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Polling Booth in Tirwa Assembly Constituency

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Tirwa Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tirwa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tirwa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1G.P.P. Saurikh934Saurikh (NP)
3P.P. Saurikh697Saurikh (NP)
6Rishi Bhomi Inter College Saurikh793Saurikh (NP)
8Baratghar Saurikh742Saurikh (NP)
9Junior High School Saurilh613Saurikh (NP)
12P.S. Saurikh1072Sorik Dehat
14Junior High School Alipur469Alipur
15P.P. S.aradapur894Sadarpur
16P.P. Rajapur791Raja Pur
18P.P. Kayampur1091Kayam Pur
19P.P Agharanpur885Kuska
20P.P. Kathigara868Kathgra
21P.P. Foolanpur419Phulan Pur
22P.P. Nagala Samadhan358Phulan Pur
23P.P Ngala Dudawan835Phulan Pur
24P.P. Bahadurpur Majhigava1148Bahadurpur Majhgawan
25P.P. Bahadurpur Majhigawa1147Bahadurpur Majhgawan
26Junior High School Gadiya442Bahadurpur Majhgawan
27P.P. Nagala Jhabar477Bahadurpur Majhgawan
28P.P. Nagala Pasa688Bahadurpur Majhgawan
29P.P. Bhatpuri734Bahadurpur Majhgawan
31P.P . Gorakhapur1000Gorakhpur Harbhanpur
32U.P.P. S.arawa310Gorakhpur Harbhanpur
33P.P. Harbhanpur717Gorakhpur Harbhanpur
35P.P Rooppur1049Ruppur
36P.P. Husepur565Hasepur
37P.P. Gayaspur1493Gyas Pur
38Janata College Khadini813Khadani
41P.P Nagala Kharagai552Khadani
42Junior High School Gubariya1153Khadani
43P.P. Kakaraiya704Raura
44Panchayarghar Roor1031Raura
45Junior High School Saharoi484Sahroi
46P.P. Nagala Bhara850Sahroi
47P.P. Tadaraypur1340Tada Raipur
48P.P. Isampur757Ishampur
49P.P. Hajaratpur695Hazarat Pur
50Junior High School Nagala Bhadoi524Kharagpur Biran
51P.P. Kisai Jagdishpur1337Kishai Jagdish Pur
52P.P. Kisai Jagadishpur1305Kishai Jagdish Pur
53G.P.P. Balak Rausen931Rausen
54P.P. Balak Rausen832Rausen
56P.P. Bhanpur500Rausen
57P.P. Malikpur1190Malikpur
58P.P. Gulariyapur409Gulriya Pur
59P.P. Shivsinghpur912Shivsingh Pur
60P.S. Gadhiyapah990Garhiya Wah
61Girls Primary School Bhawalpur422Murra
62P.P. Mukhada970Mukhra
63P.P. Saray Theku1459Sarai Dheku
64P.P. Behata Rampur1179Behta Rampur
65P.P. Niwari Rampur873Behta Rampur
66P.P. Udelapur522Behta Rampur
67U.P. Pnivari Rampur453Behta Rampur
68G.P.P. Alhadpur961Alahdad Pur
69P.P. Ijalpur1134Izil Pur
70P.P. Khanpur719Behta Rampur
71P.P. Kabirpur655Kabirpur
73P.P. Saray Kayam872Sarai Kayam
74G.P.P. Paraur958Paraur
75P.P. S.aray Pratap487Paraur
76P.P Kallu Kheda701Paraur
77G.P.P. P.araur580Paraur
78P.P. Saray Bhagmal844Paraur
79M.D.V. Higher Secondary School Arya Nagar Nagala Sahora1018Arifpur
80P. P. Nagala Bihari658Daultabad
81P.P Daulatabad584Daultabad
82P. P. Jasmedi779Daultabad
83P. P. Mirzapur388Bundha Nagrya
