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Polling Booth in Etcherla Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Etcherla

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abhotulapeta54Mpp School,Abothulapeta
Adapaka99Z.P.H.School East Side,Adapaka
100Zph School,Adpak 1,6Blok
Ajjaram202M.P.P. School,,Ajjaram
Ajjram201M.P.P...School, East Side,Ajram
Akkayyapalem151Mpp School,Akkayyapalem
Alapana Gurinaidupeta251Mpp School,A.G.N.Peta
Allinagaram214Zph School,Allinagaram
Anandapuram52Mpup School New Building , East,Anandhapuram
53Mpup School, New Building, West,Anandapuram
Appapuram76Mpup School,Appapuram
Arinam Akkivalasa192Mpup School,Arinam Akkivalasa
Arjunavalasa130M P E P School,Arjunavalasa
Bantupalli164Mpup School East Side,Bantupalli
165Mpupschool West Sid,Bantupalli
Bathuva23Mpp School,Bathuva
24Mpp School,Bathuva
Bejjipuram95Mpp School,Bejipuram 1,2,3 Blaks
96Mpp School,Bejipuram 4,5 Blaks
97Mpp School Dpep School New Building,Bejipuram 6,7 Blaks
Bhagiradhipuram243Mpup School,Bhageerdipuram,
Bharinikaamu66Mpp School,Baranikam
Bonthala Kuduru255Z.P H School South - West Corner, Room No.6,Bottalakoduru
256Z,P,H, School South - West , Room No. 7,Bonthalakoduru
Budumuru107Z.P.H.School, East Side,Budumuru 1 To 5 Blaks
108M.P.E.School,Budumuru Blaks 1-5
109Z.P.H.School, Southwing,Budumuru
C.H Agraharam114Mpe School,C.H Agraharam
Chandrayyapeta33Mpup School,Chandrayya Peta
Chettupodilaamu38M,P,U,P School,Chittupodilam
Chilakapalem212Mpup School,Chilkpalem
213Gram Panchayiti Hala,Chilkpalem
Chillapeta Rajam147Mpup School,C.H. Rajam
148Mpup School,C H Rajam
China Kothakota62Mpup School,Chinna Kottakota
Chinamurapaka115Mpup School East Side,Chinamurapaka
116Mpup School West Side,Chinamurapaka
Chinnaraopalli211Mpp School,Chinnaravupalli
Chittivalasa138Mpep School,Chittivalasa
D.R.Valasa18Zph School,D R Valasa
Daalemrajavalasa17Zphs New Bli,Dalamarajuvalasa
Davalapeta48Mpup School,Davalapeta
145M.P.U.P.School, Westside,Dersam
Devarapalli129M P U P School,Devarapalli
Devaravalasa31Mpp School,Devaravalasa
32Mpp School,Devaravalasa
Devunipalavalasa139Mpep School,Devunipalavalasa
Dharmavaram245M.P.P .School,Darmawaram
246M.P.P. .School,Dharmavaram
Domam234Dpep Addl. Building,,Domam
235Rvm Building,Domam
Etcherla208M.P.U.P.School, Eastside,Etcharla, Blak 1,2
209M.P.U.P.School, Westside,Etcharla 3 - 4 Blak
Fareed Peta222Z.P.H.School, East Side,Farid Pettah
223Z.P.H.School, West Side,Farid Pettah
224Mpp School,Farid Pettah
G Sigaadaamu10M P P School New Building Northside,G,Sigadam
G Sigadaamu9M P P School New Building,G.Sigadam
G Sigadam8M P P School Old Building,G Sigdam
G.G.Valasa74Mpp School,G G Valasa,G,G Valasa
Gangannadhorapalem30Mpp School,Gangannadhorapalem
Gedalapeta5Mpp School,Gedalapeta,Gedalapeta
Geddakancharam26Mandal Parishad Upper Primary Schoo,Geddakancharam
27Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Western Side,Geddakancharam
Gobburu43Mpp School,Gobburu
Gosam190Mpp School,Gosam
Govindapu Ram69Mpp School,Govindapuram
Gumadam88Dpep Addl Building,Gumdam
Gurralapalem102Mpup School New Buildi,Gurralapalam
Gurugubilli93Mpp School,Gurugubilli
Ibrahimbad225Mpup School,Ibrahim Bad
Jada Mukkupeta16Mpup School,Jada
Jagannadapuram45Mpp School,Jagannadhapuram
Jagannadhavalasata15Mpup School East Side,Jagannadhavalasa
