
Gantyada181Z.P.H.S Northern Building,Gantyada,Budipeta
182Zphs Northern Building,Gantyada,Budipeta
Garudabilli144Mpp School, New Building Room 1,Garudabilli
145Mpp School,New Building Room Number 2,Garudabilli
Ginjeru179Mpps West Room,Ginjeru
Gittupallli113Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Gittupalli,Gittu Palli
Gobhyam22Mpp School Southern Side New Building,Gobyamu
23Mpp. School,Eastern Building R1,Gobhyam
Godiyada180Mpp School,Godiyada
Gollupalem111M.P.U.P.S.,R.C.C.,Turpu Bavanam,1V Gadhi,Gollupale,Gollupalem
112M.P.U.P.S,3Rd Room R.C.C. Building,Gollupalem
Gotla Mu132Z.P.H.S., Southwing,3Rd Building,Gotlam
Gotlam130Z.P.H.S.,North Building,Gotlam
Gotlamu131Z.P.H.S.,South Building,Gotlam
Gumadam135Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Padamara Bavan,J.Gumadam
Gutchimi15M.P.P.S., North Room,Gutchimi
Ingilapalli6Mpups,South Building,Ingilapalli
7Mpups Western Side 7Th Class Room Ingilapalli,Ingilapalli
Jaggapuram202Mpe School East Room,Jaggapuram
Jinnam94Z.P.H.School,Southern Building,1St Room,Zinnam
95Zphs North Wing 1St Room Zinnam,Zinnam
Jiyyanna Valasa133M.P.P.School,R.C.C.Building,Jiyyanan Valasa
K Kothavalasa41Mpups Western Building 2Nd Class Room K.Kothavalas,K.Kotha Valasa
K Krishnapuram43Mpup.School, Western Building,Korapu Krishnapuram
K.Kothavalasa42M.P.U.P.School,Southern Wing,K.Kothavalasa,K.Kothavalasa
Kanimeraka114Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,R.C.C.Bavanam,,Kanimeraka
Kannam20Mpp School Eastern Buidling Kannam,Kannam
Karakavalasa210Mpp School, Old Building,Karakavalasa
Kenguva106Mpups Western Wing Southern Building,Kenguva
107Mpups Western Wing North Building Kenguva,Kenguva
Keratam148Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,R.C.C.Bavanam,Keratam
Kindam Agraharam123M.P.P.School,K.Agraharam
Kirthubarthi189Mpups,East Building,Kirthubarthi
Komatipalli4Mpps New Building Western Wing Komatipalli,Komatipalli
Kondathamarapalli166Mpp School North Room,Kondathamarapalli
167Mpe School, South Room,Kondatamarapallil
Konisa53Mpp School South Building,Konisa
54Mpp School North Building,Konisa
Korapa44M.P.U.P.S., Eastern Asbestas Building,Korapa
Korlaa Mu177Mpps Southwing 2Nd Room Beside Office Room,Korlaa Mu
Korlamu178Mpps Southwing 3Rd Room,Korlamu
Kotarubilli190M.P.U.P.S.,Patha Bavanam,Kotarubilli
Kotha Bheemasingi217Mppschool,Old Building,Kotha Bheemasingi
Kothabagam57Mpp School Southern Building,Kothabaggam
Kothabaggam56Mpp School, Northern Building,Kothabhagam,Kothabaggam
Kothapalem134M.P.P.School R.C.C Building,Kothapalem
Kothapansalapadu137Mpp School Rcc East Room,Kothapensalapadu
Kothavelagada163Mpps Building,Kothavelagada
Kothuru226M.P.P.School,Tandrangi Kotooru
Kumaram Agraharam220Mpps,Ssa Building,Kumaram Agraharam
221Mpps Center Building,Kumaram Agraharam
Lakkidam191Mpup School,Northwing, Middie Room,Lakkidam
