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Polling Booth in Tamkuhi Raj Assembly Constituency

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Tamkuhi Raj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tamkuhi Raj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tamkuhi Raj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Binad Toli Basgaw701Bans Gaon
2Primary School Jamuan1453Bans Gaon
3Primary School Jamuan Ghat842Bans Gaon
5Primary School Bansgaw Khas979Bans Gaon
8Junior High School Pushkar Bansgaw Khas732Bans Gaon
9Primary School Dhur Patti878Bans Gaon
11Girls Primary School Bansgaw Tola Khairawa820Bans Gaon
13Samu.Vivah Bhawan Jatwaliya Basgaw802Bans Gaon
16Angan Badi Kendra Jatwaliya Basgaw758Bans Gaon
17Primary School Kataura696Kataura
18Primary School Gauri Shriram1490Gauri Shri Ram
20Junior High School Gauri Shriram977Gauri Shri Ram
21Junior High School Gauri Shriram Atricat Ksksh867Gauri Shri Ram
23Primary School Manjhariya1048Manjharia
24Primary School Ganesha Patti606Ganesh Patti
25Primary School Gaglawa953Gangalwa
26Primary School Panday Patti777Pandey Patti
27Primary School Sikatiya793Sikatia
28Primary School Dhokarha899Doawanha
30Junior High School Pushkar Nagar1429Dasahwa
33Primary School Piparahi1199Amwa Khas
35Panchayt Bhavan Piparahi1052Amwa Khas
36Girls Primary School Gobaraha1138Amwa Khas
39Primary School Barawa Patti216Amwa Khas
40Primary School Bichaptawa904Bichpatwa
41Primary School Amawa Digar1222Amwadiger
43Primary School Maduadih1392Rampur Barahan
45Primary School Lakshmipur1038Rampur Barahan
47Junior High School Rampur Barahan1064Rampur Barahan
50Primary School Khangi780Rampur Barahan
53Primary School Chaubeya Patkhauli1221Chaubia Patkhauli
54Junior High School Chaubeya Patkhauli1090Chaubia Patkhauli
55Primary School Gauri Shukla833Gauri Sukul
56Primary School Rampur Jamuniya985Rampur Jamunia
57Primary School Rampur Patti1462Rampur Patti
59Primary School Gauri Jagadish779Gauri Jagdish
63Junior High School Tiwari Patti715Tiwari Patti
66Primary School Rakawa Dulama Patti1308Rakaba Dulama Patti
69Primary School Sargatiya Karan Patti1207Saragatia Karan Patti
71Primary School Babhanauli1428Babhanauli
73Primary School Banraha Purab Patti1157Banaraha Purab Patti
74Primary School Pakadiyar Purab Patti958Pakriyarpurab Patti
80Sanskrit School Seorhi1024Sewarhi (NP)
84Nagar Panchayt Seorhi703Sewarhi (NP)
87Girls Inter College Seorahi1115Sewarhi (NP)
88Primary School Pakadiyar Turkwaliya Sahbganj737Sewarhi (NP)
89Balika Laghu Madhamik Bidya, Seorahi1186Sewarhi (NP)
92Gov. Girls School Seorahi1165Sewarhi (NP)
94Lokmanya Inter College Seorahi1042Sewarhi (NP)
97Primary School Seorahi593Sewrahi
98Primary School Turkawaliya Sahabganj Naw1298Sewarhi (NP)
99Primary School Sumahi Mohan Singh886Sumahi Mohan Singh
100Primary School Harakhauli1093Harkhauli
101Primary School Awadan Tola852Audan Tola
102Primary School Sumahi Sant Patti453Sumahi Santpatti
104Girls High School Gauri Iabrahim1339Gauri Ebrahim
105Primary School Chakhani Dukhi Mishra1057Chakhani Dukhi Mishra
106Primary School Gauri Narottam1371Gauri Narottam
107Primary School Dawanaha1417Doawanha
109Girls High School Ahirauli Mishra923Ahirauli Mishra
111Primary School Ahirauli Hanuman Singh788Ahirauli Hanuman Singh
112Primary School Dhoom Patti831Dhum Patti
113Primary School Vishunpura794Bishunpura
115Junior High School Dhuruya Iamliya973Dhuria Emiliya
118Primary School Hata1162Hata
119Primary School Dhuriya Kot1438Dhuria Kot
