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Polling Booth in Sitapur Assembly Constituency

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Sitapur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sitapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sitapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Chandanpara1289Pipri Tilaksingh
2P.S. Hempur R. No. 2589Hempur
3Ps Hempur R N 4996Hempur
4P.S. Gangei1296Hempur
5P.S. Mathna1157Mathana
6P.S. Motipur465Bhawanipur Kalika Bux
7P.S. Bhavanipur Kalikabaks642Bhawanipur Kalika Bux
8P.S. Jamudva1270Mahmoodpur
9P.S. Piparikala789Pipri Kalan
10P.S. Sahroi Kalikabaks836Sahroikalika Bux
11P.S. Kakraha623Mohiuddinpur
12P.S. Rampur Bhuda968Rampur Bhooda
13P.S. Malikapur North808Malika Pur
14P.S. Malikapur South507Sujaval Pur
15P.S. Kachnar East1298Kachnar
16P.S. Kachnar West967Kachnar
17P.S. Pipri677Kachnar
18P.S. Dhawarsara527Kachnar
19P.S. Sarna377Sarna
20P.S. Angrasi878Angrasi
21P.S. Kurka1025Kurka
22P.S. Ambowa521Ambowa
24P.S. Tikwapara1136Tikwapara
25P.S. Mohaddinpur East555Mohiuddinpur
26P.S. Mohaddinpur West1023Mohiuddinpur
27P.S. Gora622Tikwapara
28P.S. Allipur Aliraja441Klaraknager
29P.S. Amernagar998Amirnagar
30P.S. Peetpur North1010Peetpur
31P.S. Peetpur South1126Peetpur
32J.H.S. Gaddipur North1339Peetpur
33J.H.S. Gaddipur South803Gaddipur
34J.H.S. Nagra651Gaddipur
35P.S. Salempur Aliraja1009Salempur Ali Raza
36P.S. Bhagwanpur1340Salempur Ali Raza
37P.S. Durgapurwa R.No. 11027Sitapur (NPP)
38P.S. Durgapurwa R.No.21036Sitapur (NPP)
39P.S. Durgapurwa R.No.31186Sitapur (NPP)
40P.S. Kot Karbala R.No.11229Sitapur (NPP)
41P.S. Kot Karbala R.No.21159Sitapur (NPP)
42P.S. Kot Karbala R.No.31206Sitapur (NPP)
43M.J.H.S. Shekhsarai R.No.11289Sitapur (NPP)
44M.J.H.S. Shekhsarai R.No.21153Sitapur (NPP)
45M.J.H.S. Shekhsarainy R.N.3893Sitapur (NPP)
46M.J.H.S. Shekhsarainy R.N.4878Sitapur (NPP)
47Mu.I.C. Hajara R.No.11150Sitapur (NPP)
48Mu.I.C. Hajara R.No.2890Sitapur (NPP)
49Mu.I.C. Hajara R.No.31146Sitapur (NPP)
50Mu.I.C. Hajara R.No.41288Sitapur (NPP)
51P.S. Qaziyara R.No.11032Sitapur (NPP)
52P.S. Qaziyara R.No.2855Sitapur (NPP)
53P.S. Qaziyara R.No.31027Sitapur (NPP)
54J.J.H.S. Jogitola R.No.1760Sitapur (NPP)
55J.J.H.S. Jogitola R.No.2683Sitapur (NPP)
56J.J.H.S. Jogitola R.No.3880Sitapur (NPP)
57J.J.H.S. Jogitola R.No.4888Sitapur (NPP)
58K.P.S. Chaubetola R.No.11454Sitapur (NPP)
59K.P.S. Chaubetola R.No.2810Sitapur (NPP)
60K.P.S. Chaubetola R.No.3773Sitapur (NPP)
61P.S. Chaubetol East1440Sitapur (NPP)
