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Polling Booth in Sidhauli Assembly Constituency

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Sidhauli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sidhauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sidhauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
3J.H.S.Kusamaura Mo Hamirpur536Hameerpur
6Sarvodaya U.M.S. Bambhera878Mohanpur
7P.S.Moharpurea Mo Govindapur Haradopatti482Gobindapur Hardo Patti
9P.S.Bhahuri Mo Ganeshapur947Ganeshpur
11P.S. Jayaramapur Kamra No 1745Jairampur
12P.S. Jayarampur Kamra No 21169Jairampur
13P.S. Mangupur Kamra No 1811Mangopur
14Gram Sachivalay Madhavapur593Madhwapur
15P.S. Jaitnapur689Rengamau
16P.S. Pratap Behad422Pratapbehad
17P.S. Saidapur436Gopalpur
18P.S. Dariyapur893Daryapur
19P.S. Bahirimau Kamra No 11297Bahrimau
20P.S. Bahirimau Kamra No 21082Bahrimau
21P.S. Mahakhri426Mahakhari
22J.H.S. Sujauliya1122Sujaulia
23P.S.Basantapur Kamra No 11185Basantpur
24P.S.Basantapur Kamra No 2722Basantpur
25P.S. Suraincha Kamra No 1620Suraincha
26P.S. Suraincha Kamra No 21324Suraincha
27P.S. Navin Unchakherakalan Kamra No 1961Unchakhera Kala
28P.S. Navin Uchankherakalan Kamra No 2976Unchakhera Kala
29P.S. Kokanamau Kamra No 1773Kokhamau
30P.S. Kokanamau Kamra No 2816Kokhamau
31P.S. Kasmanda Purab Kamra1065Kasmanda
32P.S. Kasmanda Pashim Kamra904Kasmanda
33Sankul Bhavan Kasmanda1232Kasmanda
34P.S. Khurda629Khurda
35J.H.S.Puraina Mo Khurda685Khurda
36P.S. Jodaura Kamra No 1680Jodaura
37P.S. Jodaura Kamra No 2933Jodaura
38P.S. Kursanda745Kursanda
39P.S. Paliya Mo Saraiyabaldev Singh973Saraiya Baldeosingh
40P.S. Navin Nyorajapur1005Neorajpur
41J.H.S. Kamhariya M0 Jagadishapur Kamra No 1635Jagdishpur
43P.S. Daulatpur Mo Kaima Uattar Kamra866Kaima
44P.S. Daulatpur Mo Kaima Madhy Kamra1177Kaima
45P.S. Saravajalalapur Kamra No 1766Sarwajalalpur
46P.S. Saravajalalapur Kamra No 2748Shahjahanpur
47P.S. Paliya892Palia
48P.S. Shivra762Shivra
49P.S. Faridapur Mahipat Singh898Baraikhera
50P.S. Malethu Kamra No 1713Malethu
51P.S. Malethu Kamra No 2963Malethu
52P.S. Kandhaimahimapur1053Kandhaimahimapur
53P.S. Lachchipur Mo Ramapurkala512Rampur Kala
54J.H.S. Ramapurkala Kamra No 1637Rampur Kala
56Panchyatghar Banbeerpur Mo Ramapurkala429Rampur Kala
57P.S. Majhiya1498Majhia
58P.S. Saraiyashankar Baksh1115Sariyashankarbox
59P.S. Sandaur1050Sandaur
60P.S. Dudhra Kamra No 11197Dudhra
61P.S. Lakhavapur Mo Berasapur769Bersapur
62P.S. Mavaiya637Mawaiya
63P.S. Chaudiyabhajjupur1059Chauriabhajjupur
64P.S. Pipra Mo Bahatutapur1067Bahtootpur
65P.S. Semra867Semra
66P.S.Tewaripur Mo Dahaiya1341Dahaiya
67P.S. Dahava Purab Kamra1079Dahawa
68P.S.Dahava Pashim Kamra1009Dahawa
69P.S. Barethi1334Barethi
70P.S. Sandhana Kamra No 1859Sandhana
71P.S. Sandhana Kamra No 2646Andhana
72P.S. Chhanjan1229Chhajan
73P.S. Sitarasoi Uattari Kamra1190Sitarasoi
74P.S. Sitarasoi Madhy Kamra486Sitarasoi
75P.S. Sonari M0 Sitarasoi Kamra No 1844Sitarasoi
