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Polling Booth in Tindwari Assembly Constituency

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Tindwari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tindwari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tindwari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Poorv Ma. Vi. Raipur (Raipura) Mazra Gadariya745Gadariya
2Poorv Ma. Vi.Raipur (Raipura) Mazra Gadariya526Gadariya
3Pr. Vi. Khairi Mazra Gadariya407Gadariya
4Poorv Ma. Vi. Gadariya797Gadariya
7Sankul Bhavan Gadariya968Gadariya
8Pr.Vi. Bahundari929Bahundari
9Pr.Vi. Narjita862Narjita
10Poorv Ma. Vi. Sikahula1164Sikahula
12Poorv Ma. Vi. Gaurikalan1178Gauri Kalan
14Pr.Vi. Kumhariya Dera Mazra Gaurikalan717Gauri Kalan
15Kanya Poorv Ma. Vi. Rampur1151Rampur
19Pr.Vi. Naraiyadh865Narayarh
20Pr.Vi. Budheda478Budheda
21Pr.Vi. Mavai Ghat369Mawai Ghat
22Pr.Vi. Khaptihakhurd990Khaptiha Khurd
23Pr.Vi. Gazipur742Gazipur
24Pr.Vi. Gazpurwa Mazra Gazipur386Gazipur
25Pr.Vi. Gadola829Gadola
26Pr.Vi. Galauli860Galauli
27Poorv Ma.Vi. Gaurikhurd1043Gauri Khurd
28P.J.N.Akhand Inter Collage Chandwara1111Chandwara
30Pr.Vi. Ichhawar963Ichhawar
31Pr.Vi. Dharikhera Mazra Ichhawar756Ichhawar
32Poorv Ma.Vi. Sabada1103Sabada
34Pr.Vi. Sabada1223Sabada
35Pr.Vi. Deendayal Dera Mazra Sabada296Sabada
36Pr.Vi. Mahabara Naveen1251Mahabara
37Pr.Vi. Madaulikalan1006Madauli Kalan
38Pr.Vi. Badagaon765Baragaon
44Pr.Vi. Shekhupur610Shekhupur
45Pr.Vi. Narauli1064Narauli
46Pr.Vi. Tangamau782Tangamau
47Pr.Vi. Sonamau416Tangamau
48Pr.Vi. Jhanjhri552Jhanjhari
49Poorv Ma.Vi. Jhanjhripurwa777Jhanjhari
51Poorv Ma. V Inter College howki purwa Mazra Dandamau1060Dandamau
52Pr.Vi. Dandamau548Dandamau
53Pr.Vi. Marjha849Marjha
54Pr.Vi. Paderi1145Paderi
55Pr.Vi. Pachkauri464Pachkauri
56Pr.Vi. Adari1255Adari
57Pr.Vi. Basdhari381N/A
58Pr.Vi. Lasda1232Lasada
59Pr.Vi. Harbanspurwa Mazra Sindhankalan837Sindhan Kalan
60Pr.Vi. Sindhankalan1395Sindhan Kalan
62Poorv Ma.Vi. Sindhankalan640Sindhan Kalan
63Pr.Vi. Gurgavan Mazra Sindhankalan341Sindhan Kalan
64Pr.Vi. Pandvan Dera Mazra Sindhankalan390Sindhan Kalan
65Poorv Ma. Vi. Sindhankhurd682Sindhan Khurd
66Pr.Vi. Pailani Dera (Kewtara)990Pailani
67Shri M.D. Adarsh Inter College Jaspura1272Jaspura
71Pr.Vi. Mahila Dera Mazra Jaspura450Jaspura
72Pr.Vi. Tarauda Mazra Jaspura612Jaspura
73Poorv Ma.Vi. Bhatha481Bhatha
74Poorv Ma.Vi. Nandadev1268Nada Deo
76Pr.Vi. Padohara982Padohara
78Poorv Ma.Vi. Amara787Amara
80Pr.Vi. Kutidera Mazra Amara1131Amara
81Pr.Vi. Barehta1085Barehta
82Pr.Vi. Shivrampur Mazra Barehta768Barehta
83Pr.Vi. Sandi702Sandi
84Pr.Vi. Aman Dera Mazra Sandi1086Sandi
85Pr.Vi. Khairai1165Khairei
86Naveen Pr.Vi. Alona1045Alona
88Pr.Vi. Khaptihakalan1143Khaptiha Kalan
90Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi. Khaptihakalan1273Khaptiha Kalan
91Paramhans Ranchhod Das Inter College Khaptihakalan1108Khaptiha Kalan
