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Polling Booth in Avanigadda Assembly Constituency

Elections Latest News And Updates

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Rahul hid Income info from Election Commission: New BJP Salvo

BJP on Sunday accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of hiding facts about his income from the Election Commission and alleged that he made huge profits through highly inflated rentals and Read More…

Loksabha Elections 2019 Amit Shah says that Election is Modi vs Faceless Opposition

Dubbing the Lok Sabha elections as a contest between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a ‘faceless’ alliance of opposition parties, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah, on Sunday, appealed Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: BSP announces candidates for 6 Chhattisgarh Seats

The candidates were announced for Bastar, Kanker, Raigarh, Durg, Surguja, and Janjgir Champa. The last of these six seats — an SC reserved seat — is where the BSP is Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP trying to create ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections only to distract people from the issues of Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamata Releases TMC List for all 42 West Bengal Seats

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Read More…

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

The Congress released its second list of 21 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 on Wednesday. The grand old party fielded its Uttar Pradesh chief Raj Babbar from Moradabad, Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Avanigadda

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Amudarlanka H/O Nadakuduru,49M P P S Ssa Building,Amudarlanka H/O Nadakuduru
Annavaram,106Mpup School, Rcc Building, South-East 1St Room,Annavaram
Aswaraopalem,149Mpup School, Pucca Building, North Part, 6Th Class,Aswaraopalem
150Mpup School, Pucca Building, S.Side, 5Th Class Roo,Aswaraopalem
Atchampalem H.Of. Srikakulam,4M P P School Tiled House,Atchampalem, H/O Srikakulam
Avanigadda Sivaar Kothapeta,148Mpup School, Center Buildign, Kothapeta,Avanigadda Sivaru Kothapeta
Avanigadda,126Zphs, Pucca Building, Roomno.1,Avanigadda 6-7 Blocks
127Zphs, Pucca Building, Room No.2,Avanigadda 6,7 Blocks
128Krmghs, Pucca Building, Room No.1, West Side,Avanigadda 8,9 Blocks
129Krmghs, Pucca Building, R.No.4, W.Side,Avanigadda 8,9 Blocks
130Govt. H.School Eastern Side New Pucca Buld Room 3,Avanigadda Block 3
131Govt H.School, Easternside Pucca New Buld Room No5,Avanigadda Block No.3
132G V S S V Mandir, B.V.P (V.V.) P Bldg., S.S Room,Avanigadda Block No.4
133Govt. Jr. College, Northern Wing Building,Avanigadda 1-15 Blocks
134Govt. Jr. College, Northern Wing Building,Avanigadda 1-15 Blocks
136M.P.P.School Eastern Side Builidng 2Nd Ward,Avanigadda Block 2
137M.P.P.School Western Side Builidng 2Nd Ward,Avanigadda Block 2
138Mpp School, Pucca Building, North Side Room,Avanigadda Block No.5
Ayodhya,123Mpp School, Tiled House,Ayodya
Badevaripalem H/O Pittalank,163Zphs, Pucca Building, East Side Room,Badevaripalem H/O Pittalanka
Bandalayi Cheruvu H/O Avanigadda,139Mpup School, Pucca Building, North Side,Bandalaicheruvu
