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Polling Booth in Suar Assembly Constituency

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Suar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Suar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Suar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Ghosipura Majhra Patti Kla North Disha1291Patti Kalan
2Primary School Ghosipura Majhra Patti Kla South Disha1266Patti Kalan
3Primary School Milak Naukhareed Suar West Disha1347Milk Naukhrid Suar
4Primary School Karimpur817Karimpur
5Primary School Hasanpur Uttari623Hasanpur North
6Primary School Sekhpura552Shekhupura
7Junior High School Ladpur Semra North Disha804Larpur Semra
8Junior High School Ladpur Semra South Disha757Larpur Semra
9Primary School Kishanpur Mollagarh1101Kishanpur Molagarh
10Primary School Dharampur Uttari937Dharmpur North
11Junior High School Manpur Uttari East Disha1049Manpur North
12Junior High School Manpur Uttari West Disha558Manpur North
13Primary School Kush Halpur1447Khushalpur
14Primary School Semra Near Ladpur 1139Semra Larpur
15Primary School Semra Near Ladpursouth Disha1063Semra Larpur
16Primary School Near Chaupura Room No -1906Maswasi (NP)
17Primary School Chaupura Extra Room976Maswasi (NP)
18Sarbhitkari Inter College Maswasi Room No -12926Maswasi (NP)
19Sarbhitkari Inter College Masvasi Room No -131288Maswasi (NP)
20Sarbhitkari Inter College Masvasi Room No -14905Maswasi (NP)
21Sarbhitkari Inter College Masvasi N.M.Disha1249Maswasi (NP)
22Sarbhitkari Inter College Masvasi East Disha1335Maswasi (NP)
23Sarbhitkari Inter College Masvasi West Disha1018Maswasi (NP)
25Primary School Bhuvra Mustekham North Disha1466Maswasi (NP)
26Primary School Bhuvra Mustekham South Disha1392Maswasi (NP)
27Junior High School Kisanpur Majhra Bhuvra Ahtmali1495Bhoobra Ehatmali
29Primary School Khod Kla East Disha1082Khaud Kalan
30Primary School Khod Kla West Disha1280Khaud Kalan
31Primary School Bijarkhata Uttari North Disha1493Bijar Khata
32Primary School Bijarkhata Uttari South Disha1368Bijar Khata
33Junior High School Bijarkhata Uttari1288Bijar Khata
34Primary School Lohrra Inayatganj427Loharra Inayat Ganj
35Primary School Shivnagar Near Lohari1167Shiv Nagar Lohari
36Primary School Shikarpur1241Shikarpur
37Primary School Tanda Golu1067Nayagaon Najibabad
38Primary School New Arsal Parsal Located Majhra Hassan South Disha742Arsal Parsal
39Primary School New Arsal Parsal Located Majhra Hassan North Disha878Arsal Parsal
40Kanya Primary School Aarsal Parsal398Arsal Parsal
41Primary School Noorpur Hazurpur598Khera Parsal
42Shaheed Udham Singh Higher Secondairy School Fazalpur Near Pusvada422Fajalpur Near Puswara
43Primary School Pusvada North Disha862Puswara
44Primary School Pusvada South Disha716Puswara
45Primary School Nankar Rani Room No -1870Nankar Rani
46Primary School Nankar Rani Room No- 2858Nankar Rani
47Junior High School Nankar Rani Room No -1704Nankar Rani
48Junior High School Nankar Rani Room No -2936Nankar Rani
49Primary School Khanpur Uttari Room No -1732Khanpur North
50Primary School Khanpur Uttari Room No -2912Khanpur North
51Primary School Gagan Nagli846Gagan Nagli
52Primary School Hussain Ganj Gaddinagli454Hushenganj Gaddi Nagli