94Pr.Vi Inter Collegehaniha Dera Mazra Khaptihakalan786Khaptiha Kalan
95Pr.Vi. Rehunta1131Rehutan
96Poorv Ma.Vi. Amlor1381Amlor
98Pr.Vi. Kukuwakhas582Kukuwa Khas
99Kanya Pr.Vi. Pailani1484Pailani
101Pr.Vi. Nari1090Nari
102Pr.Vi. Bansi Dera Mazra Nari993Nari
103Sahyog Ashram Poorv Ma.Vi. Dighwat1021Dighwat
106Pr.Vi. Dohtara821Dohatara
107Pr.Vi. Tara894Dohatara
108Sangam Ucchattar Ma.V Inter Collegehilla1479Chilla
111Poorv Ma.Vi. Sadimadanpur799Sadi Madanpur
114Kanya Pr.Vi. Sadimadanpur774Sadi Madanpur
117Pr.Vi. Gausipur Mazra Sadimadanpur429Sadi Madanpur
118Pr.Vi. Lomar1205Laumar
120Poorv Ma.Vi. Bhavanipur485Bhawanipur
121Poorv Ma.Vi. Padarathpur1192Padarathpur
122Pr.Vi. Hukumsingh Ka Dera Mazra Jauharpur1213Jauharpur
123Poorv Ma.Vi. Jauharpur1446Jauharpur
125Pr.Vi. Devra Mazra Jauharpur829Jauharpur
126Pr.Vi. Pachasa Dera Mazra Jauharpur536Jauharpur
127Pr.Vi. Benda815Benda
128Poorv Ma.Vi. Bhairampurwa Mazra Benda1041Benda
129Pr.Vi. Bendaghat Mazra Benda628Benda
130Pr.Vi. Lagdevra Mazra Benda937Benda
132Poorv Ma.Vi. Amlikor955Amli Kaur
134Pr.Vi. (Bandhiteer)Subhashnagar Mazra Amlikaur975Amli Kaur
135Pr.Vi. Gadola Mazra Amlikaur487Amli Kaur
136Poorv Ma.Vi. Macha394Macha
137Pr.Vi. Lohari1252Lohari
138Pr.Vi. Singhpur1069Singhpur
139Pr.Vi. Marka644Maraka
140Poorv Ma.Vi. Dhausad1269Dhaunsar
142Pr.Vi. Bhujrakh1110Bhujrakh
144Pr.V Inter Collegehhapar1058Chhapar
145Pr.Vi. Jariya355Jariya
146Pr.Vi. Datrauli638Datarauli
147Pr.Vi. Khaunda1005Khaunda
148Pr.Vi. Bhadauli316Bhadauli
149Pr.Vi. Bambiya850Bambiya
150Pr.Vi. Barethikalan1105Barethi Kalan
151Pr.Vi. Gugauli942Gugauli
153Pr.Vi. Mahedu1142Mahedu
154Pr.Vi. Singhauli829Sindhauli
155Pr.Vi. Mata1032Mata
156Pr.Vi. Jasaipur1284Jasaipur
157Pr.Vi. Bhidaura1347Bhindaura
158Pr.Vi. Gajni1054Gajani
159Pr.Vi. Bichhwahi1182Bichhawahi
160Pr.V Inter Collegehhirahuta1162Chhirahuta
161Poorv Ma.Vi. Palra1415Palara
163Pr.Vi. Sahoorpur461Sahoorpur
164Poorv Ma.Vi. Piprahari821Piparahari
166Pr.Vi. Piprahari1245Piparahari
167Pr.Vi. Niwaich770Niwaich
169Pr.Vi. Atarahat1228Atarahat
171Pr.Vi. Paprenda1154Paparenda
173Kanya Pr.Vi. Paprenda681Paparenda
175Sankul Bhawan Paprenda1084Paparenda
176Pr.Vi. Bachhewra684Bachheura
177Poorv Ma.Vi. Parsaunda1235Parsaunda
179Pr.Vi. Mirgahani1458Mirgahani
180Pr.Vi. Purani Tindwari849Tindwari (NP)
182Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi. Tindwari1213Tindwari (NP)
185Chetriy Shiksha Sansadhan Kendra Tindwari793Tindwari (NP)
186Naveen Pr.Vi. Tindwari938Tindwari (NP)
189Naveen Pr.Vi. Sonrahi394Sonrahi
190Pr.Vi. Terahimafi634Terahi Mafi
192Pr.Vi. Sahinga524Sahinga
193Pr.Vi. Kewtara Mazra Bahinga1146Bahinga
194Pr.Vi. Garaunti842Garauti
195Poorv Ma.Vi. Pipargawan1385Pipargawan
196Pr.Vi. Mungus1209Mungus
199Poorv Ma.Vi. Gokhrahi1214Gokharahi
201Pr.Vi. Mahui849Mahui
202Pr.Vi. Wasilpur1143Wasilpur
203Kanya Pr.Vi. Saimari1033Saimari
205Pr.Vi. Saimara944Saimari
