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Polling Booth in Tundla Assembly Constituency

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Tundla Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tundla

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tundla Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Gothua1332Gothua
2P.V. Milik575Gothua
3P.V. Shekhupur Rajmal836Shekhupur Rajmal
4Junior High School Shekhupur Rajmal1286Shekhupur Rajmal
5P.V. Nagala Dhanwant129Shekhupur Rajmal
6P.V. Dhakai1083Shekhupur Rajmal
7P.V. Jarara712Shekhupur Rajmal
8Panchaytghar Gadh999Shekhupur Rajmal
9P.V. Mohaballi981Paharipur Bhodela
10Junior High School Mandanpur797Shekhpur Mandanpur
11Junior High School Shekhupur369Shekhpur Mandanpur
12P.V. Bhondela838Bhondela
13P.V. Bhaghai 2696Baghai
14P.V. Rajawali1424Raja Wali
15P.V. Bhainsabrajpur981Bhainsabrijpur
16P.V. Nagala Par826Ramgarh Urf Ummergarh
18Junior High School Kutukpur1077Ramgarh Urf Ummergarh
19J.Inter College Tajapur815Ramgarh Urf Ummergarh
22P.V. Ramgharh638Ramgarh Urf Ummergarh
23P.V. Kailashpur583Ramgarh Urf Ummergarh
24P.V. Chilasani1261Ramgarh Urf Ummergarh
25P.V. Hemrajpur846Hemrajpur
26P.V. Keshoray587Rudau Mustaqil
27P.V. Rudhau Mustkil551Rudau Mustaqil
28P.V. Garhi Vijay665Rudau Mustaqil
29P.V. Garhi Bhakti772Rudau Mustaqil
32Junior High School Garhi Bhakti711Rudau Mustaqil
33P.V. Nagala Ismail878Rudau Mustaqil
35P.V. Chhitarai1356Chhitrai
36P.V. Nagala Punu978Nagalapunu
37P.V. Burja Wale799Pamari
38P.V. Pamari1048Panwari
40P.V. Nagala Jat496Panwari
41P.V. Mani Garhi1338Panwari
42P.V. Garhi Usara710Panwari
43P.V. Niwajpur733Panwari
44P.V. Garhi Jadi693Panwari
45P.V. Garhi Harray887Garhi Harrai
46P.V. Etha884Eta
47P.V. Salempur1187Salempur
48P.V. Nagala Dhak341Salempur
49P.V. Nagala Ajab653Salempur
50P.V. Devkheda1010Deo Khera
51U.P.V. Devkheda979Deo Khera
52P.V. Nagala Mahadev (Devkheda)302Deo Khera
53P.V. Jogpura576Deo Khera
54P.V. Burj Natthu1230Dinauli
55P.V. Burj Bhajan400Deo Khera
56P.V. Marsaina1362Marsena
57Krashak U.M.V. Pachokhara922Pachokara
60P.V. Burj Sathi509Pachokara
61P.V. Nagala Gangaram1152Pachokara
62Junior High School Imaliya926Pachokara
63P.V. Galib638Pachokara
64P.V. Garhi Jori791Pachokara
65P.V. Nagala Dal1467Nagala Dal
66P.V. Nagala Suraj1062Nagla Suraj
67P.V. Nagla Tula1078Himmatpur
68P.V. Pakharpura1376Himmatpur
69P.V. Garhi Madari584Himmatpur
70P.V. Himmatpur737Himmatpur
72P.V. Ghirauli1322Ghirauli
73Junior High School Chhikau1118Chhakau
74P.V. Chhikau764Chhakau
75P.V. Garhi Thakur530Garai Thakur
76P.V. Katiki1442Kotki
77P.V. Garhi Hati960Kotki
79Junior High School Khera Langar968Khera Langar
80P.V. Nagala Sikandar1019Nagla Sikandar
82P.V. Mohammadi1152Mohammdi
84P.V. Nagala Mavasi597Mohammdi
85P.V. Rudhau822Rudau Pahar Pur
87P.V. Pahadpur777N/A
88Nehru Vidya Mandir Rati Garhi1297Rudau Pahar Pur
91P.V. Piprauli1167Bachhgaon
92P.V. Khushalpur543Bachhgaon
93P.V. Lalgarhi422Khushhal Pur
94R.R.M.Inter College Bachhaganva841Bachhgaon
96R.R.M.Inter College Bachchaganv1311Bachhgaon
97P.V. Garhi Purani719Garhi Purani
98P.V. Sakhavatpur628Sakhawat Pur
99P.V. Nagala Saraynur Mahal770Sarainoor Mahal
100P.V. Nagala Raiya434N/A
101P.V. Shivsinghpur880N/A
102P.V. Garhi Nirbhaya1303Seosinghpur
104Junior High School Jarakhi963Jarkhi
105P.V. Kheriya Jarakhi809Kheria Jarkhi