62P.S. Chaubetola West1243Sitapur (NPP)
63J.H.S. Bo.H. Tareenpur R.No.21286Sitapur (NPP)
64J.H.S. Bo.H. Tareenpur R.No. 51390Sitapur (NPP)
65J.H.S. Bo.H. Tareenpur R.No.3813Sitapur (NPP)
66J.H.S. Bo.H. Tareenpur R.No.7898Sitapur (NPP)
67J.H.S. Bo.H. Tareenpur R.No.41151Sitapur (NPP)
68P.S. Nishad Nagar R.No.11494Sitapur (NPP)
69P.S. Nishad Nagar R.No.21136Sitapur (NPP)
70P.S. Nishad Nagar R.No.31035Sitapur (NPP)
71J.H.S. Tarinpur R.No.1840Sitapur (NPP)
72J.H.S. Tarinpur R.No.2780Sitapur (NPP)
73J.H.S. Tarinpur R.No.31091Sitapur (NPP)
74G.P.S. Tarinpur R.No.1779Sitapur (NPP)
75G.P.S. Tarinpur854Sitapur (NPP)
76G.P.S. Tarinpur R.No.31230Sitapur (NPP)
77P.S. Tarinpur R.No.11148Sitapur (NPP)
78P.S. Tarinpur R.No.2738Sitapur (NPP)
79P.S. Tarinpur774Sitapur (NPP)
80P.S. Tarinpur R.No.31152Sitapur (NPP)
81P.S. Tarinpur R.No.41007Sitapur (NPP)
82P.S Ahata Kaptan East967Ahata Kaptan
84P.S Ahata Kaptan West R.N. 11285Ahata Kaptan
85S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.1761Sitapur (NPP)
86S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.3791Sitapur (NPP)
87S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.2984Sitapur (NPP)
88S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.61170Sitapur (NPP)
89S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.71533Sitapur (NPP)
90S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.4950Sitapur (NPP)
91S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.8874Sitapur (NPP)
92S.V.M. Tarinpur R.N.51512Sitapur (NPP)
93P.S. Sahsapur689Sitapur (NPP)
94P.S. Rasoolpur H/O Mansurpur499Sitapur (NPP)
95J.H.Hs Ismailpur824Sitapur (NPP)
96P.S. Kashiram Shahri Garib Awas R.N.11088Sitapur (NPP)
97P.S. Kashiram Shahri Garib Awas R.N.21271Sitapur (NPP)
98P.S. Kashiram Shahri Garib Awas R.N.3678Sitapur (NPP)
99P.S. Kashiram Shahri Garib Awas R.N. 4810Sitapur (NPP)
100P.S. Ismailpur R.N. 1774Sitapur (NPP)
101P.S. Ismailpur R.N. 2906Sitapur (NPP)
102J.H.S. Bhawanipur507Sitapur (NPP)
103P.S. Bijaura1095Sitapur (NPP)
104P.S. Ilasiya Grant R.N.1805Sitapur (NPP)
105P.S. Ilasiya Grant R.N.21020Sitapur (NPP)
106P.S. Pratappur892Sarrayan
107P.S. Badaura334Klaraknager
108P.S. Ambarpur H/O Clarknagar793Barhi Khera
109P.S. Salempur1168Klaraknager
110P.S. Damodarpur718Damodarpur
111P.S. Khapura734Khapura
112P.S. Ramnagar898Ramnagar
113P.S. Dhanaikheda484Ramnagar
114P.S. Khatkari472Khatkari
115P.S. Ludhaura774Khatkari
116P.S. Tarapur473Khatkari
117P.S. Emipurgrant761Amipur Grant
118P.S. Ahladpur348Amipur Grant
119P.S. Mathuranagar1007Amipur Grant