Barrankula H/O Ganapeswaram,225Rcc Pakka New Buld North West Side Mpp School,Barrankula H/O Ganapeswaram
Bhavadevarapalli,209Mpps, Pucca Building, South Side,Bhavadevarapalli
210Mpps, Pucca Building, North Side,Bhavadevarapalli
211Zphs,Rcc New Building 2Nd Room From East Side,Bhavadevarapalli
Bobbara Lanka,100Mpup School, Pucca Building,Bobbaralanka
Bodagunta H/O Mopidevi,105Cbcncps, Pucca Building,Bodagunta H/O Mopidevi
Bollapadu,21M P P S Pucca Building East Side Room,Bollapadu
Challapalli,57Sry Govt. Jr. College Tiled House South Side,Challapalli 5,7 Blocks
58Sry Govt. Jr. College Tiled House East Part,Challapalli 5,7 Blocks
59Sry Govt. Jr. College Pucca Building,Challapalli 1,2 Block Upto 49
60Z P H S East Part Pucca Building North Side 1St Ro,Challapalli 2Nd Block From 50 To Last 3,4 Blocks
61Z P H West Side Pucca Building North Side 5Th Room,Challapalli 2-50 To Last 3,4 Blocks
65Mpp School Jb,Rcc Buld 2Nd Room 8Th Ward,Challapalli 8Th Ward
66Mpps Jb, Rcc Buld 3Rd Room 8Th Ward,Challapalli
67Svvrrs Mpps New Rcc Building East Side,Challapalli 9,10,11 Part Blocks
68M P P Office Meeting Hall Challapalli,Challapalli 11 Part, 12 Blocks
69Mpp School West Side Pucca Building South Side,Challapalli 13 To 16 Blocks
70Mpp School Pucca Building East Part Nort Side,Challapalli 13 To 16 Blocks
71Mpp School West Part Middle Room,Challapalli 17, 18 Blocks
Chilakalapudi,26M P.P School South Side Pucca Building,Chilakalapudi 1,2,3 Blocks
China Gudi Motu H/O Lingareddy Palem,181Mpup (Urdu) School, Pucca Building, W.Side,Chinagudumotu Block 7
Chinakallepalli,29M P P S New Pucca Building North Western Side 1St,Chinakallepalli 1,2,3 Blocks
Chinakammavari Palem H/O Yetimoga,234Rcc Pucca Buld South East Side Mpp School,Chinakammavaraipalem H/O Etimoga
Chintakollu H/O Mandapakala,188Mpp School, Pucca Building,Chintakolla H/O Mandapakala
Chintalamada Sivar Lakshmipuram,82Mpp School Pucca Building,Chintalamada H/O Lakshmipuram
Chiruvolu,110Mppschool, Tiled House,Chiruvolu
Chittoorpu,31M P U P School Pucca Building West Part,Chitturpu 1 To 5 Blocks
32M P Upschool Pucca Bldg. East Side Room,Chitturpu 1 To 5 Blocks
Chitturu,37Zph School Gorund Floor South Side Pucca Building,Chitturu
Daaliparru,35M P U P S South Part Tiled House,Daliparru
36M P U P S North Part Tiled House,Daliparru
Deenadayal Puram H/O Parrachivara,232Mpp School, Pucca Building,Deenadayalapuram
Devarakota,34Mpps(R) Southernside Pucca Buld Westside Room,Devarakota
Dindi H/O Ganapeswaram,226Community Shelter Ground Floor Pucca Building,Dindi H/O Ganapeswram
Dirisanavari Gudem H/O Ghantasala,22Community Shelter North Side South Side Room,Dirisanavarigudem H/O Ghantasala
Eduru Mondi,237Mpup School, West Building, 1St Room North Side,Edurumondi 1,2 Blocks
Edurumondi Sivaru Nachugunta,239Mpup School, New Pucca Building Middle Room,Nachugunta H/O Edurumondi
Elisetladibba H/O Edurumondi,240Mpp School, Pucca Bulding (Cyclone Shelter),Elechetladibba, Gajullanka
Etimoga,233Mpp School, Pucca Building,Etimoga Block No.1,2
Ganapeswaram,224Mpup School,Pucca Building,Ganapeswaram
Ghantasala Palem 1 To 5 Blocks,24M P U P S Tiled House West Side,Ghantasalapalem 1 To 5 Blocks
Ghantasala Palem,23M P U P S Tiled House East Side,Ghantasalapalem 1 To 5 Blocks
Ghantasala,14M P U P (Girls) School Pucca Building East 1 Room,Ghantasala 4,5,6,10,11 Blocks