106P.V. Garhi Bhupal494Garhi Bhopal
107Junior High School Kotaki655N/A
108P.V. Kotaki1352Kotki
110P.V. Sujatnagar769Kotki
111P.V. Dharmapur684Jarkhi
112P.V. Anandpur372Anandpur
113P.V. Nagala Kalua973Nagla Kalua
114P.V. Sikarari859Sikrari
116P.V. Alawalpur903Alawalpur
117P.V. Pratappur478Pratapur
118P.V. Mohammadabad598Mohammadpur
122P.V. Banna1335Mohammadabad
123Gandhi Junior High School Tundli937Tundla (NPP)
125P.V. Tundli1250Tundla (NPP)
126P.V. Basai712Basai
128N.C.R. Inter College Tundla1269Tundla (NPP)
133P.V. Kachcha Tundla475Tundla (NPP)
135U.M.V. P.V. Tundla Kham689Tundla (NPP)
137P.V. Nagala Rati945Tundla Kham (CT)
139Veer Kanya Junior High School Tundla162N/A
143P.V. Tundla1370Tundla (NPP)
146Jila Parishad Junior High School Tundla1148N/A
149G.G.Inter College Tundla1325N/A
156P Girls Pathshala Tunlda1021Tundla (NPP)
157Th. Biri Singh Inter College Tundla1908Tundla (NPP)
166P.V. Mohammadpur610Mohammadpur
167P.V. Badanpur341N/A
168Junior High School Jajpur934N/A
169P.V. Dinauli1279Hazratpur
170P.V. Garhi Sindhari1006Garhi Sidhari
171P.V. Garhi Ranchhor570Garhiranchhor
172P.V. Maharajpur509N/A
173Junior High School Jaundhari1015Jondhri
174P.V. Jaundhari450Jondhri
175P.V. Garhi Fateh410Garhi Fateh
176Junior High School Husainapur846Husainpur
177P.V. Rampur Kateliya590Rampur Katailia
179P.V. Usaini1237Usaini
181P.V. Havipur359Usaini
182P.V. Garhi Jafar1352Latifpur
183Panchaytghar Hazaratpur709Hazratpur
184P.V. O.E.F. Hazaratpur834Tundla (NPP)
185P.V. Trilokapur521N/A
186P.V. Madavali1389Madauli
187P.V. Baghai First1458Baghai
188P.V. Chulhavali1038N/A
190G.Lal. U.M.V. Chulhavali1361Chulhaoli
192P.V. Garhi Gopal468Chulhaoli
193P.V. Nagala Baliya881N/A
194P.V. Anvara916N/A
196Bharti Junior High School Nagala Lallu1151Anwara
199P.V. Gadalpura561Rasulabad
200P.V. Balampur606Rasulabad
201Junior High School Rasulabad1043N/A
202P.V. Thar Gola1197Rasulabad
203P.V. Nagala Datta447Rasulabad
204P.V. Jatpura683N/A
205P.V. Garhi Bhagvant936Rasulabad
206P.V. Nagala Kale676Kutubpur Sahibahat Mali
207P.V. Bajhera653Bhikanpur Bajhera
208P.V. Garhi Sahab617Kutabpur Sahibmustaqil
209P.V. Bheekanpur795Bhikanpur Bajhera
210P.V. Nagala Rajpati324Bhikanpur Bajhera
211P.V. Nagala Singhi1440Gawarai Nagla Singhi
212P.V. Nagala Dheeri423N/A
213P.V. Nagala Kesho (Kurra)739Gawarai Nagala Singhi
214P.V. Pipariya504Gawarai Nagla Singhi
215P.V. Gwarai362Gawarai Nagla Singhi
216P.V. Darapur812Dhir Pur
217P.V. Bans Jharana957Dhir Pur
218P.V. Nagala Ballu760Dhir Pur
219P.V. Langhi Khurda1163Dhir Pur
220P.V. Elai1012Ealai
221Kisan U.M.V. Garhi Thani1064Alai
222Junior High School Tikari1018Tikri
223P.V. Tikari849Tikri
224Navjagaran Junior High School Bankat1098Bankat
225P.V. Garhi Bhau643Bankat
226P.V. Kutakpur Jarakhi703N/A
227P.V. Siroliya772N/A
228P.V. Salempur Nagala Khar803N/A
230Junior High School Ulau715N/A
232P.V. Kheda1145N/A
233P.V. Nagau788Nagau
236P.V. Jarauli Kalan1021Jarauli Kalan
238P.V. Shankarpur754N/A
239P.V. Nagala Harishchandra853N/A
240P.V. Nagala Hansi367N/A
241P.V. Jarauli Khurda504N/A
243P.V. Nagala Guman382N/A
244Samu. Vikas Kendra Ajitnagar502Dhir Pur
245P.V. Jatai420N/A
246P.V. Latifpur582Latifpur
247P.V. Rampur602N/A
248P.V. Garhi Dharmi1347N/A
249P.V. Dheerpura1317Dhir Pur
250P.V. Bansdani1201Dhir Pur
251P.V. Ghurukuaan1280Dhir Pur