53Primary School Gulad Pipalsana North Disha851Gular Peepalsana
54Primary School Gulad Pipalsana South Disha1339Gular Peepalsana
55Govt Junior High School Narpatnagar East Disha814Narpat Nagar
56Govt Junior Highschool Extra Room Narpatnagar776Narpat Nagar
57New Govt Kanya Inter College Narpat Nagar859Narpat Nagar
59Govt Primary School Narpat Nagar M.Disha1026Narpat Nagar
61Govt Junior High School Narpat Nagar West Disha996Narpat Nagar
62Govt Junior High School Narpatnagar908Narpat Nagar
63Primary School Munsiganj Majhra Dundawala Room No -1920Doondawala Mustakam
64Primary School Munsiganj Majhra Dundawala Room No -2864Doondawala Mustakam
65Aaganwadi Center Dundawala Room - 11393Doondawala Mustakam
66Aaganwadi Center Dundawala Room - 21383Doondawala Mustakam
67Aaganwadi Center Dundawala Room - 31385Doondawala Mustakam
68Primary School Budi Dariyal1391Bodhi Daryal
69Primary School Zameenganj North Disha671Jamin Ganj
70Primary School Padpuri Suar944Nawab Nagar Near Padpuri
71Primary School Gaddinagli West Disha826Gaddi Nagli
72Primary School Gaddinagli East Disha694Gaddi Nagli
73Primary School Kaisonagli Suar South Disha1278Kesonagli Suar
74Primary School Bhagwantnagar1374Bhagwant Nagar
75Primary School Majhiya Garh Majhra Bhagwantnagar1357Bhagwant Nagar
76Junior High School Naya Bhawan Raypur Room No -11336Raipur
77Junior High School Naya Bhawan Raypur Room No -21441Raipur
78Junior High School Naya Bhawan Raypur Room No -3757Raipur
79Primary School Govindpura Near Raipur1029Gobindpura Near Raipur
80Primary School Rustamnagar Near Raipur1118Rustamnagar Raipur
81Primary School Ratanpura North Disha944Ratanpura
82Primary School Ratanpura South Disha1000Ratanpura
83Primary School Milak Dundi745Milak Mohammad Shah Khan
84Primary School Jhangeerpur503Jahangirpur
85Junior High School Jhangeerpur530Mirzapur Suar
86Primary School Mohabatnagar Near Suar611Mohabbatnagar Suar
87Primary School Alinagar Uttari1345Alinagar North
88Primary School Alinagar Jageer East Disha965Alinagar Jagir
89Primary School Alinagar Jageer West Disha661Alinagar Jagir
90Junior High School Jalafnagla West Disha947Jalaf Nagla
91Junior High School Jalafnagla East Disha630Jalaf Nagla
92Primary School Suar Room -1899Suar (NPP)
93Primary School Suar Room -2737Suar (NPP)
94Kanya Junior High School Suar Room -11078Suar (NPP)
95Kanya Junior High School Suar Room -21069Suar (NPP)
96Town Hall Nagar Palika Parishad Suar North Disha958Suar (NPP)
97Town Hall Nagar Palika Parishad Suar Joint Office656Suar (NPP)
98Town Hall Nagar Palika Parishad Suar South Disha1420Suar (NPP)
99Govt Inter College Suar Naya Bhavan Room-11393Suar (NPP)
100Govt Inter College Suar Naya Bhavan Room-21015Suar (NPP)
101Govt Inter College Suar Naya Bhavan Room-3789Suar (NPP)
102Govt Inter College Suar Naya Bhavan Room-4945Suar (NPP)
103New Junior High School Suar Room -1876Suar (NPP)
104New Junior High School Suar Room -21154Suar (NPP)
105B.D.O Office Meeting Hall Suar1091Suar (NPP)
106B.D.O Office Computer Room Suar922Suar (NPP)
107B.D.O Office Suar Room -11116Suar (NPP)
108B.D.O Office Suar Room -2819Suar (NPP)
109Primary School Naugja513Suar (NPP)
110Primary School Aglaga Room No -1910Suar (NPP)
111Primary School Aglaga Room No -21081Suar (NPP)