15M P P S Boys Pucca Building North Side West Room,Ghantasala 4,5,6,10,11 Blocks
16M G Z P H S East Side 5Th Room,Ghantasala 1,2,3,9,14,15 Blocks
17M G Z P H S West Part 2 Room,Ghantasala 1,2,3,9,14,15 Blocks
18M G Z P H S East Part 4Th Room,Ghantasala 7,12 To 20 Blocks
19M G Z P H S East Side 3Rd Room,Ghantasala 7, 12 To 20 Blocks
20M G Z P H S East Side 2Nd Room,Ghantasala
Goginenipalem H/O Srikakulam,7M P P School Tiled House,Goginenipalem H/O Srikakulam
Gollamanda H/O Eduru Mondi,238Mpp School, Pucca Building, South Part,Gollamanda, Zinkapalem, Brahmayyagarimoola
Govt.Jr.Colg Southern Wing Gr.Flr Northtosouth R2,135Zphs East Building Westside Room,Mangalapuram
Gudivakavari Palem H/O Vekanuru,151Mpp School, Pucca Building,Gudivakavaripalem H/O Vekanuru
Gullalamoda,236Mpup School, New Building 2Nd Room West Side,Gullalamoda
Hamsaladeevi H/O Ullipalem,196Mpups, Pucca Building,Hamsaladeevi H/O Ullipalem
Haripuram H/O Ullipalem,195Mpps, Haripuram H/O Ullipalam New Buld Easternside,Haripuram H/O Ullipalem
Irali H/O Ramakrishnapuram,191Mpp School, Pucca Building, North Side,Irali H/O Ramakrishnapuram
Ismayil Beg Peta H/O Koduru,176Cbcncup School, Pucca Building 1St Room,Ismailbeigpeta H/O Koduru
177Cbcncup School, Pucca Building, 2Nd Room,Ismailbeig Peta H/O Koduru
Jaruguvanipalem H/O Lingareddy Palem,180Mpps, Pucca Building Eastern Side 4Th Room,Jaruguvanipalem H/O Lingareddipalem
Jayapuram H/O Lingareddy Palem,183Mpp School, Pucca Building,Jayapuram H/O Lingareddipalem
K.Kothapalem,98Mppschool, East Part, Zinc Shed,K. Kothapalem
K.Kottapalem H/Okokkiligadda,97Mpps, Tiled House,K. Kothapalem
Kammanamola Sivaru Nali,223Mpps 2Nd Building From South West , Nalli,Nali H/O Kammanamolu
Kammanamola Sivaru Sangameswaram,221Mpp School, Pucca Building,Sangameswaram H/O Kammanamolu
222Mpp School, Pucca Building,Pata Upakali H/O Kammanamolu
Kammanamola,220Mpup School, New Building,Kammanamolu
Kaptanupalem H/O Pedaprolu,95Mpp School, South Side Tiled House,Kaptanupalem H/O Pedaprolu
Kodali,9Z P H School Pucca Building South Side,Kodali 1 To 5 Blocks
10Z P H School Pucca Building North Side,Kodali 1 To 5 Blocks
11Z P H School West Side Ac Shed,Kodali 6,7 Blocks
Koduru,167Mpp School, N.Side, Zinc Shed 1St Room,Koduru
168Mpp School, N.Side, Zinc Shed 2Nd Room,Koduru
169Mpp School, W.Side New Building,Koduru
170Mpp School, S.Side, Old Pucca Building,Koduru
171Zphs, New Pucca Building N.Side 1 Room,Koduru
172Mpup School, Pucca Building,Dintimeraka H/O Koduru
173Mpp School, East Old Pucca Building,Koduru 2,4,6,9,10 Blocks
174Mpp School, East New Pucca Building,Koduru 2,4,6,9,10 Blocks
Kokkiligadda Uttarapalem Harijanawada,99Mpps, Harijanavada, Pucca Building,Uttarapalem H/O K. Kothapalem
Kokkiligadda,96Mpup School Pucca Building, South Side,Kokkiligadda
Kosuruvari Palem,113Zph School, Pucca Building East Side Room,Kosuruvaripalem
Kothapalli,13M P P School,Kothapalli 1,2 Blocks
Kothapeta H/O Avanigadda,141Mpup School, North Side Building, West Side Room,Kothapeta
Kotta Peta H/O Avanigadda,140Mpup School, North Side Building, East Side Room,Kothapeta
Krishnapuram H/O Edurumondi,241Mpp School, Pucca Building, South Part,Krishnapuram H/O Edurumondi
Kummaripalem H/O Viswanadhapalli,161Mpups, Pucca Building,Kummaripalem H/O Viswanathapalli
