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Polling Booth in Siswa Assembly Constituency

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Siswa Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Siswa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Siswa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Radha Kumari Inter College Thutibari Room No -1888Dhuthibari
2Radha Kumari Inter College Thoothibari Room No -5945Dhuthibari
3Radha Kumari Inter College Thoothibari Room No -21405Dhuthibari
4Radha Kumari Inter College Room No -3933Dhuthibari
5Radha Kumari Inter College Thoothibari Room No -61020Dhuthibari
6Radha Kumari Inter College Thoothibari Room No -4811Dhuthibari
7Radha Kumari Inter College Thoothibari Room No -7776Dhuthibari
8Primary School Thuthibari497Araji Bairia
9Primary Pathshala Bharwalia858Bharwlia
10Primary School Laxmipur Khurd Room No -11123Laxmipur Khurd
11Primary School Laxmipur Khurd Room No -21152Laxmipur Khurd
12Primary School Turkahiya Room No -11023Turkahia
13Primary School Turkahiya Room No -2543Turkahia
14Primary School Rampurva482Rampurawa
15Pramary School Chatia Room No 1881Chatia
16Pramary School Chatia Room No 21376Chatia
17Pramary School Karza833Karja
18Pramary School Nauniya1172Nauniya
19Pramary School Loharauli Purvi1086Lohrauli
20Pramary School Loharauli Pashchimi545Lohrauli
21Primary School Ramnagar1342Ramanagar
23Junior High School Kishunpur622Kishunpur
24Primary School Kishunpur1161Kishunpur
25Primary School Basantpur294Basantpur
26Junior High School Sobda382Sovar
27Primary School Bodna855Bodna
29Primary School Katkhor767Katkhor
30Primary School Bakuldiha Room No 11021Bakul Diha
31Primary School Bakuldiha Room No 2979Sukarhar
32Junior High School Mairy820Mairi
33Primary School Gadaura Room No-11220Gedaura
34Primary School Gadaura Room No-21088Gedaura
35Primary School Kardah819Kardaha
36Primary School Bhagwanpur959Bhagwanpur
37Primary School Jamuikala Room No.11096Jamuhi Kalan
38Primary School Jamuikala Room No.21291Jamuhi Kalan
39Primary School Odwalia Room No.11047Orwalia
40Primary School Odwalia Room No.2623Orwalia
41Primary School Jharwaliya602Jharwlia
42Primary School Pipariya859Piparia
43Primary School Karwathi Urf Katka844Jharwlia
44Primary School Chitauna Room No 1785Chhitauna
45Primary School Chitauna Room No 21191Chhitauna
46Primary School Digahi734Digahi
48Panchayat Bhawan Meghauli Araji885Mathauli Araji
49Primary School Meghauli Khurd637Methauli Khurd
50Primary School Pipra1164Pipra
51Primary School Kuwari Sati1067Kuwari Sati
52Primary School Belwa Room No 11333Belwa
53Primary School Nipniya822Nipania
54Primary Schoo Itahiya728Itahia
55Primary Schoo Hargawa1370Hargaon
56Primary School Badhaypurva Room No-11023Barhai Purwa
57Primary School Badhaypurva Room No-2841Barhai Purwa
58Junior High Schoo Karmahia Room No-21354Karmahia
59Primary Schoo Ledi1031Ramchandrahi
60Primary School Shitlapur1059Shitalapur
62Primary School Rengahiya1499Regahia
63Primary Schhol Dhamaur797Ghamur
65Primary School Amda Urf Jhulnipur Room No 11115Amara Urf Jhulanipur
66Primary School Amda Urf Jhulnipur Room No 2943Amara Urf Jhulanipur
67Primary School Bahuaar Kala Uttari1222Bahua Kalan
68Primary School Bahuaar Kala Dakshini715Bahua Kalan
69Primary School Mishraulia Room No 11330Mishrauliya
70Primary School Mishraulia Room No 21420Mishrauliya
71Primary School Baithwalia Uttari765Baithwaliya
72Primary School Baithwalia837Baithwaliya
73Primary School Baithwalia Dakshini852Baithwaliya
74Primary School Bhedihari1119Gosaipur
75Primary School Kanmiswa628Kothibhar