192M.P.U.P.S.,Uthara Bagam,Turpu Bavanam,Lakkidam
193Mpup School Northern Side 4Th Building Ist Class R,Lakkidam
Lingalavalasa89Mpp School Northern Building Lingalavalasa,Lingalavalasa
Logisa100Z.P.H.School,North Wing,Eastern Building,Logisa
101Z.P.H.S.,Northwing,Western Building,Logisa
Lotlapalli211Z.P.P.S Turpu Bhavanam,Lotla Palli
M Lingalavalasa37M.P.P.S., Northern Building,,Mokhasalingalvlasa
M. Kothavalasa138Mpup School Westren Building,2Nd Room,M. Kothavalasa
M.Gumadam90Mpp School Eastern Block, Mulakala Gumadam,M.Gumadam
91Mpp School Middle Block, Mulakala Gumadam,M.Guamdam
139M.P.U.P.School,Rcc Eastren Building,1St Building,M.Kothavalasa
M.Venkatapuram82M.P.P.S., Eastern Building,Mekhasavenkatapuram
Madhanapuram158M.P.P School Dpep, Madanapuram,Madhanapuram
159Mpps Northern Side, East Building,Madhanapuram
Madhupada68Mpps Eastern Room, Madhupada,Madhupada
69Mpps New Building Western Wing,Madhupada
156Mpups Eastren Buildind,Madhupada
157Mpup School, Western Building,Madhupada
Maradam1Z.P.H.S. Room No5,Maradam
2Z.P.H.School, Room 6 ,,Maradam
Marupalli65M.P.P.School, East Building,Marupalli
66Mpps,West Building,Marupalli
Maruvada140Mpp School, New Building Western Room,Maruvada
Mokalapadu169M.P.P.School,New Building,Mokalapadu
Mokhasa Kotha Valasa222Mpps,Northen Side,Mokhasa Kotha Valasa
Mokhasa Kothavalasa223Mpp School, New Building West Room, M.K. Valasa,Mukasakothavalasa
Mudduru128Mpp School,Mudduru
Murapaka198M.P.P.School, Narthen Bulinding,Murapaka
Mutcherla102Mpups Northern Block Western Room Mutcherla,Mutcherla
103Mpups Northern Block Eastern Room Mutcherla,Mutcerhla
Nandam203Mandala Parishad Pradamika Unnatha Patasala,Nandam
Narava206Mpps New Building 4Th Class Room,Narava
207Mpups,New Building,Narava
Neelavathi204Mpup School, Eastren Building,Neelavathi
205Mpup School, West Building,Neelavathi
Nelivada149Zphs,Northern Room,Nelivada
150Zph School,Southern Room,Nelivada,Nelivada
Ompalli142Zphs Northern Building,3 Rd Room,Ompalli
143Zphs Northern Building 3Rd Room,Ompalli
P Lingaalavalasa46M.P.P.School,P.Lingalavalasa
Pachalavalasa51M.P.P.S, Eastern Building,Pachalavalasa
52Mpp School Western Building,,Pachalavalasa
Pata Bhimasingi215Mpups,New Building Ground Floor 2Nd Room,Pata Bhimasingi
216Mpup School,Pata Bhimsingi
Pathabaggam61Mpup School Southern Wing,,Pathabaggam
Pathabhaggam60M.P.P.School, Western Building,Pathabaggam
Pedakaadha19Mpups Northern Side New Building 7Th Class Room Pe,Pedakaadha
Pedakada18Mpups Northern Side New Building 6Th Class Room Pe,Pedakada
Pedamajjipalem164Mpp School, Eastren Room,Pedamajjipalem
165Mpe School, West Room,Pedamajjipalem
Pedamanapuram9M.P.P.Patasala,Mukya Bavanam,1St Room,,Pedamanapuram
10M.P.P.S. Western Side, 2Nd Room,Peda Manapuram
11Mpp School, East Building,Pedamanapuram
Pedavemali196Zphs South West Building 1St Room,Pedavemali
