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Polling Booth in Sirathu Assembly Constituency

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Sirathu Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sirathu

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sirathu Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Tanda980N.A
2P.S. Bherawan818N.A
3P.S. Koriyon Uttari Bhag1338N.A
4P.S. Korion Pashchimi Bhag553N.A
5P.S. Korion Dakshini Bhag1374N.A
6U.P.S. Korion774N.A
7P.S. Chakkorion Poore Faij692N.A
8P.S. Ghadiyalipur544N.A
9P.S. Naurhia Mutalke Saunrai Bujurg417N.A
10P.S. Alipurjeeta Purvi Bhag1290N.A
11P.S. Alipurjeeta Pashchimi Bhag1124N.A
12P.S. Nijaam Mai1006N.A
13P.S. Daulatpur Kasar Purvi Bhag1052N.A
14P.S. Daulatpur Kasar Pashchimi Bhag470N.A
15P.S. Afajalpur Saton Uttari Bhag1177N.A
16P.S. Afajalpur Saton Dakshini Bgag643N.A
17P.S. Afajalpur Saton Madhya Bhag588N.A
18P.S. Afajalpur Saton Purvi Bhag1144N.A
19P.S. Sultanpur Kasar703N.A
20P.S. Alawalpur Tikari Uttari Bhag740N.A
21P.S. Alawalpur Tikari Dakshini Bhag760N.A
22P.S. Mohammadpur Jeeta800N.A
23P.S. Raseedmai605N.A
24P.S. Dariyapur Jeeta705N.A
25P.S. Baarahaveli Aaima1237N.A
26P.S. Kanthuva1094N.A
27P.S. Aureni Uttari Bhag1150N.A
28P.S. Aureni Dakshini Bhag1207N.A
29P.S. Tajmallahan1327N.A
30P.S. Nijaam Ka Poora Majara Tajmallahan878N.A
31P.S. Lehdaree Khateeb1285N.A
32P.S. Ambaai Bujurg Purvi Bhag1171N.A
33P.S. Ambaai Bujurg Pashchimi Bhag706N.A
34P.S. Rukunpur548N.A
35P.S. Girdharpur Garhi Uttari Bhag1213N.A
36P.S. Girdharpur Garhi Dakshini Bhag688N.A
37P.S. Faraahimpur Kalesharmau1308N.A
38P.S. Swatkhat Urf Kara Uttari Bhag1307N.A
39P.S. Swatkhat Urf Kara Madhya Bhag943N.A
40P.S. Swatkhat Urf Kara Dakshini Bhag604N.A
41U.P.S. Swatkhat Urf Kara U.Bhag1347N.A
42P.S. Sultanput Khwaja Karak1270N.A
43P.S. Naasirpur Fareedganj1304N.A
44P.S. Fatehshahpur465N.A
45Pt. Ranjeet I.C. Shahjaadpur Uttari Bhag1259N.A
46Pt. Ranjeet I.C. Shahjaadpur Uttari Madhya Bhag1404N.A
47Pt. Ranjeet I.C. Shahjaadpur Dakshini Bhagq1007N.A
48Pt. Ranjeet I.C. Shahjaadpur Dakshini Madhya Bhag1169N.A
49P.S. Nanmai1238N.A
50P.S. Tarsaura1106N.A
51P.S. Malak Rejama838N.A
52P.S. Fatehpur Parsakhee756N.A
53P.S. Roopnarayanpur Sailabi1030N.A
54P.S. Ulachupur928N.A
55P.S. Rala Purvi Bhag1378N.A
56P.S. Rala Pashchimi Bhag682N.A
57P.S. Kokhraj Uttari Bhag 11216N.A
58P.S. Kokhraj Uttari Bhag 2498N.A
59P.S. Kokhraj Dakshini Bhag1420N.A
60P.S. Kokhraj Dakshin Madhya Bhag 1901N.A
61P.S. Kokhraj Dakshin Madhya Bhag 2873N.A
62P.S. Kokhraj Uttari Madhya Bhag1461N.A
63P.S. Baghelapur631N.A
64P.S. Jamaalmau Uttari Bhag1121N.A