76P.S. Sonari M0 Sitarasoi Kamra No 2698Sitarasoi
77P.S. Vishunadasapur550Bishundaspur
78P.S. Kanhamau1395Kanhmau
79P.S. Hanumanapur492Hanumanpur
80P.S. Maanapara472Maanpara
81P.S. Chaudiya M0 Maanapara1343Maanpara
82P.S. Purnapur774Puranpur
83J.H.S. Hirapur715Heerpur
84P.S. Singhapur1130Singhpur
85P.S. Paisiya916Pasia
86P.S. Kindhauliya557Kindhaulia
87P.S. Revri Kamra No 1976Reuri
88P.S. Revri Kamra No 2915Reuri
90J.H.S. Basaidih Kamra No 1487Basaideeh
91J.H.S. Basaidih Kamra No 21432Basaideeh
92P.S. Thithura M0 Basaidih824Basaideeh
93P.S. Jatha845Jatha
94P.S. Dhakha1215Dhakhaha
95P.S. Nahoiya1190Nahoiya
96P.S. Kuchilai915Kuchilai
97Sankul Bhavan Kuchilai914Kuchilai
98P.S. Gangoy1022Gangoy
99P.S. Asal1419Asal
100P.S. Gadhvai816Garway
101P.S. Baroy749N/A
102P.S. Bharauna737N/A
103P.S. Bisauli759Misrapur
104P.S. Pakranaraynapur488Pakar Narainpur
105P.S. Kamalapur909Kamlapur
106P.S. Govindapur490Narharpur
107P.S. Tarapur559Tarapur
108Sri Dhraval Devi Vidhya Mindir J.H.S.Dharauli Kamra No 1469Dharauli
109Sri Dhraval Devi Vidhya Mindir J.H.S.Dharauli Kamra No 2931Dharauli
110P.S. Nayi Gandhi M0 Dharauli501Dharauli
111P.S . Chaupariya709Chaupariya
112P.S. Asuvamau Uattar Kamra560Aswamau
113P.S Asuvamau Dakshin Kamra536Aswamau
114P.S Johariyamau686Aswamau
115P.S Gondalamau Kamra No 1794Gondala Mau
116P.S Gondalamau Kamra No 2852Gondala Mau
117P.S Patti Nevada984Patti Newada
118P.S Gangupur Kamra No 1934Gangupur
119P.S Ramnagar M0 Gangupur554Gangupur
120J.H.S. Kunvarapur610Kuwarpur
121P.S Maheshapur987Maheshpur
122P.S Terva Kamra No 11057Maheshpur
123P.S Terva Kamra No 2741Terwa
124P.S. Shivapuri780Shivpuri
125J.H.S. Kherva431Kherwa
126P.S. Gauriya Kamra No 1377Bargadiya
127P.S. Gauriya Kamra No 2969Gauriya
128P.S. Naraynapur716Narainpur
129P.S. Gaitha1196Gaitha
130P.S. Kabirapur843Kabirpur
131P.S. Tauklapur616Tawakalpur
132P.S. Mudiyakail1145Muriyakail
133P.S. Saraiya1193Fatepur
134P.S. Devri Kail1210Deorikail
135P.S. Mohammadapur Jhabra576Mohammadpur Jhabra
136P.S. Rasulapur622Rasoolpur
137P.S. Para830Para
138P.S. Umedapur M0 /Para505Para
139J.H.S. Ismailganj Kamra No 11144Ismail Ganj
140J.H.S. Ismail Ganj Kamra No 2368Ismail Ganj
141P.S. Khalegdhi872Khale Garhi
142P.S. Kothavan491Kothawan
143P.S. Ganeshapur M0 Kothavan392Kothawan
144P.S. Lohangapur499Lohangpur
145P.S. Nandavan473Nandban
146P.S. Gadhikherva1212Garhi Kherwa
147P.S. Gopalapur1436Gopalpur
148K.P.S. Saholi Purab Kamra799Gopalpur
149K.P.S. Saholi Pashim Kamra943Saholi
150P.S. Kursi Kamra No 11264Kursi
151P.S. Kursi Kamra No 21068Kursi
152J.S.H. Allipur Kamra No 1588Allipur
153J.H.S. Allipur Kamra No 21112Allipur
154Sri Gomteshwar Jhs Kamra No 1 Hindaura1380Hindaura
155Sri Gomteshwar Jhs Kamra No 2 Hindaura612Hindaura
156P.S. Bhagavanapur M0 Hindaura407Hindaura
157P.S. Naya Bhavan Mohaddinapur784Mohiuddinpur
158P.S. Balapur715Balpur
159P.S. Bhikhapur1066Bhikhpur
160P.S. Chandapur617Chandpur
161J.H.S. Badi Kamra No 11212Badi
162J.H.S. Badi Kamra No 2811Badi
163J.H.S. Badi Kamra No 3766Badi