207M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Jarajam
Jeerukovvada154Mpp School,Jeerukovvada
Kammasigadam128Mpup School Addl Building,Kammasigadam
Kapparam35Mpp School,Kapparam
Kesavarao Peta220Z.P.H.School,Kesavaraopeta Block 3
Kesavarao Peta Ho Sm Puram221Mpp School,Kesawaraopeta
Keswarayapuram75Mpp School,Kesavarayapuram,Kesavarayapuram
Kollibeemavaram186M.P.P. School,,Kollibheemavaram
Kondakunkam58Mpp School,Kondakunkam
Kondamulagam124Mpup School South Side,Kondamulagam
125M P U P School, North Side,Kondamulagam
Kongaram250Mpup School,Kongaram
180M.P.P..School, West Side,Kotapalem
Kotcherla184Cyclone Shelter,Kotcherla
185Cyclone Shelter,Kocherla
Kotta Kumkam57Mpe School East Side,Kottakunkam
Kotta Peta241Zph School West Side,Kottapeta
Kottakurminaidupeta200Mpup School,Kotha Kurminayudupet
Kottapeta240Z.P.H.School, East Side,Kottapeta Ho Muddada
Kovvada Matchelesam155Mpup School West Side,K. Matchleesam
156Mpup School East Side,K Matchalesam
Koyyam197Zp H School, 9Th Class Room,Koyyam
198Zilla Parishad High School, 10Th Calass Room,Koyyam
199Mpp School,Koyyam
Krishnapuram175Zph School,Gorela Peta
194M.P.P..School, Westside,,Kuppili
195Zph School East Side,Kuppili
Kusalapuram229M.P.U.P.School, West Side,Kusalapuram
230M.P.U.P.School, East Side,Kusalapuram
Kushalapuram231Mpp School,Kusalapuram,Venkatapuram H/O Kusalapuram
Lankapeta172Mpp School,Lankapeta
Laveru70Z.P.High School, Eastside,Laveru
71Z.P.High School, Westside,Laveru
72M.P.U.P.School, East Side,Laveru
73Mpup School West Side,Laveru
Lopenta119M P U P School Lopenta,Lopenta
M P P School Bonthupeta98M P P School, Bonthupeta,Bonthupeta
M P P School Rayanigaripeta84M P P School,Rayanigaripeta,Rayanigaripeta
M P P Schoolallinagaram215M P P School,Allinagaram,Allinagaram
Madhupam41Mpup School,Madhupam
Marrivalasa4M.P.P School,Marrivalasa,Marrivalasa
Maruvada146Zph School,Maruvada
Matchelesam249Zph School, Dpep., Addl. Building Room No.8,Matchleesam
Matchelesam Ho Dharmavaram248Zph School, Dpep., Additional Building Room No.6,D.Machilesham. Blak 1, 11
Mentada152Mpup School,Mentada
Mettavalasa42Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Mettavalasa
Muddada237M.P.U.P.School, East Side,Muddada Blak 1-4
238M.P.U.P.School, West Side,Muddada Blaks 1 - 4,
239Grama Panchayati Office,Muddada
Mukthumpuram126Mpp School,Mukthumpuram,Muktumpuram
Murapaka110Zph School West Side,Murapaka 1 - 5Blak
111High School Center Hall,Murapaka 1 - 5 Blaks
112Z.P.H.School, East Side,Murapaka
113M.P.E.School, West Wing,Murapaka
Mushinivalasa21M.P.P. School,Mushinivalasa,Mushinivalasa
Nadigam205Mpp School,Nandigam
Nagampalem89Mpp School,Nagampalem
Nagulavalasa3Mpup School,Naagulavalasa
Nakkapeta7Mpp School,Nakkapeta
Narisimhapuram12M P P School,Narasimhapuram,Narasimhapuram
Naruva149Mpp School, Naruva,Naruva
150Grama Panchayati Office,Naruva
Nelivada141Mpup School,Nelivada
Neteru80M.P.P. .School,Netheru
Ngr Puram153Mpup School,,N.G.R. Puram
Niddaamu39Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Eastern Side,Niddamu
40Mpup School South Side,Niddanam, Addonapeta
O.A. Agraharam244Mpp School,O.A.Agaraharam
Paidaivalasa59Mpp School,Pydayavalasa
Paidibhemavaram136Z.P.H. School East Side,Padibheemavaram
137Z.P.High School, West Side,Pydibhimavaram
Paidipeta Ho Kosta162Mpp School South Side,Pydi Peta,Paidipettah H/O Kosta
