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Polling Booth in Thakurdwara Assembly Constituency

Thakurdwara Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Thakurdwara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Thakurdwara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Junior High School Sabalpur935Sabalpur (A.H.T)
3Primary School Dulhapur Patti Jat1173Dhulapur Patti Jat
4Primary School Amantabad1307Amanatabad
5Primary School Dulhapur Patti Chouhan1120Doolhapur Pattichouhan (A.H.T.
6Primary School Tanda Afjal1299Tanda Afzal (A.H.T)
7Junior High School Rampur Ghoghar1243Rampur Ghoghar(A.H.T)
9Gandhi Smark P.G College Surjannagar1338N/A
13Kisan Seva Kendre Surjannagar1205Surjan Nagar (M.S.T.)
14Gandhi Smark Intar .C.Surjannagar1446Surjan Nagar (M.S.T.)
15Primary School Bhapur897Bahpur
17Primary School Pipli Aheer Mu914Peepli Ahir(A.H.T.)
18Primary School Peepliaheer Mu.646Peepli Ahir (M.S.T.)
19Primary School Lalpur Pipalsana1029Lalapur Peepalsana
22Primary School Serpur Patti1298Sherpur Patti Dakhli Mustafaba
23Primary School Bhdapur Mu487Sherpur Patti Dakhli Mustafaba
24Primary School Raibhud1077Raibhoor
25Primary Schoolmeerpur Mohanchak814Mirpur Mohanchak (M.S.T.)
27Primary School Balapur645Bhawalpur
28Primary School Vidhuwadher480Bithooather
29Primary School Khuajpur Dhantala1434Khawajpur Dhantla
30Primary School Serpur Vehleen648Sherpur Bahleen
31Primary School Pipliumarpur1348Peepli Umarpur
32Primary School Raninagal749Raninagala
33Primary School Eshapur424Burhan Pur
34Primary School Muiuddinpur1004Mohiuddin Pur Khalsa
35Primary School Bahadurnagar1442Bahadar Nagar
36Primary School Pandla725Padla
37Primary School Alamgeerpur425Alamgeerpur
38Primary School Kundesra Mu.Sabik1094Kundesra (M.S.T.) Sakil
39Primary School Verampur907Bairampur
40Primary School Ramnagar Khaguwal1451Ramnagar Khagoowala
41Primary School Ramnagar Khaguwala932Ramnagar Khagoowala
43Primary School Faijullaganj956Faijullaganj
44Primary School Trafdalpat1131Taraph Dalpatpur
45Primary School Prathvipur Gavdi646Pirthipur Gaowri
46Primary School Budhnagar669Bahadar Nagar
47Primary School Manavala754Manawala
48J.H School Karnawala Khalsa914Karanawala Khalsa
49Primary School Mastallipur1150Mastallipur
50Primary School Vijayrampur720Bijayrampur
51Primary School Shabazpur Kala1011Sahbajpur Kalan
52Primary School Karnawala Jabti1022Karnabala Jabti
53Krasak Inter College Sareef Nagar1096Sharif Nagar
60Kirasak Inter College Sareef Nagar807Sharif Nagar
62Primary School Madarpur782Madarpur
63Primary School Darapur762Darapur
64Primary School Bhagiyawala539Bhagiawala
65Primary School Bhaypur852Bhaipur
68Primary School Kherullapur1016Khirullapur
69Primary School Asalatpur758Asalatpur
70Primary School Kuakheda Khalsa605Kuakhera Khalsa
71Primary School Tahirabad796Taharabad
72Primary School Munimpur760Munimpur
73Primary School Mundiyakheda490Mudiakhera
74Primary School Ramuwalasekhu1320Ramoowala Shekhu
75Primary School Panuwala1340Panoowala
76Primary School Lalpur Gosai1427Lalpur Gosain
77Primary School Rajpur Kala994Rajoopur Kalan
78Primary School Madhupuri511Madhu Puri
79K J.H. School Ratupura812Ratupura
80Junior High School Ratupura703Ratupura
84Primary School Khaikheda1120Khai Kherha
85Primary School Abdullapurleda996Abudullapur Leda
86Primary School Abdullapur Leda570Abudullapur Leda
88Primary School Lalawala355Lalabala
89Primary School Ruppur Tandola1129Rooppur Tandola
90Primary School Bejnathpur941Baijnathpur
91Primary School Kalajhnda1156Kaley Jhanda
92Primary School Kamalpuri Khalsa1501Kamalpur Khalsa
93Primary School Kalawala663Madhowala
94Primary School Madhowala848Madhowala
95Primary School Malhapur Lakchmipur1356Malpura Lakshmipur
96Primary School Ramnawala437Malpura Lakshmipur
97Primary School Raghuwala1268Raghoowala
98Junior High School Tali T.K.D1191Thakurdwara (NPP)
100Primary School N.N.P Thakurdwara1122Thakurdwara (NPP)
102Junior High School N.N.P Thakurdwara835Thakurdwara (NPP)
103Primary School Nagaliya Narayan746Thakurdwara (NPP)
104Primary School Moh. Jatwan N.P.P Thakurdwara1003Thakurdwara (NPP)
106S.D.D Inter College N.P.P Thakurdwara1331Thakurdwara (NPP)
107S.D.H Inter College N.P.P Thakurdwara1419Thakurdwara (NPP)
111M.Inter College N.P.P Thakurdwara997Thakurdwara (NPP)
112Primary School Bahedawala1467Thakurdwara (NPP)
113Primary School Bahedawala N.P.P Thakurdwara905Thakurdwara (NPP)
117M.Inter College N.P.P Thakurdwara1245Thakurdwara (NPP)
118G Junior High School N.N.P Thakurdwara913Thakurdwara (NPP)
122K.Up.Kr.Pr Miting Hall N.P.P Thakurdwara775Thakurdwara (NPP)
127P.S.. School Fareednagar1230Farid Nagar (M.S.T)
128Primary SchoolFareednagar561Farid Nagar (M.S.T)
129Junior High School Fareednagar1237Farid Nagar (M.S.T)
131P.S. School Fareednagar1044Farid Nagar (M.S.T)
132Junior High School Fejullanagar595Faizulanagar
133Primary School Pilakpur Gumani1041Pilakpur Gumani(M.S.T.)