164Block Sansadhan Kendra Badi1243Badi
165P.S. Badi1308Badi
166P.S. Aladadapur Kamra No 1911Aladadpur
167P.S. Aladadapur Kamra No 2677Aladadpur
168G.V.I.C.Sidhauli Kamra No 21211Sidhauli (NP)
169G.V.I.C.Sidhauli Kamra No 31189Sidhauli (NP)
170G.V.I.C. Sidhauli Kamra No 11814Sidhauli (NP)
171K.V.I.C.Sidhauli Kamra No 1863Sidhauli (NP)
172K.V.I.C.Sidhauli Kamra No 21142Sidhauli (NP)
173K.V.I.C.Sidhauli Kamra No 31382Sidhauli (NP)
174Di.Si.H.S.S.Sidhauli Kamra No 1858Sidhauli (NP)
175Di.Si.H.S.S. Sidhauli Kamra No 2824Sidhauli (NP)
176Di.Si.H.S.S. Sidhauli Kamra No 3773Sidhauli (NP)
177Ne.Vi.Jhs Sidhauli Kamra No 11136Sidhauli (NP)
178Ne.Vi.Jhs Sidhauli Kamra No 2696Sidhauli (NP)
179Ne.Vi.Jhs Sidhauli Kamra No 3845Sidhauli (NP)
180P.S. Narottam Nagar Nikat Dak Bangla Sidhauli Kamra No 11170Sidhauli (NP)
181P.S. Narottam Nagar Nikat Dak Bangla Sidhauli Kamra No 2956Sidhauli (NP)
182P.S. Narottam Nagar Nikat Dak Bangla Sidhauli Kamra No 3841Sidhauli (NP)
183P.S. Naya Bhavan Narottam Nagar Nikat Dak Bangla Sidhauli1403Sidhauli (NP)
184J.H.S. Ahamdapur Jat Kamra No 11218Mirzapur Mafi
185J.H.S. Ahamdapur Jat Kamra No 2674Ahmadpurjat
186P.S. Gadiya Hasnapur Kamra No 1699Gadiahasanpur
187P.S. Gadiya Hasnapur Kamra No 2744Gadiahasanpur
188P.S. Murahadih1330Murhadih
189P.S. Kajikola597Kajikola
190P.S. Firojapur671Firozpur
191P.S. Ganipur601Haibatpur
192P.S. Akohara883Akohra
193P.S. Sarasauli602Sarsauli
194P.S. Mukimapur697Mukimpur
195P.S. Jodnaura Kamra No 1580Jodhaura
196P.S. Jodnaura Kamra No 21075Jodhaura
197P.S. Tadaikla1341Tadaikala
198P.S. Bibipur585Bibipur
199P.S. Tadaikhurd593Tadaikhurd
200P.S. Kashipur1056Kashipur
201P.S. Bahadurapur1233Sidhauli (NP)
202P.S. Husenganj Uattari Kamra1017Husainganj
203P.S. Husenganj Dakshini Kamra1187Husainganj
204P.S. Jhakharanva864Jhakhrawa
205P.S. Baniyani1113Baniyani
206P.S. Haradoiya549Hardoiya
207J.H.S. Sarva Mo Haradoiya Uattar Kamra902Hardoiya
208J.H.S. Sarva Mo Haradoiya Dakshin Kamra958Hardoiya
209P.S. Seergang Mo Bhithaura1287Bhithaura
210Panchayatghar Katsaraiya1005Katsariya
211J.H.S. Kharvaliya1464Kharwalia
212P.S. Ramadana938Ramdana
213J.H.S. Baherva1403Baherwa
214J.H.S. Unchakheraajai1152Unchakheraasai
215P.S. Unchakheraajai670Unchakheraasai
216K.P.S. Bhandiya788Bhandia
217Sankul Bhawan Bhandiya874Bhandia
218P.S. Pratham Bhandiya Kamra No 1460Bhandia
219P.S. Rehuva1228Rehuwa
220P.S. Chaudiya897Chauria
221P.S. Jalalpur563Jalalpur
222P.S. Khairandesh Nagar992Khairandeshanagar
223P.S. Kabra1316Kabra
224P.S. Dalamau709Dalmau
225P.S. Dikauli815Dikauli
226P.S. Parvar Bhari400Parwarbhari
227Panchayatghar Surjanapur580Surjanpur
228P.S. Maduri Mo Dilli Agra617Dehli Agra
229P.S. Ramapur Bhujang475Rampur Bhuujang
230P.S. Mohabbatapur423Mohabbatpur
231P.S. Kandaura591Kandaura
232P.S. Behama Kamra No 11354Behma
233P.S. Behama Kamra No 2574Behma
234P.S. Navaganva832Nayagaon
235P.S.Kanchanpur Mo Kheriya564Kheria
236P.S. Dularapur1211Dularpur
237P.S. Madila Mo Aloiya675Aloiya