Lakshmipuram,72Mpups Northern Side Building In Westside Room,Lakshmipuram 1 To 4 Blocks
73Mpps North Side West Part Ac Shed Pucca Building,Lakshmipuram 1 To 4 Blocks
Lankapalli,40Z Ph H School Pucca Building North Part 7Th Class,Lankapalli
41Z P H School Pucca Building West Part 9Th Class,Lankapalli
Lingareddy Palem,178Zphs, Pucca Building, North Side Room,Lingareddipalem Blocks 1,2,3
Machavaram,156Mpps,Pucca Building Westernside,Machavaram
Maggalamalapalli H/O Chitturpu,33M P P S Tiled House West Side Room,Maggalamalapalli H/O Chitturpu
Majeru,87Zph School Pucca Building West Part South Side,Majeru
88Zph School Pucca Building, East Part,Majeru
Mallampalli,27Z.P.High S. North To South 2Nd New Rcc Building,Mallampalli 1 To 4 Blocks
28Z.P.High S. North To South 2Nd New Rcc Building,Mallampalli 1 To 4 Blocks
Mandapakala,184Rcmup School, Pucca Building, East Side West 2Room,Mandapakala
185Rcmup School, Pucca Building, West Side Room,Mandapakala
Mangalapuram,83Zph School Pucca Building West Part South Side,Mangalapuram
85Zph School Pucca Building East Part North Side,Mangalapuram
86Zphschool North Side Pucca Building West Side Room,Mangalapuram
Marripalem H/O T.Kothapalem,215Mpp School, Pucca Building,Marripalem H/O T.Kothapalem
Marripalem H/O T.Kottapalem,212Mpps(Sw),Rccp.Buld Ground Flor 1Room From Eastside,Chodavaram
Mellamarthilanka,116Mpp School, Ac Shed,Mellamarti Lanka
Merakanapalli,108Mpups Pucca Building Southside Room,Merakanapalli
Modumudi,145Mpup School, Pucca Building, East Side,Modumudi
146Mpup School, Zinc Shed, W.Side Room,Modumudi
Mopidevi Lanka,112Mpp School, Rcc Buidling,Mopidevi Lanka
Mopidevi,101Zphs, Pucca Building East Side Middle Bldg. 1Room,Mopidevi
102Zphs Pucca Building East Side Centre Bldg 3Rd Room,Mopidevi
103Zpshs Pucca Building, East Side Middle Bldg. 4Room,Mopidevi
Mpps Eastside Buld Narayanarao Nagar,64Mpps Eastside Buld Narayanarao Nagar,Challapalli
Mpups Rcc Pucca New 1Buld From South West,228Mpups Rcc Pucca New 1Buld From South West,Sorlagondi
Nadakuduru,46M P P S Ac Shed East Side 3,4 Doors,Nadakuduru
Nagayalanka,198Zphs, 2Nd Room From North Side Room,Nagayalanka 1,2 Blocks
199Mpps, Pucca Building, S.Side Room,Nagayalanka 1,2 Blocks
200Mpps Pucca Building, North Side Room,Nagayalanka 4,5 Blocks
201Mpps,Pallipalam Nagayalanka,Nagayalanka
202Svandss Ortl.H. School Pucca Buld 1Room,Nagayalanka
203Svandss Ort.H.School Rcc Pucca Buld 1Room,Nagayalanka
204Mpps,Rcc Pucca Buld From North West Side K.Pallem,Nagayalanka
205Mpps, New Pucca Building, S.Side, K Of Nagayalanka,Nagayalanka 10,11,12 Blocks
Nagayatipppa,111Mpup School, Pucca Building West Side Room,Nagayatippa
Nakkavani Dari H/O Lingareddy Palem,179Mpps Nakavanidarih/Olingareaddy Palem Pucca Buld,Nakkavanidari Block No.4
Nangegadda,206Mpup S, Rcc New Building North Side Room,Nangegadda
207Mpups ,Rcc Pucca New Building Easternside 1Stroom,Nangegadda
Narasimhapuram H/O Koduru,175Mpp School Eastern Side Pucca Building,Narasimhapuram H/O Koduru
Narayanarao Nagar H/O Challapalli,63M P P S West Side South Side Narayanaraonagar,Narayanaraonagar
Nimmagadda,45C S I Primary School,Nimmagadda 4,5 Blocks
North Chiruvolu Lanka,115Mpup School Middle Pucca Building,North Chiruvolu Lanka
Nukalavaripalem H/O Lakshmipuram,81Mppschool Pucca Building,Nukalavaripalem H/O Lakshmipuram