120P.S. Mirjapur867Mirzapur
121P.S. Puraina798Mirzapur
122P.S. Khagesiyamau1291Khageshiya Mau
123P.S. Malka Nagar1033Advenia Grant
124P.S. Shankarpur1225Advenia Grant
125P.S. Bandipur958Bandipur
126P.S. Neri Kalan East1338Nere Kalan
127P.S. Neri Kalan West1250Kuchkapur
128P.S. Viktoria Grant1040Advenia Grant
129P.S. Haluwapur444Haluwapur
130P.S. Nevada790Nawada
131P.S. Mainasi Saraiya992Kariya Mau
133Sankul Bhavan Ramkot North894Ramkot
134Sankul Bhavan Ramkot South847Ramkot
135J.H.S. Ramkot R.N.1741Ramkot
136J.H.S. Ramkot R.N.2939Ramkot
137J.H.S. Ramkot West1204Ramkot
138J.H.S. Ramkot Center582Ramkot
139P.S. Javaharpur680Jawahirpur
140J.H.S. Pathari H/O . Javaharpur811Jawahirpur
141P.S. Jihuri1011Jawahirpur
142P.S. Humayupur North1056Humaunpur
143P.S. Humayupur South828Pratappur
144J.H.S. Bhawwapur H/O Sikatiha469Sikatiya
145P.S. Sikatiha651Sikatiya
146P.S. Jaitikhera R.N. 1812Jaiti Khera
147P.S. Jaitikhera R.N. 2720Jaiti Khera
148P.S. Parsehra East1247Persehra
149P.S. Parsehra West767Persehra
150P.S. Raipur594Persehra
151P.S. Dharampur1070Persehra
152P.S. Saraibhat320Sharai Bhat
153P.S. Barsohiya North661Barsohiya
154P.S. Barsohiya South946Baksohiya
155P.S. Madhwapur1133Daranager
156P.S. Daranagar527Daranager
157P.S. Gaddipur789Daranager
158P.S. Rasyora1322Daranager
159P.S. Bariyarpur443Rasyora
160P.S. Obri324Obari
161P.S. Kanwakheda1092Kanwa Khera
162P.S. Gangapur Kalikabaks705Kanwa Khera
163G.B.V.M. Roti Godam R.No.11299Sitapur (NPP)
164G.B.V.M. Roti Godam R.No.21154Sitapur (NPP)
165Hindu Kanya Inter College R.No.15681Sitapur (NPP)
166Hindu Kanya Maha Vidyalay R.No.1978Sitapur (NPP)
167Hindu Kanya Mahavidyalaya R.No.21167Sitapur (NPP)
168Hindu Kanya Mahavidyalaya R.No.31163Sitapur (NPP)
169Hindu Kanya Mahavidyalaya R.No.4729Sitapur (NPP)
170P.S. Loharbag747Sitapur (NPP)
171P.S. R.No.1Vijay Laxhmi Nagar928Sitapur (NPP)
172P.S. Viajy Laxhmi Nagar R.No.2643Sitapur (NPP)
173P.S. Vijay Laxhmi Nagar R.No.3762Sitapur (NPP)
174Arya Kanya Inter College R.No.41040Sitapur (NPP)
175Arya Kanya Inter College R.No.2986Sitapur (NPP)
176Arya Kanya Inter College R.No.51292Sitapur (NPP)
177Nagar Palika Office R.No.1624Sitapur (NPP)
178Nagar Palika Office R.No.2820Sitapur (NPP)
179Nagar Palika Office R.No.3658Sitapur (NPP)
180P.S. Prem Nagar R.No.11078Sitapur (NPP)
181P.S. Prem Nagar R.No.21131Sitapur (NPP)
182M.G.J.H. School R.No.1938Sitapur (NPP)
183M.G.J.H. School R.No.2933Sitapur (NPP)
184M.G.J.H. School R.No.3949Sitapur (NPP)
185R.R.D. Inter College R.No.3995Sitapur (NPP)
