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Polling Booth in Varanasi North Assembly Constituency

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varanasi north Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Varanasi North

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the varanasi north Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Gurunanak English School Bharlai890Varanasi (M Corp.)
9Mahesh Vidhya Mandir Tarana695Varanasi (M Corp.)
12Chkrawal Vidhya Mandir Maheshpur694Varanasi (M Corp.)
16Udai Pratap Degree College Bhojubir1331Varanasi (M Corp.)
22Udai Pratap Inter College Bhojubir1054Varanasi (M Corp.)
28P.P Bhagatpur1098Varanasi (M Corp.)
30Sant Atulanand Convent School Gilat Bazar Shivpur929Varanasi (M Corp.)
35K. P. M.V. Shivpur1134Varanasi (M Corp.)
42P.V.Shivpur753Varanasi (M Corp.)
49Kasturaba Gandhi A.B.V. Shivpur1101Varanasi (M Corp.)
52Bhartiy Shishu Mandir Shivpur991Varanasi (M Corp.)
59Tahsil Bhawan Ragistrar Karyalaya Bhojubir1237Varanasi (M Corp.)
64P.P. Sikraul Second (Dithori Mahal)1327Varanasi (M Corp.)
65J.P.Mehta Inter College Sikaraul1063Varanasi (M Corp.)
70Sanbeem Inter College Kendriya Jalroad Suar Badawa Sikraul770Varanasi (M Corp.)
72Madarsa Khanam Jan Arabi School Ulfat Bibi Ka Ahata Ardali Bazar1350Varanasi (M Corp.)
73Shila Shiksha Niketan Junior High School Mahabir Mandir1024Varanasi (M Corp.)
76Kasturaba Balika Vidhyalaya Taktakpur1407Varanasi (M Corp.)
80L.T.College Makbul Alam Road936Varanasi (M Corp.)
90Bal Niketan Senior Secondary School Khajuri1101Varanasi (M Corp.)
99Tulsi Niketan Boys Inter College Khajuri1277Varanasi (M Corp.)
108Sudhakar Mahila Inter College Khajuri Pandeypur1081Varanasi (M Corp.)
117Pannalal Chaubey U.M.V. Lalpur938Varanasi (M Corp.)
122Prasad U.M.V.Khajuri818Varanasi (M Corp.)
130P.P. Pisanahariya980Varanasi (M Corp.)
133Puspranjan B.N.Daulatpur1095Varanasi (M Corp.)
138Tulsi Niketan School Premchand Nagar1424Varanasi (M Corp.)
142P.Kanya V Pishanriyan778Varanasi (M Corp.)
147Iden Garden School Ramarepur1368Varanasi (M Corp.)
151Manyawar Kansiram Rajkiya Silk Exchange Mauza Hall1347Varanasi (M Corp.)
158Saraswati S. M. Srinagar Akatha1101Varanasi (M Corp.)
163Baldeo Public School Bela Road Akatha956Varanasi (M Corp.)
167Kendriya Ucchch Tibbati S.S Mawaiya1083Varanasi (M Corp.)
172Dharmachakra Vihar Nawapura Sarnath1096Varanasi (M Corp.)
173139 B.S.Inter College Paigambarpur1106Varanasi (M Corp.)
179Sent Mairge C School Daniyalpur1244Varanasi (M Corp.)
188P.M. Ball Batika English School Avadhpuri Colony983Varanasi (M Corp.)
189P.M. Ball Batika English School Awadhpur Colony993Varanasi (M Corp.)
190P.M. Ball Batika English School Awadhpur1183Varanasi (M Corp.)
191Mahabodhi Higher Secondary School Sarnath805Varanasi (M Corp.)
198P.P. Parasurampur1097Varanasi (M Corp.)
200Lalmani Bal V. Ashok Vihar Colony1480Varanasi (M Corp.)
203Chanakya V. Mandir Mirapur Basahi1265Varanasi (M Corp.)
210Cuting Memorial Inter College Nadesar1193Varanasi (M Corp.)
214P.K.V.Teliyabag Andharapur Varanasi626Varanasi (M Corp.)
216Sampuranand Sanskrit University Teliyabag1067Varanasi (M Corp.)
221Krischiyan N. And P. School 51 Cantt908Varanasi (M Corp.)
228Kamalapati A.Inter College Cantt1001Varanasi (M Corp.)
232Kamalapati A.B.Inter College Cantt942Varanasi (M Corp.)
235P.V. Ragghubir Teliyabag985Varanasi (M Corp.)
236B.S. Mandir Englishiyalaine762Varanasi (M Corp.)
238R.B.I. College Englishiyaline793Varanasi (M Corp.)
240Nav Yug V.M. Chaukaghat654Varanasi (M Corp.)
248P.P. Nawapura1367Varanasi (M Corp.)
251D.D.V.M. Sanjaygandhi Nagar Colony1055Varanasi (M Corp.)
252Samudaik Kendra Nakkhighat193Varanasi (M Corp.)
253B.P.P. Dhelwariya Chaukaghat913Varanasi (M Corp.)
256B.P.P. Mataprasad Chaukaghat844Varanasi (M Corp.)
262S. Girls School Kajisadullapura662Varanasi (M Corp.)
266Madarsa Dayartulla Islah Chirage Ulum Rasulpura1004Varanasi (M Corp.)
272Masarsa Dayartulla Islah Chirage Ulum Rasulpura861Varanasi (M Corp.)
273K.N.U.R. Nawapura Purvi Railway734Varanasi (M Corp.)
276N.M.P. Maweshikhana Alaipur1155Varanasi (M Corp.)
282Queens Inter College Jagatganj326Varanasi (M Corp.)
291Durga B.V. Teliyabag883Varanasi (M Corp.)
292P.K.P. Kailgarh968Varanasi (M Corp.)
294Shram Ayukt Karyalaya Natiimili1246Varanasi (M Corp.)
296Viving Insttute Dhoopchandi697Varanasi (M Corp.)
301K.P.P. Dhoopchandi730Varanasi (M Corp.)
305Bhakt Karmabai Junior High School Nati Imili794Varanasi (M Corp.)
307M.Darul Ilam Girls School Kamalpura693Varanasi (M Corp.)
309Munisparti Board Kamalpura770Varanasi (M Corp.)
310B.P.P. Koniya718Varanasi (M Corp.)
313M. Majhululum Railway Line Ke Kinare Koniya Saraiya609Varanasi (M Corp.)
317B.P.P. Saraiya Navnirmit Bhawan1082Varanasi (M Corp.)
321B.P.P. Saraiya Ke Maidan Me Navnirmit Aganwadi Bhawan869Varanasi (M Corp.)
322M.Islamiya Saraiya1065Varanasi (M Corp.)
328A.O. Muslim College Lallapur571Varanasi (M Corp.)
331Higher Secondary Girls School Lallapura1324Varanasi (M Corp.)
335K.V.P.Kalasankay Lallapura R1426Varanasi (M Corp.)
338B.P.P. Lahartara797Varanasi (M Corp.)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014