Paadalavari Palem H/O Mandapakala,189Mpp School, Pucca Building,Padalavaripalem H/O Mandapakala
Pagolu,52Mpups Westernside New Building North Side Room,Pagolu 1 To 6 Blocks
53Mpups Westren Side New Building South Side Room,Pagolu 1 To 6 Blocks
Palakayatippa H/O Ullipalem,197Mpp School, Old Pucca Building,Palakayatippa H/O Ullipalem
Papavinasanam H/O Srikakulam,5M P U P School Pucca Building North Side 1St Room,Papavinasanam H/O Srikakulam
Papavinasanam,6M P P School Pucca Building East Side 3Rd Clasroom,Papavinasanam
Parrachivara,229Primary Agrl. Co-Op.Society Building,Parrachivara
230Mpp School, Pucca Building,Parrachivara
Pata Majeru,89Mpp School, West Side Rcc Building,Patha Majeru
Pata Nadakuduru H/O Nadakuduru,48M P P S Ac Shed,Patha Nadakuduru H/O Nadakuduru
Patsarlanka H/O Majeru,90Mpp School, Rcc Building,Patchavarilanka H/O Majeru
Pedagamalla Palem H/O Parrachivara,231Cbcnc Primary School, Pucca Building,Pedagowdapalem Block No.4
Pedagudi Motu H/O Lingareddy Palem,182Mpp School, Pucca Building,Pedagudumotu Block No.8
Pedakallepalli Sivar Adapavaripalem,122Mpps Rcc Building, North Side Room,Adapavaripalem H/O Pedakallepalli
Pedakallepalli,117Mpup School Pucca Building, South Part,Peda Kallepalli
118Mpup School, Pucca Building, North Part,Peda Kallepalli
119Zphs Southside Pucca Buld Ground Floor Nh3 Room,Pedakallepalli
120Mpps Western Side Tiled House Middle Room,Pedakallepalli
121Mpps West Side Tiled House North Side Room,Pedakallepalli
Pedakammavari Palem H/O Yetimoga,235Mpp School, Pucca Building,Pedakammavaripalem H/O Etimoga
Pedaprolu,91M P P S South Side 1St Room,Pedaprolu
92M P P School South Side5Th Room,Pedaprolu
93Zphs Pucca Building Middle Room,Pedaprolu
Pitta Lanka,162Mpp School, Pucca Building, West Side Room,Pittalanka
Pooritigadda,43Z P H School 3Rd Room 8Th Class,Puritigadda 1 To 4 Blocks
Potumeeda H/O Mandapakala,187Mpups, New Pucca Building,Potumeeda 1,2 Blocks
Potumeeda H/Omandapakala,186Mpups, East Room,Potumeeda 1,2 Blocks
Puligadda,124Mpup School, South Side New Ssa Building,Puligadda
125Mpup School, East Side Pucca Building N.Side Room,Puligadda
Puritigadda,44Z P H S 1St Room 6Th Class,Puritigadda 1 To 4 Blocks
Pushadam,38M P U P School Pucca Building,Pushadam
Putchagadda H/O Lakshmipuram,80Mpp School Pucca Building,Putchagadda H/O Lakshmipuaram
R M Gollapalem,114Cbcnc Primary School, Pucca Building,Kosuruvaripalem 1St Ward
Raavi Vari Palem,104Mpps, Tiled House, North Side,Ravivaripalem H/O Mopidevi
Ramachandrapuram H/O Modumudi,147M P U P School East Side New Ssa Building,Modumudi Sivaru Ramachandrapuram
Ramakrishna Puram,190Mpup School, Pucca Building E.Side Room,Ramakrishnapuram
Ramanagaram H/O Lakshmipuram,75M P P S Regular 7Th Ward Pucca Building,Ramanagaram 6 To 8 Blocks
76Mpps Regular 7Th Ward Pucca Building South Side,Ramanagaram 6 To 8 Blocks
77Mpps Spl. 9Ward 5Th Block N.Side Tiled House,Ramanagaram H/O Lakshmipuram
78Anganwadi School Pucca Building,Ramanagaram H/O Lakshmipuram
79Mpp School Pucca Building,Ramanagaram H/O Lakshmipuram
Ramudupalem H/O Nadakuduru,47M P P S Pucca Building Harijanavada,Ramudupalem H/O Nadakuduru
Remalavari Palem H/O T.Kothapalem,216Rcc Pucca New Buld 1Room From, North Side Mpps,Remalavaripalem H/O T. Kothapalem