121Primary School Bhatawalia1302Bhatawalia
124Primary School Tamkuhi839Tamakuhi Raj
128New Primary School Purani Tamkuhi1368Tamakuhi Raj
129Primary School Lawaniya1379Lawania
130Primary School Bharpatiya965Makhua
131Primary School Majhauwa827Majhaua
133Primary School Harapur1325Harpur
135Primary School Puraina Kataya1009Puraina Kateya
137Junior High School Bihar Bujurg1337Bihar Buzurg
139Primary School Bihar Bujurg830Bihar Buzurg
140Panchayt Balua Bhavan Samsher Shahi1000Baluwa Samsher Shahi
141Primary School Parasauni Khurd766Parasaubi Khurd
142Primary School Meer Bihar1326Mirbihar
144Panchayt Bhavan Banvira1271Banbeera
145Primary School Lakshiya Deoria997Lachhia Deoria
148Primary School Narahwa995Narahwa
150Primary School Kotawa1013Kotwa
151Primary School Tikampar685Tikampar
152Junior High School Bihar Khurd1092Bihar Khurd
155Primary School Gangua686Ganguawa
158Primary School Pipara Baghel752Pipala Baghel
159Primary School Lakshipur Bujurg1103Laxmipur Buzurg
160Primary School Lakshmipur Bujurg1146Laxmipur Buzurg
161Panchayt Bhavan Lakshmipur Bujurg281Hauda
162Primary School Saraya Bujurg1127Sarai Buzurg
164Primary School Dubha600Dubha
166Primary School Rakba Raja858Rakbaraja
167Panchayt Bhavan Haradiya670Hardiya
169Primary School Basdila Khurd Noniya Patti834Pansarwa
171Girls Primary School Parasauni Bujurg786Parasauni Buzurg
175Primary School Parasauni Bujurg753Parasauni Buzurg
177Primary School Bharpatiya Parasauni Bujurg1343Parasauni Buzurg
178Inter College Gajipur987Ghazipur
183Primary School Banawriya1090Banwaria
184Primary School Lakshmipur Raja463Laxmipur Raja
185Junior High School Tamkuhi Place Harihar Pur1056Hariharpur
188Primary School Koindi Bujurg713Koindi Buzurg
193Primary School Koindi Gosai Patti1038Koindi Gosai Patti
194Primary School Koindi Bariyar Pur860Koindi Bariyarpur
195Primary School Chakhani Khas1355Chakhani Khas
196Primary School Gosai Patti1112Gosai Patti
197Primary School Mathiya Khurd622Mathia khurd
198Primary School Moraban1445Morwan
199Primary School Munni Patti1121Munni Patti
200Primary School Shyam Patti610Shyam Patti
201Primary School Madhopur Bujurg1409Madhopur Buzurg
203Primary School Rampur Raja711Rampur Raja
204Primary School Dibani Banjarwa1199Dibani Banjarwa
206Primary School Sarya Khurd884Sarai Khurd
208Primary School Latwa Murlidhar1113Latwa Muralidhar
209Primary School Kotawa Gulab Rai663Kotwa Gulabrai
210Primary School Kotawagulab Rai1183Kotwa Gulabrai
211Junior High School Khudura1226Khudura
212Primary School Nainoopahru422Nainu Pahru
213Primary School Bahadurpur842Bahadurpur
216Primary School Salemgarh812Salemgarh
220Junior High School Salemgarh1335Salemgarh
223Primary School Basadila Bujurg1153Basdila Buzurg
225Primary School Madhopur Khurd969Madhavpur Khurd
226Primary School Godaita Shriram1390Gauri Shri Ram
227Primary School Patharwa687Patherwa
230Primary School Karan Patti780Karan Patti
232Primary School Ramchandar Pur448Ramchandrapur
233Primary School Mathauli778Mathauli
234Primary School Parsaun867Parsaun
236Primary School Pipara Mustakil Agarawa1259Pipara Mustquil Agarwa
238Primary School Sumahi Bujurg Urf Mehadiya1219Sumahi Bujurg Urf Mahediya
240Junior High School Sumahi Sangram462Sumuhi Rani
241Primary School Sumahi Sangram Purab Khand905Sumuhi Sangram
242Primary School Sumahi Sangram Pashchim Khand481Pandeypur
243Primary School Jagadish Pur Purab Khand1023Jagdishpur
244Primary School Jagadish Pur Pashchim Khand584Jagdishpur
245Primary School Mishrauli Purab Khand985Misrauli