238P.S. Baloiya Kamra No 1845Baloiya
239P.S. Baloiya Kamra No 2621Baloiya
240P.S. Ramnagra788Ramnagra
241P.S. Kunwargaddi M0 Magaraura Kamra No 1924Magraura
242P.S. Kunwargaddi M0 Magaraura Kamra No 2895Magraura
243P.S. Manpur M0 Asodhan Kamra No 1944Asodhan
244Sankul Bhawan Manpur M0 Asodhan1094Asodhan
245P.S.Ahamdapur Dhakhva475Ahmadpur Dakhwa
246P.S. Haraiya Kamra No 1497Harraiya
247P.S. Haraiya Kamra No 21167Harraiya
248P.S. Bilariya Uattar Kamra1089Bilaria
249P.S. Bilariya Dakshin Kamra1425Bilaria
250P.S. Shahajahampur864Sahjanpur
251P.S. Aseniya M0 Shahajahampur814Shahjahanpur
252P.S. Pandenramapur M0 Shahajahampur349Shahjahanpur
253P.S. Khajuriya636Khajuriya
254P.S. Kuti M0 Gajipur1266Ghazipur
255P.S. Gandhauli Purabi Kamra716Gandhauli
256P.S. Gandhauli Pashimi Kamra1069Gandhauli
257P.S. Umra Kamra No 1957Umara
258P.S. Umra Kamra No 2686Umara
259J.H.S.Bauna Bhari Purabi Kamra992Baunabhari
260J.H.S.Bauna Bhari Paschimi Kamra1087Baunabhari
261P.S. Albada949Albada
262P.S. Mujapfarapur1092Mujjafarpur
263P.S. Manikapur581Manikapur
264P.S. Jallabad528Jallabad
265P.S. Saravaniktabadi436Saruanikatbari
266P.S. Kiratapur997Kirtapur
267P.S. Gadhiravan850Garhirawa
268P.S. Navin Manva Kamra No 11291Manwa
269P.S. Navin Manva Kamra No 2748Manwa
270P.S. Alamapur714Almapur
271P.S. Jajaur1419Jajaur
272P.S. Kantain719Kantaian
273P.S. Ambarapur1430Amberpur
274P.S. Berasapur1071Bersapur
275P.S. Gulriha429Gulriha
276P.S. Madanapur Mo Gulriha623Gulriha
277P.S. Ranuvapara914Rauapara
278P.S. Hirapur669Heerpur
279P.S. Mau835Mau
280P.S. Godhna Kamra No 11419Godhana
281P.S. Godhna Kamra No 2856Godhana
282J.H.S. Bakhatkhera M0 Godhna352Godhana
283P.S. Bhatkherwa M0 Sahajnapur1153Sahjanpur
284P.S. Tikauli Kamra No 1811Tikauli
285P.S. Tikauli Kamra No 2733Tikauli
286P.S. Pirathipur424Pirthipur
287P.S. Pashchimaganva769Pachimgaon
288P.S. Saraura Kamra No 1703Saraura
289P.S. Saraura Kamra No 21234Saraura
290P.S. Tedva Mo Ramapur Tedva638Rampur Tadwa
291P.S. Ramapur Tedva555Rampur Tadwa
292P.S. Unai1410Unai
293J.H.S. Akbarapur Unai426Akbarpur Unai
294P.S. Ramnagra M0 Akbarapur Unai485Akbarpur Unai
295P.S. Misni553N/A
296P.S. Prtham Ramnagra Mo Bansakhera904N/A
297P.S. Duteey Bansakhera698N/A
298R.I.C. Nilaganva Kamra No 11075Neelgaon
299R.I.C. Nilaganva Kamra No 2452Neelgaon
300Panchyatbhvan Nilaganva1193Neelgaon
301P.S. Grant Mo. Dharangar464Dharanagar
303P.S. Janakingar M0 Pahadapur885Shivra
304J.H.S. Pahadapur597Pahadapur
305P.S. Dakhinanva727N/A
306P.S. Madripur Mo. Aheva Kamra No 1994Ahaewa
307P.S. Madripur Mo. Aheva Kamra No 2772Ahaewa
309P.S. Himmatnagar916Himmatnagar
310P.S. Chhavan1361N/A
311P.S. Kathva1348Kathwa
312P.S. Alaipur928Alaipur
313P.S. Sasena797Sasena
314P.S. Anvarapur609Anwarpur
315P.S. Parevajal Purbi Kamra1032Parewajal
316P.S. Parevajal Paschimi Kamra744Parewajal
317K.J.H.S.Panpur Mo Kasanva746Kasawa
318P.S Kasanva594Kasawa
319P.S. Bahadurapur Mo Kasanva761Kasawa
320K.J.H.S. Atariya Kamra No1758Ataria

Last Updated on November 15, 2014