206Pr.Vi. Bhujauli780Bhujauli
207Poorv Ma.Vi. Godhani884Godhani
209Pr.Vi. Badeha370Badeha
210Poorv Ma.Vi. Kamnaudi320Kamnaudi
211Pr.Vi. Fatpurwa933Fatpurwa
212Pr.Vi. Maudaha907Maudaha
213Pr.Vi. Bilbai694Bilbai
214Pr.Vi. Kalectorpurwa Mazra Bilbai727Bilbai
215Pr.Vi. Doha803Doha
216Pr.Vi. Hathauda1402Hathaura
217Poorv Ma.V Inter Collegehanehralalpur803Chhanehara Lalpur
219Pr.V Inter Collegehanehralalpur648Chhanehara Lalpur
221Pr.Vi. Kulkumhari1108Kul Kumhari
222Pr.V Inter Collegehilli889Chilli
223Poorv Ma.Vi. Karbai931Karbai
225Pr.Vi. Jaurahi1104Jaurahi
227Poorv Ma.Vi. Gureh1029Gureh
230Pr.Vi. Ramgulam Ka Purwa Mazra Gureh567Gureh
231Pr.Vi. Jamnipur673Jamunipur
232Pr.V Inter College hunna Ka Purwa Mazra Jamnipur422Jamunipur
233Pr.Vi. Dadariya506Dadariya
234Pr.Vi. Jari1341Jari
237Pr.Vi. Bargahani1155Bargahani
238Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi. Mahokhar1316Mahokhar
240Poorv Ma.Vi. Mahokhar1506Mahokhar
242Kanya Pr.Vi. Mahokhar1182Mahokhar
243Pr.Vi. Vijaybahadur Ka Purwa Mazra Mahokhar496Mahokhar
244Pr.Vi. Purani Jamalpur1482Jamalpur
245Pr.Vi. Jamalpur Naveen867Jamalpur
247Pr.Vi. Pachnehi1043Pachanehi
249Poorv Ma.Vi. Pachnehi551Pachanehi
251Kanya Pr.Vi. Pachnehi844Pachanehi
252Pr.Vi. Lama1046Lama
254Kanya Pr.Vi. Lama1029Lama
255Pr.Vi. Karahiya1242Karahiya
256Poorv Ma.Vi. Luktara1039Luktara
258Pr.Vi. Luktara1070Luktara
259Pr.Vi. Pathari1108Pathari
260Pr.V Inter Collegehhehraon1032Chheharao
261Pr.V Inter Collegehatgan596Chakchatgan
262Pr.Vi. Pachulla1046Pachulla
263Poorv Ma.V Inter College hahitara986Chahitara
265Pr.V Inter College hakchatgan744Chakchatgan
265Pr.VI nter College hakchatgan744Chakchatgan
266Pr.Vi. Marauli973Marauli
268Pr.Vi. Ujrehta499Ujrehta
269Pr.Vi. Surauli359Ujrehta
270Poorv Ma.Vi. Achhraund1185Achharaund
272Pr.Vi. Mohanpurwa1251Mohan Purwa
273Sankul Bhawan Mohanpurwa1123Mohan Purwa
274Pr.Vi. Naibasti Triveni1194Teiveni
276Pr.V Inter Collegehilehata649Chilehata
277Pr.Vi. Bhuredi1127Bhurendi
279Poorv Ma.Vi. Duredi1264Durendi
281Pr.Vi. Bansipur Mazra Duredi443Durendi
282Pr.Vi. Daulatpur Mazra Duredi689Durendi
283Pr.Vi. Lohara524Lohara
284Pr.Vi. Ittwan625Etawan
285Pr.Vi. Karchha812Karachha
286Poorv Ma.Vi. Goyramugli1315Goyara Mugali
288Pr.Vi. Goyramugli1112Goyara Mugali
289Pr.Vi. Khairada1157Khairada
290Govt. Inter College Mataundh1389Mataundh (NP)
293Pr.Vi. Naveen Mataundh1290Mataundh (NP)
294Pr.Vi. Prachin Mataundh1053Mataundh (NP)
295Poorv Ma.Vi. Parampurwa Mazra Mataundh1230Mataundh(Gramin)
296Pr.Vi. Baniyakhod Mazra Mataundh Gramin124Mataundh(Gramin)
297Pr.Vi. Khahra Mazra Mataundh568Mataundh(Gramin)
298Pr.Vi. Patna Mazra Mataundh351Mataundh(Gramin)
299Pr.Vi. Muderi Mazra Mataundh559Mataundh(Gramin)
300Pr.Vi. Hardoni962Mataundh(Gramin)
301Pr.Vi. Jakhaura699Jakhaura
302Pr.V Inter Collegehamraha867Chamraha
303Pr.Vi. Basehri997Basahari
305Pr.Vi. Alamkhod Mazra Basehri632Basahari

Last Updated on November 15, 2014