252P.V. Niyamatpur846Niamatpur
253P.V. Nagala Nanda556Niamatpur
254P.V. Kayatha1117Kaitha
257P.V. Nagala Balu743Kaitha
258P.V. Nagala Nauji589Kaitha
259P.V. Garhi Godi334Kaitha
260P.V. Sevla573Sheola Rampur
262P.V. Ramnagar808Jampur
264P.V. Garhi Kuber769Jampur
265P.V. Garhi Kaliyan926Garhi Kalyan
266P.V. Ratauli690Ratauli
268P.V. Parikshatpur649Ratauli
269Junior High School Okhara832Okhra
271P.V. Vajidpur Okhara454Wazirpur Kotla
272P.V. Madanpur437Madanpur
273P.V. Narakhi Dhaunkal1180Narkhi Dhonkal
275Junior High School Narakhi Dhaunkal744Narkhi Dhonkal
276P.V.P Garhi Evaran796Narkhi Dhonkal
277P.V. Dera Banjara333Narkhi Dhonkal
278P.V. Garhi Hansram1224Garhi Hansram
279P.V. Narkhi Talluka1355Narkhi Talukra
280P.V. Kanwar1409Narkhi Talukra
281P.V. Garhi Lauki979Narkhi Talukra
282P.V. Raimaja576Narkhi Talukra
284P.V. Rajarampur589Narkhi Talukra
285P.V. Gondai905Gondai
286P.V. Hardaspur637Hardaspur Kotla
287P.V. Nagala Radhe529Nagla Radhe
288P.V. Aalampur Kotala1018Alampur Kotla
289P.V. Asan948Asan
290P.V. Ladpura535Ladpura
292P.V. Dauri839Dauri
293P.V. Kheriya Khurda329Kheria Khurd
294P.V. Aatipur799Atipur
295P.V. Nagala Kum490Jakhai
296P.V. Jakhai938Jakhai
297P.V. Shahpur973Jakhai
298P.V. Naya Bans443Nayabash
299P.V. Nagala Saunth1185Jakhai
300P.V. Garhi Oodi677Jakhai
301P.V. Trilokpur1055Trilokpur
302P.V. Sunawai541Sunawai
303Junior High School Pachwan837Pachwan
306P.V. M.K.A.S.G. Colony Pachwan1197Pachwan
308Junior High School Muiuddinpur754Muiniddinpur
310Kanya P.V. Jatau921Jatau
312S.S.A. Junior High School Nagala Ramkunvari1391Jatau
313P.V. Bada Ganva683Bara Gaon
314P.V. Bendipur Bidarkha835Bedipur Bidirika
315Junior High School Bheetari731Bhaitari
316P.V. Jaitpur579Jaitpur
317P.V. Fatehpur Kotala810Fatehapur Kotla
318P.V. Lukhariya448Lukharia
319P.V. Mahasinghpur375Maha Singhpur
321P.V. Garhi Shriram735Garhi Shriram
322P.V. Gangani968Gangni
324Geeta Vidyalayaya Marsalganj780Gangni
325P.V. Rajpur Kotala953Alampur Kotla
326P.V. Nagala Kadheru738Rajpur Kotla
327P.V. Dorsa Muhammadpur498Rajpur Kotla
329P.V. Muhammadpur802Dorsa Mohammadpur
330P.V. Nagala Akhai395Dorsa Mohammadpur
331P.V. Nagala Vanshi371Dorsa Mohammadpur
332P.V. Muniya Kheda670Dorsa Mohammadpur
333P.V. Kachhapura587Kachhpura
334S.R.K. Inter Collegeollege Kotala1153Latifpur Kotla
335P.V. Kotala1025N/A
337P.V. Bahoranpur1022Bahoran Pur
338P.V. Vajirpur Kotala895Bhagipur Kotla
339P.P. Sikandarpur Kotala586Sikandarpur Kotla
340P.V. Nagala Dheer366Sikandarpur Kotla
341P.V. Bartara988Bartara
343P.V. Kheriya Kalan526Kheri Kalan
344Junior High School Aasalpur967Asal Pur
346P.V. Garhi Janoo545Garhi Janu
347P.V. Gaunchha1135N/A
349P.V. Nagala Padam527N/A
350P.V. Jasrathpur1024N/A
351P.P. Nagala Totaram304N/A
352Swami Purnanand Junior High School Naipai719N/A
354P.V. Kapawali1091N/A
355P.V. Mahalai1124N/A
356Shekhupur Junior High School.1281N/A
357P.V. Bharatpura886N/A
359P.P Tapakhurd1502N/A
361P.P. Nagala Pansahay1292N/A
362Gorishankar Inter College Dwarikapuri Tapakhurda610N/A
367P.P. Kutabpur Chanaura1166N/A
369P.P. Raipura1176N/A
372P.P. Daulatpur956Daulatpur
374P.P. Halpura (Hasanpur Aakalabad)776Akilabad Hanspur
376P.P. Hasanpur590Akilabad Hanspur
377P.P. Bheekanpur Meghpur1083N/A
379Milik Bheekanpur523Bhikanpur Meghpur
380P.V. Nagala Mahadev (Satauli)1150Satauli

Last Updated on November 15, 2014