65P.S. Jamaalmau Pashchimi Bhag567N.A
66P.S. Malaak Bhayal915N.A
67U.P.S. Kasiya Purvi Bhag551N.A
68U.P.S. Kasiya Madhya Bhag1023N.A
69U.P.S. Kasiya Pashchimi Bhag1433N.A
70P.S. Kankrabad Majara Kasiya996N.A
71P.S. Naurhiya Karenti698N.A
72P.S. Bidanpur Kakorha Uttari Bhag1189N.A
73P.S. Bidanpur Kakorha Dakshin Bhag1123N.A
74P.S. Devbhita775N.A
75P.S. Bidanpur Aamad Karari898N.A
76P.S. Ahirara Purvi Bhag1235N.A
77P.S. Ahirara Pashchimi Bhag1069N.A
78U.P.S. Hisampur Parsakhee Pashchimi Bhag 1788N.A
79U.P.S. Hisampur Parsakhee Pashchimi Bhag 2712N.A
80U.P.S. Hisampur Parsakhee Pashchimi Bhag 3618N.A
81P.S. Andawan Uttari Bhag1037N.A
82P.S. Andawan Madhya Bhag915N.A
83P.S. Andawan Pashchimi Bhag712N.A
84P.S. Kesari Uttari Bhag787N.A
85P.S. Kesari Dakshini Bhag819N.A
86P.S. Sipaah Purvi Bhag1065N.A
87P.S. Sipaah Pashchimi Bhag1167N.A
88P.A. Rampur Barhnawan Purvi Bhag1192N.A
89P.S. Rampur Barhnawan Pashchimi Bhag778N.A
90P.S. Malaak Pachambha330N.A
91P.S. Badalepur Nanseni803N.A
92Gandhi Memoriyal I.C. Daranagar Uttari Bhag1043N.A
93Gandhi Memoriyal I.C.Daranagar Pashchimi Bhag1112N.A
94Gandhi Memoriyal I.C. Daranagar Dakshini Bhag1136N.A
95P.S. Myohara1203N.A
96P.S. Sukhdharanpur Kithanv319N.A
97P.S. Chakjameen Mahjooba552N.A
98P.S. Thulgula Purvi Bhag686N.A
99P.S. Thulgula Pashchimi Bhag1173N.A
100P.S. Narsinghpur Kachhua1092N.A
101P.S. Khwachkeemai1354N.A
102P.S. Nawawan Uttari Bhag1033N.A
103P.S. Nawawan Dakshini Bhag487N.A
104P.S. Ajeejpur937N.A
105P.S. Shambhui1004N.A
106P.S. Mardaanpur Barjee1270N.A
107P.S. Kamalpur Uttari Bhag1282N.A
108P.S. Kamalpur Dakshini Bhag1345N.A
109P.S. Jafarpur692N.A
110P.S. Saunrai Bujurg Uttari Bhag1236N.A
111P.S. Saunrai Bujurg Dakshini Bhag1357N.A
112U.P.S. Saunrai Bujurg Uttari Bhag677N.A
113U.P.S. Saunrai Bujurg Madhya Bhag828N.A
114U.P.S. Saunrai Bujurg Dakshini Bhag1486N.A
115P.S. Bihaamidpur Uttari Bhag971N.A
116P.S. Bihaamidpur Dakshini Bhag564N.A
117P.S. Pathrawan Purvi Bhag995N.A
118P.S. Pathrawan Pashchimi Bhag844N.A
119P.S. Paras Purvi Bhag1153N.A
120P.S. Paras Madhya Bhag1060N.A
121P.S. Paras Pashchim Bhag973N.A
122P.S. Mongaree Aamad Hathgaam310N.A
123P.S. Kaanemai1238N.A
124P.S. Naandemai861N.A
125P.S. Ken Uttari Bhag1320N.A
126P.S. Ken Dakshini Bhag464N.A
127Aadikumari .H.S.S.Kanwar Uttari Bhag1082N.A
128Aadikumari H.S.S.Kanwar Madya Bhag992N.A
129Aadikumari H.S.S.Kanwar Dakshini Bhag1128N.A
130U.P.S. Dhumai Purvi Bhag864N.A
131U.P.S. Dhumai Pashchimi Bhag700N.A
132U.P.S. Dhumai Madhya Bhag1386N.A
133P.S. Sondhiyamai783N.A
134Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Pashchimi Bhag429N.A
135Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Pashchimi Madhya Bhag 11170N.A
136Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Pashchimi Madhya Bhag 21330N.A
137Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Madhya Bhag1162N.A
138Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Purvi Madhya Bhag 11291N.A
139Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Purvi Madhya Bhag 21189N.A
140Hanumaan I.C. Ajhuaa Purvi Madya Bhag 3981N.A
141P.S. Marhiyamai Dakshini Bhag945N.A
142P.S. Marhiyamai Uttari Bhag909N.A
143P.S. Bhauntar Uttari Bhag992N.A
144P.S. Bhauntar Dakshini Bhag552N.A
145P.S. Atsarai Purvi Bhag1245N.A
146P.S. Atsarai Pashchim Bhag1011N.A
147P.S. Lohada Uttari Bhag1203N.A
148P.S. Lohada Dakshini Bhag794N.A
149P.S. Uchrawan1044N.A
150P.S. Maulveepur Majara Uchrawan760N.A
151P.S. Daadupur578N.A
152P.S. Nindoora Uttari Bhag840N.A
153P.S. Nindoora Dakshini Bhag674N.A
154P.S. Trilokpur833N.A
155P.S. Malaaknindoora596N.A
156U.P.S. Dorama Purvi Bhag704N.A
157U.P.S. Dorama Pashchimi Bhag799N.A
158P.S. Chakbakhtiyara Parsipur1106N.A
159P.S. Garai1481N.A
160S.A.V. I. C. Sainee Purvi Bhag1175N.A
161S.A.V.I.C. Sainee Madhya Bhag777N.A
162S.A.V.I.C. Sainee Pashchimi Bhag1194N.A
163P.S. Mocharakhas863N.A
164P.S. Ramai Ka Poora Majara Ganpaa502N.A
165U.P.S. Ganpaa Purvi Madhy Bhag1223N.A
166U.P.S. Ganpaa Pashchimi Madya Bhag1478N.A
167U.P.S. Ganpaa Uttari Bhag1223N.A
168P.S. Gobindpur Goriyon Pashchimi Bhag806N.A
169P.S. Gobindpur Goriyon Madhya Bhag696N.A
170P.S. Gobindpur Goriyon Purvi Bhag1394N.A
171P.S. Malaaksaddi1086N.A
172U.P.S. Bamhraulee Purvi Bhag635N.A
173U.P.S. Bamhraulee Uttari Bhag1288N.A
174P.S. Bamhraulee Dakshini Bgag1168N.A
175P.S. Bamhraulee Madhya Bhag537N.A
176P.S. Jhandapur891N.A
177P.S. Nidhiyawan1208N.A
178P.S. Nidhiyawan Purvi Bhag353N.A
179P.S. Naurhiya Aamad Karari Purvi Bhag1454N.A
180P.S. Naurhiya Aamad Karari Pashchimi Bhag669N.A
181P.S. Teekardeeh Pashchimi Bhag1264N.A
182P.S.Teekardeeh Purvi Bhag807N.A
183P.S. Chamandha Purvi Bhag732N.A
184P.S. Chamandha Madhya Bhag896N.A
185P.S. Chamandha Pashchimi Bhag1355N.A
186P.S. Chakchamroopur Laatpur Koh727N.A
187Hublal I.C. Bharwari Uttari Kaksh1190N.A
188P.S. Sindhiya Aamad Karari Uttari Bhag1077N.A
189P.S. Sindhiya Aamad Karari Dakshini Bhag810N.A
190P.S. Bisara Purvi Bhag894N.A
191P.S. Bisara Purvi Madhya Bhag625N.A
192P.S. Bisara Pashchimi Bhag1302N.A
193P.S. Bisara Pashchimi Madhya Bhag654N.A
194P.S. Khaara563N.A
195Kanya P.S. Rasoolpur Girsa Purvi Bhag1175N.A
196Kanya P.S. Rasoolpur Girsa Pashchimi Bhag541N.A
197P.S. Rampur Suhelakhas Uttari Bhag1221N.A
