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Polling Booth in Anakapalle Assembly Constituency

Live Election News

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

:   10:37:08 AM Kerala Result Status Candidate Wise Constituency Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin MANJESHWAR M C Kamaruddin Indian Union Muslim League Raveesh Thanthri Kuntar Read More…

Latest Election News and Update

Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

:   10:37:08 AM Kerala Result Status Candidate Wise Constituency Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin MANJESHWAR M C Kamaruddin Indian Union Muslim League Raveesh Thanthri Kuntar Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Anakapalle

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
.M.H.Schoolnew Building1St Roommain Road 174.Mh. School, New Building, 1St Room, Main Road,Main Road
A.S.Peta 21M.P.P. School , Additional Room, 2Nd Class,,A.S.Peta
Addam 7M.P.Ele.School, Addam,Addam
Akkiereddypalem 214M.P.Ele.School, Akkireddipalem,Akkireddipalem
Akkireddipalem 215Anganavadi Building M.P.Ele.Schol.Premises,Akkireddipalem
Ambedkar Nagarharijanaveedhi 205B.V. Naidukalyanamandapam,South Side,,Ambedkar Nagar,Harijana Veedhi
Amin Saheb Peta 20M.P.P. School , 3Rd Class, A.S.Peta,A.S.Peta
Atcherla 10M.P.U.P.School, Atcherla,Atcherla
Atcherla Sivaaru Mosayya Peta 8M.P.Ele.School, Mosayyapeta,Mosayyapeta H/O Atcherla
Atchutapuram 15M.P.Ele.School,Atchutapuram,Atchutapuram
B.Ar.T.Colony Pisinikada 76M.P.Ele. School , West Room .B.R.T.Colony,B.R.T.Colony H/O Pisinikada
B.R.T.Colonypisinikada 77M.P.Ele.School , East Room , Brt Colony.,Brt Colony. H/O Pisinikada
Bangarayyapeta 12M.P.Ele.School, Western Side Bangarayyapeta,Bangarayyapeta
Batlapudi 126M.P.U.P.School , Rcc Slab Building, Bhatlapudi,Bhatlapudi
Bayyavaram 51Zph School, New Building, 1St Block,1St Room,Bayyavaram
52Zph School, Bayyavaram, New Building, 2Nd Blck,2R,Bayyavaram
53Zph School,New Building, 2Nd Block,3Room,Bayyavaram
Bayyavaram Shivaaru Visanna Peata 56M.P.Ele.School , Vissannapeta H/O Bayyavaram,Visannapeta H/O Bayyavaram
Bayyavaram Sivaru Jamadhulapalem 54M.P.U.P.School , Jammadulapalem H /O Bayyavaram,Jamadulapalem H /O Bayyavaram
Beemunigummam 156Dr.B.R.Ambedkar H School,Main Buld North Part Ro-1,Bheemunigummam
158Dr B R A H School Main Buld Room-2,Bheemunigummam
159Dr B R A H School New Buld 6Th Room,Bheemuni Gumma
Bheemunigummam 157Dr B R A H School, Main Buld South Part 1St Room,Bheemunigummam
Bowluvada 104M.P.Ele.School, New Block, Bowluvada,Bowluvada
105M.P.Ele.School, New Block 2Nd Room,Bowluvada,Bowluvada
Butchiyya Peta 31M.P.Ele.School , Butchayyapeta,Butchayyapeta ,Ugginapalem
Charakam 3M.P.Ele.School,Charakam,Charakam
Chinnaveedhi 168George Spl.U.P.School,1St Room North Side.,Chinnaveedhi
169George Spl.Mpl.U P School,1St Room South Side,,Chinnaveedhi
Chinnaveedhi. 170Georgesplmpl Upschool,4Th And 6Th Classroom,N Side,Chinnaveedhi
Chinnaveedhipeddirajupeta 167Nudurupati Varahalu Kalyanamandapam,West Side,Peddirajupeta
Chinnaveedi 171George Spl Mpl Up School,5Th Class Room,North Side,Chinnaveedhi
Chintalapalem 23M.P.Ele,School , Chintalapalem,Chintalapalem
Chintanippula Agraharam 119Z.P.H.School, Norther Side Room, Western Building,Ch.N.Agraharam
Chinthanippula Agraharam 120Z.P.H.School, Southern Side Room ,Western Building,Ch.N.Agraharam