135Primary School Ramuwala Ganesh710Ramoowala Ganesh
136Primary School Rampur Balbhard573Rampur Balbhadder (Jadid)
137Primary School Manpur Dattram1372Manpur Duttram (M.S.T)
138Primary School Kalyanpur1249Kalyanpur
139Junior High School Nanhuwaala1400Nannhoowala(M.S.T)
140Primary School Bathuakheda818Manpur Duttram (M.S.T)
141Primary School Bhartawala1018Bhartawala
142Primary School Inayat Nagar450Inayat Nagar
143Primary School Gaduwala744Partappur
144Primary School Gajhedaalam899Gajheda Alam
146Primary School Longikhurd1465Longi Khurd
147Primary School Foladpur1052Fauladpur
148Primary School Raghunathpur438Raghunathpur
149Primary School Aslempur1124Aslempur
150Primary School Longikala1076Longi Kalan
152Primary School Sarkadakareem1257Sarkara Karim (M.S.T)
153Primary School Sarkada Kreem915Sarkara Karim (M.S.T)
154Junior High School Sultanpur Dost887Sultanpur Dost
156Primary SchoolUsmanpur1144Usman Pur
157Primary School Bahadurganj1065Bahadar Ganj
158Primary School Nakhunka956Kankar Khera (M.S.T)
160Junior High School Nakhunka882Nakhoonka
161Primary School Lalpur Chouhan393Lalpur Chauhan
162Junior High School Kakarkheda1031Kankar Khera (M.S.T)
163Junior High School Kaknrkheda1089Kankar Khera (M.S.T)
164Primary School Alampur1065Alampur
165Primary School Sumalkheda1361Sumal Khera
166Primary School Jatpura1313Jatpura
168Junior High School Lodhipur Patti577Lodipur Patti
169Primary School Jalalpur Khalsa1119Jalalpur Mafi
170Primary School Fondapur513Faundapur
171Junior High School Rosanpur751Roshanpura
172Primary School Freedpur Haji984Fareedpur Haji
173Primary School Elar999Elar (M.S.T)
174Primary School Gajrolajaysingh782Gajraula Jai Singh
175Junior High School Rajpur Kesariya1155Rajpur Kesharwala
178Primary School Tatarpur832Tatar Pur
179Primary School Nanglatahar1096Rangla Tahar
180Primary School Sarkada Prampur Mafi1012Sarkaraparampur
183Primary School Jafrabad515Jafarabad
184Primary School Rajpur Milak1143Rajoopur Milak
185Primary School Shivnagar1140Shiv Nagar
186Primary School Kisanpur Gawdi1225Kishanpur Gamri
187J .I. College. Gopiwala1386Gopiwala
189Primary School Bobadwala1203Bobadhwala
190Primary School Bovadwala953Bobadhwala
191Junior High School Pasiyapura Padharth1356Pasia Pura Padarath
192Primary School Nirmalpur756Nirmalpur
193Primary School Panditpur627Panditpur
194Primary School Bankawala1053Banka Bala
196Primary School Sundar Nagar659Sunder Nagar
197Primary School Chaupura496Chau Pura
198Junior High School Masoompur973Masoompur
202Kisan Inter College Jahageerpur427Sindawali (M.S.T)
203Primary School Hansupura568Honspura
204Primary School Guladiya Murad518Gularia Murad (A.H.T.)