76Primary School Sagardininahi355Sagar Dinhi
77J.High School Gerahwa857Gerahva
78Primary School Shitlapur Purvi834Shitlapur
79Primary School Shitlapur Madhya1008Shitlapur
80Primary School Girahia1222Girahia
81Panchayat Bhawan Badhya1128Barara Mustkil
82Primary School Badhya Pashchimi1366Barhaya Mustkil
83Primary School Dheso1243Dheso
84Primary School Sohgibarwa Uttari1344Sohgi Barwa
85Primary School Sohgibarwa Madhay1218Sohgi Barwa
86Primary School Sohgibarwa Dakshini679Sohgi Barwa
87Primary School Shikarpur765Shikarpur
88Primary School Bhothaha772Bakulahia
89Primary School Doma Purvi903Doma
90Primary School Doma Pashchimi1181Doma
91Primary School Doma Ek Kakshiya Bhawan704Doma
92Primary School Charbharia413Charbhariya
93Primary School Gularbhar408Gular Bhar
94Primary School Chanda408Chanda
95Primary School Kalnahi Khurd Dakshini1385Kalanahi Khurd
96Primary Pathshala Bajha Urf Ahirauli Uttar1210Vajaha Urf Ahirauli
97Primary Pathshala Bajha Urf Ahirauli Dakshin918Vajaha Urf Ahirauli
98Primary Pathshala Bajahi908Bajahi
100Panchayat Bhawan Baidauli Uttar1409Baidauli
101Panchayat Bhawan Baidauli Dakshin1346Baidauli
102Ju.High School Nichlaul Pashchimi740Nichlaul (NP)
103Ju.High School Nichlaul769Nichlaul (NP)
106Raja Ratan Sen Inter College Nichlaul1474Nichlaul (NP)
110Angira Shishu Gyan Mandir Nichlaul1177Nichlaul (NP)
111Primary School Nichlaul Pashchimi Bhag1388Nichlaul (NP)
112Primary School Nichlaul873Nichlaul (NP)
114Primary School Paragpur914Paragparu
116Primary School Sirauli1167Sirauli
117Primary School Tongari412Togri
118Ju. High School Tikulahia732Tikulahia
119Primary School Barwa Kripal721Barwa Kripal
120Primary School Kaprauli774Kaprauli
121Ju.High School Bandi580Bandi
122Primary School Budhadih Kala1429Burhadih Kalan
123Panchayat Bhawan Bahrauli1138Bahrauli
124Primary School Vishunpura811Bishunpura
125Primary School Piprakaji Room No11068Pipara Kazi
126Primary School Piprakaji Room No21339Pipara Kazi
127Panchayat Bhawan Budhadih Khurd877Burhadih Khurd
128Primary School Rautar1204Rautar
129Primary School Kohadwal Purvi1360Kohrawal
130Primry School Kohdawal Uttari1282Kohrawal
131Primry School Mahehspur Urf Kabelwa Uttar1078Maheshpur Kawelwa
132Primry School Mhespur Urf Kbelwa Dakshin1216Semra Kamahriya Urf Tulsipur
133Primry School Dudhrai607Dudhrai
134Primry School Singhpur Purvi474Sinh Pur
135Primry School Singhpur Pashchimi1296Sinh Pur
136Primry School Auratar Room No-11334Auratar
137Primry School Auratar Room No-2996Auratar
138Primry School Rudrauli1029Rudauli
140Primry School Sekhui1283Sekhui
141Primry Schoolsekhue Madhay1293Sekhui
142Primry School Ganeshpur881Ganeshpur
143Primry School Dighwa1462Dighwa
144Primry School Naksha Baksha Naya Bhawan616Naksha Baksha
145Primry School Naksha Baksha1478Naksha Baksha
147Primry School Padari Kala Uttar966Padari Kalan
148Primry School Padari Kala Dakshin755Padaru Kalan
149Primry School Harpur Kala993Harpur Kalan
150Jamuna Parahad Purv.Madhymik School. Tikar Room-11027Tikar
151Jamuna Parahad Pur.Madhymik School. Tikar Room No-2810Tikar
152Primry School Prasauni1450Parsauni
153Primry School Parasa1244Parsa
154Primry School Khosta874Khosta
156Primry School Padri Khurd Room No. 1744Padari Khurd
157Primry School Mishrauliya954Mishrauliya
158Primry School Mathiya871Padari Khurd
159Primry School Baswar1169Baswar
160Primary School Madhubani1024Madu Bani
161Primary School Madubani553Madu Bani
162R.Ju.High School Mdhubni Room-1803Madu Bani
164Panchat Bhawn Morwan622Mokhan Uttari
165Primry School Morwan684Moravan Dakshini
