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Polling Booth in Sikandra Rao Assembly Constituency

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Sikandra Rao Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sikandra Rao

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sikandra Rao Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S.Bajidapur R.N. 11115Wajidpur
2P.S.Bajidapur R.N. 21176Wajidpur
3P.P.Narharapur Dostapur1233Narharpur Dostpur
4P.S.Gokulpur948Nijra Gokulpur
5P.S.Nijra460Nijra Gokulpur
6P.S.Arifapur Bhogapur926Arifpur Bhogpur
7P.S.Guretha Sultanapur658Guraitha Sultanpur
8S.P.Lakshmipur621Guraitha Sultanpur
9Purv Madhyamik Schoolgadiya394Guraitha Sultanpur
10P.S.Nagla Dhak700Mahmudpur Nagla Dhak
13P.S.Dariyapur Ruf Nagalabhanchand763Dariyapur Urf Nagla Bhanchand
14P.S. Mudha Naujarpur1448Bhuranaujarpur
16Maharana Pratap Inter College Sujavalpur1307Sujawalpur
17P.S. Badhanu1212Badhanoo
18P.S. Isepur557Isepur
19P.S. Shyampur Manikpur725Shyampur Manikpur
20P.S. Liha1361Liha Alampur
21P.S. Aalampur642Liha Alampur
22P.S. Maoo R.N.11023Mau Chirayal
23P.S. Mau606Mau Chirayal
24P.S.Chirayla980Mau Chirayal
25P.S. Chadrapura290Mau Chirayal
26P.S.Nai Nagla Tahar1296Nai Naglatahar
27P.S.Nagla Chamar827Nagla Chamar
28P.S.Mubarikapur854Mubarikpur Kapsia
29Baratghar Kasimapur499Mubarikpur Kapsia
30P.S.Kuthila488Mubarikpur Kapsia
31P.S.Kapasiya R.N.1749Mubarikpur Kapsia
32P.S.Kapasiya R.N.2531Mubarikpur Kapsia
33P.S.Tikri Kalan R.N. 11048Tikari Kalan
34P.S.Tikri Kalan R.N. 21074Tikari Kalan
35P.S.Thegapur887Tikari Kalan
38Kanya P.S. Gadhi Hira Singh602Dandesri
39P.S. Bhupalgadhi379Dandesri
40P.S. Chhonkara1023Chhonkara
42P.S. Nagla Gangi450Pachayata
43P.S. Bhatikara R.N. 11290Bhatkira
44P.S.Bhatikara R.N. 2843Bhatkira
45P.S.Rayapur Tappa Agasoli886Nagla Chikana
46P.S.Pacho R.N. 11081Pachon
47P.S. Pacho R.N. 21248Pachon
49P.S. Vartar Khas1069Bartar Khas
51P.S.Tatidandiya R.N.1630Tatidandia
52Panchayatghar Tatidandiya R.N. 2562Tatidandia
53P.S.Tikri Khurd R.N. 11069Tikari Khurd
54P.S.Tikri Khurd R.N. 2813Tikari Khurd
58Kanya P.S.Ratnapur472Ratanpur Husainpur
59P.M871Ratanpur Husainpur
60P.S.Mahamai Salavat Nagar740Mahamai Salawatnagar
61P.S.Saray1566Mahamai Salawatnagar
62P.S.Nagla Hari525Mahamai Salawatnagar
63P.S.Devar Panakhar730Dewar Panakhar
64P.S. Nagla Jalal832Dewar Panakhar
65P.S.Bamnahar692Dewar Panakhar
66P.S. Faridabad898Sikandra Rao Dehat
67P.S.Lashkar Ganj785Sikandrarao (NPP)