84Junior High School Bibipur978Bibipur
85Barat Ghar Umarpur368Umarpur
86P. P. Bandha Nagariya385Bundha Nagrya
87P. P. Kirrana291Kirrana
88P. P. Majhupur705Madhupur
89P. P. Deenapur342Dinapur
90P. P. Sakrawa1367Sakrawa
93Girls P. P. Sakrawa660Sakrawa
94Panchayt Ghar Sakrawa767Sakrawa
95P. P. Mohaddin Nagar280Sakrawa
96P. P. Girl Dabipur673Debipur
97P. P. Narha555Narha
98P. P. Palahar431Palahar
99P. P. Nagla Madari475Dadoni
101P. P. Sharifabad615Sharifabad
102P. P. Dadauna667Dadona
103P. P. Bijnaura723Dadona
104Junior High School Loh Tikuriya940Dadona
105P. P. Hasanpur908Dadona
106P. P. Nagala Angad843Dadona
107P. P. Dadauni667Darauni
108Barat Ghar Lalpur628Darauni
109P. P. Madi1057Marhi
110P. P. Bajhedi959Bajheri
111P. P. Dilawarpur New Buildig920Dilawar Pur
112P. P. Niyamatpur477Niyamat Pur
113P. P. Nagala Vishuna430Niyamat Pur
114P. P. Mishravad531Misrabad
115P. P. Nagala Khem Karan1099Nagla Khem Karan
116P. P. Sikanderpur579Sikandarpur
117P. P. Raghunath Pur320Raghunath Pur
118P. P. Murra883Murra
119P. P. Murrah347Murra
120P. P. Bilamepur641Bilam Pur
121P. P. Alupur566Alupur
122P. P. Kutubpur775Kutubpur
123P. P. Shrifpur1381Sharifpur
124P. P. Devpur502Deopur
125P. P. Rasoolpur530Rasulpur
126P. P. Baigawan684Rasulpur
127P. P. Salempur889Salem Pur
128P. P. Nagla Bihari488Salem Pur
129P. P. Chandra399Salem Pur
130P. P. Moti Haviliya282Salem Pur
131Junior High School Sultanpur815Sultanpur
132P. P. Beerpur1319Birpur
133P. P. Kutila410Birpur
134P. P. Sarvai399Birpur
135P. P. Shankarpur734Sultanpur
136U.P. Pjakha572Rasulpur
138P. P. Bautham842Rasulpur
139P. P. Digari Mauja Bautham824Bautham
140P. P. Jamuna Daadi435Bautham
141Junior High School Husepur809Ruppur
142P. P. Bausiya956Busia
143P. P. Birahimpur691Alinagar
144P. P. Jaadepurwa435Alinagar
145P. P. Ali Nager541Alinagar
146P. P. Mohaddi Nagar563Mohdadinagar
147P. P. Baswari416Alinagar
148P. P. Khisaunapur390Mohdadinagar
149P. P. Kakarkui901Kankar kui
151P. P. Purwa Nayan Majare Kharagpur Bilandpur844Khragpur Bilandpur
152P. P. Bilandpur725Khragpur Bilandpur
153P. P. Dhakapurwa405Khragpur Bilandpur
154P. P. Kharagpur Bilandpur658Khragpur Bilandpur
155P. P. Udaipur439Udaipur
156P. P. Purwadani487Purwadin
157P. P. Phulpur732Phulan Pur
158P. P. Gopalpur669Gopal Pur
159P. P. Ghapura454Gahpura
160P. P. Rajpur1160Rajpur
161P. P. Nizampur750Rajpur
162P. P. Jalalpur568Jalalpur
163P. P. Alamshah Ka Purwa661kansuwa
164Barat Ghar Nagala Bakhs335Kansua
165P. P. Biharipur638Bihari Pur
166P. P. Kansua617kansuwa
167P. P. Nagala Danua762Nagla Danua
168P. P. Aadampur Ummed534Adampur Umed
169P. P. Udaitpur691Udaitapur
170P. P. Kunwarpur Kashideen688Kunwarpur Kashidin
171P. P. Chikanpur326Chikan Pur
172P. P. Tarind756Tarind