186R.R.D. Inter College R.No.4726Sitapur (NPP)
187R.R.D. Inter College R.No.91153Sitapur (NPP)
188R.R.D. Inter College R.No.101018Sitapur (NPP)
189Ujagar Lal Inter College R.No.11301Sitapur (NPP)
190Ujagar Lal Inter College R.No.2941Sitapur (NPP)
191Ujagar Lal Inter College R.No.3784Sitapur (NPP)
192H.K.J.H. School R.No.1945Sitapur (NPP)
193H.K.J.H. School R.No.2997Sitapur (NPP)
194H.K.J.H. School R.No.3770Sitapur (NPP)
195H.K.J.H. School R.No.4794Sitapur (NPP)
196I.J.H.S. Alam Nagar R.N. 1715Sitapur (NPP)
197I.J.H.S. Alam Nagar R.N. 2577Sitapur (NPP)
198I.J.H.S. Alam Nagar R.N. 3935Sitapur (NPP)
199I.J.H.S. Alam Nagar R.N. 41050Sitapur (NPP)
200P.S. Alam Nagar R.No.1774Sitapur (NPP)
201P.S. Alam Nagar R.No.2672Sitapur (NPP)
202P.S. Alam Nagar R.No.31061Sitapur (NPP)
203D.A.V.A.S. School Ghasmandi965Sitapur (NPP)
204Bapu Balak Vidyalaya North1147Sitapur (NPP)
205Bapu Balak Vidyalaya South1016Sitapur (NPP)
206G.P.S. Pant Nagar R.No.2609Sitapur (NPP)
207G.P.S. Pant Nagar R.No.3404Sitapur (NPP)
208P.S. Pantnagar R.No.1946Sitapur (NPP)
209P.S. Pantnagar R.No.2592Sitapur (NPP)
210P.S. Pantnagar R.No.3599Sitapur (NPP)
211P.S. Police Lines R.N. 11032Sitapur (NPP)
212P.S. Police Lines R.N. 2961Sitapur (NPP)
214P.S. Police Lines R.N. 3556Sitapur (NPP)
215P.S. Police Lines R.N. 41065Sitapur (NPP)
216J.H.S. Second Bataliyan R.No.11031Sitapur (NPP)
217J.H.S. Second Bataliyan R.No.21277Sitapur (NPP)
218J.H.S. Second Bataliyan R.No.31029Sitapur (NPP)
219J.H.S. Second Bataliyan R.No.4936Sitapur (NPP)
220P.S. 11 Battalion P.A.C. R.N.1460Sitapur (NPP)
221P.S. 11 Battalion P.A.C. R.N.2614Sitapur (NPP)
222P.S. 11Batallion P.A.C. R.N. 31173Sitapur (NPP)
223J.H.S. 11Batallion P.A.C. R.N. 1579Sitapur (NPP)
224J.H.S. 11Batallion P.A.Ac. R.N.2493Sitapur (NPP)
225J.H.S. 11 Batallion P.A.C R.No.3996Sitapur (NPP)
226P.S. Lalkurti R.No.11010Sitapur (NPP)
227P.S. Sadar Bajar R.No.11418Sitapur (NPP)
228P.S. Sadar Bajar School R.No.2918Sitapur (NPP)
229P.S. Sadar Bajar R.No.31168Sitapur (NPP)
230P.S. Husainganj R.No.11216Sitapur (NPP)
231P.S. Husainganj R.No.21008Sitapur (NPP)
232P.S. Bizvarkhurd R.N.1898Sitapur (NPP)
233P.S. Bizvarkhurd R.N.2914Sitapur (NPP)
234P.S. Bizvarkhurd R.N.31269Sarriyan Maluhi
235P.S. Panchampurwa R.No.11261Naiparapur (CT)
236P.S. Panchampurwa R.No.2769Naiparapur (CT)
237P.S. Naipalapur R.No.11123Naiparapur (CT)
238P.S. Naipalapur R.No.31238Naiparapur (CT)
239P.S. Naipalapur R.No.4723Naiparapur (CT)
240P.S. Naipalapur R.No.5930Naiparapur (CT)
242P.S. Tedwa Chilaola694Naiparapur (CT)