68P.S.Ikabalapur1197Sikandrarao (NPP)
69P.S.Gadiya623Sikandrarao (NPP)
70Norangabad Purvi1318Sikandrarao (NPP)
72Puranganj343Sikandrarao (NPP)
74Gadi Bundu Khan1134Sikandrarao (NPP)
77Norangabad Pashchimi Pratham1058Sikandrarao (NPP)
78Norangabad Pashchimi543Sikandrarao (NPP)
80Saray Umda Begam1189Sikandrarao (NPP)
82Kila1469Sikandrarao (NPP)
83Kuraishiyan1608Sikandrarao (NPP)
84Kajiyan766Sikandrarao (NPP)
85Damdama Aanshik732Sikandrarao (NPP)
86Nokhel777Sikandrarao (NPP)
89Matakota1107Sikandrarao (NPP)
92Barahasaini644Sikandrarao (NPP)
93Roshnaganj1239Sikandrarao (NPP)
94Chand Gadhi626Sikandrarao (NPP)
95Gandhi Ganj984Sikandrarao (NPP)
96Nagla Shishgar1323Sikandrarao (NPP)
98P.S. Aiechola Sahadtapur829Ainchola Sahadatpur
99P.S. Navli Lalapur1345Nawali Lalpur
100P.S. Ramapur Nagla Chatol637Ainchola Sahadatpur
101P.S. Araniya Talesra589Arnia Talesra
102P.S. Khirjapur Kasva537Khijarpur Qasba
103J.H. Khemgadhi836Ainchola Sahadatpur
104P.S. Nihalapur959Ratanpur Husainpur
107P.S.Khediya Tappa Agasoli776Kheria Tappa Agsauli
108P.S. Agasoli R.N. 1992Agsauli
109P.S. Agasoli R.N. 2825Agsauli
110P.S. Nagla Bhud814Agsauli
111P.S. Nagla Adu721Agsauli
112Madhuri817Ganthari Shahpur
113P.S.Gandari Shahapur R.N. 1852Ganthari Shahpur
114P.S. Ganthari Shahapur R.N. 2639Ganthari Shahpur
115P.S.Julapur783Ganthari Shahpur
116P.S. Barganva R.N. 11062Bargawan
117P.S. Barganva R.N. 21296Bargawan
118P.S. Northa1221Nauratha Isapur
119P.S. Ishepur634Nauratha Isapur
120P.S. Kachaura R.N. 1665Kachaura
121P.S. Kachaura R.N. 2882Kachaura
122P.S. Kachaura R.N. 31315Kachaura
124P.S. Harchandrapur345Gopalpur
125P.S. Himmatapur987Gopalpur
126P.S. Nagla Mahari1267Gopalpur
127P.S.Agarana1530Agrana Jarara
128J.H. Bhagvantapur817Girdharpur
129P.S.Khushalapur762Agrana Jarara
130P.S. Piplaganva1159Pipal Gawan
131P.S. Nagla Naukas722Pipal Gawan
132P.S. Nagla Mahasingh785Maha Singh Pur
133P.S. Ratibhanapur864Maha Singh Pur
134P.S.Jimisapur789Maha Singh Pur
135Kanya P.S. Toli559Bhisi Mirzapur
136P.S.Lal Gadhi903Bhisi Mirzapur
137J.H. Bhisi Mirjapur1314Bhisi Mirzapur
138P.S. Rajapur436Rajapur
139P.S. Gulavapur543Ginauli Kishanpur
140Hirapur576Amritpur Asadpur
141P.S. Amritapur470Amritpur Asadpur
142P.S. Asdapur992Amritpur Asadpur
143P.S. Dahagavan549Dahgawan
144P.S.Barai Shahapur R.N. 11298Barai Shahpur
145P.S. Barai Shahapur R.N. 2608Barai Shahpur
146P.S.Umaravapur979Barai Shahpur
147P.S. Khediya Khurd610Kheria Khurd
148P.S. Fularai1077Phulrai Mughal Garhi
149P.S. Muglagdhi1215Phulrai Mughal Garhi