166Primry School Bhagatar Room No 1908Bhagatar
167Primry School Bhagatar Room No 21465Bhagatar
168Primry School Madanpura1285Madanpura
169Primary School Kharchauli1238Khar Chauli
170Primry School Khonhauli1228Khonhauli
171R.I. Collag Bali Room No.-1845Ovri
172R.I. Collag Bali Room No.-21075Bankatwa
173Primry School Damki738Damki
174Primry School Jaishri1183Jai Sri
175Primry School Aamutlaw648Amu Talab
176Panchyat Bhwan Raypur728Raipur
177Primry School Sidhawe882Sidhave
178Primry School Khamhaura Room-1826Khamhaura
179Primry School Khamhaura Room-2892Khamhaura
180Primry School Balhikhor Uttar1457Balhi Khor
181Primry School Balhikhor Dakshin1082Balhi Khor
182Primry School Kaimi Room No-11489Kaima
183Bapu Shtabadi Ntear Collag Jahada1117Jahada
184Bapu Shtabdi Intear Collagjahada818Jahada
185Primry School Sohat Room No-1945Sohat
186Primry School Sohat Room No-2881Sohat
187Primry School Rampurwa1051Rampurwa
188Primry School Gaura Nipniya822Gaura Nipania
189Primry School Vsuli605Basauli
191Panchant Bhawan Soshsa495Baraipar
192Primry School Kolhua499Kolhua
193Primry School Badahra Chargha Room No-11041Barhara Chargaha
194Primry School Badahra Chargha Room No-21192Barhara Chargaha
195Primry School Bishokhor Room-11230Balhi Khor
196Primry School Bishokhorroom-2910Balhi Khor
197Primry School Kathari Khurd Room No-11125Katahri Khurd
198Primry School Kathari Kurad Room No-2917Katahri Kala
199Primry School Bhothiyahi737Bhothiyahi
200Panchyat Bhawn Durgvaliya751Durgwalia
201Primry School Paikauli Kala969Paikauli Kala
202Primry School Gurli797Gurli
203Primry School Sabya Uttari1155Sabaya
204Primry School Sabya Madhay534Sabaya
205Primry School Sabya Dakshin820Sabaya
206Primary School Sabya Ek Kashiya Bhawan1327Sabaya
207Primry School Sabya Ahirauli Tola New Building1235Sabaya
208Primry School Sabya Dakshin Tola872Sabaya
210Primry School Sanda Khurd Uttar1307Sanda Khurd
211Primry School Lodiya1163Lohia
212Primry School Bhartkhand Pakri1210Pakri
213Primry School Bhartkhand Pakri Uttar1228Pakri
214Primry School Kamata Room-1924Kamta
215Primry School Kamata Room-2595Nahchhauri
216Primry School Ghornar852Ghornar
217Primry School Kaima960Kaima
218Primry School Barawa618Barwa
219Primry School Semari Dakshin1199Semari
220Primry School Pokharbhinda689Pokher Bhinda
221Primry School Pipra Bajar837Pipra Bazar
222Primry School Sugauli676Sujauli
223Primry School Deurwa926Deurwa
224Primry School Majari835Majari
225Primry School Vishunpura621Bishunpura
226Primry School Bargdhi510Bargadahi
227Panchayt Bhawn Pipriya452Piparia
228Primry School Bhediya Purvi1166Bheria
229Primry School Bhediya Pashchmi959Bheria
230J.High School Budhadih722Butha Deeh
231Primry School Ardauna Uttar1002Ardauna
232Primry School Ardauna Dakshin513Amahawa
233Primry School Semrahana1008Semrahana
234Panchayat Bhawan Pachma1118Pachama
235Primry School Jamue Purvi1103Jamui
236Primry School Jamue Pashchimi1193Jamui
237Primry School Hardi739Hardi
239Primry School Harkhoda879Harkhora
241Primry School Barawa Soniya960Barua Sonia
243Primry School Jagdaur Room No-11103Jagdaur
244Primry School Jagdaur Room No-2908Jagdaur
245Primry School Brohiya967Barohia
246Primry School Sonbarasa568Son Barsa
247Primry School Semra1004Semara
248Primry School Bhagwanpur Urf Bhulana757Bhagwan Pur Urf Bhulna
249J.High School Mithaura Uttar1262Mithaura
250J.High School Mithaura Madhay1450Mithaura
251J.High School Mithaura Dakshin1503Mithaura
252Primry School Gaunriya1432Gaunaria
253Sa. Vikas Kendra Jagarnathpur869Jagarnathpur
255Primry School Amtaha685Amataha