Darjinagar 107M.P.Ele.School , Western Room,Dharjinagar,Dharjinagar
Dharji Nagar 106M.P.Ele.School, Western Room.,Dharjinagar
Dibbapalem 109Z.P.High School, 2Nd Room From East Side,Dibbapalem
110Z.P.High School, 3Rd Room From East Side,,Dibbapalem
E. Chowduvada 4Z.P.H.School,Science Lab, East Side,Kannurupalem
5Z.P.H.School, 6Th Class Room, East Side,,Kannurupalem
Gandhi Nagaram 127Mpl.High School, 1St Room, Gandhinagaram,Gandhinagaram
128Mpl.High School, 4Th Room,Gandhinaram,Gandhinagaram
Gandhi Nagaram 127Mpl.High School, 1St Room, Gandhinagaram,Gandhinagaram
128Mpl.High School, 4Th Room,Gandhinaram,Gandhinagaram
Gandhinagaram 129Govt.(Bc)Boys Hostel,1St Room,Gandhinagaram
130Govt.(Bc) Boys Hostel , 2Nd Room,Gandhinagar,Gandhinagar
Gavarapalem 191Mpl.Ele.School,East Room,Gavarapalem,Gavarapalem
192Mpl.Ele School, West Room,,Gavarapalem
193Mpl.G.H.School,New Building Ground Flo,Westernside,Gavarapalem
195Mpl.Ssrav.Nilayam Ele.School South Side Room.,Gavarapalem
196Mpl.Ssrav.Nilayam Ele School West Side Room,Gavarapalem
197Mpl.G.H.School,New Bulding, North Side 1St Room,Gavarapalem
Gavarapalemnookalammagudi 194Mpl.G.H.School, New Building,Gavarapalem,Gavarapalem
Gobburu 24M.P.Ele. School. Gobburu,Gobburu
Gokivanipalem 9Mpp School, Gokivanipalem,Gokivanipalem
Golagam 208M.P.Ele School, Golagam,Golagam
Gopalapuram 210M.P.U.P. School, Northwest Side,,Gopalapuram
211M.P.U.P.School, South Side,Gopalapuram,Gopalapuram
Gurugu Bheemavaram 13Mpp School, G.Bheemavaram,G.Bheemavaram
Harijana Veedhi 204B.V. Naidukalyana Mandapam,North Side,,Ambedkar Nagar,Harijana Street
Harijanaveedhi 203N.C.B.M.Spl Mpl Ele School,Southern Portion(Akm),Harijana Street
Harijanaveedi 202N C B M Spl.Mpl Ele School,Northern Portion(A K M),Harijana Street
Indira Nagar 99Mpes,Indiranagar,2Nd Room(Spl),Tummapala
Jamadulapalem 55M.P.U.P.School , Jammadulapalem , 2Nd Room,Bayyavaram H/O Jamadulapalem
Jattapureddi Tuni Narasinga Billi 22Z.P.H.School , Additional Block, J.Tuni,Narasingabilli
Jogarao Peata 34M.P.Ele.School , Jogaraopeta,Jogaraopeta,Perantalapalem
Kashimkota 37M.P.Ele. School , South Room ,Kasimkota,Kasimkota
Kasimkota 38M.P.P. School , 1St Class, Kasimkota,Kasimkota
39Gram Panchayat Office, South Room , Kasimkota,Kasimkota
40Grama Panchayat Office , North Room , Kasimkota,Kasimkota
41Z.P.H.School , 10Th Class, A Section,Kasimkota
42Z.P.H.School , 2Nd Block Last Room , Kasimkota,Kasimkota
43Z.P.H.School , 10Th Class, B Section,Kasimkota
44Z.P.H.School , 10Th Class, C Section,Kasimkota
45M.P.Ele. School , Kasimkota,Kasimkota
46M.P.Ele. School , No-2 ,1St Room,1St Building .,Kasimkota
47Mpp School - 2 Kasimkota New Building I -Block,Kasimkota
48Mpp School - 2 , New Building Ii -Block 1St Room,Kasimkota
49Mpp School - 2 , New Building Ii -Block 2Nd Room,Kasimkota
Kaspaveedhi 182Mpl.Ele.School,2Nd Room,,Kaspaveedhi
Kaspaveedhi Anakapalle 181Mpl.Ele.School, 1St Room,,Kaspaveedhi
183Mpl.Ele.School, Room No-15,,Kaspaveedhi
Koduru 121Gram Panchayat Office, Koduru.,Koduru
122M.P.E.School , West Side Room,Koduru,Koduru
Kondupalemchenula Agraharam 114M.P.Ele.School,D.P.E.P.Building ,Kondupalem,Kondupalem H/O Ch.N .Agraharam
115M.P.Ele.School, New Block.,Venkupalem
Koppaka 206M.P.Ele.School, Koppaka,Koppaka
207M.P.Ele School, 2Nd Room,Koppaka,Koppaka
Kothapalli 32M.P.P.School , 5Th Class, Kottapalli,Kottapalli