246Primary School Mishrauli Pashchim Khand929Misrauli
247Primary School Rajpur Bagha Purab Khand1488Razpur Bagaha
248Primary School Rajpur Bagha Pashchim Khand965Razpur Bagaha
249Primary School Rajpur Bagha New Bhavan784Razpur Bagaha
250Junior High School Rajpur Khal893Razpur Bagaha
251Junior High School Rajpur Khas935Razpur Bagaha
252Primary School Pipra Ghat Mustkil1210Pipraghat Mustkil
253Panchayt Bhavan Pipara Ghat Mustlil595Pipraghat Mustkil
254Primary School Pipra Ghat Tawkal Tola1075Pipraghat Mustkil
255Primary School Pipara Ghat Tawlal Tola1097Pipraghat Ahatmali
257Primary School Pipara Ghat Ranjeet Tola1214Pipraghat Ahatmali
259Primary School Pirojaha840Pirojaha
261Primary School Parsa Urf Sirsiya Mustkil1264Parsaurf Sirsia Mustkil
262Primary School Parsa Urf Sirsiya Ehatmali Purab690Parsa Urf Sirsia Ahatmali
263Primary School Parsa Urf Sirsiya Ehatmali Purvi844Parsa Urf Sirsia Ahatmali
264Primary School Rakaba Jangal Patti1119Rakbajunglli Patti
265Primary School Ghaghawa Jagdish Mustlil475Ghaghwa Jagdish Mustlil
268Primary School Bhagwan Pur850Bhagawanpur
270Primary School Gadhiya Chintaman1094Garhiachinta Mani
271Primary School Domath1507Dhokaraha
273Primary School Jhadwa1261Jharwa
274Primary School Baijoo Patti873Baiju Patti
276Primary School Bhawpur1048Bhavpur
278Primary School Bhuliya Agarwa760Bhuli Agarwa
280Primary School Tarya Sujan1151Tarya Sujan
283Nehru Inter College Tatya Sujan1377Tarya Sujan
287Primary School Tarya Sujan Hansraj Kodra1339Tarya Sujan
288Primary School Basdila Gunakar1131Basdila Gunagar
290Primary School Mohan Basdila710Mohan Basdila
292Primary School Hafua Chaturbhuj1043Hafua Chatur Bhuj
293Junior High School Hafua Jeewan1213Hafua Jeewan
294Primary School Hafua Balram807Hafua Balram
296Primary School Mairwa743Marawa
297Primary School Dumariya1335Dumaria
298Primary School Tinfediya Place Jamsadiya511Tinfaria
300Primary School Tarya Lakshiram1427Tarya Lachhiram
301Primary School Tarya Harkesh918Taryaharkesh
302Primary School Kaithawliya Urf Gbibapur654Kathwalia Urf Habibpur
303Primary School Tarya Baikunth648Tarya Baikunth
304Primary School Tarya Sundar423Tarya Sunder
305Primary School Gadahiya Pathak755Garhia Pathak
307Primary School Gopalapur1428Gopalpur
308Primary School Jawahi Narendra767Jabhi Narendra
311Primary School Jawahi Dayal833Jawhi Dyal
314Junior High School Jawaghi Malhi Ehatmali869Jauh Malhi Ahatmali
316Primary School Jawahi Malhi Mustkil904Jauh Malhi Ahatmali
317Junior High School Jawaghi Harbllabh875Pipra Misra
320Primary School Daniyadi1398Daniari
322Primary School Koindaha588Koindha
323Primary School Chaupathiya763Chaupthia
324Primary School Jamsada374Jamsara
325Primary School Rampur Bangra992Rampur Bangr
327Primary School Malho537Malho
328Primary School Tulasi Patti990Siswa Buzurg
329Junior High School Mathiya Shriram Mustkil1297Mathia Shri Ram
331Primary School Sisawa Digar670Siswa Digar
332Primary School Sisawa Avval1260Siswa Awwal
333Nehru Inter College Bedupar1250Bedupar Mu.
335Junior High School Birawat Konhwliya1129Birwat Komwalia
337Junior High School Bank Khas1253Banka Khas
338Panchayt Bhavan Bank Khas1295Banka Khas
339Purv. Madhamic Vidhalayaa Baghachaur998Baghachaur
341Primary School Baghachaur (Noniya Patti )668Baghachaur
342Primary School FagUcchhapara912Fagu Chhapra
343Primary School Khairtiya1003Khairatia
344Junior High School Ahirauli Dan806Ahirauli Dan
347Grils High School Ahirauli Dan1906Ahirauli Dan
348Flood Relief Room Ahirauli Dan942Ahirauli Dan

Last Updated on November 15, 2014