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Polling Booth in Zaidpur Assembly Constituency

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Zaidpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Zaidpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Zaidpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
P.S. Tera Daulatpur1316Tera Daulatpur
3P.S. Gadayipur632Gadai Pur
4Junior High School Sadruddinpur1341Sadruddin Pur
5P.S. Atva976Atwa
6P.S. Ankha847Ankha
7P.S. Vajidpur643Wazid Pur
8P.S. Chhulha Banni1216Chhulaha
9P.S. Chandana Majre Bhayara1187Bhayara
10P.S. Bhayara-Ii1143Bhayara
11P.S. Katahli Majre Bhayara1203Bhayara
13P.S. Hetampur696Hetam Pur
14P.S. Medhiya1121Media
15P.S. Amdaha943Amdaha
16P.S. Nainamau1229Nainamau
18P.S. Kotwa606Kotva
19P.S. Jyori623Jyori
21P.S. Badagao-Ii831Bara Gaon
23Panchayt Bhawan Badagao1459Bara Gaon
24P.S. Badagao1149Bara Gaon
26Rafi Memorial Girls Higher Secondary School Masauli923Masauli
29Rafi Memorial Boys School Masauli1058Masauli
31Rafi Memorial Boys School Mid Part Masauli1047Masauli
32Panchayt Ghar Masauli1256Masauli
34P.S. Masauli1412Masauli
36Girls Junior High School Munjapur786Munja Pur
37P.S. Deokaliya1002Deokalia
38P.S. Tera692Tera
39Junior High School Rahramau1148Rahra Mau
42P.S. Nyamatpur1134Nyamatpur
43P.S. Bansa-I901Bansa
45P.S. Bansa-Ii1168Bansa
47Junior High School Bansa1464Bansa
50P.S. Dharauli704Dharauli
51P.S. Madarpur265Madarpur
52P.S. Siswara588Gurela
53P.S. Chandanpurva Majre Nasirnagar1364Nasir Nagar
54P.S. Naveen Bhawan Neola Karsanda1117Nyaula Karsanda
56Girls P.S. Karand1449Karand
57P.S. Nayagao307Naya Gaon
58P.S. Nigri1003Nigaree
60P.S. Rahmatnagar680Nigaree
61P.S. Chacheruva911Chacherva
63P.S. Jahangirabad1324Jahangeerabad
65P.S. Mansingh Manjhpurva Majre Jahangirabad914Jahangeerabad
67P.S. Muhiuddinpur1476Mohiuddinpur
69P.S. Medhiya Majre Muhiuddinpur1127Mohiuddinpur
70Junior High School Fatehsarai (Gunjauli)1264Mohiuddinpur
71P.S. Sadamau991Sadamau
72P.S. Sherpur587Sher Pur
73P.S. Piprauli1269Piprauli
74Junior High School Karpiya947Karpia
75P.S. Jawaripur Majre Karpiya665Karpia
76P.S. Birauli662Birauli
77P.S. Satbisanwa440Sat Bisvan
78P.S. Naveen Bhawan Jhaliya Majre Pandara1082Pandara
80P.S. Raipur711Rai Pur
81P.S. Pandri1399Pandari
82Junior High School Rasauli1316Rasauli
85P.S. Keshripur Majre Rasauli1471Rasauli
87P.S. Pratapganj1203Pratap Ganj
88P.S. Semri789Semri
89P.S. Lakshbar Bajha1204Lakshvar Vajaha
91P.S. Damaura831Damaura
93Panchayt Ghar Jalalpur647Jalapur
94P.S. Dadra1143Dadra

Last Updated on November 15, 2014