Kothuru 87M.P.Ele.School , Kothuru,Kothuru
88M.P.Ele.School , 2Nd Building, Kothuru,Kothuru
Kotni Veedhi Bheemunigummam 160Dr B R A H School,Main Bulding,Bheemunigummam
Kotniveedhibheemunigummam 161Dr Bra H School,Main Buld ,2Nd Room,Bheemunigummam
162Dr B R A Mpl.Ele School,2Nd Room,East Side,Bheeminigummam
163Dr B R A Mpl Ele School,1St Room East Side,Bheemunigummam
Kunchangi 60M.P.U.P.School , 1St Room, Kunchangi,Kunchangi
Kunchangi . 61M.P. U.P. School, 2Nd Room, Kunchangi,Kunchangi
Kunchangi Sivaru Rongalivanipalem 62M.P.Ele. School , East Side, R.V.Palem,Rongalavanipalem H/O Kunchangi
Kundram 57M.P.Ele.School , Kundram,Kundram
58M.P.Ele. School , 2Nd Building, Kundram,Kundram
59M.P.Ele.School , 2Nd Building, 2Nd Room.,Kundram
Lakshmidevi Peta 145Anakapalli Mpl.Ele,School,South Part 2Nd Room,Lakshmidevipeta
147Kalyanamandapam,North Side.,Lakshmidevipeta
Lakshmidevipeta 146Anakapalli Mpl.Ele School,South Part 3Rd Room,Lakshmidevipeta
148Kalyanamandapam,South Side,Lakshmidevipeta
M.P. Ele. School 1St Room 2Nd Building Kotturu 89M.P.Ele School, 1St Room, 2Nd Building, Kotturu,Kotturu
Main Road 172Mpl.H School,Centre Building Northernside Room-8,Main Road, Nehru Chowk, Pudimadakaroad, Sarada Col
173Mpl. H School,Centre Building Souther Side Room,Main Road, Nehru Chowk, Pudimadakaroad, Sarada Col
176Mpl.H.School Old Building Southern Side, Roomno-4.,Main Road, Nehru Chowk, Pudimadakaroad, Sarada Col
Main Road Anakapalle 177Mpl.H.School Old Building West Side Room No-6,Main Road, Nehru Chowk, Pudimadakaroad, Sarada Col
178Mpl.H School Old Building West Side Room No-7,Main Road, Nehru Chowk, Pudimadakaroad, Sarada Col
Main Road Anakapalli 175M.H. School, Old Building Northern Side,Roomno-5,Main Road, Nehru Chowk, Pudimadakaroad, Sarada Col
Makavaramgurrannapalem 116Gram Panchayat Office, Makavaram,Makavaram
Mamidipalem 111M.P.Ele.School , East Side 2Nd Building,Mamidipalem
112M.P.Ele.School , West Side, Mamidipalem,Mamidipalem
Maredipudi 212M.P.Ele.School, Northern Side, Gopalapuram,Gopalapuram
Maredupudi 213M.P.Ele School, South Side Building,Maredupudi,Maredupaderu
Marthuru 117M.P.Ele.School , Eastern Side Room ,Old Building,Marturu
118M.P.E.School, Western Side Room,Old Building,Marturu
Meternity Hospital Veedhi Anakapalle 179M.H.School,Southernside Newbuilding Centre Room,Gavarapalem, Metarnity Hospital
180Mpl.H School, ,Room No-5,Gavarapalem, Metarnity Hospital
Metta Palem 63M.P.U.P.School , Mettapalem,Mettapalem
Mettapalem 64M.P.U.P. School , 2Nd Room,Jagannadapuram H/O Mettapalem
Mulapeta 79M.P.Ele.School , South Building.,Moolapeta H/O Tummapala
Narasingabilli 14Z.P.H.School,2Nd Room,Narasingabilli,Narasingabilli
Narasingarao Peta 219M P Ele School, Northen Side Building West Room.,Narasingaraopeta H/O Rajupalem
Narasingaraopeta Woodpeta 136Mpl.U.P. School, 4Th Class, South Side Buildi,Anakapalli
Narasingaraopetavud Peta 137Mpl.U.P.School ,Newbuilding ,Sou,,West Corner,N0-7,Woodpeta
Narasingaraopetawoodpeta 138Mpl.U.P.School, New Building, North Side,Room-1,Woodpeta
Nidanam Doddi 190Adinarayana Mahila Kalasala,New Buld West 1Stroom.,Nidanamdoddi
Nidanam Doddi . 185Adinarayanamahilakalasala,Newbuld South Side Ro-2.,Nidanamdoddi
Nidanam Doddi Anakakpalle 184Adinarayanamahilakalasala.Newbuld Southside 1Stroo,Nidanamdoddi
Nidanam Doddi. 186Adinarayana Mahila Kalasala,New Buld.South 3Rdroom,Nidanamdoddi.