198P.S. Rampur Suhelakhas Pashchimi Bhag1014N.A
199P.S. Maseepur689N.A
200P.S. Dariyapur Majhiyawan1246N.A
201P.S. Baranpur Kaadipur Ichaulee Purvi Bhag1172N.A
202P.S. Baranpur Kaadipur Ichaulee Pashchimi Bhag796N.A
203P.S. Bichhaura710N.A
204P.S. Baalakmau Uttari Bhag1440N.A
205P.S. Baalakmau Pashchimi Bhag751N.A
206P.S. Hasanpur Poorab521N.A
207P.S. Khoranv1079N.A
208P.S. Ichaulee932N.A
209P.S. Bharesar Purvi Bhag791N.A
210P.S. Bharesar Madhya Bhag750N.A
211P.S. Bharesar Pashchimi Bhag753N.A
212P.S. Manmau1164N.A
213P.S. Bhadawan Purvi Bhag1181N.A
214P.S. Bhadawan Pashchim Bhag1270N.A
215P.S. Tengai Uttari Bhag1251N.A
216P.S. Tengai Dakshini Bhag946N.A
217P.S. Girdharpur865N.A
218P.S. Jalaalpur Tengai1076N.A
219P.S. Selaraha Pashchim Purab Bhag1279N.A
220P.S. Selaraha Pashchim Pashchimi Bhag631N.A
221P.S. Selaraha Purab1361N.A
222P.S. Lachchheepur423N.A
223P.S. Chakkhodayganj707N.A
224Sohanlal U.P.S. Roopnarayanpur Goriyon Purvi Bhag819N.A
225Sohanlal U.P.S. Roopnarayanpur Goriyon Pashchimi Bhag741N.A
226P.S. Matiyara559N.A
227P.S. Saunrai Khurd1267N.A
228P.S. Sanyarameethepur Purab Bhag1250N.A
229P.S. Sanyarameethepur Madhya Bhag977N.A
230P.S. Sanyarameethepur Pashchimi Bhag1078N.A
231P.S. Kamaasin1260N.A
232P.S. Chakmaanikpur Saiyyadraje1079N.A
233P.S. Madhawamai Pashchimi Bhag1178N.A
234P.S. Madhawamai Purvi Bhag1185N.A
235P.S. Sirathu Purab Bhag1192N.A
236P.S. Sirathu Madhya Bhag1371N.A
237P.S. Sirathu Pashchimih Bhag1052N.A
238U.P.S. Gaajee Ka Poora Sirathu924N.A
239Aadarsh U.P.S. Sirathu Uttari Bhag904N.A
240Aadarsh U.P.S. Sirathu Madhya Bhag 1686N.A
241Aadarsh U.P.S. Sirathu Madhya Bhag 2906N.A
242Aadarsh U.P.S. Sirathu Pashchimi Bhag1103N.A
243Aadarsh U.P.S. Sirathu Dakshin515N.A
244Aadarsh U.P.S. Sirathu Purvi Bhag1213N.A
245P.S. Nagiyamai Purvi Bhag1154N.A
246P.S. Nagiyamai Pashchimi Bhag520N.A
247P.S. Kooramureedan Uttari Bhag798N.A
248P.S. Kooramureedan Dakshini Bhag675N.A
249P.S. Bharehari Uttari Bhag1061N.A
250P.S. Bharehari Dakshini Bhag857N.A
251P.S. Dodaapur385N.A
252P.S. Sarho1249N.A
253P.S. Lukiya619N.A
254P.S. Hisampur Marho1096N.A
255P.S. Thon Pashchimi Bhag1449N.A
256P.S. Thon Dakshini Bhag808N.A
257P.S. Saankha Purvi Bhag1002N.A
258P.S. Saankha Madhya Bhag1176N.A
259P.S. Saankha Madhya Pashchimi Bhag1158N.A
260U.P.S. Paharpur1266N.A
261P.S. Bareepur1084N.A
262P.S. Sarvanpur Urf Ramsahainpur Purvi Bhag884N.A
263P.S. Sarvanpur Urf Ramsahainpur Pashchimi Bhag832N.A
264U.P.S. Mohammadpur Anetha Uttari Bhag1281N.A
265U.P.S. Mohammadpur Anetha Dakshini Bhag1434N.A
266U.P.S. Mohammadpur Anetha Madhya Bhag921N.A