256Primry School Chiutaha1455Chiutaha
257Primry School Laxmipur Kort914Laxmipur Kart
258Primry School Rampur Kala1393Rampur Kala
259J.High School Karmhi Uttar1017Karmahi
260Panchyat Bhawan Karidiha1019Karidih
261Primry School Kamhriya654Kamharia
262Primry School Baghi866Bagahi
263Primry School Hewati1028Haveli
264Primry School Sitlapur Dakshin916Shitalapur
265Primry School Sitlalpur731Shitalapur
266Primry School Belbhriya1050Belbhariya
267Ju. High School Kishunpur379Kishunpur
268Primry School Rudrapur1050Rudrapur
270Primry School Chankauli1101Chankauli
271Primry School Germa Uttar1388Germa
272Primry School Germa Dakshin1238Germa
273Primry School Pakri Chaube Purvi1093Pakari Chaube
274Primry School Pakri Chaube Paschimi705Pakari Chaube
275Primry School Padri Urf Mirganj993Muderi
276Panchyat Bhwan Ratanpur Uttar311Ratanpur
277Panchyat Bhwan Ratanpur Dakshin1224Ratanpur
278Primry School Khuduri Purvi1472Khuruhuri
279Primry School Khuduri Pashchimi987Khuruhuri
280Primary School Rampur Khurd973Rampur Khurd
281Primry School Brawa Kala1063Barwa Kala
283U.Khad Godam Brawa Digambear442Barwa Digambar
284Primry School Bariyajpur591Bariar Pur
285Primry School Badahra Manath Room No. 11022Barhara
286Primry School Badahra Manath Room No. 2708Barahara
287Primry School Parsiya758Parsia
288Primry School Kueya738Kuiyan
290Primry School Gauri Urf Badaipura1472Baithpurwa Urf Gauri
291Primry School Sofara1382Sofra
292Primry School Gaura Room-11011Gaura
293Primry School Gaura Room-2830Gaura
294Primry School Horilapur861Horlapur
295Primry School Fatkdauna699Phatakdauna
296Primry School Madhwaliya1308Madhwalia
297Panchyat Bhawan Barwasalikram824Barwa Salikram
298Primry School Mehdiya991Mehdia
299Primry School Gauri Kishun1031Gauri
300Primry School Belwa Room-11237Belwa
301Primry School Belwa Room-2780Belwa
302Primry School Dadhauli1185Bishunpura
303Primry School Bijapar Uttari1401Bijapar
304Primry School Bijapar Dakshini1194Bijapar
305Ju.High School Pandey Tola Vijapar1544Bijapar
306Primry School Siswa Khurd972Siswa Khurd
308Ju.High School Siswa Bujurag Uttar1066Siswa Khurd
309Ju.High School Siswa Bujurag Dakshin1207Sisawa Buzurg
310J.High School Siswa Room-11133Siswa Bazar (NP)
311J.High School Siswa Room-21365Siswa Bazar (NP)
312J.High School Siswa Room-31048Siswa Bazar (NP)
313Kanya Primry School Siswa975Siswa Bazar (NP)
314Kanya J. High School Siswa Room-11181Siswa Bazar (NP)
315Kanya J. High School Siswa Room-21195Siswa Bazar (NP)
316Primry School Siswa Uttar1485Siswa Bazar (NP)
317Primry School Siswa Dakshin849Siswa Bazar (NP)
319Sanskrt Primry Nayabhwan Siswa Purvi765Siswa Bazar (NP)
320Sanskrt Primry Nayabhwan Siswa1154Siswa Bazar (NP)
321Sanskrt School Siswa Uttar816Siswa Bazar (NP)
322Sanskrt School Siswa Dakshin1294Siswa Bazar (NP)
323Panchayat Bhawan Khesrari Uttar975Khesarari
324Panchyat Bhawan Khesrari Dakshin825Khesarari
325S.V.Kandar Khesrari Uttar1396Khesarari
326S.V.Kandar Khesrari Purvi843Khesarari
327J.High School Khesrari1181Khesarari
328Primry School Raypur803Raipur
329Primry School Pratppur465Pratap Pur
330Primry School Patkhauli491Patkhauni
331Primry School Baijnathpur959Baijnath Pur
332Panchyat Bhawan Rajwal Madraha1270Rajwal Madarha
333Primry School Chainpur Purvi1396Chainpur
334Primry School Chainpur Paschmi509Chainpur
335Primary School Naya Bhwan Chainpur1134Chainpur
336K.P.School Kothibhar1280Kothibhar
337Primry School Lohepar Uttari1444Lohepar
338Primry School Lohepar Dakshin1437Lohepar
339Primry School Pipriya1141Pipria
340Panchyat Bhawan Bhujauli830Bhujauli

Last Updated on November 15, 2014