187Mpl.Ele.School, 1St Room,Nidanamdoddi
188Mpl.Ele.School, 2Nd Room.,Nidanamdoddi
189Adinarayana Mahila Kalasala,New Building Lastroom,,Nidanamdoddi
Nuthalaguntapalem 16M.P.Ele.School,.Nootanaguntapalem,Nootanaguntapalem
Papayya Santhapalem 113M.P.Ele School, Rcc Building, P.S.Palem,P.S.Palem
Peddiraju Peta 164Aided U P School, North Room,Peddirajupeta
165Aided U.P.Scool,South Room.,Peddirajupeta
Peddiraju Petachinnaveedhi 166Nudurupati Varahalu Kalyanamandapam,South Side,Peddirajupeta
Perantalapalem 33M.P.Ele.School , Perantala Palem,Perantalapatalem
Pisinikada 74Panchayat Office, Eastern Side, Pisinikada,Pisinikada
75Panchayat Office, Western Side,Pisinikada,Pisinikada
Rajupalem 217Mp Ele School,Rajupalem,Narasingaraopeta H/O Rajupalem
Rajupalem Shivaaru Narasinga Rao Peata 218M P Ele School, Northern Side Building East Room,Narasingaraopeta H/O Rajupalem
Rajupalem Shivaaru Sirasapallli 216M.P.Ele School, Rcc Building, Sirasapali H/O Rajup,Sirasupalli H/O Rajupalem
Rebakakapusettivanipalem 123M.P.U.P.School , Western Side Room, Rebaka,Rebaka
124M.P.U.P.School , Western Side Room,Rebaka,Rebaka
S.Venkupalem 69M.P.Ele.School, New Block.,Venkupalem
Sampathi Puram 72M.P.Ele.School .,Sampathipuram
Sampathipuram Shivaaru T. Venkupalem 73M.P.Ele. School.,T.Venkupalem ,Sampathipuram
Santhabayalu Gavarapalem Anakapalli 199Mpl.Ele.School,3Rd Room Santinagar,Santabayalu,Gavarapalem
Santhi Nagar Santhabayalu Gavarapalem Anakapall 198Mpl.Ele.School,1St Room Northern Side,Santinagar,Gavarapalem,Santabayalu
Satakampattu Gavarapalem 200Gowri Parameswari Vidyanikethan Mpl Eleschool,Ro-1,Gavarapalem,Sathakampattu
201Gowri Parameswari Vidyanikethan Mpl.Eleschool,,Shatakampattu,Gavarapalem
Satyanarayana Puram 81M.P.Ele.School , East Building,S.N.Puram,Satyanarayanapuram H/O Tummapala
Seetha Nagaram 67Z.P.H.School, 1St Building, 2Nd Room.,Seethanagaram
Seethaanagaram Shivaaru Venkupalem 68M.P.Ele.School, New Block.,Seetanagaram,Venkupalem
Shankaram 125M.P.U.P.School , Sankaram,Sankaram
Singavaram 11M.P.Ele.School, Singavaram,Singavaram
Somavaram 18M.P.U.P.School , Somavaram,Somavaram
19M.P.U.P.School , 2Nd Room, Somavaram,Somavaram
Sundarayya Peta 70M.P.U.P. School,,Sundarayyapeta
Sundarayyapeta 6M.P.Ele.School,Sundarayyapeta,Sundarayyapeta
Tagarampudi 65Panchayat Office.,Tagarampudi
66M.P.U.P.School, Tagarampudi,Tagarampudi
Talarivanipalem 209M.P.Ele School, Rcc Building, Talarivanipalem,Talarivaniopalem
Tallapalem 25Z.P.H.School ,9Th Class, A Section,Tallapalem
26Z.P.H.School , 9Th Class, B Section,Tallapalem
27Z.P.H.School , 9Th Class, C Section,Tallapalem
Teeda 1M.P.Ele.School,Eastern Side,Teeda,Teeda
2M.P.Ele.School,Western Side ,Teeda,Teeda
Tegada 50M.P.U.P.School , Tegada,Tegada
Thummapala 90Mpeschool ,,Newblockeastpart,Northside,,Tummapala
Thummapala H/ O Kothuru 82Amaa High School , New Building , 17Th Room,Kothuru H/O Tummapala
Thummapala H/O Kothuru 84Amaa High School , New Building,16Th Room.Kothuru,Kothuru
86Amaa High School, 19Th Room,Kothuru,Kothuru