267U.P.S. Kaimaa Uttari Bhag1322N.A
268U.P.S. Kaimaa Dakshini Bhag747N.A
269P.S. Baranpur Ghatampur725N.A
270P.S. Terahara904N.A
271P.S. Rampur Dhamawan Uttari Bhag1382N.A
272P.S. Sarainya Majara Rampur Dhamawan1433N.A
273U.P.S. Rampur Dhamawan1262N.A
274P.S. Raaghavpur1088N.A
275P.S. Bamboopur1042N.A
276P.S. Malaak Peenjari Purab Bhag867N.A
277P.S. Malaak Peenjari Madhya Bhag942N.A
278P.S. Malaak Peenjari Pashchimi Bhag684N.A
279Shri Firojgandhi H.S.S. Shamsabad Purvi Bhag1225N.A
280Shri Firojgandhi H.S.S Shamsabad Pashchimi Bhag1023N.A
281P.S. Baratafaarik Purvi Bhag1018N.A
282P.S. Baratafaarik Pashchimi Bhag543N.A
283P.S. Haajipur Patauna757N.A
284P.S. Tulseepur897N.A
285P.S. Fatehpur Bela1268N.A
286P.S. Udihin Bujurg Uttari Bhag826N.A
287P.S. Udihin Bujurg Dakshini Bhag754N.A
288P.S. Javai Padari Purvi Bhag1171N.A
289P.S. Javai Padari Pashchimi Bhag1141N.A
290P.S. Faajilpur Gopalpur656N.A
291P.S. Mohabbatpur Painsa Uttari Bhag1413N.A
292P.S. Mohabbatpur Painsa Dakshini Bhag1413N.A
293P.S. Parai Khagal638N.A
294P.S. Afajalpurvaari Purvi Bhag929N.A
295P.S. Afajalpurvaari Pashchimi Bhag1164N.A
296P.S. Afajalpurvaari Dakshini Bhag711N.A
297P.S. Baale Ka Purawa Majara Afajalpurvaari1134N.A
298P.S. Mohammadpur Vaari1308N.A
299P.S. Goshimalpur649N.A
300P.S. Chak Jalaapurvaari657N.A
301P.S. Mirjaapur Jawai914N.A
302P.S. Makanpurvaari907N.A
303P.S. Udihin Khurd Dakshini Bhag1440N.A
304P.S. Udihin Khurd Uttari Bhag518N.A
305P.S. Keshwapur266N.A
306P.S. Jagannathpur951N.A
307P.S. Mongaree Kara1050N.A
308P.S. Maanpur Gaura922N.A
309P.S. Jubara1249N.A
310P.S. Baleepur Majara Nara Uttari Bhag749N.A
311P.S. Baleepur Majara Nara Dakshini Bhag801N.A
312Jagatnarayan Karvariya I.C. Nara Purvi Bhag1472N.A
313Jagatnarayan Karvariya I.C. Nara Pashchimi Bhag1220N.A
314New P.S. Gambheerapurab Uttari Bhag1026N.A
315New P.S. Gambheerapurab Dakshini Bhag583N.A
316P.S. Khanvaari831N.A
317P.S. Kundravee978N.A
318P.S. Kainee Purvi Bhag1198N.A
319P.S. Kainee Pashchimi Bhag869N.A
320P.S. Kondar685N.A
321P.S. Lotiya315N.A
322P.S. Jiyapur Kainee523N.A
323P.S. Hisampur Baharemau1420N.A
324P.S. Nijaampur Naugeera1227N.A
325P.S. Sehiya Aamad Karari621N.A
326P.S. Mavai Kevat919N.A
327P.S. Devkharpur Purvi Bhag1239N.A
328P.S. Devkharpur Pashchimi Bhag1257N.A
329P.S. Mohiuddinpur Bela Purvi Bhag1388N.A
330P.S. Mohiuddinpur Bela Pashchimi Bhag479N.A
331P.S. Korron Iind Uttari Bhag1277N.A
332P.S. Korron Iind Dakshini Bhag995N.A
333P.S. Hatawarampur Marukee604N.A
334P.S. Rampur Marookee1440N.A
335P.S. Basohanee1324N.A
336P.S. Asakaranpur Magrohani1030N.A

Last Updated on November 15, 2014