173P. P. Girl Tarind1005Tarind
174P. P. Chapunna756Chupunna
175P. P. Nagala Chaudhari498Nagla Chaudhari
176P. P. Nagariya Lalshah308Nagariya Lal Sahai
177P. P. Jarihapur877Jariya Pur
178P.P Reri418Reri
180P. P. Rajpur Karna847Rajpur Karan
181P. P. Rampur1025Rampur
182P. P. Aruho955Rampur
183Barat Ghar Nagariya Jalimghanj391Jariya Pur
184P. P. Karri1061Karhi (Karri)
185P. P. Lukhariy1016Airaho
186P. P. Airaho1025Airaho
187P. P. Eraho674Raunsa
188P. P. Sargauli766Sargauli
189P. P. Aadampur Makhan422Adampur Makhan
190P. P. Sukhsenpur847Bangawa
191P. P. Dehkapurwa842Bangawa
192P. P. Jabarpur589Bangawa
193Junior High School Mutepurwa373Bangawa
194P. P. Gade Ka Purwa864Bangawa
195P. P. Narayanpurwa455Bangawa
196P. P. Umripur664Bangawa
197P. P. Rihua384Bangawa
198P. P. Joganipurwa646Bangawa
200P. P. Sakatpur881Sakatpur
201P.S. Sadikpur363Sakhauli
202P. P. Husain Nagar468Sakatpur
203P.P. P.urwajhao332Purwa Jhau
204P. P. Husan Nagar707Husain Nagar
205P. P. Patti684Patti
206P. P. Barauli768Barauli
207P. P. Udaiyapur416Barauli
208P. P. Paahikapurwa369Barauli
209P. P. Haseran963Haseran
211P. P. Bahadurpur751Bahadurpur
212P. P. Keeratpur295Lakh
213P. P. Kundepurwa350Lakh
215P. P. Kathela609Lakh
216P. P. Ghana Purwa554Lakh
217P. P. Lakh1072Lakh
218P. P. Jamuniyapur654Lakh
219P. P. Dhammpurwa582Lakh
220Adarsh J.Inter Collegeollage Anantpur612Poora Rai
221P. P. Gundara566Poora Rai
222P. P. Purarai1219Poora Rai
223P. P. Girls Indergarh972Poora Rai
224Girls Higher Secondary School Indergarh1111Poora Rai
225P. P. Bariyamau943Baria Mau
226Baba R.D. Junior High School Sapha410Baria Mau
227P. P. Jagatapur1206Udham Pur
228P. P. Udhampur976Udham Pur
229P. P. Bhujariya1156Kalsan
230Barat Ghar Trilokpur476Kalsan
231P. P. Bhoramau704Kalsan
232P. P. Lalepur740Kalsan
233P. P. Kanekpur496Kalsan
234P. P. Gapchariyapur625Kalsan
235P. P. Bhagwantpur704Kalsan
236P. S. S. Junior High School Bisainapurwa509Kalsan
237P. P. Kalsan1086Kalsan
238M.G. Inter College Madhpura1224Marhpura
240P. P. Girls Tihula410Marhpura
241Barat Ghar Nande Nagala375Marhpura
242P. P. Mahdivara672Marhpura
243P. P. Khaniyapur800Marhpura
244P. P. Lalshah Ka Purwa166Marhpura
245P. P. Utkapura479Kishunpur Basant
247P. P. Madnepur814Kishunpur Basant
248P. P. Mahmudapur278Nademau
249P. P. Chhatnepur503Nademau
250P. P. Biraipurwa874Nademau
251Subhash Higher Secondary School Nandemau1395Nademau
252P. P. Nagala Subhash489Nademau
254P. P. Danpur435Nademau
255P. P. Nakpur568Nademau
256P. P. Madhupuri521Nademau
257P. P. Haribhanpru395Khiriya
258P. P. Nandpur Khiriya1044Khiriya
260P. P. Chatorapur590Khiriya
261P. P. Devpurapur642Deopura Pur
262P. P. Achharipurwa514Haibatpur
263P. P. Darapur Barethi614Darapur Barethi