150P.S. Narai R.N. 1824Narai
151P.S. Narai R.N. 2795Narai
152P.S.Jiroli Kalan1372Jirauli Kalan
153P.S. Chandanapura1178Chandanpura
154P.S. Madi495Mandi
155P.S. Jirauli Khurd1204Jirauli Khurd
156P.S. Nagla Jamuni232Jirauli Khurd
157J.S. Sindholi R.N. 1912Sidhauli
158J.H. Sindholi R.N. 2964Sidhauli
159P.S. Chittarapur920Sidhauli
160J.H. Pora R.N. 11345Pora
161J.H. Pora R.N. 21343Pora
162P.S. Nagla Kutaira810Pora
163Nagla Masand Todarpur Umravpur845Pora
165P.S. Janasoi806Jansoi
166P.S. Jarinapur Bhurraka R.N. 1851Jareenpur Bhuraka
167P.S. Jarinapur Bhurraka R.N. 21048Jareenpur Bhuraka
168P.S. Malamai Islamapur1015Mahamai Ismailpur
169P.S. Daukeli711Daunkeli
170P.S. Nagla Sakat1186Nagla Sakat
171P.S. Uldapur408Uldapur
172P.S. Maidamai789Maidamai
173P.S. Badi R.N. 11133Bari
174P.S. Badi R.N. 2471Bari
175P.S. Gujrapur610Bari
176P.S. Sakhi Abu Talibapur658Sakhi Abu Talibpur
177Jr. High School Sultanpur637Paindapur
179P.S. Barasamai R.N. 21465Barsamai
180P.S. Sihori R.N. 1850Sihori
181P.S. Sihori R.N. 21040Sihori
182P.S. Ajmatapur Ajagara477Azmatpur Ajgara
183P.S. Rayapur Tappa Pora1015Raipur Tappa Pora
184Sarafan814Purdilnagar (NP)
185Soron Gate1109Purdilnagar (NP)
186Badi Bakkhal1428Purdilnagar (NP)
187Jaesari Darvaza Aanshik482Purdilnagar (NP)
188Purdilnagar1157Purdilnagar (NP)
189Lalita Darvaza1384Purdilnagar (NP)
190Brahmanpuri Aanshik289Purdilnagar (NP)
192S.G.R.E.College Purdilnagar639Purdilnagar (NP)
194Gaddha1088Purdilnagar (NP)
195Khaspur547Purdilnagar (NP)
198P.S. Sichavli Kadim689Sichawali Kadeem
199P.S. Navavapur593Sichawali Sani
200P.S. Khediya Kalan816Kheria Kalan
201P.S. Baramai770Baramai Nagla Bijan
202J.H. Nagla Vijan951Baramai Nagla Bijan
203P.S. Sherapur836Sherpur
204P.S. Chamaroli1215Girdharpur
205P.S. Ginoli Kishnapur R.N. 1891Ganthari Shahpur
206P.S. Ginoli Kishnapur R.N. 2893Ginauli Kishanpur
207P.S. Jahangirapur Kodra643Jahangirpur Kondra
208P.S. Amausi733Amausi
209P.S. Manaura566Manaura
210P.S. Kheda Sultanapur774Kheria Kalan
211P.S. Girdharapur1228Girdharpur
212J.H. Basai R.N. 11051Basai Bawas
213J.H. Basai R.N. 2762Basai Bawas
214P.S. Ramapur739Rampur
215P.S. Vavas1308Basai Bawas
216P.S. Ramnagar401Rajnagar
217P.S. Nagla Govind Urf Nojarpur978Nagla Govind Urf Naujarpur
218P.S. Bastoi R.N. 1862Bastoi
219P.S. Bastoi R.N. 2854Bastoi
220P.S. Nagla Miyan Patti Devri1345Nagla Mian Patti Devari
221P.S. Mohanapur1004Nagla Mian Patti Devari
222P.S. Nagla Vari Patti Devri1253Nagla Mian Patti Devari