205Primary School Sidhawala858Sindawali (A.H.T)
206Primary School Koori788Honspura
207Primary School Fatanpur587Fatanpur
208Primary School Tangali638Tagali
209Primary School Siodashpur1270Shivdaspur (M.S.T)
210Primary School Noorpur355Noorpur
211Primary School Kamalpuri530Kamalpur
212Junior High School Tumdiya Kala1178Tumaria Kalan
214Primary School Tumadiya Kala1453Nawada
215Primary School Navada928Nawada
216Primary School Jiyauddinpur914Jyauddinpur
217Primary School, Akbarpur1055Akberpur
219Primary School, Jamshedpur717Jamsherpur
220Primary School, Dolawala596Daulawala
221Primary School, Alhepur801Allahpur
222Primary School Sultanpur Munda909Sultanpur Munda
224Primary School Sarkd Akhas861Sarakara Khas
225Primary School Sarkda Khas746Sarakara Khas
226Primary School Bamanyapatti895Bamania Patti
227Primary School Jogpura666Jogi Pura
228Primary School, Dhingarpur1506Dheengarpur
229Primary School Dhingarpur621Dheengarpur
230Sarvoday Inter College Dilari Changeri941Dilari Changeri
234Primary School Hospura553Honspura
235Primary School Juldhakia524Juladhakia
236Primary School Sejni Must.810Saijni (M.S.T)
237Primary School Mehmoodpur Lal968Mahmoodpur Lal
240Primary School Dhkiajatt1284Dhakia Jatt
241Primary School Dhakiyajat1375Dhakia Jatt
243Mdarsha Islamiya Dhakiyajat1002Dhakia Peeroo
245Primary School Dhakiyapiru1119Dhakia Peeroo
247Primary School Second Dhakiyapiru1231Dhakia Peeroo
249Junior High School Dhakiyapiru1298Dhakia Peeroo
253Primary School Chandkhedi1274Chand Kheri
255K.S.N. Sehaspuri1468Sahas Puri
257Primary School Narayanpur Teju340Narainpur Tejoo
258Junior High School Eghrah570Egraha
259Primary School Tikhuti946Egraha
260Jantaj High School Rehtamafi1104Reta Mafi (M.S.T)
263Primary School Salarpur1241Salar Pur
264G. Inter College Adalpur1056Adalpur
266Primary School Karanpur1436Karan Pur
267Primary School Bhod585Bhoor
268Junior High School Budanpur1262Burhan Pur
269Junior High School Budhanpur365Burhan Pur
270Primary School Haji Nagla1412Hazi Nagla
271Primary School Chandupura1117Chandupur
272Primary School Aliyabad Must.1294Aliabad Sadik (M.S.T) Hal
274Junior High School Malakpur Semli1080Malakpur Semli (M.S.T)
276Primary School Chabad Must.550Chawar (M.S.T)
277Primary School Sultanpur Khaddar884Chandupur
278Primary School Payandapur731Payandapur
279Primary School Veerpur Fatehullapur1377Birpur Fatehullapur
280Primary School Chak Lohara656Chak Lohra
281Primary School Bahadupur Patti282Bahdurpur Patti
282Primary School Pipal Gaon1129Pipal Gaon
283Sarvjanik Inter College Chatarpur Nayak1495Chaturpur Naik
284Primary School Bhavanipur551Bhawanipur
285Primary School Budanpur1073Burhanpur Mustahkam
289Kanya Primary Pathshala Vilabala1312Bilawala Mustahkam
290Primary Pathshala Badpura Majhra Kuri1110Bahoranpur Majra Kuri
291Primary SchoolKukarjhundi920Kukar Jhundi
292Primary School Kukurjhundi707Kukar Jhundi
293Primary School Lalpur Purehit766Lalpur Prohit
294Primary School Tahmadan921Tah Madan
296Primary School Narendrapur798Narendrapur
297Primary School Padiya Nagla1414Kakarghata
298Primary School Kala Jhanda327Kala Jhanda
299Primary School Barahi Lalpur1451Padia Nagla Mustahkam
300Primary School Sakatpur761Sakatpura Ahatmali
301Primary School Bhanpur Gajraula951Bhagtpur Tanda
302Primary School Udhopura725Udhopura
303Primary School Lakhanpur Ladpur1210Lakhanpur Ladpur
304Primary School Firozpur522Firozpur
305Primary School Udmawala761Udmanwal
308Primary School Sattikheda1152Satti Khera
309Primary School Mangawala1246Mangawala
310Primary School Bahedi1195Baheri
314Primary School Daulpuri Bamaniya1221Dalpuri Bamania Ahatmali
318Primary School Kotla Nagla1355Kotla Nagla Mustahkam
319Primary School Bhagatpur Tanda1188Bhagtpur Tanda
323J H Bhatgawan1207Bhatgawan
325Primary School Udawala1096Udawala
327Primary School Kachnal987Kachnal Mustakim
329Primary School Aadonagli651Adaunagli
330Primary School Chandpur1002Chandpur Ahatmali
334Primary School Ghosipura Babupura432Ghosipura Babupura
335Primary School Parvatpur Mahanand499Parbotpur Mahanand
336Primary School Jahidpur Seekampur1429Jahidpur Sikampur Mustahkam
338Junior High School Jahidpur Seekampur1392Jahidpur Sikampur Mustahkam

Last Updated on Sept 06, 2021