112Govt Kanya Inter College Suar Naya Bhawan Room -11269Suar (NPP)
113Govt Kanya Inter College Suar Naya Bhawan Room -21021Suar (NPP)
114Primary School Majhra Khemwala Room No-11060Alaga Majra kalinagar Lachhiwala b majara Khembala
115Primary School Majhra Khemwala Room No-2531Agala majra kalinagar lachhiwala b majra khemwala
116Kanya Primary School Dhanori East Disha1350Dhanauri
117Kanya Primary School Dhanori West Disha854Dhanauri
118Primary School Dhanora845Dhanaura
119New Primary School Mukrampur1297Mukram Pur
120Junior High School Shivnagar Near Asalatpur1399Asalat Pur
121Primary School Ladpur Near Bathukhera850Larpur Bathuwa Khera
122Junior High School Lakhmipur1442Lakhmi Pur
123Primary School Chaprra1450Chhaparra
124Junior High School Madhupura1268Madhu Pura
126Primary School Rustamnagar Near Chaprra1087Rustam Nagar Chhaparra
127Junior High School Imratpur964Imratpur
128Primary School Bathukhera990Bathua Khera
129Primary School Khardiya726Khardiya
130Junior High School Samodiya North Disha1230Samodiya
131Junior High School Samodiya South Disha967Samodiya
132New Primary School Milak Kaji East Disha1001Dhanpur Near Shahdara
133New Primary School Milak Kaji West Disha690Milak Kazi
134Primary School Sonakpur Room -1842Sonakpur
135Primary School Sonakpur Room -2805Sonakpur
136Primary School Sonakpur Room -3324Sonakpur
137Primary School Azeemnagar815Azim Nagar
138Primary School Located Panchyat Ghar Rasoolpur Faridpur East Disha1309Rasoolpur Faridpur
139Primary School Located Panchyat Ghar Rasoolpur Faridpur West Disha1354Rasoolpur Faridpur
140New Kanya Junior High School Khempur Room -11211Khempur
141New Kanya Junior High School Khempur Room -2892Khempur
142Primary School Pasiapura954Parsipura
143Primary School Chandpur310Chandpur
144Primary Schhol1198Rajpura Tanda
145Primary Schhol Surajpur1102Surajpur
146Primary Schhol Akbarabad Room No 1724Imarta Near Akbarabad
147Primary Schhol Akbarabad Room No 21368Akbarabad
148Primary Schhol Rampur Dhamman1195Rampur Dhamman
149Primary Schhol Parbatpur1206Khandi Khera
150Rpimary Schhoil Kundesra1435Kundesera
151Primary School Mewala Kala929Mevla Kalan
152Primary School Mewala Dharu502Mavla Dharoo
153Primary School Bhaupura1322Bhau Pura
154Primary School Mundiya Rasoolpur1400Mundiya Rasoolpur
155Primary Schhol Kishanpur Dulanagala585Kishanpur Doola Nagla
156Primary School Allapur795Allahpur
157Primary School Bhola Nagala622Bhola Nagla
158Primary School Nagaliay610Nagalia
159Primary School Ladpur Bibi1119Larpur Bibi
160Primary Schhol Chak Ladpur412Chak Larpur
161Primary Schhol New Bhavan Khanpur Garvi549Khanpur Garbi
162Primary School Chak Khardiya503Chak Khardia
163Primary School Rupapaur490Roopa Pur
164Primary School New Bhavan Sirka Patti Rupapur947Serka Patti Roopapur
165Primary Schoollodhipur Nayak Room No 11120Lodipur Nayak
166Primary Schoollodhipur Nayak Room No-21172Lodipur Nayak
167Kanya Primary Pathshala Dadhiyal Eahtamli1280Dariyal Ehatmali
168Kanya Pathshala Room No 2 Dadhiyal Ehatamali1298Dariyal Ehatmali
169Gandi Intear Collge Madya Side Dadhiyal Ehatamali1397Dariyal Ehatmali
170Gandi Intear Collge Mady Side Dadhiyal Ehatamali1115Dariyal Ehatmali
171Gandi Intear Collge South Side Dadhiyal Ehatamali777Dariyal Ehatmali