223P.S. Nagla Patti Devri R.N. 11039Nagla Mian Patti Devari
224P.S. Nagla Vari Patti Devri R.N. 2864Nagla Mian Patti Devari
225P.S. Nagla Udaiya999Gopalpur
226P.S. Bhimpur658Bapandai
227P.S. Bapandai829Bapandai
228P.S. Shankarapur881Shankarpur
229P.S. Katai662Katai
230P.S. Jaraira R.N. 11282Jarera
231P.S. Jaraira R.N. 2810Jarera
232P.S. Saray457Jarera
233P.S. Bhaikuri R.N. 11110Bhainkuri
234P.S. Bhaikuri R.N. 21043Bhainkuri
235Janta Inter College Barasoli R.N. 11237Barsauli
236P.S. Barasoli R.N. 21028Barsauli
237P.S. Mathurapur1225Mathurapur
238P.S. Andauli R.N. 2857Andoli
240P.S. Kanau R.N. 11114Kanau
241P.S. Kanau R.N. 21242Kanau
242P.S. Gadhaula301Gadaula
243P.S. Maheva593Mahewa
244P.S. Bhintar1282Bhinter
245P.S. Shahabajapur663Shahbazpur
246Jr. High Dhandauli957Dhandauli
248P.S. Nagla Tatar327Nagla Tatar
249P.S. Nabipur631Nabipur
250P.S. Itrani693Itarani
251P.S. Gangapur914Gangapur
252P.S. Rajnagar900Rajnagar
253P.S. Nagla Aal1170Nagla Al
254P.S. Haitha Raghunathapur1404Maha Singh Pur
255P.S. Shrinagar749Shri Nagar
256P.S. Rasulapur570Rasulpur
257Vadh Abdula Haipur1501Band Abdulhaipur
258Vadh Abdula Haipur An579Band Abdulhaipur
259P.S. Ram Nagariya509Ram Nagaria
260P.S. Banavaripur743Banwaripur
261P.S. Jagadevapur640Siktara
265Hasayan1063Hasayan (NP)
267Koriyan Khurd1144Hasayan (NP)
269P.S. Badnapur446Badanpur
270P.S. Bhartapur433Bharatpur
271Panchayat Bhawan Chhitupur1197Chhitupur
272J.H. Bakayan1120Bakayan
273P.S. Bakayan1177Bakayan
274P.S. Dhuvai874Dhubai
275P.S. Nagla Danda589Dhubai
276P.S. Shitlavada648Dhubai
277P.S. Lodhipur Patti Devri476Lodhepur Patti Devari
278P.S. Kararamai649Lodhepur Patti Devari
279P.S. Khitauli1116Khitauli
280P.S. Gopalpur857Gopalpur
281P.S. Nagla Shekha469Nagla Shekha
282P.S. Pichhauti1039Pichhauti
284P.S. Inaytapur815Jauinayatpur
285P.S. Nagla Rati1209Kalupura
286P.S. Kalupura764Kalupura
287P.S. Sichavli Sani948Nagla Kanch
288Praa0 Paa0 Jahangirpur583Jahangirpur
290Pra0 Pa0 Punner1226Punnar
291Praa0 Paa0 Nagala Adoo809N/A
292Joo0 Haa0 Baghraayaa730Baghraya
294Praa0 Paa0 Baraamai533Baramai
295Praa0 Paa0 Khondaa Rati560Khondarati
296Adarsh Inter College Mahau R.No. 1986Mahau
297Adarsh Inter College Mahau R.No. 4612Mahau
298Adarsh Inter College Mahau R.No. 2792Mahau
299Adarsh Inter College Mahau R.No. 3362Mahau
300Praa0Paa0 Nagalaa Maan672Nagla Man
301Praa0 Paa0 Bandipur339Bandipur
302Pra0 Paa0 Bonai1031Bonai
303Praa0Paa0 Mauhabbatpuraa1067Mohabbatpura
304Praa0 Paa0 Keshopur1181Keshopur