264Panchayt Bhawan Darapur Barethi437Darapur Barethi
265P. P. Bahosi899Bhadousi
266P. P. Kachhpurwa684Bhadousi
267Adarsh Inter Collage Mansukhpurwa591Bahosi
268Junior High School Bahosi1195Bahosi
269P. P. Mavai Bilwari769Mabaibilbari
270Junior High School Mavai Bilwari {Haraulpurwa}462Mabaibilbari
271P. P. Badanpur Birhar502Badanpurbeerhar
272Barat Ghar Fatehpur370Badanpurbeerhar
273Barat Ghar Hajipur817Badanpurbeerhar
274P. P. Bhutiya355Badanpurbeerhar
275P. P. Rampur Majhila1146Rampurmaghila
278P. P. Sahiyapur826Rampurmaghila
279P. P. Naikapur570Rampurmaghila
280Girls Higher Secondary School Rawatpur742Rampurmaghila
281P. P. Haraipur722Rampurmaghila
282P. P. Disrapur301Disarapur
283P. P. Himmatpur716Disarapur
284P. P. Diyoda560Diyora
285P. P. Baddhapurwa431Diyora
286Panchayt Ghar Surajpur756Diyora
288P. P. Majhereta527Parsaramau
289Loknath Higher Secondary School Patti611Parsaramau
291P. P. Madaripur Angadpur495Parsaramau
292P. P. Kanauli1231Kanouli
293P. P. Vijnapur372Kanouli
294P. P. Jhulanapur920Manikapur
295Junior High School Manikapur369Manikapur
296Sardar P.Inter College Kachatipur990Manikapur
297P. P. Agaus1332Manikapur
298Higher Secondary School Agaus1371Agous
299Barat Ghar Makrandapur446Agous
300Barat Ghar Nausara527Agous
301P. P. Achnakapur661Agous
302Higher Secondary School Purwa Mathe822Mahtepurwa
303Junior High School Dadiyan1203Madanapur
304P. P. Kamalepurwa645Bahishar
306P. P. Katra Bahsaar985Bahishar
307P. P. Tilsara908Tilsara
310P. P. Trimukha632Tirmukha
311P. P. Ahikarapur574Tirmukha
312P. P. Mahsonapur838Tirmukha
313P. P. Firozpur927Firozpur
314P. P. Girls Dharmangadpur620Firozpur
315Panchayt Ghar Sempur569Firozpur
316Junior High School Liluiya871Liluiya
317P. P. Bhuniyapur488Liluiya
319P. P. Kakraha1230Liluiya
320Junior High School Balanpur1259Balnapur
321Junior High School Gapchariyapur474Balnapur
322Panchayt Ghar Umarda1233Umarda
323P. P. Umarda593Umarda
324P. P. Nikaripurwa876Umarda
325P. P. Kunwarpur339Umarda
327P. P. Chatruapur352Umarda
328P. P. Kudina1308Kudihna
329P. P. Sarauli877Kudihna
330P. P. Sarsaunpurwa267Kudihna
331P. P. Miruan Madha853Kudihna
332P. P. Sukhi924Sukhi
333Barat Ghar Kanhai Purwa478Sukhi
334P. P. Shah Nagar1042Shah Nagar
335Junior High School Mahadev Purwa383Shah Nagar
336P. P. Janeshpur376Goora
338Barat Ghar Pachay Purwa442Goora
339P. P. Khanpur811Khanpur
342P. P. Jader435Khanpur
343P. P. Pane Purwa407Khanpur
344P. P. Palyora402Khanpur
345P. P. Mugra1100Mugara
346Junior High School Jot Purwa501Mugara
347Junior High School Sarsai592Sarsai
349P. P. Sarasi {Bhadha}664Sarsai
350Junior High School Mawaiya1241Sarsai
351P. P. Belamau Saraiya980Belamau
352Barat Ghar Bale Purwa432Belamau
354Girl P. P. Saraiya1263Belamau