Salempalem Sivaru Venugopalapuram,166Mpups, Pucca Building,Venugopalapuram H/O Salempalem
Salempalem,164Mpps, Pucca Building Eastern Side,Salempalem
165Mpps,Pucca Building Westernd Side,Salempalem
Sivarama Puram H/O Pedaprolu,94M P P School Sr Puram Tiled House,Sivaramapuram H/O Pedaprolu
Sivaramadurga Puram H/O Lakshmipuram,74M P P School Pucca Building,Sivaramadurgapuram H/O Lakshmipuram
Sorlagondi H/O Ganipeshwaram,227Mpups,Sorlagondi Rcc 1New Buld From Southwestside,Ganapeswaram
South Chiruvolu Lanka,143Mpups, Ac Shed (Centre),South Chiruvolu Lanka
144Cbcnsp School, Pucca Building,South Chiruvolu Lanka
Srikakulam,1Z P H School North Western Side New Rcc Building,Srikakulam 1 ,2,3,4 Blocks
2Z P H School South Side Rcc Building Middle Room,Srikakulam 1,2,34 Blocks
3M P P School South Side New Tiled House,Srikakulam 5,6,7,8 Blocks
Srinagar H/O Pagolu,54M P P School Pucca Building,Srinagar H/O Pagolu
T.Kothapalem Sivaru Pedapalem,217Rcc Pakka New Buld Mpup School,Pedapalem H/O T. Kothapalem
218Rcc Pucca New Buld 1Room From Eastside Mpupschool,Pedapalem H/O T.Kothapalem
T.Kothapalem,213Community Shelter, North Part,T. Kothapalem
214Community Shelter, South Side,T. Kothapalem
Tadepallli,12M P P S Tiled House North Side,Tadepalli 1 To 4 Blocks
Talagada Deevi,219Zp H School 1St Room From East Side,Talagadadeevi
Tekupalli,109Mpp School, Tiled House,Tekupalli
Telugu Rao Palem,8G K M M P P School, Tiled House,Teluguraopalem
Tungala Vari Palem,155Mpup School, Pucca Building, North Side,Tungalavaripalem H/O Vekanuru
Ullipalem,193Nirantara Vidya Kendram, Pucca Building,Ullipalem
194Mpups(Sw), Middle Pucca Building,Ullipalem
Utagundam H/O Ramakrishnapuram,192Mpps, Pucca Building,Utagundam H/O Rk Puram
V.Kothapalem H/O Viswanadhapalli,159Zphs, New Building, West Side Room,V. Kothapalem H/O Viswanathapalli
160Zphs, New Pucca Building, Middle Room,V. Kothapalem H/O Viswanathapalli
Vakkalagadda,55Z P H S Pucca Building West Side Room,Vakkalagadda 1 To 4 Blocks
56Z P H S Pucca Building East Side Room,Vakkalagadda 5,6 Blocks
Vakkapatla Vari Palem H/O Nangegadda,208Mpps, Pucca Building, South Part - East Side,Vakkapatlavaripalem
Veerudravaram,25M P P School Tiled House,V Rudravaram 1,2 Blocks
Vekanuru,152Mpp School, Center Building, North Side Room,Vekanuru 2,3,4,5,6 Blocks
153Mpp School, Center Building, South Side Room,Vekanuru 2,3,4,5,6 Blocks
154Mpp School South Building,Vekanuru 7,8,9 Blocks
Velivolu,42M P P School,Velivolu 1 To 3 Blocks
Vemulapallli,30M P P School, Tiled House,Vemulapalli 1,2,3 Blocks
Venkatapuram,107Mpups West Side Pucca Building 1St Class Room,Venkatapuram
Viswanadh Palli,158Mpup School, W.Side, R.No.2,Viswanathapalli
Viswanath Palli,157Mpup School, Pucca Building, W. Side, R.No.1,Viswanathapalli
Yandakuduru,39M P P School Tiled House North Side 3,4Th Classes,Yendakuduru
Yarlagada,51M P P S Pucca Building South Part East Side,Yarlagadda 1 To 5 Blocks
Yarlagadda,50M P P S Pucca Building South Part East Side,Yarlagadda 1 To 5 Blocks
Yedlalanka,142Mpup School, Pucca Building,Patha Edlanka
Zphs East Building Westside Room,84Zphs East Building Westside Room,Mangalapuram
Zphs Westside Buld Northside Rno3 Stcolony Nrnagar,62Zphs Westside Buld Northside Rno3 Stcolony Nrnagar,Challapalli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014