305Praa0 Paa0 Barvaanaa R.No. 1602Barwana
306Praa0 Paa0 Barvaanaa R.No. 2439Barwana
307Praa0 Paa0 Kunda895Barwana
308Praa0Paa0 Nagla Aheer1276Barwana
309Barat Ghar Nagalaa Motee994Barwana
310Praa0 Paa0 Gadhi Doodhaadhaaree761Garhi Dharu
311Praa0Paa0 Gwajau1308Gwarau
312Praa0Paa0 Gadhi Dhaaroo853Garhi Dharu
313Praa0Paa0 Maanmahau654Man Maho
314Praa0 Paa0 Mevli550Mewali
315Praa0Paa0 Noorpur750Noorpur
316Praa0 Paa0 Bhilokharee216Bhilokhari
317Praa0 Paa0 Gadhi Balanaa494Garhi Balna
318Praa0Paa0 Balanaa491Baghana
319Praa0Paa0 Chintaapur Badan781Tilokpur
320Praa0Paa0 Rudrapur726Rudrapur
321Panchaayat Ghar Shaahpur Kalaan659Shahpur Kalan
322Nayaa Baans916N/A
323Praa0Paa0 Gangauli1317Gangoli
324Praa0Paa0 Bergaanv1080Bergaon
325Praa0Paa0 Kharvaa1125Kharwa
326Praa0 Paa0 Kharvaa334Kharwa
327Praa0Paa0 Datauraa484Dataura
328Praa0 Paa0 Puvaina565Pubaina
329Praa0 Paa0 Bhopatpur855Bhopatpur
330Praa0 Paa0 Mirjapur1030Mirzapur
331Praa0 Paa0 Naharai415Nahrai
332Praa0 Paa0 Vidheepur583Bidhipur
333Praa0 Paa0 Sherpur622Sherpur
334Praa0 Paa0 Aehan1452Ehan
335Praa0 Paa0 Aenhan733Ehan
336Praa0 Paa0 Nagalaa Faarm360Ehan
337Praa0 Paa0 Gadhi Khurtee402Garhi Khurti
338Praa0 Paa0 Purakhurd1437Pura Khurd
339Praa0 Paa0 Pura Kalaan1223Purakalan
340Praa0 Paa0 Veernagar896Birnagar
341Praa0 Paa0 Jafrabaad858Jafrabad
342Joo0 Haa0 Laakhanoon843Lakhnu
343Joo0 Haa0 Laakhanoo464Lakhnu
344Praa0 Paa0 Afoyaa555Lakhnu
345Praa0 Paa0 Soorajpur Bhaag Majholaa799Majhola
346Praa0 Paa0 Majholaa1019Majhola
347Praa0 Paa0 Parsaaraa1263Parsara
349Joo0 Haa0 Parsaaraa1117Parsara
351Praa0 Paa0 Koka1213Koka
352Praa0 Paa0 Allhepur1166Allahpur Chursen
353Praa0 Paa0 Soojiyaa777Allahpur Chursen
354Joo0 Haa0 Sujaan894Allahpur Chursen
355Joo0 Haa0 Skool Sujaan751Allahpur Chursen
356Praa0 Paa0 Chursain1634Allahpur Chursen
357Praa0 Paa0 Kakodi802Kakori
358Praa0 Paa0 Darkai622Darkai
359Praa0 Paa0 Chandragadhi1188Chand Garhi
361Praa0 Paa0 Teharaa882Tehra
362Praa0 Paa0 Gadhi Parti Banaarasi763Garhi Parti
363Praa0 Paa0 Kheda Parsauli R.No. 1979Khera Parsauli
364Praa0 Paa0 Kheda Parsauli R.No. 2629Khera Parsauli
365Praa0 Paa0 Jheenguraa No. 11072Jhingura
366Praa0 Paa0 Jheenguraa No. 2336Jhingura
367Praa0 Paa0 Baghanaa796Baghana
368Praa0 Paa0 Gadhi Kachhavaayaa375Garhi Kachhwaya
369Praa0 Paa0 Santeekaraa637Santikara
370Praa0 Paa0 Khediyaa Dahar361Kheria Dahar
371Joo0Haa0 Bisaanaa R.No. 11192Jind Patti Bisana
372N.A518Hira Garhi
373?1061Gambhir Patti Bisana

Last Updated on November 15, 2014