Thummapala H/O Satyanarayana Puram 80M.P.Ele.School , North Building.,S.N.Puram H/O Tummapala
Thummapala Shivaaru Gundala 102Soil Testing Laiboratory,Main Hall, Gundala,Gundala Street H/O Tummapala
103Formers Trg Centre , Gundala Veedhi,,Gundala Veedhi H/O Tummapala
Thummapala Shivaaru Moolapeata 78M.P.Ele. School , North Building, Moolapeta,Mulapeta H/O Tummapala
Tummapala 91M.P.Ele. School , New Block, East Part West Side.,Tummapala
92Mp Ele.School-1 New Block, Western Side Room, Thum,Tummapala
93Mp Ele.School-1 New Block, East Side, Entrance Bui,Tummapala
94Z.P.High School, East Block, South Side, 1St Room,,Tummapala
95Z.P.High School, East Block, South Side, 2Nd Room,,Tummapala
96Z.P.High School, West Block, North Side, 2Nd Room,Tummapala
97Z.P.High School, West Block, North Side, 3Rd Room,Tummapala
98M.P.E.S, Indiranagar(Spl) Tummapala,Tummapala
100Z.P. High School, East Block, North Side 1St Room,,Tummapala
101Z.P. High School, East Block, North Side 2Nd Room,,Tummapala
Tummapala H/O Kothuru 83Amaa High School , New Building, 15Th Room.,Kothuru
85Amaa High School , New Building, 18Th Room,Kothuru,Kothuru
Ugginapalem 28M.P.U.P.School , Ugginapalem,Ugginapalem
29M.P.U.P.School , 2Nd Room , Ugginapalem,Ugginapalem
Ugginapalem Sivaaru Paravaadapalem 30M.P.U.P.School , Paravada Palem,Paravadapalem H/O Ugginapalem
Valluru 220M P Ele School, Eastern Room.,Valluru
Valluru Shivaaru Yerukuvaanipalem 221M P U P School,,Yerukuvanipalem
Veatajangal Palem 71M.P.Ele. School .,Vetajangalapalem
Veduruparthi 35Z.P.H.School, East Side Room, Veduruparti,Veduruparti
36M.P.Ele.School , No-1, Veduruparti,Veduruparti
Velpula Veedhi 153Mpl.G H School Newtwo Stairs Buld Groundflo.W,Side,Velpulaveedhi
Velpulaveedhi 150Mpl.Girls High School,New Building East Side,Velpulaveedhi
151Mpl.Girls High School, Newbuilding,E..Side3Rd Room,Velpulaveedhi
152Mpl.Girls High School,Newbuilding Eastside4Th Room,Velpulaveedhi
154Mpl.G H School Newtwo Stais Bld Groundfloor E Side,Vepulaveedhi
155Mpl Town Ele School North Room O.B.Building,Velpulaveedhi
Velpulaveedhi. 149Mpl.Girls High School,New Building East Sideroom-8,Velpulaveedhi
Vijaya Rama Raju Peta 133Madhavasadan Coommunity Hall,South Side,Vijayaramarajupeta
Vijayaramaraju Peata 131Govt.S.W.(Girls)Hostel-2 North Side 3Rd Room,,Vijayaramarajupeta
Vijayaramarajupeta 132Govt.S.W.(Girls)Hostel-2,West Side 3Rd Room.,Vijayaramarajupeta
134Madhavasadan Community Hall.North Side,Vijayaramarajupeta
135Mpl.Ele.School, Vijayaramarajupeta,Vijayaramarajupeta
Vooderu 108M.P.Ele.School , Vooderu,Vooderu H/O Allikhanudupalem
Vud Peata 141Dee Office, Panchayat Raj,North Room,Woodpeta,Woodpeta
Vud Peata Anakapalli 139Mpl.Office, Main Hall,Woodpeta,Woodpeta
Vud Peata. 143Ae Office,Ieeigation Guest House,,Woodpeta
Woodpeta 140Mpl.Office, Meeting Hall,Woodpeta,Woodpeta
142Dee Office,Panchayat Raj,West Room.,Woodpeta
144A.E.Office,Irrigation Office Room.,Woodpeta
Yenugu Tuni 17M.P.U.P.School , Y,Tuni,Y.Tuni

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