197Zphs South West Building 4Th Room,Pedavemali
Penasam187Mpe School, North Building, West Room,Penasam
188Mpp School, North Building,Eatren Room,Penasam
Pentasreeramapuram174Zphs ,Westren Side South Building,Pentasreeramapuram
175Zphs Middle Room In Between The Office And Staff R,Pentasreerampuram
Pidiseela79Mpps Northern Building Pidiseela,Pidiseela
Pollanki176Mpps Building,Pollanki
Poralee31M.P..U.P.S Middle Building,Porali
Puritipenta70Mpps North Building,,Puritipenta
71Govt. Boys High School Southern Wing 5Th Room,Puritipenta
72Govt. Boys High School Southern Wing 6Th Room Put,Puritipenta
73Govt Boys High School Southern Wing 7Th Room Purit,Puritipenta
74Govt Boys High School Southern Wing 8Th Room Puri,Puriti Penta
Ramabhadrapuram168Mpup School,North Building,Ramabhadrapuram
Ramachandrapuram49M.P.P.S., Easternbuilding,Ramachandra Puram
50M.P.P.S., North Building,Ramchandrapuram
Ramavaram208Mpps Ssa Ramavaram 3Rd Class Room,Ramavaram
209Mpps Ssa Ramavaram 2Nd Class Room,Ramavaram
Ravivalasa201Mpps South Side Middle Building,Ravivalasa
Regubilli172M.P.P.S.,Uttarapu Wing, Thara Bavanam,Regubilli
Rollavaka153Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Rollavak
S Bhurjavalasa45M.P.P.School,S.Burjavalasa
S.Chintalavalasa14M.P.P.School,Swamula Chintalvalasa
Salipeta59M.P.P.School, Western Building,Salipeta
Sarayavalasa32Mppschool,Northern Building,Sarayavalasa
Siripuram200Mpups New Building,Siripuram
Somayajulapalem233Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Somayajulapalem
Srirangarajapuram87Mpup School Northern Wing Eastern Block 1St Room,S.R.Puram
T. Burjavalasa29M.P.U.P.S., Eastern Building,T.Burjavalasa
30M.P.U.P.S., Western Building,,Timiteru Burjivalasa
Tadendora Valasa5Mpps Southern Side New Buildingtadendoravalasa,Tadendora Valasa
Tandrangi224Mpp School, New Building North Room, Thandrangi,Tandrangi
Tatipudi155M.P.P.S.,Dakshina Bavanam,Turpu Gadhi,Turpu Bhagmu,Tatipudi
Telagapalem218Mpp School, New Building West Room,Telagapalem
Thandrangi225Mpp School, New Building South Room, Thandrangi,Thandrangi
98Panchayat Office,Thummikapalli
V.Krishnapuram12M.P.P.S., Eastern Room,,V.Krishnapuram
Vangara16M.P.U.P.S,Southern Room,Vangara
17M.P.U.P. School,North Room,Vangara
Vasadi170Zphs Second Building,Vasadi
Vasanta194Zphs East West Room Besides Lab,Vasant
Vasanth195Zphs South West Room Besides Office Room,Vasanta
Veduruvada136M.P.P.S.,R.C.C., Turpu Bavanam,Veduravada
Vemali93Mpups New Building Middle Room Vemali,Vemali
Vendram146Mandala Parishad Pradamika Patasala,Vendram
Venkatarajupalem232M.P.U.P.S.,Madhya Bavanam,Venkata Raju Palem
Venne230Mpp School, Old Building,Karakavalasa
Vijayarampuram39M.P.P.School,Vijaya Rampuram(Dasari Peta)
Vijinigiri227Mppschool,Slab Building,Vijinigiri
228M.P.P.S., Easthern Building,,Vijinigiri
Vindhyavasi13M.P.P.S., North Room ,,Vindhyavasi

Last Updated on August 22, 2014