163Mpup School New Building North Side,Paydipeta/Kosta
Palakhandiyam44Mpup School West Side,Palakandyam
Paparaopeta178Mpp School, New Building, South Facing,Paparaopeta
Patha Kumkam60Mpup School,Pathakunkam
Pathasundarapalem187Mpp School,Pathasundarapalem
Pathivadapalem143Mpep School,Pativadapalem
Pathrlapalli157M.P.P.School, East Side, New Building,Patarlapalli
Pathrlapalli Sv Colony159Z.P.H.School,Patralapalli
Peda Lingaa Lavdalasa63Mpup School East Side,Pedalingalavalasa
Pedda Kothakota61Mpup School,Peda Kottakota
Peddakotipalli103Mpp School,Peddakottapalli
Peddalingalavalasa64Mpup School West Side,Peddalingalavalasa
Peddaravupalli105M.P.E.School, East Side,Peddaraopalli
106M.P.E.School, West Side,Pedarapalli
Penasam29Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Penasam
Penta1Mpupschool Uttaram,Penta
2M.P.U.P. School, South,Penta,
Pishini142Mpe School,Pishini
Ponnada252Z.P.H. School, East Side,Ponnada
253Zph School West Side,Ponnada
254Grama Panchyat Office,Ponnada
Pothayyavalasa65Mpp School,Pothayyavalasa
Punnanapalem134Mpep School,Punnanapalem
Ramajogi Peta247Mpup School,Rajajogipeta
167Grama Panchayat Office,Ranasdalam
Ranasthalam168Mpe School, Nagarapalem,Nagara Palem
Ravivalasa77Mpp School,Ravivalasa
Regapalem81Mpp School,Regapalem
S.M. Puram218Mpup School New Building,S.M.Puram
S.M. Puram Peta236Mpp School,S Mpuram Peta
S.P.R. Puram37Mpup School South Side,Sambhana Paragana Ramachandrapuram
Sancham132Mpup School East Side,Sancham
133Mpup School Addl Building,Sancham
Santha Seetharam Puram203Mpup .School,Santhseetharamapuram
Santha Vuriti47Zph School East Side,Santhavuriti
50Zp Highschool,Santha Vuriti
Sarveswarapuram22Mpp School,Sarveswarpuram
Seetamvalasa123Mpep School,Seetamvalasa
Seetarampuram174Mpp School,Seetharampuram
Seetharamapuram51Community Hall,,Seetharampuram
Sethu Bhimavaram28Mandal Parishad Primary School Eastern Side,Seethu Bheemavar
Shermahammad Puram216Mpup School,S.M. Puram
Shermahammad Puram Police Quarters219Zph School, Rms Building, North - Western Side,,Etcherla
Shermahmmad Puram217Mpup School West Side,S.M.Puram
Siguru Kottapalli92M.Pup.School,Chigurukothapalli
Subhadrapuram91Mpp School New Building,Subhadrapuram,Subhadrapuram
Surampeta181Mpp School,Surampeta
Surapuram189M.P.P. School,Surupuram
Suryanarayanapuram85Mpp School,Suryanrayanapuram
Tamada82M.P.U.P.School, East Side,Tamada
83M.P.U.P.School, West Side,Tamada
Tamminaidupeta227Mpp School,Tamminaidupeta
228Community Hall,Thamminaidupettah
Tankala Duggivalasa46Mpup School,T.D. Valasa
Thota Palem233M.P.U.P.School,Thotapalem
Tirupathipalem135Mpup School,,Tirupathipalem
Uppivalasa173Mpp School,Uppivalasa
Vandrangi55Mpup School,Vandrangi
56Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Eastern Side,Vandranagi
Velagaad34Mpp School,Velagada
Velpurai127Mpup School,Velpurai
Venkatapuram67Zph School East Side,Venkatapuram
68Z P H School West Side,Venkatapuram
Venkataraopeta94Mpp School,Venkataraopeta
161Mpup. School,Venkataraopeta
Venkayyapeta13Mpp School,Venkayyapeta,Venkayyapeta
Venugopalapuram78Mpp School,Venugopalapuram
Vijayaramapuram49Mpp School,Vijayarampuram
Vijayarampuram104Mpp School,Vijayarampuram
Vullivalasa20Mpp School,Ullivalasa
Yenduvapeta14Mpp School,Yenduvapeta
Yerravaram176Mpe School,Yarravaram
Yetcherla210D.P.Ep School New,Etcharla

Last Updated on August 22, 2014