355P. P. Chanaua634Belamau
356P. P. Pakariya Pur342Sirsha
357P. P. Sirsa800Sirsha
358P. P. Fatehpur Kapoorapur1131Fatehpur Kapoorapur
359P. P. Mahuapur384Fatehpur Kapoorapur
360P. P. Dileep Nagar704Nanhepur
361P. P. Nanhe Pur725Nanhepur
362A.J. High School Ratanpur490Nanhepur
363P. P. Kaluapur649Kalua Pur
364P. P. Pala1030Pala
365P. P. Malihapur1032Maliha Pur
366P. P. Makrandapur490Aher
367Panchayt Ghar Aher1144Aher
368P. P. Barat Ghar Parsoha551Aher
369Girls Higher Secondary School Jatiyapur588Aher
370K.P. Higher Secondary School Bighaipurwa815Aher
371P. P. Bachhajjpur1274Aher
372P. P. Haripurwa361Beharapur Gaisapur
373Higher Secondary School Behrapur Gaisapur452Beharapur Gaisapur
374P. P. Ghasipurwa376Beharapur Gaisapur
375P. P. Dhara Nager799Kinaura
376Barat Ghar Kinora495Kinaura
377Mandi Samiti Tirwa470Kinaura
378A.K.R.Inter Collage Gagipurwa Kinora374Kinaura
379P. P. Har Chandapur404Kinaura
380Girls P. P. Tirwa Khas706Kinaura
381Indra Devi Girls Inter Collage Tirwa540Mudwaraganj
382Barat Ghar Hansapur508Kinaura
383P. P. Binora Rampur941Binorarampur
386P. P. Rahmatpur984Rahmat Pur
387P. P. Singari736Rahmat Pur
388P. P. MUcchuwa599Hamir Pur
389P. P. Hameerpur776Hamir Pur
390P. P. Auser1457Hamir Pur
392Panchayt Ghar Karsah1060Ouser
393P. P. Bathuiya496Ouser
394Adarsh Junior High School Jurrapurwa444Ouser
395P. P. Rapra526Ouser
396Junior High School Auser803Ouser
397P. P. Nayapurwa538Ouser
398Junior High School Simriya1225Simaria
401P. P. Dalelpur416Dalelpur
402P. P. New Bhawan Umran827Umaranpur
403P. P. Jhaua669Umaranpur
404Panchayt Ghar Madanapur660Umaranpur
407P. P. Hisamuddinpur716Hinsamuddin Pur
408Junior High School Haraipur1280Hareipur
409P. P. Harijanpurwa1194Hareipur
412Junior High School Khair Nager1301Khair Nagar
413Baratghar Sumerpur465Khair Nagar
415Girls P. P. Khair Nager594Khair Nagar
416P. P. Matkepurwa864Khair Nagar
417P. P. Malgawan893Malgawan
418Panchayt Ghar Malgai702Malgawan
419P. P. Amratpurwa Kareem Nager1030Kareem Nagar
420P. P. Chandiyapur701Chandiapur
421P. P. Jhabra432Chandiapur
422P.P Jariyan1109Chandiapur
423Deenanath Inter College Tirwa1322Tirwaganj (NP)
424Deenanath Inter College Tirwaganj773Tirwaganj (NP)
426Junior High School Tirwa1044Tirwaganj (NP)
427P. P. Tirwa804Tirwaganj (NP)
428Kanya Inter College Tirwa Ganj1056Tirwaganj (NP)
431P. P. Girls Tirwa1115Tirwaganj (NP)
440P. P. Baruhaar1331Tirwa Khas
441P. P. Naurangpur Nagariya614Naurangpur Nagariya
442P. P. Tusawari624Toosawari
443P.P. P.tti901Pawora
444Baba Dhaniram U.P.P Bahadurpur424Bahadurpur
445B.D.R. Higher Secondary.School Bahadurpur877Sakholi
445B.D.R. Higher Secondary School Bahadurpur877Sareia
446P. P. Nunari962Nunari

Last Updated on November 15, 2014