243P.S. Akbarpur Kalan562Sarriyan Maluhi
244P.S. Mahmoodpur East781Majlispur
245P.S. Mahmoodpur West674Majlispur
246P.S. Majlispur1106Majlispur
247P.S. Misrapur650Misrapur
248P.S. Akbarpur Khurd R.N.1421Akbarpur Khurd
249P.S. Akbarpur Khurd R.N.2332Akbarpur Khurd
250P.S. Parsehra Kala763Persehra Kalaw
251P.S. Parsehra Khurd626Persehra Khurd
252P.S. Tappa Khajuriya1466Akbar Ganj
254P.S. Alavalpur605Alawalpur
255P.S. Bhavana1036Alawalpur
256P.S. Pathakpur571Pathakpur
257J.H.S. Akbarganj East680Akbar Ganj
258J.H.S. Akbarganj West935Akbar Ganj
259P.S. Balak Shekhpura R.N.1665Khairabad (NPP)
260P.S. Balak Shekhpura R.N.2887Khairabad (NPP)
261K.B.P.S. Makhupur East R.N. 1740Khairabad (NPP)
262K.B.P.S. Makhupur East R.N. 2820Khairabad (NPP)
263K.B.P.S. Makhupur West466Khairabad (NPP)
264J.H.S. Makhupur East1300Khairabad (NPP)
265J.H.S. Makhupur West986Khairabad (NPP)
266K.P.S. Shekhpura1424Khairabad (NPP)
268K.P.S. Sheksarai R.N. 1784Khairabad (NPP)
269K.P.S. Sheksarai R.N. 2818Khairabad (NPP)
270P.S. Balak Shekh Sarayan R.N. 1881Khairabad (NPP)
271P.S. Balak Shekh Sarayan R.No.3570Khairabad (NPP)
272P.S. Kanyashekh Sarayan R.N.3497Khairabad (NPP)
273N.P.Khairabad Bhawan East Side R.No.11243Khairabad (NPP)
274N.P.Khairabad Bhawan R.No 2746Khairabad (NPP)
275N.P.Khairabad Bhawan R.N.3796Khairabad (NPP)
276N.P.Khairabad Bhawan West Side R.No.4856Khairabad (NPP)
277N.P.Khairabad Bhawan Library R.No.51023Khairabad (NPP)
278R.B.I.C. Khairabad R.No.1943Khairabad (NPP)
279R.B.I.C. Khairabad R.No.21015Khairabad (NPP)
280R.B.I.C. Khairabad R.No.3837Khairabad (NPP)
281R.B.I.C. Khairabad R.No.4768Khairabad (NPP)
282J.H.S. Minyasarany East Khairabad1461Khairabad (NPP)
283J.H.S. Minyasarany West Khairabad824Khairabad (NPP)
284P.S. Miyansarai Khairabad R.N. 11071Khairabad (NPP)
285P.S. Miyansarai Khairabad R.N. 2703Khairabad (NPP)
286P.S. Kamalsarany West R.N.31431Khairabad (NPP)
287J.H.S. Kamalsarany R.No.1 Khairabad990Khairabad (NPP)
288J.H.S. Kamalsarany R.No.2 Khairabad998Khairabad (NPP)
289J.H.S. Kamalsarany R.No.3 Khairabad802Khairabad (NPP)
290P.S. Mahkhupur First R.No. 1795Khairabad (NPP)
291P.S. Mahkhupur Seconf R.No. 2741Khairabad (NPP)
292J.H.S. Kamal Sarai R. No. 7832Khairabad (NPP)
293P.S. Badripur1227Mansoorpur
294P.S. Mulayampur1115Mansoorpur
295P.S. Saraiya Maluhi1351Sarriyan Maluhi
296P.S. Indalganl H/O/ Khapraila1237Sarriyan Maluhi
297P.S. Parsohia662Banehta
298P.S. Banehta465Banehta
299P.S. Bhagaotipur H.O. Bijvar Khurd543Bijwar Khurd
300Degee College Dhanipur669Dhanipur