173Junior High School Dadhiyal Mustekam Room No 1969Dariyal Ehatmali
174Junior Primary Schooldadhiyal Mustekam Room No 2984Dariyal Musthkam
175Junior Primary School Dadhiyal Mustekamroom No 3810Dariyal Musthkam
176Center Siksh Mitr Dadjiyal Mustekam854Dariyal Musthkam
177Kisan Sewa Sahkari Samiti East Side Dadhiyal Mustekam839Dariyal Musthkam
178Kisan Sewa Sahkari Samiti West Side Dadhiyal Mustekam746Dariyal Musthkam
179Kisan Sewa Sahkari Samiti Nooth Side Dadhiyal Mustekam1102Dariyal Musthkam
180Primary School Zatpura993Jat Pura
181Primary School Narayanpur491Narainpur
182Zanta Intar Coolge Room No 3 Pipali Nayak1200Pipli Nayak
183Zanta Intar Coolge Room No 4 Pipali Nayak1220Pipli Nayak
184Zanta Intar Coolge Room No 5 Pipali Nayak1190Pipli Nayak
185Primary School Parshupura1198Parsupura
186Primarey School Milak Mugala Urf Mugalpura327Milak Mughla
187Primary School Extra Room Kheda Gazrola852Chak Gajraula
188Priamry School Gazrola359Gajrola
189Primary School Sarakthal986Sarakthal
190Primary School Chak Gazrola903Chak Gajraula
191Primary School Rafatpur734Rafatpur
192Junior High School Ramnagar Latifpur Room No 1798Ramnagar Latifpur
193Junior High School Ramnagar Latifpur Room No 2655Ramnagar Latifpur
194Primary School Ramnagar Latifpur1003Ramnagar Latifpur
195Primary School Devipura778Devipura
196Primary School Raika Nagala890Renka Nagla
197Primary School Kasiya Kundaroom No 11040Kasiya Kunda
198Primary School Kasiya Kunda Room No 2988Kasiya Kunda
199Primary School Karkhedi671Kar Khera
200Junior High School Karkheda Room No-1990Kar Khera
201Junior High School Karkheda Room No-2740Kar Khera
202Primary School Lakhman Nagala1416Lakhaman Nagla
203Tanda Yanani Asptal Jalkar Parisar Gait Ke Pass Nooth Side Tanda1243Tanda (NPP)
205Nagar Palika Godam Tanda1259Tanda (NPP)
206Karyal Upcoshagar Tanda1402Tanda (NPP)
207Karyalya Nagar Palika Jalkar Parisar Purana Bhavan Tanda858Tanda (NPP)
208Karyal Nagar Palika Jalkar Parisar Purana Bhavan Tanda862Tanda (NPP)
209Govt Intar College Tanda Madhya Disha1084Tanda (NPP)
210Govt Intar College Tanda Extra Side453Tanda (NPP)
211Govt Intar College Tanda Middle Side Room No 2 North Side918Tanda (NPP)
212Govt Intar Coolge Tanda Middle Side Room No 2 South Side1825Tanda (NPP)
213Govt Intar College Tanda Nabin Bhavan Room No 3553Tanda (NPP)
214Govt Intar College Tanda Nabin Bhavan Room No 6 East Side702Tanda (NPP)
215Govt Intar College Tanda Nabin Bhavan Room No 6 West Side916Tanda (NPP)
216Govr Intar Coolge Tanda Nabin Bhavan Room Wayolozi Laib East Dside1485Tanda (NPP)
217Govt Intar College Tanda Nabin Bhavan Room Wayolozi Laib East Side1448Tanda (NPP)
218Beez Bhandar Tanda North Side1448Tanda (NPP)
219Beez Bhandar Tanda South Side875Tanda (NPP)
220Beez Bhandar Tanda East Disha Madhya740Tanda (NPP)
221Mukhy Paribar Kalyand Up Center Badli East Side1488Tanda (NPP)
222Mukhy Paribar Kalyand Up Center Badli West Side160Tanda (NPP)
223A.N.M-Center Badli Situated Tanda Room No 1855Tanda (NPP)
224A.N.M-Center Badli Situated Tanda Room No 2867Tanda (NPP)
225Junior High Schooltanda Room No- 11545Tanda (NPP)
226Junior High School Tanda Room No 2442Tanda (NPP)
227Jinoor High School Room No 3871Tanda (NPP)
228Junior High School Room No 5 Tanda836Tanda (NPP)