301P.S. Karbalapurwa649Jamaitpur
302P.S. Jamaiyatpur525Akbar Ganj
303P.S. Narahi728Nerhi
304P.S. Tikariya1334Rahimabad
305P.S. Sarfapur436Rahimabad
306P.S. Rahimabad North R.N. 1725Rahimabad
307P.S. Rahimabad North R.N. 2845Rahimabad
308P.S. Rahimabad South896Rahimabad
309P.S. Gurupaliya703Rahimabad
310P.S. Umariya745Kashimpur
311P.S. Lalpur Shahpur461Nerhi
312P.S. Kasimpur647Akoiya
313P.S. Akoiya R.N. 1881Akoiya
314J.H.S. Akoiya R.N. 2827Akoiya
315J.H.S. Chilwara North1158Chelwara
316J.H.S. Chilwara South1172Chelwara
317P.S. Jainapur1200Jainpur
318P.S. Koliya1028Akbar Ganj
319P.S. Pahadpur1277Paharpur
321P.S. Kaimhara470Husainpur Kamaibhra
322P.S. Rampur Nizampur669Bara Bhari
323P.S. Meerpur R.N.11086Mirpur
324P.S. Meerpur R.N.2508Nawada
325P.S. Jazpur1026Jajpur
326P.S. Musepur Baldev Singh760Museypur Baldevsingh
327P.S. Bhagaotipur595Bhagwatipur
328P.S. Rafatpur781Bhagwatipur
329P.S. Binaura1211Dharaicha
330P.S. Gangapur Ulfatrai1488Gangapur Ulfatrai
331P.S. Kaithabhari656Kaithabhari
332P.S. Kakrehiya582Gauriya Khurd
333P.S. Dharancha1134Dharaicha
334P.S. Dhedhurai764Dharaicha
335P.S. Unasiya1282Unasiya
336P.S. Ashrafpur942Ashrafpur
337P.S. Dateli1265Ashrafpur
338P.S. Bhadevna769Banka Jalalpur
339P.S. Asodhar East1207Asorar
340P.S. Asodhar West943Asorar
341P.S. Mubarakpur H/O Vishunnagar946Bishunnager
342P.S. Saranya Yusuf1013Am Khera
343P.S. Benipur H/O Sipah711Benipur
344P.S. Sipah491Sipah
345P.S. Bhadiyasi1194Bhadiyasi
346P.S. Meernagar1073Mirnager
347P.S. Suhetara East1023Suheytara
348P.S. Suhetara West501Suheytara
349P.S. Sultanpur596Sultanpur
350P.S. Bannishahpur1170Sultanpur
351P.S. Biraincha North898Biraicha
352P.S. Biraincha South581Biraicha
353P.S. Bhawanipur364Biraicha
354P.S. Pakariya North819Pakariya
355P.S. Pakariya South1019Pakariya
356P.S. Rasulapur379Pakariya
357P.S. Sadhuwapur917Sadhuwapur
358P.S. Sarainyasani917Sarriyansani
359P.S. Kodari749Ashrafpur
360P.S. Bannibajdar519Banni Bazar
361P.S. Bhemri359Bhemri
362P.S. Kherampur Bhemari East560Bhemri
363P.S. Kherampur Bhemari West974Bhemri
364J.H.S. Makhuwapur North1216Makhuwapur
365J.H.S. Makhuwapur South896Makhuwapur
366P.S. Nizamabad1102Nizamabad
367J.H.S. Daheliya Srirang1074Dahaliya Srirang
368P.S. Daheliya Niranjan1051Dahaliya Srirang
369P.S. Banka Jalalpur511Dahaliya Srirang
370P.S. Govinda Sarai481Banka Jalalpur
371P.S. Sujavalpur892Dahaliya Srirang
373P.S. Shahjalalpur New Building1492Raipur
374P.S. Behda1346Sultanpur Kamacha
375P.S. Sarwarpur1191Sarwarpur Kesariya

Last Updated on November 15, 2014