229Primary School Tanda No -3Room No 1617Tanda (NPP)
230Primary School Tanda No-3 Room No 21064Tanda (NPP)
231Gairaz Extra Purana Asptal Tanda1430Tanda (NPP)
232Primary School Marghati Tanda Room No 1963Tanda (NPP)
233Primary School Marghti Tanda Room No 2847Tanda (NPP)
234Primary School Kaiso Nagali Tanda399Kesho Nagli Tanda
235Primary School Wahadur Ka Majhara813Bahadur Ka Mazra
236Jinior High School Badali Room -11396Badli
237Junior High School Badali Room No -2570Badli
238Primary School Sedu Ka Mazara1284Sandu Kamajra
239Kanya Junior High School Zalpur Room No-11039Manpur Chapat
240Kanya Junior Highschool Zalpur Room No -2488Jalpur
241Primary School Room No -1 Dhiraznagar1360Dhiraj Nagar
242Primary School Room No-2 Dhiraznagar818Chakzeem
243Primary School Room No -1 Sikandarabad711Sikandrabad
244Primary School Room No -2 Sikandarabad884Sikandrabad
245Primary School Abbasnagar Tanda547Abbas Nagar Tanda
246Primary School Sahriya Zabahar1291Abbas Nagar Tanda
247Primary School Dhakka Nagliya1384Dhakka Naglia
248Junior High School Room No -2 Santa Kheda904Sentakhera
249Junior High School Room No -1 Santa Kheda868Sentakhera
250Junior High School Santa Khedaroom No -3913Sentakhera
251Junior High School Senta Kheda Room No -4834Sentakhera
252Junior Schoolsenta Kheda Room No-1881Sentakhera
253Primary School Senta Khedaroom No -2923Sentakhera
254Primary School Ratua Nagalaroom No -1950Ratua Nagla
255Primary School Ratua Nagala Extra Room-2720Ratua Nagla
256Primary School Ratua Nagala Room No -2540Ratua Nagla
257Primary School Second Chandupura Shikampur1314Chandupura Sheikampur
258Junior High School Room No -1 Chandupura Shikampur1473Chandupura Sheikampur
259Junior High School Room No -2 Chandupura Shikampur399Chandupura Sheikampur
260Primary School Chandupuri502Chandu Puri
261Primary School Lalpur710Lalpur
262Primary School Mubana1481Mawana
263Primary School Mahua Khedaroom No-1534Milak Sithla
264Primary School Mahua Kheda Room No-2991Mahua Khera Tanda
265Primary School Dhimarkheda603Lalpur
266Primary School Mukutpur590N/A
267Primary School Todipura806Toripura
268Junior High School Lambakhedaroom No-1764Lamba Khera
269Junior High School Lambakhedaroom No 2811Lamba Khera
270Primary School Room No-2 Lamba Kheda821Lamba Khera
271Primary School Extra Room Lambakheda783Lamba Khera
272Primary School Fajullanagar Room No-1997Faijulla Nagar
273Primary School Fajullanagrroom No-2612Faijulla Nagar
274Primary School Mandva1140Mandwa Hashanpur
275Primary School Hasanpur782Mandwa Hashanpur
276Primary School Room No-1 Shahpura833Shahpura
277Primary School Shahpura Extra Room-1871Shahpura
278Primary School Shahpura Extra Room No-21210Shahpura
279Primary School Situated Dhanupura1194Dhanupura
280Jinior High School Situated Dhanupura723Dhanupura
281Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Situated Dhanupura1076Dhanupura
282Primary School Chhitriya Gajir1074Chhitria Jageer
283Peimary School Chhitariya Jagir Extra Room First951Chhitria Jageer
284Primary School Extra Room Second Chhitariya Jagir811Chhitria Jageer
285A.N.M. Center Chhitriya Gajir1218Chhitria Jageer
286Primary School Sahriya Lakhha Situated Chhitriya Jagir1343Sihora

Last Updated on November 15, 2014